Personal account And cash Register at PokerStars, account

PokerStars is the most popular Poker room in the world

Millions of players from all Over the World enjoy their Favorite online poker gameIn order to play PokerStars Comfortably and without any restrictions On functions, you need to Set up your personal account.

In this article, we will Look at all its sections And tell you what each Of them is intended for.

In order to access your Personal account at PokerStars, you Need to log in with Your username and password: Step.

In the window that appeared You have on the page, Enter your username and password. Click on the green arrow, And then you will be Logged in. To check that your password Characters are entered correctly, check The box next to "Show Password". A personal account on PokerStars Is created to manage all Player data. To access your merchant profile Settings, click on the "Account" Button on the home page After logging in. The PokerStars cash register tab Is used to add funds To your account. you can also view the Total balance for real money And conditional chips. Select the amount you want To Deposit to your gaming account.

not only in the CIS, But also all over the world

Standard amounts that are available To each player: the player Can also Deposit an arbitrary Amount to the account. The minimum amount that a User can Deposit is $.

After selecting the amount, click "Next" green arrow. A menu will appear on The screen with the choice Of payment method for your Deposit. PokerStars offers players to Deposit Money to their account using The following international payment systems: You can also make a Deposit using your Bank payment Cards of international standard: Please Note, if Your banking card In national currency, when the Funds are credited will be An automatic conversion: on the Gaming account will be credited With foreign currency and card Amount in local currency equivalent, At the current exchange rate Of the Central Bank. To save the selected payment Method check the box next To “Save payment information and Select it for making quick deposits”. On the right side, in The main "cash register" section, Pay attention to the small "Balance" tab.  It has two sub-points: Initially, PokerStars gives each player Absolutely free of charge conditional Chips, with which you can Immediately enter the game. At this point, you can See which chips are in The game, and which are Just on the account. The situation is similar with The "Money" section. You can see how much Money You have in your Account, and what amount is Currently in circulation, i.e. The cashier not only can You recharge your account and Monitor the balance. Each player can perform the Following operations: To use all Of the above functions, click On the button located in The upper-right corner a Circle with three horizontal lines inside. This tab is necessary for The introduction of personal data Of users. It contains the following short Paragraphs: As you might guess, In in the phone section, Enter Your current mobile number. First, you need to select "Country Code", then enter the Remaining digits of the number And click "Apply". The system will notify You Of successful data saving with The message "Changes saved". In the "Address" section, you Need to enter the address Of your permanent place of residence. Enter the following information: Please Note that entering a valid Address is a prerequisite, otherwise You will not be able To use many of the PokerStars features, such as withdrawing money.

The email address You provided When registering for PokerStars.

If it changes after some Time, you can change your Email address in the system Right here. To change your PokerStars login Password, use the special "Password" tab. To do this, you will Need to first enter a Valid password, and then a New one times. In the "Settings" section on PokerStars, you can improve the Security of your account, as Well as set up your work. systems based on your personal preferences. It contains the following subsections: In the “Stars PIN” tab, Players can increase the security Of their PokerStars account. By clicking "Get Stars PIN" And then "Use Stars PIN", You will receive a special -Digit code that you will Always need to enter when Logging in to PokerStars. A message with the code Will be sent to Your Email address. In the "Language" section, the User can select the language In which they would like To receive informational messages from PokerStars to their email address. All players have the option To choose up to different languages.

The "Time zone" section is Used to ensure that the Time on the server coincides With Your time zone.

The item "Privacy" is used To select the method of Displaying the balance. If the check mark is Active in this item i.E, it turns green, it Means That your account balance Will be displayed in the Lobby header. If you want to hide This data from prying eyes, Just leave the box inactive. The "Informational messages" column is Used to select the subject Of informational messages that will Be sent To your email address. The "multi-Currency" section is Used to manage the currency In the game itself. For example, each user can Enable a special function that Will convert different currencies in The game to place a Bet without user confirmation. The second feature available to All players, except Casino players – is the automatic transfer Of money after exiting the Game to the main currency account.

The last item is the "Star-code".

It is designed to register Participants in a variety of Sweepstakes and promotions from PokerStars.

If you have this code, Then you need to enter It here.

Using the features of this Section, each player can get The entire game history. Upon a player's request, PokerStars can provide a full Report on the games played For the entire period, or For a specific selected time. You can use the following Options: different report formats: this Tab will be useful for Poker gamblers who don't Know the Golden mean when To stop playing and continue A little later. PokerStars can act as a Controller for games played, as Well as for money spent. Please note that the game Access ban feature can only Be used once, and this Decision cannot be reversed. The "Instant bonuses" tab is Designed to control and manage All your bonuses. Here the player can find Out all the detailed information About bonuses, namely: the "Sports" Section is used to set Up betting limits on sports Games, as well as to Get the history of all transactions. Using the special "Help" tab, Players can contact the PokerStars Support service and ask any Question they are interested in. We've covered every section Of your PokerStars merchant profile In detail, as well as All its features.

Therefore, when setting up your Account, you should not have Any questions and suggestions.

Texas hold'Em-full-Screen online Game for Free on The site

The most common type of Poker game is Texas Hold'em

A free browser-based game That doesn't require pre-Registration will help you hone Your strategy

By clicking on the 'Play' Button, you will instantly be Directed to a convenient and Attractive nine-player poker table.

a free browser-based game That doesn't require pre-Registration will help.

To run the game, you Must have a Flash Player installed

By clicking on the 'Play' Button, you will instantly be Directed to a convenient and Attractive nine-player poker table. To run the game, you Must have a Flash Player Installed.

Patipoker review How to Download and Install the Official software

You can play both cash Games and tournaments in the room

PartyPoker is the largest online Poker platform that has been Operating since

For years of operation, the Management of the room has Closely followed the trends in The market, so players of All levels find their place On the site and earn A lot of money.

The room offers all the Popular types of games and Tournaments, which are collected at The tables of hundreds of players.

Soft Party Poker is the Best in the poker industry Thanks to the well-coordinated And professional work of programmers And designers. In today's article, we Will tell you about all The characteristics of the room, Highlight the advantages and disadvantages, And also tell you how To create a new account Correctly and get a profitable Increase to the bankroll. Experienced players choose Patypoker unsurpassed Reputation as the most reliable And profitable room to play For real money. The choice of players is Determined by the fair policy Of the room in relation To players of all levels. By creating an account, a Beginner can take advantage of Bonuses and increase their capital. Experienced players are happy to Participate in the loyalty program, Returning a lot of money To their balance. The playing field in the Room consists of numerous tables For all limits. Here you can find tables With micro-limits, where mostly Recreational players gather. High-limit tables are occupied By regular and professional players.

During peak hours, the number Of online players exceeds the, Mark, and on weekdays, their Number is halved.

The most popular Party Poker Games are still no-Limit Texas hold'em and mid-Limit Omaha.

In addition, hundreds of players Practice other types of poker: Fans of competitions they will Definitely find their place at The tournament table.

Competition limits start at $.

A smart filter makes it Easy to select your limit And find your preferred tournament.

Players can try their hand At daily MTT and CIS Tournaments with impressive prize money. Beginners can increase their bankroll With freerolls that take place Every day and do not Require any entry fees. At the site daily published The passwords for the freerolls In Party Poker. Satellites give you a chance To win invitations to larger And more expensive events. In addition, players can try Their hand at rebuy and Knockout tournaments. Party Poker is great for Those who intend to earn Serious money on the site. New users can take advantage Of generous bonuses and practice Poker anywhere, anytime, using their smartphone. Below we present the main Competitive advantages of the room: Only registered players can Play Party Poker for real money. Use our links, which is Guaranteed to protect your account From hacking scammers. Follow the step-by-step Instructions to quickly register an Account in the system. Come up with a memorable Username and a complex password Consisting of lowercase letters, symbols, And numbers.

in the window that opens, Enter your registration details: your Real first and last name, Date of birth, place of Residence, e-mail address, and Mobile phone number.

After registration, we recommend that You pass verification, which will Allow you to make cashouts From the site without any problems.

The security service requires you To send scans of documents Confirming your identity.

These include your passport, driver'S license, or ID card.

You can do this in The client room: Playing on PartyPoker, you are protected from Possible leaks of personal data.

The room does not store Scans of passports and other Documents and uses -bit data Encryption during uploading.

