WSOP Online Launch marred By DDoS Attack on GGPoker Poker Club

They were rescheduled for the Following Sunday

Yesterday, the global part of The first ever online World Series was launched on the GGPoker networkPlayers were already preparing to Compete for gold bracelets and Thousands of dollars in prize Money when the distribution of Cards in the room stopped In the middle of Sunday. Two bracelet events were postponed, And some regular tournaments were canceled. Representatives of GGPoker named The Reason for the failure as Insufficient server capacity and DDoS attacks. On July, at approximately - Moscow Time, all ggpoker storefronts began To fail.

Thus, $, was raised GGPoker will Double this amount

The players began to experience Problems with the download of The client, with registration in Cash games and tournaments.

Distribution at the tables stopped, And some users went to Sitout due to a discount. In addition to the regular Sunday tournaments, the first WSOP Online bracelet tournaments were launched On this day on the GGPoker network.

At the time of the Server problems, there were tens Of thousands of players on The network, including tournament participants.

after a couple of tens Of minutes of interruptions, the Game at all tables was Stopped indefinitely.

While the network engineers were Trying to get the servers Working properly, GGPoker managers tried To solve the problem with Tournament downtime by extending the Late registration period. This led to a client-Server Protocol mismatch, which in Turn led some players to Be unable to log in To the GGPoker client. After some time, the game On the sites of the Network was still resumed, but There were new challenges ahead For GGPoker.

In the early hours of Monday, July, a massive DDoS Attack hit one of GGPoker'S servers.

Tellingly, it was with this Server that technical work was Carried out before the start Of WSOP Online, which was Supposed to provide better performance And withstand increased load, but Due to an error on The ground, DDoS protection was Not installed on the server. Representatives of the GGPoker network Have already stated that all The servers of the network Were re-checked, and a Second-level protection system was Installed on each of them. In addition, on July, the Network is scheduled to conduct Extensive technical work to prevent The recurrence of such incidents In the future. The aforementioned bracelet tournaments and Were never launched after a General pause.

Players continue to compete for Prizes with the same stacks That they had when the Game was stopped.

Each of the, remaining Openers At the time of the Break will receive T$ in cash.

as compensation.

Tournament with a buy-in Of $, was a charity event, With $ from each buy-in Planned to be used to Fight COVID. You can check the current Status of GGPoker servers and Read reports on recent errors On a special page on The site.

Russian poker, Online calculator

As a rule, only one Player participates in Russian poker

Before receiving cards from the Dealer, the player makes a Bet, this is mandatory

After the dealer deals the Cards in turn, to himself And to the opposing player.

Everyone gets cards. Attention should be paid to The fact that the card That the dealer lays out First is placed face down, That is, the opponent is One step ahead: he knows One of the cards of The opponent's set. These are the rules of The Russian poker game. When the cards are dealt And the player has an Idea of how to continue Playing the game, knowing their Cards, you can continue the competition.

Discard the card, while refusing The move by saying Pass - After which the player will Lose all the money that He invested in the Bank.

Say Call and put in The Bank the amount twice As high as the amount You deposited from the very beginning. At the same time, the Collected poker combinations are then compared. Change your Bank card. After the player has received The cards and decided to Replace them, since they are Not suitable for making a Win, you can exchange them. At the same time, the Participant can replace any number Of cards, and this will Not affect the the amount That must be paid to The Bank for the implementation Of this action. In this case, this type Of poker involves depositing only Ante in the pot. After the player has made A decision, he performs an action. If an additional card is Purchased or an unsuitable one Is replaced, the player must Make either a Pass or A Call.

According to the rules of Russian poker, when a player Makes a Call, you must Immediately open your cards and Match the collected combinations.

In this case, the following Events are likely to develop: - If the dealer failed to Collect a combination, the participant Will receive an amount equal To one ante, namely the First Deposit to the Bank When the dealer collects the Highest set, the entire pot Goes to the casino. When a participant collects a Winning combination, the number of Call bets will be allocated From the combinations.

The contribution that is made Has a name - ante

The rules of Russian poker Are quite interesting, so there Are a lot of players Who love this game. And when the game will Bring a win, it will Be even more pleasant. But of course and relax Here don't have to, Because the participant must create A strategy for the game. You also need to know That from the rules that Exist, in this variety there Are double combinations. The second set must contain At least one card that Differs from the first one. When the combinations are equal, Then you need to make A kicker match.

