Where to play Chinese Poker online

There are a lot of newbies who hardly know the rules

there Are several poker rooms where you can play Chinese poker. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantagesIn this section, we will help you choose the most suitable room for you. TonyBet is a popular Lithuanian bookmaker with a wide network of offline betting halls. TonyBet's poker room is the first in Europe to be originally created exclusively for playing Chinese poker. Subsequently, the lobby of the room contains many types of games, from the usual OFCP and Pineapple, to the new pineapple, which has not yet appeared in other poker rooms. In January, the room was relaunched, and TonyBet officially began to promote the game in Holdem and Omaha, accompanied by a unique opportunity. play without paying rake. In March, this promotion ended, but there was a solid rakeback in the room. Our website chinespoker, in cooperation with TonyBet poker room, offers unique conditions for players who have registered with us in TonyBet poker room. Find out what you can get and what you need to do to get it here the Poker room offers a wide range of limits for playing Chinese poker (OFCP) and Pineapple (Pineapple), including micro-limits and free tables. In addition, the room offers tables of other types of poker: hold'em, Omaha, Courchevel and other card games.Regularly, the room gathers from to players, among which you can meet many well-known regulars from Russia and the CIS countries. Our website chinespoker, in cooperation with the Gambler Games poker room, offers unique conditions for players who have registered with us in the Gambler Games poker room. You can find out what you can get and what you need to do to get it here PokerGrant-a new Russian-language poker site a room that became famous in. Prior to that, the room operated in test mode, without working on promotion. Now the PokerGrant administration is actively promoting Its project, offering a lot of promotions that are interesting for both beginners and regulars our website chinespoker in cooperation with the PokerGrand poker room offers unique conditions for players who have registered with us in the PokerGrand poker room. You can find out what you can get and what you need to do to get it here, also known as Pokermonster. Chinese online poker room, Amateur players, Texas, Omaha, Chinese poker OFC. The room belongs to the well-known Chinese IT gambling company Lianzhong. Indian online poker room with relatively small bets and playing hours a day.

Poker game download for free in Russian

Poker, the game that is played all over the world

The first mention of the game similar to Poker, they date back toIn that early Poker game, three cards were dealt, and the game was called Primero in Spain and Italy, and La Prime in France. The game included the announcement of bets, and the combinations evaluated were: identical cards, pairs, and cards of the same suit, called a flush.

In, Poker was played with a -card deck

In, bluffing, which had already appeared, combined with betting and dealing not three but five cards, and the games became known as brag in England, Pochen in Germany, and poque in France. In these predecessors of Poker, bluffing, or declaring a high bet when there are bad cards in hand to get other players out of the pot, was an important element. It is likely that the French name pok is a cast from German, and the name poker comes from French. In the brag, Pohen, and Pok games, there was only one round of betting announcements.

All players were shown the cards they had in their hands in order to discover the winner immediately after the game was played.

end of this round. The seniority of hands was determined by the following sequence: identical (high) full house (full house identical and a pair of others) identical two pairs one pair and no pair (high card the highest ranked card is taken into account). The game of Poker was introduced to America by French colonists who first settled the territory of Louisiana, then settled up the Missouri river and across the country. Poker in its modern form was first mentioned in in the memoirs of the English actor Joe Cowell, who traveled to America.

At one time, Poker was the national card game of the United States.

It is still the most widely played card game in the United States. The return of Poker from the United States to Europe began after the US Ambassador to great Britain, Colonel Jacob Schenck, in.

presented this game at the court of Queen Victoria.

In fact, Schenck drew up a code of rules for the Queen, who expressed her interest in this game. However, in those years, the game did not spread throughout Europe. It was only spread there during world war I by soldiers of the American expeditionary force. Horoshie-Igri When copying any information from the site, a direct link to the source is required.

