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Each of the reels spins Independently of the others

The Essence of the preference Is to play a contract With the cards received during The game layoutThis takes into account the Points that are recorded in The bullet, and penalties. Treasure Island slot machine is A -line -reel slot machine With two bonus games and A chance game. In addition, the 'Treasure' slot Is a version of Casino Texas Hold'em Poker-created In Created in by Stephen Au-Yeung, it is a Casino-inspired version of the Popular Texas Hold'em Poker Club game. The main task of the Game is to collect the Highest possible poker hand, higher Than that of the casino dealer. Each hand refers to one Of the poker combinations, which Consist of cards for the Player and on the table. The following are combinations, starting From the strongest: Straight Straight - A Sequence of five mismatched cards. Card suits don't matter. The ACE can be either The highest card T-K-D-B- or the lowest Card of the combination T.

The game uses a standard -Card deck

A sequence with an ACE Inside T-K-D does Not count as a straight. Two pairs - Two cards of The same value and two Cards of a different value. For example, two Queens and Two aces. T-T - the Game starts With all players placing an Initial bet on the Ante field. In this case, the ante Size is each of the Participants discretion. Please note that you will Not be able to place An Ante bet if you Have less than three Antes In your account. After the ante bets are Placed, the dealer deals cards: Two face-down cards to Each of the participants, including Himself, and three face-down Cards to the middle of The table. If a player decides to Continue playing, they place a Bet equal to two Antes. If a player refuses to Play, they lose their Ante bet. When the players who have Decided to continue the game Have placed a Bet, the Dealer puts two more cards In the middle of the Table, face down. Next, the dealer's hand Is compared with the players combinations. Attention: the Dealer only plays A pair of fours or higher.

If he doesn't have A game, then players only Win Ante.

If the dealer plays and His combination is less than The player's, all bets Are returned to the player In double the amount win: If the dealer wins, the Player loses all bets.

Regardless of whether the dealer Has a game or not, Ante the player will always Be paid according to the Pay table below: this game Is custom-made, and the Game uses a cue ball And fifteen aiming balls with Numbers from to. One of the players must First score balls with numbers From to solid, Transferable fool, One of the most popular, Along with the throw-up Fool, varieties of the fool game. The rules of the game In the transfer fool differ From the throwback one significant Addition that changes the entire Structure of the game.

Combinations in Poker

Although the rules of the Game of poker are quite Extensive, an inexperienced player can Learn them in practice directly At the poker tableThis understanding and refinement of Skills is facilitated by the Presence of a huge number Of poker rooms, where you Can play absolutely for free. However, the same cannot be Said about winning combinations without Knowing them, it makes no Sense to sit down at A real gambling table. Virtual poker services provide hints, But the user will still Feel insecure and not enjoy The process.

In the most popular variety, Texas hold'em, you can Distinguish a dozen basic combinations.

Spend half an hour of Your time studying them, and When it's over, you Won't feel like a Poker Amateur anymore. It will not be difficult To learn these combinations, as Many of them are similar And even have names. With this knowledge, you can Safely try yourself in an Online battle in any of The virtual poker rooms!.

GGbet user Verification, how To pass Verification on GGbet

Verification in GGBet is not Such a simple procedure

With verification in bookmakers often Causes a large number of difficulties

One way or another, this Process is necessary to confirm Your identity and prevent fraudulent actions.

The client is identified by Bookmakers, as a rule, after A request to withdraw a Large amount from the gaming account. Sometimes, however, the company may Request verification immediately after completing registration.

The company can also request A video call

This is necessary to verify Your identity player and prevent Possible illegal actions. GGBet bookmaker can request verification At different times, both after The payment request and right After the registration process has Been completed. In addition, the company's Rules specify that the client Can be identified more than once.

A security service request usually Contains a request to send A number of photos and Or scans of various documents: A passport, a Bank card, And pictures of the account Holder with the passport and card.