Players from Russia for more Than years can enjoy online Poker through the client room.

The game room allows you To play from your computer, As well as from a Smartphone or tablet running on Android or iOS.

Enter the promo code and captcha

The program for playing on Computers is characterized by a Stylish and easy-to-understand Design, a clear interface and A large number of settings For the needs of players Of all levels. You can download and install The Party Poker client on Your computer by following our Instructions: Modern players use the Patipoker mobile application to play poker. The choice of the majority Is clear, as the mobile Client is compact and convenient.

The mobile app allows you To make a Deposit, receive And use bonuses, participate in The loyalty program and withdraw winnings.

Downloading the client for iOS Is just as easy. To do this, go to The site of the room, Register and click "Download". Wait for the app to Download, open it, and log In using your username and password. To replenish the balance on Patypoker in an instant. The room cooperates with all Payment services and does not Charge any Commission for the transfer.

The minimum amount the Deposit Amount is $, and the maximum Amount depends on the chosen Deposit method.

Players from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan can use the following Payment systems to make deposits: Withdrawal of money to Party Poker is available only after Verification of the identity, which We wrote about above. Withdrawal of funds is possible Through the same services that Are used for depositing money.

The transaction speed depends on The chosen transfer method.

When withdrawing your winnings, take Into account some special features Of the room: the Main Bonus that awaits new players Of the room is a Bonus for the first Deposit Of up to $ in the Form of Spins tickets. These are tournaments where the Buy-in amount is multiplied By a random multiplier of Up to, before the game starts. Thus, you can win $ million By paying only $ to participate In the game. Those who actively play in The room can return the Rake on the most favorable terms. According to the new loyalty Program, the player does not Need to play for months To form their VIP status. Today, you can get a High rating in the VIP Program after just a few Days of active play.

The more you play, the More rake you generate.

For every dollar of rake, You get loyalty program point The amount of these points Depends on the percentage of return.

The minimum number of rake Points required for participation is.

This way you can start Getting rakeback. By generating more rake, you Increase your return percentage you Can earn up to rake Every week under the standard Loyalty program! In addition, large players who Earn more than $, per year Become members of the Diamond Club and Diamond Club Elite And receive additional privileges from partypoker. The review of PartyPoker turned Out to be useful and fascinating. We learned how to register And verify, where to find And how to install the Client for PCs and smartphones. We also found out that The first Deposit allows you To use a $ bonus in The form of tournament tickets.

Download the client to your Computer, register and start earning Real money.

Poker in. Top poker Players here!

I'm just looking at Poker forums that are empty Compared to

Of those people who remain, Only a few play plus I'm not talking about earningsI remember - years ago I Beat the MSS NL, made A sortie on nl, got A big stick on the Head, withdrew money and forgot About it like a bad dream. I have a classmate's Dad earns on poker, and Enough to buy an apartment And change good cars every Couple of years I have A classmate's dad earns On poker, and enough to Buy an apartment and change Good cars every couple of Years quot; Earn quot; playing Gambling is impossible, you either Get lucky and you will Come out in plus or Unlucky and you will lose Your hut legs if specifically Poker you can earn money, But you will have to Invest a lot of effort In training. and if, like Dodik, he Sits down at the table, Having read a couple of Articles before and memorized the Terms, then of course you Will fly into the negative. I, by the way, was In the black, but I Was ruined by the fact That I could not invest A normal Deposit, because I Was a beggar by myself, And at some point I Was enraged to play at Low rates, and I leaked Everything under a frequent attempt To quickly get into the plus. Even if you play with A winrate of BB which Is generally very good, for Example, on NL, then you Will have to play, hands To earn even$ per day. So, either become hard-hard, Which again requires a huge Amount of time, or go For an hour in the Evenings on a fan and Do not worry. I'm just looking at Poker forums that are empty Compared to. Of those people who remain, Only a few play plus I'm not talking about earnings. I remember - years ago I Beat the MCC NL, made A sortie on nl, got A big stick on the Head, I took out the Money and forgot about it Like a bad dream.

This is about hours in Zoom on - tables

I've been playing poker For months. But with a serious approach, Of course. I took a coach,studied A lot of material, watched The inputs. Now I switched to nl. So far, dollars per month. The winrate on nl was b. In principle, I can call Myself a top reg nl Actually, if you improve, then Yes, it is quite possible. In half a year - I Plan to reach at least Nl there is a weak Field in MTT on eights, I would start there. On starzah of course more Often held Quit a few Years ago, trite in the Real world less effort and Time to spend on big Profits but these -hour late Regi just vzbeshivayut. My advice is that if You don't immediately feel Like a second ivy, then Don't start. With such perseverance hours a Day, you can earn much More in real life much earlier. If you ask me how, I can't tell you Exactly.

Play poker With real People on Game Mini

It all depends on the Type of poker you are playing

Online poker involves the use Of a -card deck and In some cases jokers and So-called wild cards are Added to themOften the deck for the Game is stripped of small Cards, and threes and twos Of all suits are removed. Online poker differs from regular Poker in that you can Completely eliminate the possibility of Collusion or partnership, because participants Are anonymous and selected to Participate in the game automatically. To play poker online, a Deck consisting of suits is Used, each of which has cards.Play for real money Consider Different combinations: Rules of the Game in online poker allows You to distinguish several types Of combinations, which can be Divided by seniority. Below are some of the Poker combinations that may appear During the game.

They are presented in order Of seniority

"Royal flush" assumes the Presence of five high cards Belonging to the same suit Includes ten, Volta, Queen, king And ACE. The second-highest combo: "a Straight flush". Here you also need to Collect a consecutive combination of Cards of the same suit, But it is not necessary That it starts with an ACE, such a combination can Look like this: six, seven, Eight, nine, ten. In this case, the seniority Of the combination is determined By the highest card, if You have a flash starting With a volt, it beats The opponent's combination starting With a ten suit does Not matter. The combination of the third Rank, these are fours. In this case, you need To collect four cards of The same rank for example, Aces and one more card Than the value of the Additional card does not affect The overall rank of the combination. The th most important combinations Are "two pairs", that is, You need to collect two Cards of the same value And value and the second Pair, also of the same Value, the fifth card can Be any. The following combination: "a couple". In this case, you have Two cards of the same Value and three separate cards. The tenth combination is called The "high card". In other words, the combination Must contain an ACE and Separate cards that do not Fall under any of the Previously considered combinations. About the "wild cards" in Online poker. Such a card, which is Used in the online poker Game, is usually called a Card that either represents any Card or duplicates one of The cards in the player'S hands. There are several wild card Options available. In the deck you can Add one or more card "Joker". Along with the jokers in The game are often used two. Some variants of poker use A "Troika" as a wild card. even one-eyed people are Sometimes considered a Wild card Jacks or kings, with the Head "in profile". The special popularity that online Poker has gained is explained Quite simply, because it can Be played by anyone, anywhere In the world around the clock. Playing poker online is very Easy and accessible to anyone. The only condition for the Game: the presence of a network.

Also, you don't need To have a large initial Capital to master the game, You can easily find a Poker room where you can Play for free.

You can play poker online For free with other beginners, Honing your skills, strategy and skill.

Our website is dedicated to Games and everything related to them.

Every day we add dozens Of new products, so come Here more often. All files are checked by Kaspersky anti-virus before being Added to the site. If you have any questions, Please contact us via the Contact form.

Download Vulkan Casino-official App for

The process itself looks the Same on any platform

At Vulkan casino players on The Internet, the function of Downloading its version to your Phone or computer is becoming More and more popularThe programs are available absolutely Free of charge, so every Brand connoisseur can try them out.

In the downloaded version, you Can find a huge number Of Vulkan slot machines, all Types of roulette and many Other gambling entertainment that is Perfectly adapted to a particular device.

To start a game with The ability to withdraw money Right now, just download the Software and register log in To the selected gambling establishment. First of all, the Vulkan App is popular on phones - It is on mobile devices That the lion's share More than of downloads occur. On on this page you Can see all the latest Versions of gambling entertainment programs For the most popular Vulkan sites. To download a suitable option For free, just do the Following: to start using all The features of Vulcan casino, Users will have to go Through the registration process anyway. Only then will they have Access to the most popular Slots and other games with A withdrawal of funds. The user only needs to Do the following to get An account in the casino: After installing the Vulkan gaming Client and registering on a Smartphone or PC, the player Receives an offer to pass verification. A message is sent to Your mobile device with a Code that you will then Have to enter in the Casino app. After that, the user goes Through the identity verification procedure And can activate a cash Prize or a certain number Of free spins. Bonus hunters and beginners should Definitely download the app to Pick up one of the Bonuses and feel more confident In the game.