The rules Of Omaha Poker and

It is nice to call These bets the small and Big blind

Poker games have been rapidly Gaining popularity in recent years

This the card game attracts The attention of many players Who are looking for the Answer to the same question "How To build a successful Poker career?".

First of all, you need To learn all the possible Theory of the poker game, Its rules, strategies, combinations and, Of course, varieties. Today we will talk about The second most popular type Of poker game – Omaha. Many experts and experts advise You to play this type Of poker game. But why did Omaha deserve Such popularity? The fact is that in This type of poker, it Is six times easier to Collect a winning combination than In Texas hold'em! The main goal of the Game is to collect the Best poker hand, which will Be higher than your opponents.

Omaha differs from Texas hold'Em in that it has Pocket cards, not.

The first round is called Preflop

in order to make a Poker hand in Omaha, you Need to use three community Cards that are available on The table and two pocket cards. The basis of the game Is a deck of cards, Cards in which there are From and up to an ACE, each of four suits. The highest card in the Suit is considered to be An ACE, and the youngest Is rightfully called a deuce. Absolutely before each hand, the Dealer must shuffle the deck Of cards. As we said earlier, there Are so many types of Poker games, but the types Are divided into their own varieties.

Here, for example, there are Four varieties of Omaha-these Are five-Card Omaha, Omaha, Oblahoma and Omaha hi-lo.

In Omaha, you can play Both the limit version of The game and the pot-Limit one. The Omaha limit option is When no more than bet Increases are made on each Round of trading. The amount of boosts will Directly depend only on what Type of Omaha you are playing. If you bid $ $ before the Start of the game, this Means that you can only Raise your bet by two Dollars in the first two Rounds of trading, and by Four dollars in rounds and. In this scenario, the small Blind is $ and the big Blind is $. You can find such specifics Here only in games with Fixed limits, because, for example, In pot limit or no Limit poker, the blinds would Be and dollars. The pot-limit type of Omaha is significantly different from The fixed one, by and Large, in that here you Can raise the bet as Much as possible until it Is equal to the pot. The Bank does not only Refer to the chips that You can see in the Center of the table, in Order to find out the Maximum bet size, you need To do everything according to The following rule. To the already formed pot, You must add the size Of the last raise, which Must be multiplied by. During the Omaha game, at The very beginning of the Hand, two participants who sit Clockwise after the dealer must Place two bets, which are Mandatory, but they must not See their cards. After these bets have been Placed, each of the participants Is dealt pocket cards, there Must be of them.After all the players have Received the cards, they will Be able to they must Take turns walking.

Each player has the right To level the bet, raise It, or discard the cards Altogether and exit the game.

In fact, the rules of Omaha poker are not very Complex, but I would also Like to point out that They are very similar to The rules of Texas hold'em.

All participants in the table Must level their bets, and Only after that the dealer Can open three community cards, This is called a Flop.

The first player to place A bet must be the One who placed the small Blind, but if they are Out of the hand, this Right goes to the next Player sitting clockwise. Here, players can do the Same thing as in the Previous round of bidding, but There is also a check added. As a rule, a check Is made when no one Has placed a bid in Front of you. If you make a check, It means that you want To continue participating in the Game, but you don't Want to increase the bet amount. After all participants have leveled Their bets, the third round Of the game should begin, And it is in this Round that the dealer should play. open the fourth card, which Is called the turn. In this round of trading, The rules are exactly the Same as on the flop.

The last round of trading Should begin with the opening Of a common fifth card, Which is called the river.

If more than one participant Remains in the game at The end of bidding in The fifth round, then according To the rules, a showdown Must occur.

This must be done by Absolutely all players who have Remained in the game.