It can be problematic to Pass verification using video in GGBet.

The conference consists, as a Rule, of questions on knowledge Of eSports events on which Bets were placed.

The level of questions is Sometimes so high that even A professional can hardly handle it.

The verification process is an Extremely thankless task, first of All, for the client of The bookmaker's office. The company almost they always Reserve the right to have The last word, so the Player is often deprived of Any support.

GGBet is no exception.

On the Internet, you can Find many reviews that, after A large win and unsuccessful Verification, the user was blocked From accessing GGBet. In addition, the company may Delay the verification process without Giving you the opportunity to Place a bet. There are many cases when The user is blocked before Verification, meaning that the account Will be unfrozen only after Passing verification. It is also important that GGBet is not a legal Bookmaker, and the problems that Have arisen in the course Of cooperation cannot be solved In the legal field of The Russian Federation.

GGPokerok verification: How to Complete identity Verification

This is not the end Of account verification in GGPokerok

In GGPokerok verification is a Mandatory procedure, without which it Is impossible to play poker For real money, as well As withdraw fundsWe will tell you how To complete personal identification as Quickly and easily as possible. Most users who want to Play poker, casino games, or Sports betting are intimidated by Their identity. As a rule, the procedure Requires providing scans of documents, And also involves a video Conversation with a company representative. The need to share passport Photos is alarming and raises A lot of questions about Data security. At GGPokerok, verification is an Absolutely safe procedure that is Necessary not only to confirm The age of majority, but Also to conduct transparent transactions, As well as install additional Protection on gaming funds. After passing the identity verification Procedure, the company provides access To all services, including account Replenishment, playing poker for real Money and withdrawing funds won. In case of attempts to Hijack the account the room Will prevent any attempt to Steal funds to third-party Payment details by intruders. In GGPokerok, verification takes place In two stages: account activation And identity identification. Let's start with the First one. To put the created game Profile in order, first of All, you will need to Confirm your phone number and Email address. To do this, go to Your account and enter the Current contact information and click On the "Confirm" button after Editing the information. An SMS message will be Sent to the specified phone Number with a code that You will need to enter In the field that appears In your merchant profile. As for the confirmation of E-mail, to activate it, Just click on the link In the email received from The company. After confirming your contact details, You must enter your personal Information in your profile. The poker room asks to Complete such lines as: Please Note all information must match The passport, otherwise, if verification Of documents by the company'S managers may cause difficulties, Which may delay GGPokerok verification. After the issue with the Account is resolved, you can Safely proceed with verification in GGPokerok. A proof of identity document Is considered: To make an Identification request, a company player Will need to take a Photo or scan of the First page of their passport And save the image in Their personal account in the "SettingsMy information"section. After uploading the image, it Will take some time before Verification is approved by the Company's managers in GGPokerok. You can monitor the status Of document verification yourself in Your merchant profile. Approved profiles will be marked " Verified "the mark will be Placed next to the uploaded content. As you can see, in GGPokerok, verification takes just a Couple of minutes. In case you haven't Already seen this for yourself, Now is the perfect time To create an account in The poker room. We recommend that you specify The bonus code in GGPokerok Code bbet when registering to Get a no Deposit bonus, Two bonus points for adding Money to your gaming account To choose from, and a Month of mini-quests with Tournament tickets as a gift.

Poker school

Immerse yourself in the unforgettable World of poker

On the pages of our Resource you will find a Lot of useful information about The subtleties of this game, Which will help you become A successful playerThe world is in a Hurry and everything is speeding Up, and poker is no exception. Players who have learned how To make money in poker Tend to play like as Many hands as possible to Get the maximum profit. It is for such poker Players that the fast poker Format was created. In their version, these Tournaments Are an integral part of Modern poker. If you've ever seen A poker game broadcast on TV, it was tournament poker. It is already interesting to Watch such a competition, and Even more so to participate. Especially if a relatively small Buy-in can bring a Big win in the end. For most poker enthusiasts, sooner Or later an Integral part Of every tournament is the Final duel between the two Remaining contestants. This duel is called heads Up and is the key To the entire event. It is during the heads Up that the tournament pot Is drawn. What is a heads up As already mentioned, a poker Head-up is a kind Of duel, a game in Which Online video poker is A standard application for any Online casino.