To do this, just confirm Your phone number

If you don't need To create an account for A demo game on the Site because you can play Without access to your personal Account, then this condition is Required in the Vulkan app. demo versions may not be Available on all casino apps, So you can visit the "Slot machines "section of our Website, which contains reviews and Free versions of slot machines Adapted to any device. Do not confuse this mode With no Deposit slot machines - You can't withdraw anything Here, so it was created Solely to get acquainted with The mechanics and features of Games, no more. In addition to the Vulkan Mobile app even if not From the Play Market or App Store, you can also Download a full-fledged client To your computer. The program does not differ Much in its functionality from The mobile version.

Nevertheless, this software for MacOS And Windows has a huge Difference in terms of the Graphic component.

Computers are much more powerful Than phones, so you can Make their software more demanding. If players are interested in The appearance of the casino And the quality of animation In games, then this client Is worth trying. After downloading any Volcano, you Can immediately see what exactly This casino offers to its customers. Here you can easily find Hundreds of different devices. Moreover, the casino cooperates with Such companies as Novomatic, Megajac, NetEnt, Igrosoft and many others.

The assortment includes already legendary Slot models, such as Fruit Cocktail, Crazy Monkey or Book Of Ra Deluxe.

Despite this, the administration does Not forget to keep up With the times and immediately After the release adds the Latest slot machines to the catalog. Here you can play for Real money in Game of Thrones, which has recently become Insanely popular, as well as On other new games:.

PokerStars Sochi-Bonuses -how To get

Let's take a closer Look at each variety

By and large, the bonuses At PokerStars Sochi are identical To those given out on The main siteThis room is a subsidiary Of the Stars Group and Has a single game pool With the main domain. The only difference is that It focuses on players from The CIS region and holds Some competitions. unique events for them. In addition, there are no Sections with sports betting and casinos. In this article, we will Talk about how to get Bonuses for Poker Stars Sochi In, what you need to Do and what gifts you Can expect for each player.

You can use the promo Code PSP in both the Global and Russian versions of The room.

Enter it during registration and Get access to private free Tournaments without passwords. This room is the largest Gambling platform in the world And, in order to meet The status of a market Leader, regularly organizes interesting promotions And offers generous bonuses to Both beginners and regular users. All bonuses at PokerStars Sochi Can be roughly divided into Two broad categories: the First Ones can be used a Limited number of times, usually once. The second ones are multiple And are limited only by The validity period of the promotion. Let's start with promo codes. Having a Poker bonus code Stars Sochi, in you can Get a variety of gifts. Here are the main ones: Please note that the codes Are entered directly at the Time of Deposit and can Only be used for the First Deposit.

If you have previously deposited Money to your account balance, You will not be able To use these offers.

But you can always claim Pleasant rewards as part of The loyalty program and special Promotions of the room. The platform offers all its Players to take part in A unique loyalty program called Stars Rewards.

Poker Stars Sochi bonuses are Not limited to promo codes

What it's all about: The room will give you Points for every dollar of rake. Obviously, the more you play, The higher the cash table Limits, and the more expensive The tournaments are, the faster The scale fills up and The sooner you get new chests. Please note that if you Are inactive for days, all Your points will be forfeited. Also, after registration, you will Be able to take part In all promotions of the Online poker room. In, PokerStars Sochi offers the Following bonuses: some Poker Stars Sochi bonuses are temporary and Are timed to coincide with Memorable dates, holidays, or special events. So, for sure, the room Will prepare a lot of Interesting things for the upcoming New year and Christmas holidays. To keep up to date With the latest promotions, check Out the news section on Our website more often, read The news on the PokerStars Website, and subscribe to the Official pages of The site In social networks and instant messengers. Yes, but many of the Bonuses require wagering. If the bonus is wagerable, Then in order to withdraw It, you will first need To earn a certain amount Of rake and loyalty points.

The only difference between one Room and another in this Regard is that PokerStars Sochi Hosts more promotions to qualify For live series in Sochi.

Cash bonuses are no different. If we talk about first Deposit bonuses, they are received Once – only for the First Deposit to your account. You can check the status Of non-wagered bonuses at PokerStars Sochi in the "Bonuses"section. This applies to both the Desktop client and the flash Version, as well as the Mobile app.

First Deposit Poker bonus, How to Get

The player can count from To conventional units at most

Absolutely all gambling enthusiasts know What a first Deposit bonus In poker isThis is a special offer Of establishments designed to attract And retain customers her. High competition contributes to the Fact that the rooms come Up with more and more New and profitable gifts for users. The incentive program is usually Not only limited to additional Money, but also includes the Right to participate in tournaments For free, access to freerolls, A VIP club, and so on. Each bonus provides certain rules For receiving and wagering. Each institution has its own System of issuing bonuses for The first Deposit to the account. However, we can distinguish the Main types of gifts that Are inherent in almost all rooms. A classic bonus, without which You can not imagine any institution. The bottom line is that For making the first Deposit, The user receives an increase Of percent.

Entrance to the competition is Paid buy-in

This is in most cases, There are a number of Rooms that are ready to Provide from to for the Initial Deposit of the account. It all depends on the Financial capabilities of the institution, The larger it is, the More attractive the bonus is. It is true that the New gambling room offers the Most favorable offer to attract users. All rooms host tournaments of Various levels: with limits ranging From cent to several tens Of dollars. Thanks to the bonus offer, You can enter the battle Of poker players completely free Of charge. Institutions usually give you several Tickets for competitions with quite Large prize money for the First Deposit. The number of tickets can Vary, usually from one to.

The biggest poker rooms offer The most interesting competitions with Huge prize money.

There is no need to Win back the money won In tournaments, this is the Whole advantage of the bonus. You can become the owner Of a large amount of Money without paying a buy-in.

This type of competition does Not require an entry fee, But the winnings are quite Real and can be quite An impressive amount.

To participate in freerolls, you Need tickets that can be Obtained for the first Deposit. The number of passes issued In one hand can range From one to infinity. Also, a number of institutions Practice a system where the User gets a lifetime right To participate in a certain Freeroll. The VIP program usually includes All clients, each is given Some status in the institution, Depending on the rake paid. The more active a player Is, the more points they Earn and move up the Hierarchy ladder. Points can then be exchanged For real money, in-store Items, and competition tickets. VIP players are given a Number of advantages over regular Users: increased rakeback, access to Private tables and tournaments, quick Withdrawal of funds, and many Other rewards. There are original gifts and Additional rewards, it all depends Only on the poker room. Before registering and making a Deposit, it makes sense to Study the incentive program and Possibly get great bonuses. In most cases, the user Needs to take several steps To receive a bonus for The initial replenishment of the Account: This the main actions Taken in the vast majority Of rooms. If you have any problems Or difficulties with getting the Bonus, please contact the support Service of the institution for help. Our specialists will advise you On any questions. Before receiving a bonus on The first Deposit, the user Should know about the basic Rules and some nuances of Such a gift. The first Deposit bonus can Be very profitable and an Excellent starting capital. The main thing is to Properly manage the received dividends.

How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker-rules And

The most famous and popular Type of poker is Texas Hold'em

You can't Earn real Money in online poker without Knowing the basics, strategies and rulesOr rather, it will work, But you will constantly go Into negative territory and will Be deeply disappointed in this Game for the whole world. In today's article, we Will explain how the process Of playing this type of Poker is built, as well As teach you how to Use this knowledge in practice. According to the rules, Texas Holdem tables usually have from To people sitting at them. Players, those sitting to the Dealer's left place the Small and big blinds. The dealer button moves to A new player on the Left with each hand. Thus, during the game, each Participant becomes a dealer.

As soon as the mandatory Bets are placed and all Participants have received face-down Cards, the game starts.

Preflop a round of trading In which the first three Cards are not already on The Board. On this street, every poker Player can make a move.

The first move is for The player sitting to the Left of the big blind.

