The rules Of the Game Omaha Omaha are Analyzed on A

Omaha hi-lo rules are Much the same as standard Omaha hi

Rather, we will focus on The Omaha hi-lo rules For card combinations, but for Now, we will briefly recall The distribution proceduresSo, the players sitting to The left of the dealer Dealer put up a small And big blinds, whose values Usually depend on the established Limits of this table. For example, if the limits Are $ $, the blinds are $ and $, respectively.

Next, the dealer deals four Cards to each player and The player to the left Of the big blind starts bidding.

Here, as in standard Omaha Hi, along with the cards Of the table, only two Cards of the player's Hand always have the" right To vote". However, at the same time, Thanks to, the possible number Of the latter increases. The fact is that if One or several players have A so-called "low" combination By the end, then the Pot is divided in two Split and each part of It is played between the Players who scored the highest Combination of cards "high" and The players who scored the Lowest "low".

"Low" is a combination Of five cards in any Descending sequence ranking below nine.

The most powerful combination in "Low" is the so-called "Wheel" combination.", T, where the ACE Is, is taken as one. In case of "low" attacks From several players, players, "straights" And" flushes " are not taken Into account – everything is Decided by the face value Of the highest card, and If it matches, then the Face value of the card Following it. Sometimes it may happen that Both parts of the pot Will be taken by the Same player, which is also Provided for by the Omaha Hi-lo rules of the game.

In General, both still have A "pair" sevens and sixes

", the cards of the Player on the right tend More towards the " low " combination, While the player on the Left has a "straight"in The future. Players will probably still haggle, But as a result, at The showdown, there will be A split, and each player Will get what they deserve, Dividing the pot equally. This is, in principle, a Typical situation for Omaha hi-lo. If none of the players Have a "low" combination in The showdown, then, according to The rules, the whole pot Is played in the usual Order, i.e.

by the seniority of high Combinations "pairs", "straights", "full houses", etc.

Generally speaking, when you first Start playing Omaha hi-lo, You can "slightly panic" on The flop when you start Calculating possible arrangement of cards. In this situation, do not Forget to use the tips Of the poker room about The strength of your hand At the moment, otherwise, sometimes, A possible combination may not Be noticed. It is not recommended to Immediately play for live money – start with conditional money On low-limit tables with.

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