It was first introduced by The FullTiltPoker poker room

This type of gambling entertainment Is becoming increasingly popular among Young people. casino lovers who are looking For the best platform to Play online video poker. Video poker has a number Of key features and is Slightly different from playing standard poker. This type Of introduction to Poker combinations occurs at the First stage of learning this Card game. First you need to understand The winning combinations and the Course of the game, and Only then proceed to the Study of tactics, psychology, and Various pitfalls.

In poker, there are official Names of poker combinations, as Well as analogs in slang.

For example, a Full house In recent times it has Become difficult to imagine a Poker tournament with no competition.

They are held both online And offline.

With a huge variety of Types of tournaments, everyone can Choose a competition to their Liking and afford. And today we will talk About the so-called shutout. The concept of a shutout When getting acquainted with the Tournament component at the very Beginning of their journey through The world of poker, beginners Participate only in hands at Cash tables. But many people sooner or Later still apply to participate In the tournament. And here a new side Of the poker world opens Up with its new terms And rules. And now the novice player Is greeted with the term Freeze-out. More and more countries are Already recognizing and accepting Bitcoin As real money. With the growing popularity of Cryptocurrencies, trading platforms, banks and Even gambling establishments have already Begun to adapt to the New payment network and began Accepting Bitcoin for payment. The advent of Bitcoin paved The way for the introduction Of a new kind of Gambling industry that focuses on The Hard-to-imagine poker World without tournaments. Poker competitions are held both Online and offline at events And gambling establishments and clubs.

The origin of offline tournaments Began with the founding of The most famous poker tournament Today, the World Series of Poker.

Next, we will look at The types of poker tournaments And learn more about the Fact that Poker is the Favorite game of millions of people. Someone plays to earn money, And someone just for fun And fun. There are a large number Of varieties of poker for Every taste, any complexity and With any rules, but this Does not become an obstacle To the creation of new types. One of the new types Of poker is zoom poker. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable World of poker. On the pages of our Resource you will find a Lot of useful information about The subtleties of this game, Which will help you become A successful player.

Download torrent [Android] Live Holdem Poker Pro V. [Gambling

How do I download it? Very simple

We tried to make the Site user-friendly, simple and Clear, but still it is Worth noting the most popular Issues: How do I search For content? You can use search or Navigate through sectionsUsually, just click on the "Download" button, which is located At the end of the publication. Did you find a typo Or error? Mark the text and press: Ctrl Enter-write what to fix. How can I contact you? To do this, you need To click on the picture Of the envelope "Feedback", fill In all the fields and Click "send". How do I become a journalist? On the website, they are Not all news are moderated.

Delete the distribution and run It again

Doesn't download the torrent? Most likely, you don't Have a DHT active.

Download utorrent.

If you already use it, Go to settings - BitTorrent - Basic BitTorrent settings - and enable all The checkboxes. How to switch the site'S color theme dark and light? On the top panel, the Light bulb icon – click It and switch the site theme. The section will be updated with. Swearing and insults are prohibited!. "Caps Lock" it is Forbidden to Write words in Capital letters!. Links to third-party resources Are prohibited!.

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Best Sportsbook And promo Code of An online Casino

They are reliable operators in The sports betting industry

Active popularization of sports betting Has led to the emergence Of a large number of bookmakersFor players from Russia today There is a wide list Of companies, among which there Are the best, offering favorable And reliable conditions for the game. On this page you will Find the best bookmakers on The Internet. We will also show you The best promo codes on The market, such as the Xbet promo code.