This position is the least Profitable, because the poker player Makes the first move without Understanding the situation at the table. Hence the name of the Position "under the gun". In this round, everyone can Place a bet. The player in the" sub-Negative " position sets the price Of the bet that the Other participants who want to Continue playing will have to pay. If the poker player's Hand doesn't suit him, He can leave the game, i.e.

You can also make a Call or even the bet.

This way, you will pay Exactly as much as I Did the player after the Small blind. Each player before the flop Can raise the bet, or raise. After that, you become the Initiator of raising the price At the table. Finally, you can simply pass A move by clicking check. It is possible only when There were no bids. All bets are placed clockwise To avoid confusion. On the first street, the First move, as we said Above, is made by the Player sitting to the left Of the BB.

On the second round, the Player to the dealer's Left gets the right of The first move.

As soon as the bets Are placed, all the money Is collected in the center Of the Board, forming a Bank. At this stage, the dealer Puts three cards face up On the table. They do not belong to Anyone, but are designed to Help players make the necessary combination. For example, you are dealt A seven and an ACE, And there are five, a King and an ACE on The table. This way, you have a Pair of two aces that Can improve, for example, to A set. You need to understand that Your opponents may also have Strong hands, so you should Not bid at this stage Take rash steps.

With each hand, the dealer Is determined

On this street, the dealer Puts the fourth card face down. It also serves players to Create a strong combination. Similar to the previous streets, A round of bidding starts And the pot size increases.

As soon as the dealer Puts the last fifth card On the Board, players can Understand the full strength of Their hand.

There is also a bidding Process, followed by the climax Of the game-a showdown, In which several poker players Reveal their cards. Players show their cards, after Which the final winner is determined. The winner is the one Who has collected the strongest Combination at the table. This is followed by straight Flush of five cards of The same suit, the next In order. If two players have the Same combo, the one with The higher card wins. A square is a fairly Strong poker hand consisting of Cards of the same value. For example, a combo of Four Kings. A full house consists of A set and a pair. If two players have such A combo with the same Set, win it is determined By the seniority of pairs. Straight is a common combination In the game. It involves five cards that Increase in value. For example, JQKA without taking Into account the suit. A set is a combo Of three cards of the Same value, followed by two Pairs and a pair of Two cards of the same value.

By playing Texas hold'em Poker for real money, the Beginner gets a rich experience And indescribable emotions, so install The client to play online And start playing.

Asian Poker apps For IOS And Android.

Let's take a look At Asian poker apps for IOS and Android

Poker is one of the Most popular card games in The world.  It's no exaggeration To say that this game Has millions of fansThus, there is a huge Demand, especially for applications for Playing games from mobile devices. It has long been the Largest and most popular app In the Asian market. A fairly popular and well-Known poker platform, with many Recreational players from Asian countries. We provide players with access To private clubs where you Can play No limit hold'Em, pot limit Omaha, and OFC Chinese poker. Most recently, Pokerlords has moved To a new poker platform, Pokerkingdom.  All the main functionality Remains the same. Absolutely nothing has changed, in Addition, the app has become More stable. The main feature of this Poker room is the jackpot tables. Thirteen Poker is an app That is perfect for mid-Limit players. During peak hours, you can Find up to active tables here. In this poker room are The jackpot tables.

One of the best apps On the market

Superpoker is an app for Medium and high limit players. The main part of the Traffic is made up of Rich fans from Asian countries.

The main disadvantage of this App is the lack of English.

PokerKing is a new mobile App for playing against recreational Asians for real money. The main feature is the Absence of clubs, the game Is played for real money, All tables are displayed in The General lobby. The best time to play Pokerspades is during the afternoon Hours in Europe, when it Is already late in the Evening in Asia. It is during these hours That the greatest number of Games are played. You can find - weak players At almost any table.

Types of poker bets All about the game of poker

The value of the ante may be different

in poker, there are only four types of bets that differ from each other or their value or time of application: This is the initial, upfront bet set by all players before the cards are dealtAs a rule, the ante in draw poker is - of the value of the lowest bet. So, for example, in a game with a bet structure of - dollars, the ante is equal to dollar. or of the lowest bet value - if the bet structure is - or - dollars, then the ante is cents. Together or instead of an ante in different games use a different type of advance betting called blind. A blind bet is an advance bet made by one of the players before or immediately after the cards are dealt. A blind is an alternative to an ante, but unlike this, it is only made by the player who starts dealing cards in draw and flop poker, or by those who have the lowest open card in stud poker.

In all cases, the blind is a live or in-game bet, i.e, the first bet to open the game that other players must respond to.

The blind value is usually equal to half of the first bet.

For stud and flop poker, the ante is usually

So, in a game with a structure of - dollars, the blind is equal to dollar, if the bet structure is, then the blind is dollars.

Generally, all stud poker games are played with a blind.

Small and large blind-these two advance bets are placed by two players before or immediately after the cards are dealt. The first player to start dealing cards makes a small blind, and the player sitting on his left hand makes a big blind. As a rule, a large the blind is equal to the minimum bid, and the small one is equal to the big one.

If the small blind has a fractional part, then it is rounded down.

For example, in a game with a - structure, the small blind is $, and the big blind is $.If the game has a - structure, the small blind is rounded to $, and the big blind is. When setting these game bets, it is assumed that the first player opened the game-made the first bet of $, and the second raised this bet by $. thus, all those who want to answer the bet and continue the game need to bet at least $, and the first player to equalize the increase, put $.

Big and small blinds are usually used more often in flop poker than in stud and draw poker.

This is the very first bet in the game. The word itself translates as bet, so the concept of bet also defines all bets set by players.

Depending on the size and structure of bets - the order in which they are placed and raised - all poker games are divided into groups: How usually, casinos offer set-limit games.

In turn, there are two types of set limit games - games with a structural limit and spread limit. In structure games, all bets and raises in a specific bet range are equal to a specific amount of money. In such games, you deal with two amounts (etc.), where the smaller amount determines the amount of the bet and increases in the initial bet intervals, and the second - in subsequent bet intervals. For example, in draw poker with a - structure, you should bet $ in the first bet interval and raise by $, and after changing cards in the second bet interval, you should bet $. In spread limit, all bets and raises in a specific bet range can change within a certain limit.

In these games, you are dealing with two limits (etc.), where the first one defines the limits for bets and raises in the initial betting intervals, and the second - in all subsequent ones.

For example, in draw poker with a limited limit of in the first interval you can bet any amount from $ to $, and in the second bet, you can bet from $ to $.

Download Poker: Texas Holdem and Omaha on a PC with MEmu

MEmu offers you everything you expect

Large screen with best graphics Long duration, no battery or mobile data limitMultiple game accounts or tasks on the same computer simultaneously with the multi-instance Manager. For all your passion for playing xxx, your hands shouldn't be restricted to the tiny screen of your phone. Play like a Pro and take full control of the game with your keyboard and mouse. Play as much as you want, no restrictions on battery, mobile data and calls. The brand-new MEmu is the best choice for playing xxx on PC. Thanks to the sophisticated keyboard preset system, xxx turns into a real PC game. The multi-instance Manager makes it possible to play with two or more user accounts. records on the same device.

Download and play xxx on your PC

And most importantly, our exclusive emulation engine can unleash the full potential of your PC, making everything run smoothly. We care not only about how you play, but also about the whole process of enjoying the game's happiness. Download Poker Jet: Texas Holdem and Omaha on your PC using the MEmu Android emulator. Enjoy on the big screen.

Welcome to Poker Jet - a world full of excitement and adrenaline! Welcome to Poker Jet - a world full of excitement and adrenaline! Wherever you are: at home or at work, on the road or on vacation-play hold'em or Omaha with thousands of users from all over the world! MEmu App Player is the best free Android emulator and million people are already enjoying the ultimate Android gaming experience.

MEmu virtualization technology allows you to run thousands of Android games on your PC without brakes, even the most graphically rich ones.

Working strategies for playing Chinese poker Pineapple

Chinese open poker is a very interesting and specific game

OKP appeared quite recently, tournaments on this game began to be held in the early sThe main goal of the game, as in other types of poker, is to collect the strongest combination of cards, in OKP there is also a dealer's chip, which moves clockwise after each hand. But this is probably where all the similarities with the usual poker game end. Collect in one round of Chinese poker will have not one, but as many as three. For this purpose, each player has three boxes on the table, one above the other. The first one is for three cards, the second and third for five.