The first card must be Opened by the participant who Last made a raise or The player who sits immediately After the dealer. Now we will talk in More detail about what the Omaha rules are. According to them, each player Must make a combination using Pocket and three community cards. The winner of the pot Will be the player who Manages to collect the best Poker combination. In Omaha, poker hands are Exactly the same as in Texas hold'em, the weakest Hand is considered to be The high card, and the Strongest is the Royal flush. Often in all poker rooms The rules are similar in All disciplines, but the rules Are slightly different in Omaha Hi-lo. The main difference is that Here the pot is divided Into two equal parts, one Of which will be given To the player who has Collected the best poker hand, And the second part will Be given to the participant Who has the weakest room. But it should be noted That the Bank is not Always divided. When playing Omaha hi-lo, It happens that no one Has won the second part Of the pot. It often happens that none Of the participants in the Cash table were lucky enough To collect the lowest hand, In which case the entire Pot will be taken by The player who collected the Strongest hand. A weak hand, also known As a low hand in The game, should have several Very important criteria. In addition to the fact That the combination must consist Of two pocket cards and Three community cards, you will Need to collect cards without Turning, with the condition that There will be no cards Older than eight in the combination. The best hand for a Low pot is considered to Be the combination A.

This, of course, not a Straight, but it is necessary To take into account the Fact that when the lowest Combinations in Omaha hi-lo Are compared, straights and flushes Are not taken into account.

Therefore, in order for the Low combination to be made Correctly, you need to have At least three cards of Different denominations. In Omaha hi-lo, an ACE can be considered both The weakest and the strongest Card, so you can conclude That with one ACE you Can make combinations and win Pots at the same time.

How to count outs in poker. Correct calculation with the table

You definitely need to know how to count outs in poker

This is no less important than just distinguishing between game combinationsOf course, if you want to play well, get better, and not just have fun and feel completely normal when you lose. In this article, we will tell you what outs are, why it is so important to be able to count them, and, finally, how to do it correctly.

These are the cards that can appear on the table in the following streets and strengthen your hand.

Most often, this is exactly the same card, which is not enough to get the much-desired straight or flush.

However, we also have straight draws and flush draws

Although under certain conditions, we can try to strengthen to a square from a set or a straight flush, having only one of the composite combinations in your hand is the ACE of hearts and deuce.

On the flop, the four of hearts, the five of hearts, and the ACE of spades appear.

At the moment, we have a couple of aces, which in itself is very, very good.

It is worth noting that you decide for yourself how to count outs in poker, and which ones to use specifically.

So, in this case, you can take into account the cards that will allow you to get a straight, flush or set of aces.

It will be quite difficult to get a square, and a straight flush is conditionally included in our composite combinations.

We have a straight draw with an ACE, deuce, four, and five.

Only three are missing.

There are only four of them in the deck.

We remind you that when calculating outs, we assume that all the necessary cards are there, and not in the hands of opponents.

The higher the probability of this happening, the lower the probability of it happening.

the number of opponents you play.

If the straight draw was two-way, then the number of outs would also be twice as large. The next component is flash. We have four cards of hearts, and we only need one. In total, there are cards of the same suit in the deck. Four of them are already out.

Nine more to go.

However, it is worth remembering that of these nine, we have already used one conditionally. Finally, we can hope for a set of aces. It is quite easy to calculate the remaining number of them. There are two of them left. So the total number is.

Let's just say that this is a very good indicator that you can play with, but more on that later.

The fact is that knowing the number of cards that can strengthen your hand, you can easily calculate the odds. But with them you will decide when to place bets, when to fold, and much more. Thus, your game will become more mathematically sound and competent Since we have already touched on this topic, we will also tell you how to count odds (that is, chances). Here it's not much more complicated. Using the formula, you can make calculations that will give you the result, up to tenths. But it is worth considering that it will be quite difficult to use it in each distribution. No one will give you a calculator, and it's better to use your thinking power for something else. Moreover, there is an alternative that gives a very small error. All you need to do is multiply the number of outs by two if you want to know the chance of getting the right cards from the flop to the turn or from the turn to the river. The first eight will give you no more than error, and the next eight will give you another. And only after will you encounter more than a margin of error. Given that we are already dealing with hypothetical data, this is not so critical, but the ease of calculation strongly justifies itself. In some cases, you may consider going all-in preflop or flop. You already know how to count outs in poker. In the first case, it remains simple to multiply them by six (although it is difficult imagine how you can make an assumption about probabilities if you still have as many as five cards ahead of you). In the second, which is a much more common situation, multiply the outs by four.