We help you navigate the World of sports and betting

We will guide you in The huge market of the Best online casinos in Russia for.

Here we compare all available Top casinos, free spins and bonuses.

On our website you can Find the biggest bonus in The casino industry and information About online gambling by Registering On the xBet platform, each New player can enter a Special promo code that will Give them the opportunity to Get access to a variety Of online gambling services.

a wide variety of additional Promotions, special offers and bonuses.

This material is intended specifically For those new users of The platform who are still Planning to register and want To learn more not only About the platform itself, but Also about the possibility of Using the xbet promo code.

Registration with a promo code Allows you to increase the Starting bonus range to RUB. It's simple: when registering, Enter the promo code xbet-XBET, and the bonus will Be activated.

Unfortunately, you can't spend This money in a casino, But you can spend it On sports betting at any time.

When the bonus is transferred From the bonus account to The game account, you can Safely spend it on anything: Withdraw, place a bet on The slot machine, and so on. William Hill is a popular Foreign bookmaker, headquartered in London. In the course of his Many years of activity, he Has created a wide variety Of special offers for players That are not only profitable For the office itself, but At the same time they Also allow you to get Significant benefits for the players themselves. If you are trying to Find a promo code for The welcome bonus when registering On William Hill in Russia, Then you have come to The right place! Below you can find a Unique promo code for William Hill: when registering on the Bitstarz platform, each player will Be given the opportunity to Use a variety of promotions, Special offers and bonuses.

In addition, you can increase The reward offered on the Site by using the current Bitstarz bonus code.

In this article, we will Look at the possibilities of Using a promo code, all The advantages available for novice Users, and also do not Miss out on offers for Regular players. Riobet is a relatively small Platform in its scope, which Does not have pronounced opportunities For a variety of promotions And special offers. Nevertheless, despite this fact, it Still provides some specific opportunities For its customers. Among many of them, for Example, you should highlight the Ability to use a special Promo code Riobet during registration On the platform, which automatically Provides access to a number Of different utilities. ATTENTION: we do not advertise Anything, we do not cooperate With anyone, we do not Call for the game, we Do not sell forecasts. The site is informational.

How can I improve My poker game? News the World of

bonuses from the best poker Rooms in the world

Start your career as a Poker player now! Professional players are not born, They become! Tips, poker strategies and hand Analysis from the world's Leading players and coachesHow to play poker? Poker combinations and video materials For beginners.

This and much more can Be found in the poker Rules section.

Staying calm, gaining experience, studying Opponents, and knowing the basics Of starting card layouts are All well-known things that A novice poker player should Adhere to.

Among them, there are also Free no Deposit bonuses

But there are some things That only real professionals will Tell you about.

And the fact that they'Re sharing it is very encouraging.

You can't learn how To play poker well without money.

Yes, you can start from Scratch, but this will do Only at the very start – when you have an Idea of poker only from The tutorial. Two key points play a Role here: at the play Money level and the lowest Level limits nanolimits, those who Are almost not concerned with Money play. Since the amounts seem to Be small.

Therefore, it is more than Easy to be in the Black at such limits.

But this fact does not Increase your skills.

As a result, bad habits Like frivolity are formed, which Makes professional poker playing impossible And time is simply lost.

Already knowing how to play, It is much more useful To throw a larger amount. This speeds up the process, Instills responsibility for your capital And gives you the opportunity To play with normal players. Do not be surprised that You are in the red Without reading, experimenting or improving Anything, Seven recommendations for improving The game from the author Of the book "poker" are Very simple in some ways, But often even players who Have entered the world of Medium limits forget about it. Famous faces of the world No Limit Texas Holdem share More practical features tips for Improving your poker experience based On specific situations. The most common examples can Be solved like this: Famous Players can advise a lot, But these are more often Excerpts from their personal experience. It's their ways – The way they do things. It is useful to apply These tips in practice, but If you see new ways And opportunities in detail-think About it, check it out, But apply it, do not Hide it in a long box.

one of the most popular Poker news sites.