Its rules differ significantly from hold'em and Omaha

But you will have to follow the order of card combinations: in the topmost box there should be the lowest combination, in the second - the average strength, and in the third - the strongest. If a player violates this order (for example, if the second combination is stronger than the last one), then the hand is declared dead and the player loses the hand. The game uses all the classic poker card combinations: high card, pair, two pairs, set, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, Royal flush. It is only possible to put three cards in the first box, so it is natural that the highest combination that is possible in it is a set of aces.

During its short history, the OKP has already managed to divide itself into several varieties: to OFC classic, Pineapple and turbo.

The main differences in these varieties are the way cards are dealt and points are counted for combinations. This article will cover the strategy Of playing Chinese poker "Pineapple".

The strategy of the game cannot be explained without touching on its rules.

Therefore, in this section, we will look at the progress of the game in the round, the method of scoring points,as well as other features of Pineapple poker. One game session is usually divided by the number of hands, which is equal to the number of players at the table. Usually at the table no more than three people play. Each round in the game is divided into four hands. In the first game, players receive five cards, which are immediately laid out in boxes. In all the others, there are three, from which they choose two and put them open on the table, and the third one is dropped off. The player gets points both for comparing the collected combinations and for the combinations themselves. Game points are called kushi. In this case, the combinations in each box are compared separately. For each winning combination, the player gets jackpot, and for the losing combination, on the contrary.

If the player has all the combinations in the boxes at once, then he gets Kush, and the second player will have.

As for scoring points for the collected combination, the rules differ for each box.

In the three-card box, kushi is not awarded for all combinations of cards.

So, the lowest combination is a pair of sixes. It gives you jackpot. The price of each subsequent combination increases by one jackpot: a pair of sevens - Kush, a pair of eights- Kush, etc. For the maximum combination the first box, a set of aces, is awarded points. In the second box, points are awarded starting from the set, for which you can get Kush. Any street is Kush, flash, full house Kare straight flush, Royal flush -. Scoring in the last box starts with a straight - Kush. For a flush, you can get - Kush, for a full house, a square, a straight flush- and a Royal flush. In the event that one of the players managed to collect a pair of Queens or something higher in the three-card box, then in the next round he will have to collect the so-called "fantasy". The rules change for this player. In the first hand, he receives fourteen cards at once, thirteen of which the player immediately puts in boxes, and the fourteenth is thrown out at the end. The player who lays out a fantasy is given the right to make the first move, regardless of his position at the table. If there is more than one such player in a round, they do it together. The round then proceeds in the usual order. When a fantasy round is played, the chip is the button doesn't move and the order of moves doesn't shift. Each fantasy increases the duration of the game session by one round. You can repeat the fantasy only once in one game, and to do this, you need to collect a set in the three-card box, a full house in the second or a square in the lower box. But what should be the strategy of playing Chinese pineapple poker in Chinese Pineapple poker, game styles with similar names are common. So, the tight style is characterized by the fact that players try to lay out their cards according to the rules. This strategy is usually used by beginners and in the long run it is ineffective, especially when playing with experienced OKP players. Such players concentrate on maintaining the order of combinations, while neglecting high combinations of cards. In most cases, they work on collecting pairs, two pairs, or sets. But all this has its advantages. For example, when someone collects a dead hand, the others get for nothing. In such a situation, the extent to which it doesn't matter if the opponent's combinations are strong. Loose and aggressive style in this type of poker is mixed into one concept. This is the exact opposite of a tight style. The motto of aggressive players can be expressed in the phrase "ban or disappear". On the contrary, they tend to collect the best combinations. Of course, this does not happen as often as we would like.

In most cases, this is a losing strategy For playing Chinese Pineapple poker, but one successful round can compensate for losses.

The strategy of playing Pineapple poker varies depending on the number of players at the table. As you know, there should be a Golden mean in everything, so when playing OKP "Pineapple" you need to find a balance between tight and aggressive strategy. If there is only one opponent in the game against you, then you can afford to play more aggressively. In this situation, when collecting a dead hand, the penalties are not so terrible. If there are several opponents, then on the contrary, it is better to shift towards the tight style and pay more attention attention to the sequence of combinations. In this case, the probability that one of the opponents will collect the highest combination is higher. Therefore, you should pay attention to things that directly depend on you. Since players play their combinations in the open, the math in this game has a higher value. But the numbers about the probability of collecting any combination are significantly different from hold'em or Omaha. So, having a flush draw in any box, you can improve it with a probability of. In Pineapple, the more useful skill is not reading the opponent, but memorizing the cards. Cards are placed on the table open, so when counting outs, you need to take them into account.

Position in the game is also very important.

The player on the button knows all the moves of their opponents, so they are more informed and can better think through their actions during their turn. When you get the first five cards, you need to distribute them across several sectors. It's not often that you can get a straight or flush right away. Then as follows laying out the cards depends only on the specific situation and tactics that you have chosen. However, there are recommendations that will allow you to feel more confident at the table: the strategy of Chinese Pineapple poker is very different from the strategy of hold'em or Omaha. Players can see each other's cards, so most decisions will be based on calculations, not on reading the opponent.

You can find detailed reviews of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and the latest news-all this can be found on the pages of our resource.

PokerStars support: We will

When playing online poker, problems Often arise: the software may Crash, the Internet connection may Disappear, there will be difficulties With registering for the tournament, And so onTo help you cope with These difficult situations, the PokerStars Technical support service is organized. Hundreds of people around the World work with PokerStars technical Support team to help Our Clients in difficult and conflicting situations. If you are interested in The pokerstars support team, please Always contact its employees. Each client of the room Can get an answer in English or in their own Language, if they ask their Question in one of the Following ways: the available methods. Please note that you will Not be able to communicate By voice over the phone. Most likely, this is done Because there should always be Physical evidence logs of the Conversation, so that then the Client can not say that He was given incorrect advice During the conversation.

The most popular way to Communicate with support is the “help” button in the Starz interface.

In the window that opens, You will need to select The type of request, click On the "Chat" button, and In the process of communicating With a technical support employee, You can find out in Detail the questions you are Interested in.

In the window that opens, You can also click on The special "email" button and, By analogy, specify the type Of question, ask the question You are interested in, and The email will be sent To the PokerStars support email.

And the last method is To send an email directly From your email account to The poker room's technical Support service, passing the entrance To the poker room's Own client. Usually, responses are received within One or two hours working days.

If the question is simple Enough, the response from technical Support will come much faster.

I can'T log In to GATS poker And - Poker In General - Poker

To expand the functionality, enable Javascript

You have JavaScript disabled, so Some forum features won't workCreate an optimal pre-flop Model for cash games, learn How to use poker software, Work out the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more. Friends, I registered with the Same nicknames and passwords on Ggpokerok, poker king, GATS poker and. But it turns out to Log in to the game Client only in the first Two rooms.Watch my video where I Clearly show what I get And please share your experience.Have you ever had such Situations and what should you Do in them?Is there a possibility that I can't log in To the client because I Live in Crimea?Link to the video: Take A look at the hands You have played from a New angle, with the help Of analysis from Alexander Alexz-Coach and player NL-NL! No poker training or strategies.

Only fan, ludomania and Odessa Humor!: The way only Yegor can.

Valuable prizes will be awarded To viewers of the broadcast. Vitaly Inferno analyzed the users Hands and explained the optimal Draw lines using their example, As well as answered questions From participants.

Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in

At the lesson on September at. Moscow time, the trainer analyzed Hands and spots with NL And below and explained the Most profitable lines of the draw. Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal preflop model For cash games and learn How to use it you Will learn the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more. Good afternoon! What can't go into The GATS and will say, I probably won't Need A VPN program that changes The virtual location of an account. The issue is not the Crimea, but Russia as a Whole, although there seems to Be a ban for Ukraine As well.

Ggpokerok and Pokerking are focused On Russia, there will be No such problems.

But with it's a Little strange, usually there are No problems either, you need To understand Your VIDEO I Watched, you use VPN If I find a similar case, I'll write.Have you tried logging in To without a VPN? Take a fresh look at The hands you've played With the help of analysis From Alexander Alexz-NL-NL Coach and player! No poker training or strategies. Only fan, ludomania and Odessa Humor!: The way only Yegor can. Valuable prizes will be awarded To viewers of the broadcast.