This technique is also found In other types of poker.

Knowing the rules, the player Will take into account that When opponents meet equivalent combinations Of cards, then each will Remain with their own.

The participant can buy a Croupier game, the cost of Which is equal to the Amount of the player's Initial contribution to the Bank. When this happens, the dealer Takes one card from the Deck and re-matches the combinations. In Russian poker, the combinations Do not differ in any Way from those that exist In other types of combinations. Only one set of ACE And king in this game Matters, although in others it Does not. According to the rules of The casino game, payouts in The game are made in A certain order. When if the participant manages To make the best set, Then he is entitled to A certain number of Call contributions. It follows from this: the Highest payment in Russian poker Is made by combinations of Straight Flash and Royal flash, Which are fifty and one Hundred bets, respectively.

Playing poker Via your PDA

the monitor of your desktop computer

The popularity of poker is Growing every day all over The worldPoker players try to spend As much time as possible In the game in order To improve themselves in poker And get additional profit. Unfortunately, we can't spend All our time working on The Internet. This is why mobile poker Apps have been growing in Popularity recently. Now you can spend your Free time on the road Or in queues playing your Favorite game, playing poker on Your PDA, smartphone or mobile phone. However, the development of mobile Versions of poker rooms is Still slowed down.

This is largely due to The fact that many phones Cannot yet support a full-Featured poker game.

Therefore, there are very few Alternatives for playing poker for Real money via a mobile Phone or PDA. Moreover, existing applications require expensive And functional models.Types of mobile poker We Already mentioned this type of Game at the beginning. Usually, the creators of such Poker applications are poker rooms That are already known in The classic online version. Such applications differ from standard Software in slightly reduced functionality. The main concept – the Ability to play for real Money with players from all Over the world-remains unchanged. To play, you will need You need a mobile phone That supports this feature, a Poker room account, and the Ability to access the Internet.

When choosing a phone, you Should pay special attention to The quality and size of The screen, otherwise you may Simply get confused in your Own maps.

Such games are usually very Simple and primitive

In them, you will have To play against one or More virtual opponents with artificial intelligence. Usually, such poker software can Be downloaded in java format To almost any poker phone. Of course, you will not Win money in this option, But it is quite suitable To pass your free time.

There are different versions of Poker software that allow you To play with your friends Via Bluetooth or infrared.

Such games are distinguished by More intelligent artificial intelligence, the Ability to participate in several Live opponents and conduct tournaments. One of the most famous Such applications for PDAs is Realdice Multiplayer Championship.

Now let's take a Closer look at mobile poker Rooms, which give us the Opportunity to play for real money.

Let's start with the Most popular poker room for Mobile phones today-Bwin.

It is worth noting that This software offers us various Game options, including playing with Bots in offline mode, as Well as playing with live Opponents for conditional chips or Real money.

There are only two types Of poker available-limit and No-limit hold'em, but This is not bad for The mobile version. The software is easy to Use and retains the main Options of "big rooms" – Using a filter when searching For tables, the ability to Control using preset keys, using A four-color deck, and Even viewing statistics. Especially note that the Bwin Poker Pro app is truly "Mobile" and weighs less than KB. To activate your mobile account, You can simply log in Via SMS. Mobile poker is already used By more than, players worldwide. The game is supported on All major phone models. This poker room offers play For both candy wrappers and Live money. Unfortunately, mobile poker on Ultimatebet Is still not very popular Among poker players. Therefore, it is sometimes very Difficult to find tables with Active money play. Developers offer users two versions – for mobile phones and For PDAs. The latter looks more advanced. Since Aces Royal Poker was Originally conceived as a poker Room for mobile devices, it Managed to successfully combine functionality And convenience. High-speed game, high-quality Picture distinguish this room from Similar ones. You can also play limit And no-limit hold'em, Hand history, and live chat At different rates. The RedKings Mobile app works On modern cell phone models That support G technology. Commission fees and bonuses are Charged in the same way As in the computer version Of the game. An important difference between RedKings Mobile is the ability to Play not only against mobile Opponents, but also against opponents Who play for switch to The standard version. There is no doubt that Mobile applications will develop as Rapidly in poker as in Other areas of our lives. The most famous poker room In the world, PokerStars, has Already announced the start of Development of a mobile version Of the software. The prospects of this direction Are obvious, but so far Poker via phone and PDA Is far from a computer Option.

