What you need to know about Chinese poker

Now let's look at How to play Chinese pineapple poker

Poker has a number of varieties, and Chinese poker is one of the most unusual and interestingFew European rooms offer to play this game or its private version called "Pineapple". But Asian online rooms give you the opportunity to play online (including for free) in Pineapple, and the number of games in this section significantly exceeds the statistics of similar sections in many major competitors. In General, China poker is quite popular and in demand so why not get to know it better. It is interesting that Chinese poker was invented not in the middle Kingdom, but in Scandinavia. And at that time, it was called Russian poker temporarily, since soon a game with a similar name appeared in the casino. The peak of popularity occurred in the nineties, because then the variety was included in the official list of games of the World poker series.

Chinese poker has rules not too difficult, but the element of luck, which is important for winning the game, repels many pros from playing: they do not want to give in to Amateurs just because of the whim of fortune.

However, referring to the topic of our article, let's pay attention to Pineapple-a variation of Chinese poker, the name of which comes from a variety of hold'em, where instead of three pocket cards, there are only two in the game. If initially there was only a closed version, in the future there was an open Chinese poker, which gained great popularity due to the increase in the duration of the game process. The number of players at the table is three people, which is the optimal number of participants for this type of poker. On the Board in front of each poker player are separate fields-each is divided into three rows and consists of thirteen boxes. Let's look at these lines and their features: each box can have only one card, and the cells are filled in as the game progresses. The game scenario it starts after making the initial contributions that are included in the Bank. Now let's look at the scenario in detail: Important: the usual hold'em trades between streets in Pineapple are absent. You only need to think of them as stages for filling the remaining boxes with new cards. It is logical that the rules of Chinese poker should take into account the factors that make it possible to distinguish the winner among the players at the table. In other words, just randomly placing cards in the boxes is not enough you need a strategy for playing Chinese poker, knowledge of combinations and the ability to put them correctly. The goal that every player at the table should pursue is to collect as powerful a combination as possible on each line.

The stronger the combination of cards the more points the poker player gets, and the player who collects the maximum number of points becomes the winner.

By the way, the combinations in Pineapple are the same as in classic types of poker: to successfully play Chinese pineapple poker, the game strategy must be based on mathematical calculation, and not on the element of luck. From the start, you need to evaluate the received cards and suggest which combinations can be built on their basis in the future.

The opponents continue to play by the usual rules

And here it is necessary to specify a very important point: combinations must be built in such a way that the strongest is at the bottom, the middle is the average strength, and the weakest of the three is at the top. If the hand is unsuccessful or the poker player made mistakes during the game, this rule can easily be violated, which will lead to the so-called "dead hand".»: it will definitely lose to the hands of opponents who were able to fulfill the conditions for laying out combinations. Yes, it can be very difficult to make up the rows as required by the rules of the Chinese Pineapple poker game, especially closer to the final, when there are not so many free boxes left for the cards that fall out. But an experienced and calculating player should predict possible combinations based on the starting cards at the very beginning, and leave certain boxes empty in the hope of getting the right content for them. By the way, the laid out cards-your own and your opponents - are visible to everyone, so you can analyze the composition of the unused deck during the game and count outs. When playing Chinese Pineapple poker, points can be counted according to two systems: Russian or American. Also, the features of counting depend on the number of players at the table: Whatever the counting system, no matter how many players are at the table, the winner in the game Chinese Pineapple is the one who scored more points. When playing Chinese poker, score points according to this table: For dessert, we suggest you tell us about an interesting additional rule in pineapple Fantasy.

Previously, it was optional and applied by common consent of the players, but now it has become a mandatory part of the game.

So, Fantasy is, in fact, a bonus that is received by a player who has collected a pair of Queens or a stronger combination in the lowest row. If this condition is met, the poker player receives face-down cards in the next hand at once and uses them as in the previous hand. By the way, when the finished hand is already assembled, the th card must be discarded. Fantasy gives you a good advantage. Moreover, the bonus can be re-secured. To do this, you will have to build at least one of the combinations, no lower than: Now you fully understand How to play Chinese Pineapple poker, but do not rush to sit down at the cash tables right away: you may want to start by practicing playing for virtual money. And remember: knowing how to play Chinese poker correctly, and being able to analyze the situation and make correct calculations, you are quite capable of achieving success, and luck is an important, but not a priority factor.

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