Vitaly Inferno analyzed the users Hands and explained the optimal Draw lines using their example, He also answered the participants questions.

At the lesson on September at. Moscow time, the trainer analyzed Hands and spots with NL And below and explained the Most profitable lines of the draw. Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal pre-flop Model for cash games, learn How to use poker software, Work out the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more. Read here about GATS, the Same problem. I think we need to Experiment in the settings of The VPN country and generally Enable IT for clients. And so write to the Support support of the rooms, Live chat is usually not Enough, which gives. Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal pre-flop Model for cash games, learn How to use poker software, Work out the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more.

Take a fresh look at The hands you've played With the help of analysis From Alexander Alexz-NL-NL Coach and player! No poker training or strategies.

Only fan, ludomania and Odessa Humor!: The way only Yegor can. Valuable prizes will be awarded To viewers of the broadcast.

Vitaly Inferno analyzed the users Hands and explained the optimal Draw lines using their example, As well as answered questions From participants.

At the lesson on September at. Moscow time, the trainer analyzed Hands and spots with NL And below and explained the Most profitable lines of the draw.

Learn how to work with Spectra, eliminate mistakes in your Game, create positive preflop charts, Use elastic betsizing, and much more.

Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal preflop model For cash games, learn how To use poker software for Cash, work out the most Important concepts of the game After the flop, master the Algorithm for making the right Decisions during the game, and Much more. as a rule, the GATS Does not allow users to Use VPNS especially if you Select a country where poker Is prohibited, such as the United States.

AVAILABLE-intensive Poker course Most important

The material has never been Published before.

Today on the Internet you Can find a huge amount Of training material on how To beat low limitsAnd often, because of such A large flow of information, It is extremely difficult for Players to choose the main Thing and structure the knowledge Gained In this video course, I have sorted out all The most important topics necessary To overcome low limits up To NL, and I tried To present all this in A form that is clear To the players, so that There are no questions about What and when to do At the tables to achieve Positive results. I present to your attention A short excerpt from the Second lesson, which covers of The most important topics of The entire course.

How to learn how to Calculate the equity of your Hand and why it is So important.

In the second, main part Of the lesson, we will Already talk about the category Of hands - this is the Concept that I use so Often in my video lessons For making decisions after the flop.

Also in the second part Of the lesson, you will Learn how to calculate equity Correctly in practice.

This -lesson video course from PekarStas is a Mecca for Low-limit players.

It contains all the fundamental Knowledge, without which there can Be no question of success At limits up to NL.

How to play Chinese poker? Rules and strategy of the game

Points are at stake instead of traditional chips

If you look at it objectively, Chinese poker is an ordinary card game, but the common feature with regular poker is the use of combinations, such as in traditional Texas hold'em, namely lies in a limited number of playersThe rules of Chinese poker allow for the probability of holding a game with a number of people. Players are armed with a sheet of paper where the calculation is conducted in detail. At the very beginning, cards are dealt, then another one. Participants distribute them in the corresponding rows in the boxes. Their total number. In the end the players have to form sets: Back, Middle and Front Hands. Each of them has cards, except for the last one, there is a combination of. It is important to approach the game thoroughly and thoughtfully. Chinese poker, whose strategy is based on continuous reflection and analysis will help you win and score the desired number of points. Just like everywhere else, it's time to take stock, and Chinese poker is no exception. This happens when there are no cards left in the General deck, they are all distributed to the players, and everyone has collected their own, as they assume, winning set. Then the comparison of combinations between participants begins. it is Especially important to focus on the fact that the strength of combinations should follow on the increase.

Already in the final, points are converted into cash

Violation of this rule results in a loss. The points of the eliminated player go to those who remain in the game. And the eliminated participant, as they say, is stingy. We should focus on this concept.

A specially developed scoring system is used to compare sets of participants along lines.

Today, the domestic and foreign versions are known. A serious approach will soon give a positive result. A game that may seem unfathomable from the start isn't really that difficult. Good luck and sports are far from the last place here, and yet it is rash to think that for such an interesting activity as Chinese poker. With this approach, it is unlikely to achieve good results. As in any poker game, you should think carefully about how the cards are distributed among the players.

You can't turn off your vigilance.

A quick-witted opponent can easily notice such a frivolous attitude, take advantage of the situation and easily win. The main point lies in the formation of the most powerful (winning) set of cards. It is noteworthy that the game is open. The opponent sees the cards that the opponent has and can track how each player's compartments are formed. Hi! Do you want to climb the limits, but don't know how? We have prepared for you main tips that can help you with this! Leave your mailbox and soon you will find them there! The tips were sent to your email address. Study them carefully so that you can move to a higher level as soon as possible. limit! If you don't find any messages in your mailbox, please check the "Spam" folder and move them to "Important".

Pokergame-programs For collecting Statistics

Hold'em Manager includes many Useful features

Hold'em Manager is the Most powerful tool for analyzing Statistics and building HUD heads-Up display for poker playersHold'em Manager or Omaha Manager import your real-time Hand history during the game On all Texas hold'em Or Omaha tables, cash and Tournaments and store them in A database. This allows you to monitor Your progress and bankroll, look For errors in the game, And analyze your hand history After the session. after HM imports the hand History, you will have access To hundreds of statistics related To both your own style Of play and that of Your opponents. You can analyze the hands Played with them. Heads-up Display or HUD - Is one of the most Recognizable and useful features of Hold'em Manager. Using imported hands, HM will Display table statistics on your Opponents based on selected indicators In real time, allowing you To determine trends in their game. Filters help you work with The database and determine the Appropriate ranges of hands played, For example: only hands where You were raised on the Turn or hands where you Played -bet preflop. This allows you to create Thematic reports on the game And analyze your mistakes in Almost any situation. The hand Replayer replays all Hands from the base in Graphical form, from blind posting To the river.

During playback, you can also Use statistics and notes, which Allows you to carefully analyze The session and easily overcome Difficult moments.

Applications for Hold'em Manager And Omaha Manager Table Ninja Is designed to improve multi-Tabling, set automated bets, configure Hotkeys, etc. Table Scanner works with HM And scans the lobby of Poker clients, which allows you To immediately find players of Certain types. NoteCaddy automatically captures trends in Your opponents play with more Than customizable note recording templates. Leak Buster makes it easier Learning and analyzing your own Game with your own database: The program will help you Find mistakes that cost you money. SitNGo Wizard is an essential Tool for SnG players, easily Calculating the benefits of playing Against certain ranges of opponents. Tilt Breaker is designed for Players who are experiencing psychological Problems: through this program, you Can set a number of Useful restrictions for yourself. Holdem Manager is the most Popular poker program among players. Using this program helps players Significantly increase their level of Play and gain a noticeable Advantage over their opponents. This is a very well-Equipped, stable, full-fledged program That is constantly updated and Supplemented with new features. The program imports hand history Text files from most poker Rooms and stores them in A PostgreSQL database.

Using this database, the program Can analyze any situation or Scenario, thanks to its numerous Functions and tools.

The Holdem Manager HM program Does not play poker for You, it only provides fertile Ground for reflection: there are Often hands where decisions about Discarding cards or continuing the Game are borderline. This is where the statistics Collection program will be invaluable. If you've played with This person before, you can View the range of hands They play with and find Out how strong their cards are. the Main part of the Program is the Heads-Up Display HUD, which allows you To display statistics directly on The tables. You can set up your HUD to display whatever information You need from the hundreds Of available stats, so you Can see right through your opponents. In order not to overload Yourself with unnecessary information, you Can set up the Pop-Up HUD, which will display All the information on the Player when you hover the Mouse cursor over him, and In the HUD itself you Can register only the most Basic stats, such as VPIP, Percentage of raises, percentage of -Bets, number of hands, etc. and thereby save a lot Of space on the screen. To analyze results and statistics, Holdem Manager has an analytical Menu, which is divided into Cash games and Tournaments. The Cash games tab, in Turn, is divided into six Subgroups: Reports, Preflop Cards, Hands, Sessions, Graphs, and vs Players. Each of these subgroups shows Different information based on the database. The larger the database, the More accurate the information. Reports-this tab allows you To run a variety of reports. You can set up filters Based on a specific date Or any other possible scenario. For example, you can set Up a filter so that You can see a report Of the result of your -Bet pot game, where you Got a set from the Flop on a particular week Last year. You can easily get this Information just like any other.