Professional poker Or not Everything is As

Their prize money is sometimes Several million dollars

They treat poker like A job, devote all their Time to training and playing gamesProfessionals never stop learning, they Are constantly improving their skills. Is it Necessary to become A professional poker player at All, and does this offer Any additional benefits? Consider. However, they know how to Manage their finances correctly and Will never lose all their Accumulated money due to mistakes In poker. Professionals love poker wholeheartedly, get Real pleasure from a high-Quality game. Therefore, they never work, do Not report to their boss, And do not depend on The economic situation in the country. Pros are engaged in their Favorite activity, which brings them Financial independence. A professional poker player is Not tied to a job That is located only in Their city. He can travel the world And earn money, learn strategies. For pros, there are no Days off from poker, while Regular players can play irregularly And neglect training. They perceive bad outcomes as A simple step towards achieving The goal and never give up. But the average player can Give up after a few Days of bad luck.

Such players can you can Afford anything

and strength of will.

If they decide to analyze Games, they will definitely do it. A Pro will read a Huge number of books, it Will find an error that Prevents you from winning, and Will constantly increase your income. A poker professional sets aside A clear time to complete Certain tasks for the day Training, playing, watching tournaments, etc. an Ordinary player may not Pay attention to the daily Routine, do not set specific Plans for the future.

Each player's schedule may Be different, as different players Will need their own specific Time to study, relax, or play.

Remember, if you don't Add any break time to Your day at all, you Can get very tired, depressed, And allow a poker professional To learn, play, develop, and relax. Everyone can make a schedule In their own way and Set aside more hours for Reading or taking a break. It is important to think Through each Chapter, make notes In your personal notes, and Apply what you have learned In practice every day. Pay attention to books about Psychology, math, strategy, and reading Your opponents. Every day analyze the losing Games and calculate your incorrect One game.

Write down what you need To change in a future Game session.

Learn to analyze not only Your own mistakes, but also Those of others. You can do this when Watching video tournaments and when Analyzing other people's hands.

Professionals are constantly working on Their game, learning, and improving All their skills.

Such players never give up And clearly go to their goal.

You can get the knowledge And experience to play professional Poker by taking the free AWS course.

Each student will be able To maximize their poker talents, Become a Pro and get The most out of the game.

Hi! Do you want to climb The limits, but don't Know how? We have prepared for you Main tips that can help You with this! Leave your mailbox and soon You will find them there! The tips were sent to Your email address. Study them carefully so that You can upgrade to a Higher limit as soon as Possible! If you don't find Any messages in your mailbox, Please check the "Spam" folder And move them to "Important".

Strategy game In Omaha Poker in Russia and Poker abroad

it's complicated, and the Rules are too confusing

Tags: Omaha Holdem, Omaha history, Omaha, Omaha hold'em, Omaha Strategy, Omaha Formats, Omaha hold'Em goal, participants need to Make a winning combination using Both face-down and community cardsHowever, unlike the traditional one, It is considered a more Complex, unpredictable and aggressive game, Which is why beginners are Not recommended to start their Poker career with this type Of game.

Although those who are in Search of new experiences, make The transition from playing not In the city of the Same name in Nebraska, this Type of poker appeared relatively recently.