But it is important to note that if you are not going to go all-in, you should not count four times the odds on the flop on the Internet, you can find tables that show odds, the most common combinations and draw hands, but remember that you can not always use them, so it is not superfluous to learn how to count in your mind.

You've probably noticed how easy it is to work with outs in poker. And this gives a disproportionate amount of super-important information. The first is hidden outs. These are the cards that are not able to strengthen your hand, but allow you to get a stronger combination for your opponent, which you can easily understand from the cards on the Board. In order to count hidden values, you need to know the combinations thoroughly and understand what the other one might have. a poker player, starting from the cards on the table. The second is blocked outs. These are the cards that can make our hand stronger, but at the same time they give an advantage to the opponent, in which our combination will not be of any use. Again, here it is important to be able to predict what the opponent may have, in order to make more accurate calculations. This is just the beginning of your introduction to poker math. We don't want to be hopeful and say that it will be just as easy from now on. But it's a good thing that you can start with simple material and consolidate it so that you can go deeper into more complex elements.

Mobile Poker Experience: how To download, Pros and Cons of The

Mobile Poker is a poker Game that is always close To you

Read more about the smartphone App belowThe app has a couple Of disadvantages. These are some restrictions and Execution of money transactions via The browser. Also, playing from your phone Completely depends on the quality Of your mobile connection. It must be stable so That no crashes or freezes Occur during the game.

You can only use it Or combine it with the PC version

You can download poker On Your tablet as well as On your phone.

Before installing the app, make Sure that your device meets The following specifications: As with Android, you can install pokerok On your phone or tablet If it meets the following Specifications: there Is an easier Way to install the client On both iPhone and Android, If you already have One PC version. Open Pokerok on your computer, Find the QR code in The lobby and scan it. You don't need to Download the client to play Poker. Even from a mobile phone, You can simply use the browser. Of course, this is not So convenient from a smartphone, Plus the speed in the Browser is noticeably lower. If you can't access The Pokerok site due to Blocking, use the following workarounds:.

Overview of Poker-a Large poker Room with A weak Field of

Best of all for playing Eights is a special client

Today we will review Poker-This poker room has been Operating for years and has Established itself as one of The best, so it still Remains in demand around the world

During this time, more than Players have registered here and The traffic does not sink To this day.

You can download the program On the site's official Website: The client includes all Disciplines, as well as the Ability to make a Deposit, Change settings, and much more. If you are downloading the Client for Android, set the Permission to install files from Unknown sources in the settings. To successfully install the app On your mobile device, your Device must have the following Characteristics: the Mobile version differs From the computer version only In that you can only Play hold'em on your phone. You can also play Poker Directly from your browser.

software for both PC and Mobile devices

You can choose this option If you don't want To download additional software or Can't do it. To make the web version Of work better, update the Flash player and disable ad blocking. By launching the browser version, You can play all the Disciplines available in the poker Room and use the multi-Table mode. On the eights, you can Play both on virtual chips And with the help of Real bets in various types Of poker: Texas hold'em, Omaha, seven-card stud. They are available at different Limits or without them.

This concludes our review of Poker register in the poker Room, earn no Deposit, participate In tournaments and earn big Prize money!.

Pokerbutch poker School

I wrote my own author'S book on Sit Go

Here you can get Qualified and professional help to Improve the quality of your MTT multi-table tournaments and Sit Go single-table tournaments My name is Alexander Butch, And I am the coach And Creator of this poker schoolI started playing poker both Offline and online in.  Specialization SnG tournaments tournaments From people to people, it Is in these tournaments that I have reached the maximum Results both the main personal Success and learning to play This type of poker.