Statistics are the main advantage Of Hold'em Manager

Preflop cards – in this Tab, you can view your Opponents pocket cards and filter Them by various parameters. For example, you can see Which cards your opponent is Playing -bet to the flop. Hands-this tab allows you To analyze any hand you Have played, filter the hands You have played by certain Parameters, and view the replay Of any hand through the Replayer. Sessions-this tab allows you To review your game by session. You can set a certain Period of time last week, Day, hour, etc. - the "All-in EV" Chart shows how correctly a Player goes all-in. It can be used to Determine whether you really have A downstreak or just don'T know how to play. If your All-in EV Chart is very different from The real win chart, then You have a downstreak or Upstreak, depending on which way These numbers deviate. the "Rakeback" chart shows the Amount of rakeback or winnings, Taking into account rakeback, depending On the settings. Vs Players-this tab allows You to see the statistics Of your game against a Specific opponent.

All tournament information is stored In the tournament menu.

This tab is divided into Four subgroups: Results, Player, Preflop Cards, Hands. With the Preflop Cards and Hands tabs, everything is clear, The same statistics are displayed Here as in the cash Game menu, with the only Difference that they are responsible Exclusively for tournaments, and the Unit of measurement is chips Instead of dollars. Results-there are many different Filters in this tab, players Can see player statistics by ROI, ITM, $ per hour, amount Of winnings, average buy-in, etc. There are a lot of Different filters and stats, so This is a great find For tournament players.

Players-in this tab, you Can view a list of All the players you've Ever played with and sort Them by various parameters, such As selecting all players with VPIP.

Holdem manager also has add-Ons such as Omaha Manager For collecting and analyzing information In Omaha, Table Scanner for Finding the sweetest tables, and Leak Buster for analyzing and Finding weaknesses in your game. There is a Holdem Manager For small limits for $, which Can later be upgraded to Holdem Manager Professional, which initially Costs $. However, you can use it For free. The developer provides a trial Version that can be used Within days. You can download the trial Version of Holdem Manager for Free on the website the Developer promises that if you Buy hold'em Manager once, You will not have to Pay for it when the Next version is released. All updates will be provided To you for free.

Poker combinations For beginners. VKontakte

Cards are compared sequentially from The highest card

In this article, you will Find a description of all Poker combinations ranked by seniority, As well as pictures and Visual examples for Texas hold'emThe most popular type Let'S take a look at All the poker combinations that We have arranged from the Weakest to the strongest. Also below we have detailed Examples that will help you Understand typical situations and questions That arise when comparing poker combinations.

The lowest poker hand that Is automatically obtained if none Of the players put together A better hand.

In this case, the hand That has cards of higher Value wins, which gives it This name.

In the example, the pair Is two Aces

If both players have their Highest cards of equal value, Then the next highest cards Are compared, and so on further.

For example, cards without a Combination, but with the highest ACE card, will be stronger Than a combination with the Highest King card as in The example above, but they Will both lose to the Next strongest poker combination – A pair, even if it Is only a pair of twos. Two cards of the same value. If both players have collected A Pair, then they are Compared by seniority. If the opponents have the Same Pair, the winner is Determined by the highest additional Card kicker. If they are equal, then Compare the second and third Additional cards. In the example, these are Two Aces and two Kings. If both players have collected A combination of Two pairs, Then they are compared, and The one whose highest pair Is higher wins. If the players have the Same two pairs, then the One whose fifth card kicker Is higher wins. In our example, these are Three Kings and two extra Cards, which are considered the Kicker and count if both Players have the same Set Or Trips. Usually when a player having A pocket pair, if he Gets another card of the Same value on the post-Flop, this is called a Set, and when he has Only one of the three Cards in his hand, this Hand is called a trip.

Technically, this is the same Poker combination, but the set Is a more secure and Disguised hand, which will be Less likely to fall under Dominance and will be more Difficult for the opponent to Solve it.

The suits of the cards Are different. If both players have collected A straight, then the one With the highest card wins. In this case, the ACE Can be considered as the Highest card in the combination, And the lowest. The sequence can be any. If both players have collected A flush, the player with The highest card in the Combination wins.

If the highest flush card Is shared, then the next Highest Card is compared.

If both players have collected A Full house, then the One with the highest three wins. If three cards are equal, A pair is compared, and The one with the higher Card wins. If two players have collected A Straight flush, then the Combination in which they play wins. the last card is older. A straight flush can either Start with an ACE or End with It, but in The latter case it will Be considered a Royal flush, That is, the strongest hand In poker. In fact, it is a Suited senior straight.

This is the rarest and Most powerful hand in poker, Because in fact there are Only possible Royal flushes and There will never be two Royal flushes in a single Hand, so the player who Collected this combination will be The guaranteed winner of the hand.

There is only one possible Exception – this is when The Royal flush is completely Formed from community cards on The post-flop, and in This case all the participants In the hand will simply Divide the pot among themselves.

To download The Fool On the Strip the Latest version On PC Torrent

Is a digital version of The famous card game, but It adds another interesting feature To the usual rulesAs you can see, the Incentive to win is the Opportunity to undress charming girls. Despite them beauty - make no Mistake! Girls will not give up Without a fight and it Is not so easy to Win against them. Be patient, develop a strategy And you will succeed! Pretty girls play by the Rules and honestly, so you Don't have to worry That the game will somehow Try to fool you. There are several game modes Available: Single match or championship, Where you can compete with Five girls at the same time. There are several types of "Fool": transferable and Throwable. Strip Durak allows you to Customize the game after a Tournament or match: set the Speed, choose a beauty, or Sort the cards.

As a bonus, there is An archive of competitors, which Can always be viewed in A separate menu.

Otherwise, the fool to strip Is a familiar card game With the same rules and features.

The visual style of the Game pleases the eye, all The girls are drawn in Detail and will please the eye.

Women are presented for every Taste: brunettes, blondes, redheads, etc. choose any one!.

Five card Poker rules And combinations

A standard -card deck is Used for the draw

For a modern person who Is just familiar with the Rules of online poker or Is a top high-limit Regular, it is difficult to Imagine playing poker without the Usual flop, turn and riverThis means that players do Not have community cards on The table, and all combinations Are made exclusively from those Cards that are in their hand.

But this is exactly what Was once one of the Most popular types of this Card game – five-card Poker or as it is Also called draw poker.

But not all concepts of The game have changed through More than a century and A half of poker's History, because the first mention Of this game in the Casino dates back to.

that still came to modern Views of the game, include All poker hands, the strongest Of which as in hold'Em was a Royal Flush Suited straight from T to A, remained unchanged rule for Determining the winner, and the Ability to bluff, use their Table image.

In this version of the Game, when there are no Common open cards, it is The psychological component of the Game that becomes much more important. Much more attention should be Paid to studying the opponents Game, observing their lines of Play, how they play their Strong and weak combinations. On this site you will Find not only The rules Of the game of five-Card poker, but all the rest.

Your opponents should not see them

The first step is to Determine the player who deals The cards.

Two participants in the blinds Are determined in relation to Their position, and they sit Immediately to the left of The dealer.

Prior to the start of The game, players in the Blinds Deposit bets of a Fixed amount into the General Pot, which are: they make Up the initial prize pool Of the game, for which All participants of the distribution Will start their fight.

The player who deals cards Is called the dealer, and The position on which he Is located is called the button.

Before the game starts, each Player is dealt one card To determine who will be The dealer on the first Card of the game. The one with the highest Value card will be the First to enter the button position. And then this position will Be shifted one in turn To the left side, that Is, clockwise. If a player does not Even have a pair, then The strength of his combination Is determined by the kicker, That is, the strength of The highest card in the hand. After the participants have decided Who will deal the cards And who will put the Blinds, all players receive cards each. When the participants have studied Their cards, the first round Of trading starts, and the First word belongs to the Player sitting directly behind the blinds. In turn, they can fold Their cards, even out the Blinds, or make a bet On the other hand. Next, the move goes to The next participant, who can Also perform all the listed Actions, as well as re-Raise the bet of the Previous player, if he did so. And so on, until everyone At the table takes part In the hand. At the end of the Action, players can exchange up To five cards that they Don't like. All changed cards are set Aside and will not be Accepted in the next draw. The player has the right To refuse the exchange and Leave the combination he likes unchanged. The first exchange is followed By the second round of Bets between the remaining opponents In the draw and is The final one. If a player does not Want to place a bet, He has the right to Skip his turn. If there is only one Participant left in the game And no one has equalized The bet, then the pot Immediately goes to him. When there are two or More remaining players, the pot Will be awarded to the One who shows the strongest Combination of cards.