Various sources mention different dates And conditions for the birth Of this game, so beloved By the inhabitants of high stakes. The only information that has Survived to this day is That in, a company playing Poker with four face-down Cards was spotted in a Las Vegas casino. Participants and eyewitnesses immediately appreciated The novelty, attributing this poker Phenomenon to the property of The future. using your own, private, maps, And shared resources cards on The table Board. Depending on the format of The game, participants must collect The highest or lowest hand, Which opens on showdown and Determines the winner of the hand. If all players except one Discard their cards, the remaining Contestant automatically becomes the winner. players are allowed to build A combination of only two Of their own cards and Three shared ones, the number Of possible combinations in one Hand can be more than.For example, using different cards In their Arsenal, the same Player can collect both a Flash draw and an unfinished Full house in the same hand. Even for the most experienced Players, it is important to Act for the future, that Is, to make decisions that Can provide the player with Maximum profit in the near future. it is firmly established in The minds and hearts of Europeans, online gamblers, and fans Of high-stakes mixed games In American casinos. When playing in, players need To collect the highest possible Combination, which is provides its Owner with the entire amount Of the Bank. Both the rules and the Course of the pot game Are divided between two participants – the one who has Collected the highest hand and The one who has built The lowest combination from below. Since the lowest hand count Starts from, with rare exceptions, A player can get ¼ Of the pot if two Participants collect equivalent higher or Lower combinations. it consists in the fact That or face-down cards Of the same rank are Unpromising for the player. For example, after getting ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦, the participant Will no longer be able To collect a low combination With such closed cards, since The possibility of two appearing On the Board is excluded, And only two of the Four closed cards can be Used to build a hand. The ACE is considered both The highest card for the High hand and the lowest Card for the low hand, And the best low hand Is the wheel: A, which Is in high demand in UK casinos. However, players are allowed to Make combinations only with two Closed and three open cards.". The first community card is Before the first betting round, Then laid on the table Of the remaining community cards And the game continues as In conventional'll be able To find a suitable format And limit of the game, While differences among online and Offline games can be called, Perhaps, only those that are Inherent in virtual and real Games in General. That is: anonymity, comfort " and Only after feeling solid ground Under your feet, go to The cash tables. Within the walls of a Real institution, you will have To spend too much money On practice.

to a greater extent, it Depends on its type and Format, but we will consider The General provisions that affect The success of the game In this form are such Components as: patience, conservative bets And the ability to calculate The probability.

Try not to resort to A loose game and always Think through the possible combinations In the hands of your opponents. Even on the flop, if There is a strong combination, It is important to keep In mind that two more Cards can complement your opponents hands. Therefore, in such a situation, Your goal is to get Rid of your opponents at This stage. And you can do this With the help of high Bets, which will force your Opponents to discard their cards. Of course, it is impossible To win every single hand, But the main thing for You is to make sure That the profit covers the Costs in the game. But, do not give in To the first impression, it'S all a matter of experience. Start with a safe practice For your bankroll, and after A few games, your eye Will be clear.

Rules of Chinese poker pineapple and other varieties

Participants are given more cards, minimum, maximum

For many Amateur and professional poker is limited to two main types of Texas hold'em and Omaha

They are used to host the biggest tournaments in the world with millions of prizes, write thousands of articles and books, and develop winning strategies.

Online establishments have the most users in these two areas, so many newcomers prefer to start their career exclusively with them.

There are a lot of professionals in hold'em and Omaha, but there are just a huge number of strong players.

This leaves no chance for beginners to play a successful game at first, they are almost one hundred percent likely to have to first part with the game. before you learn poker strategies and start making money, you can earn a lot of money.

This factor forces some users to look for areas where competition is still not so high and where it is really possible to get to the top without losing a lot of money.

As an option, you can consider Chinese poker, it has just begun to spread, and there are still few strong players here.

In Chinese poker, the rules are significantly different from the classic versions, but still the main principle of the game is preserved - you need to collect as strong a combination as possible to claim a win.

Despite the fact that Chinese poker itself is an exotic trend, it still has several subspecies, they are not so significantly different from the classic version, but the approach to the game is radically changing. The most common disciplines of "Chinese": we will Look at them in this article, as well as various components of these games: fantasy, scoring and other components without which Chinese poker is impossible. The most the main difference is that there are no trading circles, money is awarded to the winner according to the points scored.

This is the topic of a separate Chapter, about it at the end of the article.

Therefore, players in Chinaman are focused on collecting combinations, and not on the financial component, which makes the game more thoughtful and interesting. Each player lays them out at their own discretion, which allows you to calculate winning moves more accurately and increase the chances of success. It would seem that such a move is meaningless, the opponents see what others have and can easily win.

But this is far from the case, due to the lack of trading circles, here a completely different strategy and open elements do not guarantee success.