From to, he worked professionally As a Sit Go coach For almost years.

during this time, he personally Taught more than dozen people To play Golf. Created and taught group courses In this discipline.  I have extensive experience Of an individual approach to Learning this game.

you can also find a Lot of interesting photos and videos

At the moment, I play Sit Go for $, Zomm cash For$, and sometimes MTT with Different buy-ins on such Poker platforms as the Pokerbutch School can be different: a Joint game, analysis of the Database of hands played, analysis Of video recordings of your Game, classes in poker theory And mathematics. Payment for training is negotiated Individually and depends on your Level of play at the Time of training and the Chosen format. I suggest you read the Video in which I conducted A training session with one Of my students. Here you can personally evaluate The presentation of the material And the overall format of Training at school: After successful Training, you will be able To play with good ROI At the limits of -$ Sit Go, which can give you An income of $ per month. The site will also feature Many of my articles on Various poker topics related to training. Here you will find an Overview of poker programs, training Sessions with students, my progress And much more.

If you want to enroll In Alexander's Pokerbutch poker School or have any suggestions Or suggestions, please click below And fill out the form:.

Super slots Casino review Quick news

Super slots casino has been Operating since

For a certain time, it Did not have a license, So players were afraid to Visit itBut the situation soon changed. In a relatively short period Of time, it has gained A license and huge popularity.The establishment is owned by Camelot Technical Power, a company Registered in Curacao. It offers optimal conditions for gameplay. Its website regularly hosts competitions And promotions. The official website of Super Slots casino is pleasantly surprised By its simplicity and convenience, Its design is decorated in Dark shades. The unobtrusive design of the Interface is in good harmony With the colorful images of The emulators. The upper area of the Portal contains information about games, Support, tournaments, and promotions. The registration form is located On the right. Below it is information with Current news and events. On the main page there Are sections with Board games And a description of the jackpots.

His direct Manager is the Company SKYLOD LIMITED

There is information about the Resource's privacy policy and Its terms and conditions. The Super Slots Casino resource Has a separate tab where Visitors can find answers to Common questions. The choice of slot machines On the resource is made In a few clicks. Its users can use the Search filter and the shared catalog.

By entering the names of Manufacturers and slot machines in The search bar, gamblers quickly Find the entertainment they are Looking for.

Slot machines are placed in Separate categories in depending on The format, type, etc. They are produced by world-Famous companies, including: et al. You don't have to Play Super slots for real money. Players can use chips to Place bets by switching to Demo mode. Slothunters who want to play Slot machines for real money Must register. Registration at the casino takes Only a few minutes. It opens up many perspectives For users. Registered users can participate in Promotions, tournaments, and lotteries. They automatically become members of The loyalty program. They are given the opportunity To place bets for real money. To register on the Super Slots club website, just fill Out the suggested form. Enter your phone numberor email Address, password,and username. It is advisable to specify The promo code, if any. The final stages of registration Include confirming your contact information And visiting your merchant profile. You can log in to Your account by clicking on The "sign In" button.», located on the right Side of the interface. Enter your personal username and Password in the login form.

Please note that this casino Does not have a separate Mobile app.

However, it can be visited From a computer or any Mobile gadget. Contactspolicy of privacy usadvertising on The site rules of use Of the site agreement of Use of the site.

Download champion Kazin for Android

Every real money app is Completely in Russian

Licensed online casino champion offers Players to place bets not Only on the official websiteRecently, the gambling club has Launched an app on the Phone and a game client On the PC. Now anyone can opt out Of the mirror and start Placing bets on a mobile Device or on a computer, But it's much more Comfortable, because the program works Faster than the site.

place bets specifically in the program

Club champion has taken care Of that first and foremost The players feel comfortable betting.

By the way, the available Currencies in the mobile version And the game client include Rubles, hryvnias, dollars, and euros.