On our portal, you can Always find the most up-To-date and useful information About poker in Russia and Other countries. In addition, here you will Find the best bonuses and Promotions, thanks to which Your Bankroll will constantly grow!.

Download Texas Poker E Android

Just click the button and Download the app for free

Have your attempts to gather Friends at the poker table Mostly failed? Why wait for this rare Opportunity when you can just Download our app and play With millions of poker players From all over the world! Anywhere, anytimeDo you think you are Ready for a tough competition? Add other players as friends, Send them private messages or Chat directly at the table, Buy gifts for friends and Rivals, so Log in to The game without any additional Settings by clicking the Play Now Button.

if you like poker, come And join the club for Both loyal and casual poker players.

Getting there is easy.

This game is only available For people of legal age

There is no way to Win money or anything of Value in the game. Success in this game does Not mean that you won In a similar casino game With real money.

Probability of Winning combinations In poker

of all hands, which is Extremely small

Probabilities in poker are the Most important aspect of the gameThe fact is that poker Is a game in which It is impossible to predict Events thoroughly and accurately, so You have to be guided Only by chances and probabilities. Those who play by the Odds will definitely be successful In long-distance poker, although This may not be noticeable In individual hands or in Short-distance poker.

What pocket hand should you Use to enter the pot, And what is the probability That you will get a Flush to the river with Four matching cards on the flop? These and many other questions Can only be answered by Understanding the probabilities.

For example, if you know That your hand is if Your opponent is better at Showdown, and in order to Check this, you only need To deliver a quarter of The pot to the pot, Then you should definitely take Advantage of this chance.

Among other things, you should Know the probabilities of poker Combinations, i.e. the chances that a particular Hand will improve to the Flop, turn, or river before The final hand is played. This can be calculated independently, Even with a basic knowledge Of probability theory, or calculated Using special poker programs, but All these data have been Known for a long time, And you do not need To delve into these calculations At all. Before finding out the probability Of a particular poker hand Falling out, we first need To figure out how often Certain cards will come into Our hands. After all, without knowing this, We will not be able To correctly choose the range Of hands with which to Enter the game. For example, if you expect Only a couple of aces, You can easily lower the Entire stack to the blinds Without waiting for the desired hand. The point is that the A.

hand will keep coming only.

These hands include pairs, connectors, And matching cards

The following pocket combinations are Considered monster hands in poker: AA, KK, and AK.  Two aces or two Kings will come to our Hands in. of hands, AK suited-in. of cases and AK mismatched-in. Thus, any of the listed Monster hands can be found With a probability of, which Is already a pretty good Chance, in about one hand in. However, in addition to monster Hands, there are a number Of other pocket combinations that Have a good chance of improving. So, you will receive any Pair from to AA preflop in. Two cards of the same Suit appear of the time. Often, when two or more Players in a hand get Strong hands, they go all-In, i.e. put their entire stack on The line. Knowing what our chances are With a certain hand to Win an opponent with a Certain all-in hand will Allow us to make the Right decision. So, having any pocket as A pair, you will win Against the opponent with the Two highest unpaired cards of The time. Your highest pocket pair will Take the pot from the Opponent with the lowest pair With an probability. A pair will win a Hand with one high card And the other low card, Of the time.

Mismatched cards will be stronger To the river of mismatched Cards of the highest value In of hands.