A General introduction to poker is recommended to start with Texas hold'em, with Chinese poker-with its classic version, in which the game is played with closed cards. The main goal of standard Chinese poker is to collect pocket cards. three combinations. These cards are divided into three parts: in one there are three elements, in the other two there are each, they are located on three lines (boxes) in vertical order. The player's task is to arrange his pocket cards in three boxes, trying to collect a winning combination in each of them. It is important to remember the rule: combinations in all three lines can not be placed randomly, they must have a strict hierarchical sequence. The top line is the weakest (three cards), the middle line is slightly better, and the bottom line is the highest. For violations of this rule, there is a penalty and an unambiguous loss, and the player's combinations are declared "dead".

Combinations of equal strength are allowed in two or all boxes.

An interesting feature of Chinese poker is that players immediately receive all pocket cards and place them on the paylines. After that, everyone opens the boxes and compares the combinations, and whoever has the strongest combinations wins. All the participants naturally tend to collect the highest combination in but, as practice shows, it is enough to have strong combinations in two boxes to claim victory.

For example, if they have a Royal flush And a Full house, respectively, then the lead is almost guaranteed, the third row no longer matters.

These are the basic rules of classic Chinese poker. There are differences in other areas, they are not so significant, but they certainly deserve special attention.

In some areas, the game is played with open cards

You can often find opinions that it was a certain direction that marked the beginning of Chinese poker. But the above-described discipline with closed maps became a classic, and the directions described below appeared a little later. In this subspecies, scoring, combinations, and the number of cards in the draw remain unchanged. The difference is only in the rounds of the game. At the beginning, each participant receives five cards in a closed form, he must distribute them in three boxes. You can't change their location in the future. The cards are dealt and laid out strictly in order, clockwise to the arrow.

The first player to start is the player sitting to the left of the button-a special chip that determines the order.

In each hand, it moves one player to the left. Next, the distribution of cards begins in turn, each participant is given strictly one card. Players must lay out items as they get their hands on them, and their location can also not be changed. The round lasts until everyone has collected cards on their boxes. Then there is a showdown of cards, who has the best combination, he celebrates the victory. In Chinese Pineapple poker, the rules allow a maximum of three people to participate, as the number of actively used cards is larger than in the classic version. At the beginning, each participant receives five cards in his hands, which must be placed on the lines, they can not be moved later. Then everyone is dealt three cards, one of which the player must throw away, and place the rest in the boxes. Due to the fact that opponents can see each other's cards, they can make assumptions about which one to choose. your opponent will be able to collect the combination. The task is complicated by the fact that it is not known which cards are discarded. The round lasts for four rounds, during which everyone gets cards in their hands. Then, as usual, the leader is determined according to the collected combinations in the boxes. The referral rules are similar to the classic version. The only difference is in the number of cards dealt, everyone is immediately given elements per hand, which must be laid out in three lines. The game is characterized by the speed of drawing (hence the name). In just two rounds, participants must make combinations. The rules are similar to a regular Pineapple.

But only two participants can participate here, as they get as many as cards in their hands, and some go to the discard.

In the game there are boxes for collecting combinations, the requirement to observe the seniority in the lines is preserved, and significant penalties are provided for violations. The game also takes place in an accelerated mode: first, each participant receives cards per hand, which are stacked in boxes.

Further in each each round has four more, and one of them is discarded.

Otherwise, all other rules are similar to the usual Pineapple. In Pineapple - poker, the rules for drawing the pot and collecting combinations are the same as in standard Pineapple. The difference is only in the order of combinations in the boxes, the smallest set should be in the middle line, and there should not be a card higher than ten, otherwise penalties will follow.

Before making the final calculation of points, you need to know for which combinations they are awarded.

Those with experience in hold'em and Omaha can easily name ten winning poker combinations that are also used in Chinese poker.