If the combinations are equal In strength, the pot is Divided equally.

Rules for Dealing cards In poker And how To deal

He gets his rake for This, and he has to Deal you cards

If you've never played Poker offline before, it's Unlikely that you've ever Thought about how to deal Cards correctly and who to Start withAfter all, in online poker, This the function is assigned To the poker room, and Players do not need to Think about how to deal Cards correctly and what are The rules of dealing in poker. Who should I start the Distribution with? What should I do if A card accidentally turns over During the distribution process? And how do I even Start distributing cards? In this article, we will Try to answer these questions, And also try to find Out what is the correct Order of the hand stages In poker. However, if you still have Questions after reading this article, You can always ask them Using the comments form below. We always answer all your Questions, and the average operator Response time is now hours. If you play in a Casino or poker club, then The distribution of cards is The prerogative of the casino dealer. However, if you decide to Play poker at home, you And your friends will have To deal the cards. However, in order to start Playing poker at home, you Will need to purchase a Poker set, which consists of A certain number of chips And cards, as well as A dealer button. And it is the one Who will be in the Dealer's position, and will Have to distribute cards to All players. However, before starting to deal Cards, the player must shuffle Them correctly. Shuffling cards in poker is Generally quite difficult, but, at The same time, very beautiful. When the cards are shuffled By a professional, it looks Very impressive and fascinating, but There are many easy ways To shuffle the cards quickly And efficiently. Remember that when you play With your friends, your main Goal is to shuffle the Cards, not put on a Show in front of your friends. It is important that all Cards in the deck are Randomly distributed so that in The upcoming hand, all players Receive cards regardless of what Cards they had before. The easiest way to shuffle The cards in a deck Is to simply lay them Face down on the table And use both hands to Mix them several times, as If you were stirring dough. Remember, that the dealer, when Shuffling cards, must do so With clear, calm movements in Front of all players, so That they do not have A shadow of doubt about His honesty. In addition, it is hardly Worth spoiling relationships with friends For the sake of one Or two won hands in Poker After you have shuffled All the cards in the Deck and put the whole Deck back together, you need To start distributing cards to players. The order in which cards Are dealt depends on the Type of poker you are Going to play. For example, in Omaha, each Player is dealt four cards, In hold'em, each player Is dealt two cards, and In draw poker, each player Is dealt five cards. But usually the hand starts With the player sitting to The left of the dealer, And is played in a Circle all the way to The dealer. At the same time, you Must lay out the cards In such a way that No one can see their Face value or even suit. If the card is accidentally Turned over during the hand, You must continue to deal Cards, and after the hand Ends, replace the card that Has turned over.

Note, that if a card Is turned over due to A player's fault, then It cannot be replaced, and The player skips this hand.

Poker room Networks

This type of Union of Poker rooms is called a Poker network

One of the main indicators That most poker players pay Attention to when searching for A suitable room is the Number of games played in itEveryone tries to choose a Room in such a way As to get the maximum Amount of action suitable for The limit and the level Of opponents. At the same time, many People prefer to avoid rooms Where the game is played Irregularly and on a small Number of tables. But if you look closely At the current state of Online poker, it becomes clear That there is a sufficient Customer base to maintain continuous Action in different disciplines, at Least at low and medium Limits, there are literally only A few gambling companies. Most of the smaller rooms Combine their own game pools To achieve this goal, allowing Users to compete not only With each other, but also With players registered in other rooms. In fact, customers of each Of the poker rooms included In the poker network see The same General set of Available tournaments, cash tables and Sit Go. Although, strictly speaking, in rare Situations, some networks can combine, For example, only tournament or Only cash pools. A poker network is not Just a format of a Union of poker rooms, but A hotel organization that provides The software component of their Work and is responsible for Distributing the profit received among Its members. It usually either acts as A developer of a client Application platform, or purchases this Platform from specialized companies, and Then passes it to the Attached rooms. Thus, in most cases, poker Rooms of the same network Use the same software, replacing Only the external design colors, Logos, etc.

it Turns out that the Rooms included in the same Poker network look very similar To each other for their Customers: a Poker network formed As a result of the Merger of two giants of The online gambling industry: the Famous Austrian bookmaker Bwin and The once largest poker room In the world Party Poker.

A poker network focused on Players from the United States, Launched in and showing record Growth rates. I copied the PokerStars business Model of: it accepts Americans, The software is fast and Supports poker trackers, the rake Is low, and the rakeback Is high. In addition, rake races are Constantly held, providing additional benefits For poker professionals.

An old and very well-Known network of poker rooms With many years of experience From Playtech, a well-known Software developer for online gambling.

Attracts players with the stability And speed of payments

It includes, among others, the Poker divisions of several giants Of the gambling industry.

American-hosted poker network, created In on the basis of The struggling Action Gaming network. Despite the fact that the Rake is slightly higher than Average, the traffic in local Cash games is high. A relatively young Asian poker Network, which made a big Name for itself in, when It started attracting customers from Other parts of the world And showed more game traffic Than many well-deserved industry giants. BetConstruct is a young network Of poker rooms formed on The technical platform of the Software developer of the same name.

It consists of brands primarily Focused on sports betting in The CIS and Europe.

It was started by the VBET room, which is a Pronounced leader of this network. If You've already hit The bonus on the first Deposit one of the poker Rooms included in if you Want to use the poker Network, then you have the Opportunity to get it again. Just start playing in another Room of this network. This is not considered a Violation of the rules multiaccounting, As each poker room has Its own customer base. By registering in different rooms Of the network, You get The opportunity to recapture bonuses For the first Deposit several Times, while participating in the Same games.

Poker support Service-contacts

You may also be asked To answer a security question

Every decent poker room should Have a dedicated player support serviceSupport provides answers to any Questions related to their room. The speed and responsiveness of This service directly affect the Reputation of the room, so The best poker sites strive To make it at a High level. Eights is the second largest Online room in the world. They provide consultations. poker support Service is available: By phone, in an online Chat, by email. There is also an online Help with answers to the Most popular questions.

The service employs highly qualified Specialists who will help you Quickly solve the problem.

A minute of conversation will Cost a few cents

Operators usually ask for your Username and personal data first And last name.

It is necessary to prepare In advance and write down All the data in a Notebook, so as not to Be in an awkward position. Please note that the service Is located in another country, So the corresponding fee will Be charged for the call.

To save money, request a callback. It will be inexpensive to Make a Skype call. You can add funds to Skype via a payment system Or an electronic card. The minimum amount is$. A phone call to support Poker allows you to immediately Get comprehensive answers and solve The problem. It is very convenient to Write a message and get An instant response from the operator. Just go to Yandex.

checkout and you will see A link to the chat On the right.

It is available directly from The client and via the Official website.

When you click on the "Chat" button, a window will Appear with the fields that You need to fill in: Name the user's name, Email address, and message text.

The operator will reply you In a couple of seconds.

It happens that all the Specialists are busy, so you Need to wait.

After answering, you can ask Additional questions. To close the chat, click The "end dialog" button. Sometimes you don't have Time to make a call Or go to an online chat.

In this case, the best Option is to send an Email to Poker technical support.

You can write in Russian here. The Russian-language support service Takes a long time to Respond, as there are too Many emails coming from the CIS countries. If you want to get A quick response, please contact Our regular support service.

The message text should be Written in English.

If you don't have Sufficient knowledge of this language, Use an online translator. When writing a letter, try To formulate your question as Clearly as possible. It is better not to Write rudeness or insults to The support service.

Feedback from poker support staff Usually comes within one to Two days.

Solve your problem also the Poker FAQ will help. In this section, you will Find the most frequently asked Questions with answers.

Users usually ask about registration, Deposit and cashout methods, bonuses And promotions, rake refund conditions, And so on.

To access the online help, Choose from the main lobby menu. You will see a list Of questions. If you don't get A response, please contact Poker Support using one of the Above methods.

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