If the highest card in The hand is the same For both opponents, the pot Will go to the owner Of the larger second card In of cases. A pocket pair is a Very good starting hand for Entering the pot. In many cases, she can Drive to the river without Getting better and pick up The pot. However, if such a hand Improves post-flop, the chances Of winning will be significantly higher. Therefore, we will study the Probability of a combination in Poker with a pocket pair Of any value: Thus, in Almost every fifth hand, our Pair will improve to the River to a set and A larger hand. Therefore, having received at least A pocket pair of twos, There are good chances of Winning the pot. If two cards of the Same suit not consecutive come To our hands, they can Improve to the following combinations: Using these data, you will Be able to correctly make Decisions in various situations. For example, if you made A flush draw on the Flop, your chances of making A flush to the river Are very high-almost. However, in most hands, we Will not receive pairs, or Even matching cards, but unpaired, Mismatched hands. Therefore, let's look at The probability of poker combinations With such starting hands to The flop: Often on the Flop we do not collect Any ready-made combination at All, or we do not Collect a strong enough hand.

You need to know what The odds are that your Existing hand will improve on The turn and river so That you can make the Right decisions during trading.

So, let's first look At the improvements on the Turn: Now let's look At the chances of making All the same combinations, only Not from flop to turn, But from flop to river.

Roughly speaking, these odds are They are doubled, because we Have another card that can Improve the hand, but for More detailed information, see below: You could, of course, consider Another option to improve the Combination from turn to river, But this information will be superfluous.

The fact is that these Odds are almost the same And even slightly higher, as In the case of flop To turn. The increase in probability is Due to the fact that There is already one card On the turn, so there Are more cards left in The deck that we need. Having studied the information presented In this article, you will Be able to understand with Which hands at any stage Of the game you have A good chance to improve Your combination and take the pot. You can also use your Knowledge of flop structures to Make decisions, which you can Read by clicking on the Link.

Download Texas Poker Texas Poker Holdem To

Texas Poker is a game Application created by Kama games

This Corporation is known all Over the world as a Developer of applications for mobile devicesNow you can play Texas Hold'em poker for free And download it to your Phone quickly enough.

There you can plunge into The world of the game And feel its reality.

"So, after downloading the App on your mobile device, You need to launch Texas Holdem Poker Android. Then you will need to Go through the authorization in The application, it is important To be careful in the Future if you lose your Password and pin you will Be able to recover account Access in case of need, But it is important to Provide reliable information. Users may be offered several Registration options. The first option is that You can log in to The system by logging in Via a social network, most Often Facebook. You can also register by Entering your email address. In addition, poker on Android Allows you to conduct the Game process under the guise Of a guest, but in This case, the user does Not have the ability to Save their achievements. Using a social network, the Poker player can also log In to the app via A computer, which is very convenient." Download hold'em poker For Android means the interface Is in Russian, which is Very convenient and understandable. When opening the main menu, The user can find the "Shop" section, this place is Very important for players, it Is here that you can Purchase chips game currency. The starting capital of each Player is $.

There is an opportunity to Take training courses where the Beginner gets the necessary knowledge For the game.

This section describes the rules Of gameplay, possible combinations, and Everything you need to navigate The game.

Their audience is more than Million users

It is possible to see A hint about the winning Combination during the game process, Which is very convenient for A non-professional poker player. Texas hold'em poker for Android can be downloaded from The mobile store, after which You will see a world Of communication and excitement. During the game, poker players Can communicate with each other And even exchange gifts, which Can be purchased for chips Game currency. There are gifts that are Cheap and considered symbolic, but You can surprise them your Friend in the game, buying A fairly expensive gift, giving Your gold coins. When you enter the game, Coins fall on the beginner'S account they will be Spent very quickly, after which You will have to buy Such coins for real money. The Texas Holdem Poker game App is available for download On Android, and it is Worth noting the impeccable design Of the interface. The distribution of chips and Distribution of cards is performed At the highest level, and The full picture of the Poker room is represented. The app under study is A leader in downloads on Google Play million downloads and Has a high average score of. The creators of the game Had a goal to satisfy The desires of gambling poker Players and it is worth Noting that their goal was Achieved and perhaps even exceeded expectations. However, they didn't stop There and are constantly working On improving the version. The version of the Texas Holdem Poker app, which is Also available for download on Android, provides its users with Three game modes: Either you Can join a battle with Your friends, or visit eight Different parts of the world. You get a chance to Win against the best poker Players by playing in famous Poker clubs in Paris, London Or Las Vegas.

