Tips for drawing AK, JJ, AJ, and small pocket pairs

Especially if there is a flash draw on the flop

Each player has their own favorite hands, which are played without much trouble, and those that do not hesitate to passBut in poker, there is always room for difficult hands and complex hands. Let's take a look at a few of the most popular ones let's try to determine how best to play these hands. And at the top of our chart should be: Big Slick - the best unready hand. It is not so difficult to play it if you decide to either go all-in preflop every time, or just throw it in a pass to avoid problems. Naturally, none of these long-range options are optimal, as you simply throw away all the equity in a strong hand if you don't play it post-flop. So, we decided to play this hand, but how to do it, and what to pay attention to during the drawing of this hand?How to play A-K if they don't make it to the flop the First thing you should know when playing ACE-King is that a suited combination is better than a mismatched one, so it will be harder to get rid of it. A mismatched ACE-King is easy to roll on this flop, but a mismatched One is not.

the same -bet from any position.

-bet and all-in depends on many factors.

However, in position b, it is better to simply call your Acks to beat your opponent postflop. Another point is when to play preflop all-in with a given hand. In offline mode, putting up with AK is a good game, and sometimes the only correct one (it depends on the structure). But this applies to tournaments.

In cash games and offline, you can find the best ways to draw a given hand.

After the flop? Nothing complicated if you have a match. But more often than not, you'll just have overlaps and nothing else. Perhaps even a backdoor flush draw. The real problem is that you don't know which hand you're playing against. The opponent may have a higher pair, a set, or weaker overcards. So you have to play very carefully post-flop so that you don't lose your head in the betting war with just draws and overcards. Bottom line: play AK's aggressively preflop most of the time, especially in online tournaments, but don't be afraid throw out this hand even if you have a top pair with a top kicker. Keep track of the Bank size so that you don't get tied to it. Do not fall in love with the beauty of Anna Kournikova. Next up we have "hooks" - JJ-the worst ready-made pocket large pair for the draw. A lot of what we'll talk about later applies to QQ as well, but usually the ladies play better. The main problem is that in preflop wars, you will often face a hand like Ah or another larger pocket pair - so you will either be far behind or a small favorite. Of course, you still need to play this hand, and the main goal is not to go bankrupt. On most flops with at least one overcard, your jacks will not be completely sure how much they stand against their opponent. So you'll have to play carefully. Most often, you should raise this hand preflop - it's a good hand, after all-but then you'll have to pot-control it post-flop. To do this, you need to you should lean towards the check-call line.

Using a bet or raise in each case is not the best strategy for JJ! Some hands are not suitable for drawing just because they are bad hands.

An open raise should be played preflop with ACS

But there are also those who have received this title only because "it could have been a good hand, but I overdid it, so I spent a lot of chips and money!" ACE-Jack is a very strong hand (even looks beautiful), and it is very easy to replay.Learning how to place -bet and -bet AJ correctly is not a strong enough hand to go all-in preflop often enough. And it's hard to imagine what kind of combination you'd like to get postflop with it. Top pair top kicker (TPTK)? It's possible, but it's not the best situation. An ACE flop can cause quite a bit of trouble for other stronger and sometimes weaker Aces. And in this case, what to do with the TPTK? AJ is a hand to win small pots with, as well as a hand for the late stages of the tournament and playing on short tables. With it, you can get great access to the entire stack, by making a preflop, which many players do very often. Any pair is one of those starting hands that you would love to get from the dealer. However, in poker, size matters, so the smaller your pair, the more often it will play against you. Now we mean all pairs from to. Of course, everyone is ready to set against the opponent, but we also need to understand that most of the time we will not get into the set. So here's a top tip on how to play these hands - cheap and fast! You must have heard about the math of this hand (you will get your set once for flops). So immediately pay attention to the Bank's chances. If you can't afford to play a ready-made pair, send your cards to pass. If you can't get a proper hand payment, there's no point in playing it at all. A stack - to-bet ratio of: is ideal in these situations. In conclusion, I would like to say that in poker there are no perfect solutions that are prescribed for for each specific distribution. There is nothing in poker that is absolutely true. The hands we discussed above can either make you a lot of money if you play them correctly.Also read on Topflop: Kicker Problem, we entered the hand with a dominant hand.

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