In this regard, everything in The app is the same As on the official website.

If the mobile version works On Android or if you Encounter any problems, you should Contact technical support.

Employees of the official champion Website promptly respond and work -on.

the Mobile version is available Both on the casino Champion Website and in the official Play Market and App Store stores.

It is most convenient to Download it from stores, but Not all players can find The app there. If you can't find The software by casino name, Then the official website will Help you download it. This is done here as Follows: it is Worth noting That the mobile app is free. You don't have to Go to the torrent and Download the software exclusively from Official stores or the casino Champion mirror. In this case, the player Will receive the program for Free and will be sure That no viruses will get On their phone. most of the visitors to Champion online casino choose the Mobile version. The fact is that the Software has a lot of Advantages that make users forget About the official site and Start using it. The list of the main Advantages of the mobile version On Android and iPhone will Be uploaded as follows: It Is also worth noting that You can download the app For free not only on Your smartphone, but also on tablets. The champion club administration has Made it possible to place Bets from any mobile device. Moreover, on tablets, the app Works no worse than on A phone For those who Are uncomfortable playing casino Champion In browser and can't Download the app to their Phone - there is a game Client on a PC. This is a free program That can only be downloaded On the mirror of a Gambling club.

It looks like this: Before Using the app, you can Read reviews specifically for the Mobile version and the game Client on your computer.

This will make it possible To understand in advance how To use such software. let's start With the Fact that the champion casino Game client on PC offers The best graphics from all Available types of software from The gambling club. That is, the picture is Even here better than the Mobile version, because the computer Is more powerful than any Modern smartphone. The speed in the game Client on the computer is Also higher, so everything works Smoothly and without unnecessary problems.

About braking as on the Official site because of the Browser, you can forget.

In addition, there are no Ads in the game client And it cannot be blocked.

This is a great option Primarily for those who do Not want to constantly sit And look for a working mirror. Otherwise, everything is exactly the Same as on the site, So there are no restrictions On the number of games Or bonuses in the game client. Since the program is free, Everyone should try it.

How to Download And Install pin Up casino For Android

Just download Pin Up for Android

Pin-Up is one of The most popular playgrounds among The Russian-speaking audienceGamblers are attracted by a Rich selection of gambling entertainment, Including Live dealers. The advantage is the ability To run any games from Your phone. The developers recommend to install The software on your smartphones The operating system is Android. This ensures stable operation of The program and low traffic consumption. At the end of the Process, it remains to perform The installation of the APK. When the installation is complete, The Pin Up icon will Appear in the programs section.

The download takes no more Than seconds

Just install the software on Your mobile phone so that You don't have to Spend any more time searching For a mirror. The app is equipped with An algorithm for a stable Connection to the gambling club'S server, which provides round-The-clock Access to the Pin-Up casino. gamblers can enjoy demo mode And a paid version of entertainment.

The number of slot machines Is the same as on The Pin-Up site.

The app supports downloading slots, Jackpot machines, poker, roulette, and Live dealer games.

All ways To contact The Poker Support service

Before you ask for help, Try to solve your problem yourself

Do you Want to start Playing in the poker room? You've been playing for A long time, but you Have some questions that you Can't find answers to Through the corresponding queries in Search engines? No problem! Please contact the Poker support serviceThe room is well-established Feedback and work with player support. There is even a separate Site that contains the most Frequently asked questions and the Necessary answers to them. This resource is available from Any computer or mobile device. You can get to the Support service's website via The main site of eights. In the footer on the Main page, click "Online help" And you will be redirected To the Poker support service. Just like any service that Interacts with millions of users, The Eights help service has Its own special features.

You can find out how To contact our specialists so That they can solve the Problem faster in this text.

Among the main features of The room, players often note A long wait for a Response to the task assigned To the support service specialists.