When playing Texas Holdem Poker, The player not only gains Experience, but also learns some Nuances that are not easy To learn.

Online casino Review GGpokerok

We tell you that the Casino "players Choice" is xSlots

To get bonuses, use the Promo code GREG when registering, Read the Detailed text version Of the review of the Gg Pokerok poker room here How to withdraw bonus dollars In GGpokerok 'Eights' $ for free: A risk-free Bet of Up to, rubles: Read the Detailed version in in text Format here: Video review of The ggpokerok poker roomSPINSLOT promo code bonus read The Full text version of The WildBlaster Casino online casino review. After entering the European market, It shows steady growth in Today's video, we will Talk about the rather popular Asian room GGPokerok.

GG is currently the fastest Growing Network in the world

It is loved for its Relatively weak field of players, Very GGPokerok promo code -promo Code for registering at the Casino-bonus Link to register At the casino with the Promo code GGPokerok bonus How To get $: - download the Game client: - get advice on Rooms: Subscribe to the channel To win $ pokerok room review, -Then I recorded a video About their casino and said That I would never play There again. I made a Deposit of$ Went to the cash register Played $ output read the Detailed Text version of the Bui Online casino review here Get Free spins at promo code CPLEY GGPokerok signup bonus today-This is$ no Deposit bonus Just for signing up, as Well as a bonus for The first Deposit up to.

Guys, tell Me how To download The poker Client Poker Forum GipsyTeam

It is not possible to Get out of the site, In any way

, Thank you so much For the link everything works.And then I took two Days to break the whole No that just did not Try and how and on Your link z minutes and Everything is OK I Ask You to help with a Link to download the new December client pokerThanks If you prefer a Four-color deck and want To disable animation of avatars, These features will be available In your profile settings. If you sign up for Poker rooms through GipsyTeam, you Will receive rake statistics, bonus Points for in-store purchases, Exclusive promotions, and extended support.

Partypoker training Service - MyGame-Latest poker News - partypoker LIVE

partypoker will help you do This using the MyGame service

We want you to be The first to know all About our festivals, poker news, And exclusive awards and promotions, So let us know if You'd like us to Contact you by choosing one Of the options below: In Poker, the most important component On the road to success Is working on your gameOf course, almost everyone likes To play more and train Less, but to really progress, You need to be able To stop sometimes and soberly Evaluate your own game. The beta version was launched About a year ago, where Only the cash game was Available, but now the service Also reads your hands from tournaments. You can watch the replay Of your biggest successes or Take a closer look analyze The biggest defeats.So what does MyGame do For you? It monitors your game in Real time, records your every Move, and then evaluates it According to GTO Game Theory Optimal. Your level is evaluated in Five main categories: These categories, In turn, are divided into Another aspects of your game.

It will depend on your Level of experience

And in each case, you Will receive tips on how To correct your shortcomings. Depending on how close your Game is to the coveted GTO, you will get the Following skill levels: in Addition, You will see a certain Number of stars on the Displayed logo of your skill. In order for MyGame to Prepare the first report about Your game, you need to Run at least hands. But the more hands you Play, the more accurate the Information will be. MyGame will also show you Such simple truths as your Biggest winning pots and your Worst losing pots. If the rating of your Game is not perfect, you Will always get tips on What you should work on To work.

Complete articles on how to Work on this or that Aspect will also be attached, So MyGame itself will guide You on the right path.

In addition, MyGame provides a Lot of useful information and, In fact, next to each Score is a small training Course about -bets, protecting the Big blind, and so on. The information is available in English.

download upoker for PC poker combinations calculator poker variance calculator assistant poker game assistant poker game online pppoker clubs hold'em poker calculator poker calculator download pppoker app pokerbros apk download