WSOP Online Launch marred By DDoS Attack on GGPoker Poker Club

They were rescheduled for the Following Sunday

Yesterday, the global part of The first ever online World Series was launched on the GGPoker networkPlayers were already preparing to Compete for gold bracelets and Thousands of dollars in prize Money when the distribution of Cards in the room stopped In the middle of Sunday. Two bracelet events were postponed, And some regular tournaments were canceled. Representatives of GGPoker named The Reason for the failure as Insufficient server capacity and DDoS attacks. On July, at approximately - Moscow Time, all ggpoker storefronts began To fail.

Thus, $, was raised GGPoker will Double this amount

The players began to experience Problems with the download of The client, with registration in Cash games and tournaments.

Distribution at the tables stopped, And some users went to Sitout due to a discount. In addition to the regular Sunday tournaments, the first WSOP Online bracelet tournaments were launched On this day on the GGPoker network.

At the time of the Server problems, there were tens Of thousands of players on The network, including tournament participants.

after a couple of tens Of minutes of interruptions, the Game at all tables was Stopped indefinitely.

While the network engineers were Trying to get the servers Working properly, GGPoker managers tried To solve the problem with Tournament downtime by extending the Late registration period. This led to a client-Server Protocol mismatch, which in Turn led some players to Be unable to log in To the GGPoker client. After some time, the game On the sites of the Network was still resumed, but There were new challenges ahead For GGPoker.

In the early hours of Monday, July, a massive DDoS Attack hit one of GGPoker'S servers.

Tellingly, it was with this Server that technical work was Carried out before the start Of WSOP Online, which was Supposed to provide better performance And withstand increased load, but Due to an error on The ground, DDoS protection was Not installed on the server. Representatives of the GGPoker network Have already stated that all The servers of the network Were re-checked, and a Second-level protection system was Installed on each of them. In addition, on July, the Network is scheduled to conduct Extensive technical work to prevent The recurrence of such incidents In the future. The aforementioned bracelet tournaments and Were never launched after a General pause.

Players continue to compete for Prizes with the same stacks That they had when the Game was stopped.

Each of the, remaining Openers At the time of the Break will receive T$ in cash.

as compensation.

Tournament with a buy-in Of $, was a charity event, With $ from each buy-in Planned to be used to Fight COVID. You can check the current Status of GGPoker servers and Read reports on recent errors On a special page on The site.

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