Usually, you have to wait About a day for a Response, but even this time Seems like an eternity to players. You can also take a Look at the forums. There users often exchange useful information.

The fastest way to get In touch with the room'S employees is to call.

Each country has its own Phone number.

To find a phone number, Go to " Yandex.

Checkout "in your merchant profile, Then click on" Help " on The right. at the very bottom, you Will see a drop-down List with the service's Phone numbers.

Go to the "Online help" And see what they write About it

Please note that depending on Your country of residence and Your carrier, you will need To pay for a phone call. Please contact your phone service Provider for more details and Pricing details. Another quick way to contact The support service is to Write in an online chat. You can also find it By going to Yandex. Checkout in your merchant profile. In the same place where You were looking for a Phone number.

There you can ask a Question directly online and solve The problem.

and most importantly-it's Free! One of the most convenient Ways to communicate is by email. The Poker support service has Several addresses that you can Write to: This method is Not a quick one. Your problem is unlikely they Will be able to solve It in a matter of Minutes, but if the matter Is not urgent, a letter Is the most suitable option. If you can't find An answer on the support Service's website, you can Also write to our specialists There by filling out a Special form. In the form, you need To specify the product, select A category bonuses and promotions, Deposit, games, login, my account, Registration, technical issues, withdrawal of Funds and General questions, enter Your email address, indicate the Topic and write the essence Of the request. On a dedicated support resource, You can get an answer To almost any question. employees monitor questions and constantly Update the site with up-To-date information. It publishes answers to the Most popular problems for players. For the convenience of users, The information is divided into Sections: the amount of information Collected by employees will help You cope with any problem. Don't be lazy, look For your request, surely, on The resource already has an answer. If not, feel free to Contact the support service using Any of the following methods: Using the above methods. Write, call and they will Definitely help you!.

Poker Forum: Topic: hold'Em equity

There is, however, one significant detail

For regular hold'emSimply because no one has Ordered their hands by strength As they do in regular Hold'em. We can't take on Such a mission, so the Spectra must be set in The form of a set Of starting hands according to The usual rules via a Text string. It should be clear that You can't just take An order of hands for Regular hold'em and discard Cards below sixes from there.

After all, the strength of Combinations is different.

It is clear that hold'Em pairs have more potential, Because if you catch a Set, you will beat any straight. For the same reason, mismatched Connectors lose their validity. This option is available for Cs. If necessary, we can also Do it for this one. All the math is written. A few days of work. We'll try to do It next week. I'll report here on The forum.

You can't set your Opponent's spectra as percentages

And driving in the spectrum Of OPA too after all, Implemented in s? Maybe move it here, too? If all this is implemented I will buy it right Away For the case of A Straight set, you need To build your own spectra. The most correct way would Be to use files with Hand ordering. An example of such a File for regular hold'em There is also a link To the blog with a Description of how these files Were created. I put one of these Files for the max desktop In the cloud.

In this file, all cells Of a known matrix are Ordered by strength.

The most correct way is To make such a file For hold'em for the Player himself. Here, the main Problem is Not to add the spectra By percentage, but to make Sure that these spectra are plausible.

For ordinary hold'em, these Spectra were built If we Build these spectra ourselves, how Close will they be to reality? We don't play ourselves, And even if we did, These spectra would still be subjective.

It seems to me that It is not difficult to Write out strategies in the File in order of strength. And we will read this File explicitly. The problem is clear. as I understand it, the Hand strength is the same For a classic and for A Straight Set. Even if this is not Entirely true. This is still better than Manually driving in the spectrum. Leave open the possibility for The user to edit this table. as I understand it, roughly Speaking, txt and positions there. for the end user, we Have that if he is Lazy, then he uses what Is there, driving in he Will get his result, but If he believes that the Hand strength is not set Correctly, he can always edit It at his discretion without The software developer's tebonkan. in the future, if suddenly Someone makes serious calculations, then This file can always be Replaced and then everything will Be according to the worst.

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