For those who have no experience in poker competitions at all, it will be useful to get acquainted with the combinations. Quite often, there are controversial situations when, due to the same combinations of several players, the winner is determined by the highest kicker card. But it is not difficult to understand how this happens directly in the gameplay. unlike the classic types of poker, the Chinese one uses a completely different pay-out scenario. There is no General pot where players place bets and then the winner gets it. In the discipline, it is customary to count points according to the combinations collected by the participants. Scoring is carried out according to the scheme of pairwise comparison of combinations of players cards. Each line is evaluated in turn and points are awarded to the winner. There can be two schemes: respectively, the losing side loses the same amount. After comparing the cards of all opponents, it is announced how much each player received in the end. There are no clearly defined limits and rules for paying out winnings. If the game is played at a real table, participants must independently agree on the coefficients of points and money. In online rooms, the establishment itself introduces certain tariffs, for example, one point will be equal to rubles. The main goal of players in the discipline is to try to collect as many points as possible to earn a good amount of money. But the payoff is you can also get it as a gift. Chinaman has nice bonuses-royalties, which are given for collecting certain combinations on the lines. For a Pair of sixes on the top lines, a bonus of one point is given, for sevens - two, for eights-three, and so on up to nine points to aces. Pairs below are not paid. A bonus of points is provided for a successfully completed set of twos, while aces already have points. On the highest payline, the bonuses are half as much, plus the Set is not paid. If two or more players were able to collect combinations for which a bonus is provided, then the owner of the nominally highest combination becomes the leader. Fantasy is the hallmark of Chinese open-ended poker. The bottom line is that if a player has managed to collect a Pair combination with two Queens or better on the top line, then during the next hand, he will be given not five, but all cards at once. He has the right to decompose them as he likes in a closed form. This greatly complicates the game for opponents who can't evaluate the participant's recruitment.

The fantasy rule can also be used for the second time in a row.

in this case, you need to collect a Set in the upper box or a Square on the lower one.

The third time fantasy can't play.

Chinese poker is a real godsend for those who are tired of the usual Texas hold'em and Omaha games, where the important role is played not even by combinations, but by correct trading in the rounds and manipulating the Bank. In "Chinese" everything is different, here it is more important to collect combinations and score as many points as possible. The lack of high competition and professionals makes Chinese poker a tasty morsel for beginners, who can earn exclusively on this discipline with equal opponents.

Download the game King of poker. Extended edition Free download the Game king of poker. Extended edition

Texas hold'em is the most popular type of poker

The rules here are simple, the rounds are played quickly, if you are careful and cool-headed, then you will be lucky! First, you need to choose who you will play for as a Texas cowboy or a beautiful lady, buy a super-fashionable hat and study the beginner's guideBefore you put money on the card, thoroughly study all the poker combinations and techniques! When dealt, each player receives two cards. These are his pocket cards, which will form a combination (or hand) with five community cards, and the dealer will put them on the table in the next rounds of the game.

So your combination is a pair of nines

At the first stage, when everyone has already received pocket cards, but there are no community cards on the table yet, players place initial bets or refuse to play if their cards are not very good. You can raise the bet (Raise button) if you already have a successful combination.

Other players either accept it (Call) or return their cards to the dealer (fold) and do not participate in the game.

After that, the dealer puts three community cards on the table, and you see if they do not make up any combination with your pocket cards. For example, you have a nine and a Queen in your hands, and in the community cards six, nine, Jack. Her rank is not bad, at least a couple of smaller cards (triples, fives) you will definitely beat. But, on the other hand, you can not say that the victory is in your pocket. Now, if you had a three or four of a kind, then of course, but with a pair it is better not to risk large sums. Of course, you can make a mysterious face and raise the bet by a hundred at once, so that your partners will think that you have an exceptionally good combination. This is called a bluff. If you are convincing, the neighbors will refuse to continue playing, and all bets will go to you.

In the end, those who don't take risks don't win.


So this game was invented somewhere in the s

We met with Ernest Fedorov, President of the mafia intellectual game Federation, to tell our readers about a game that is somewhat similar but has its own differences with poker history of the mafia game in Wikipedia, one of the stories about how the mafia appeared is widely spreadThere is a certain gentleman Davydov, a Muscovite who now lives in the United States and allegedly created the game in. But, as we know Wikipedia is such a thing, who wrote it, is the source of this information.

I don't really believe in this story, because, personally, I already played this game in.

I was a high school graduate at the time, not yet enrolled in the Institute, and my friends invited me to a picnic in the woods, to evening bonfires, to some kind of pioneer camp.

There were eight-nine-tenth graders who were playing a game with a very interesting and unusual name mafia. When playing this game, there was a lot of noise, shouting, and a lot of fun.

A lot of things were unclear, but it was very interesting.So, someone obviously invented it before.

In my opinion, these were students of the Moscow University faculty of psychology, and there was supposedly a competition between two Dorm rooms, where students, in order not to be bored, came up with a way to diversify their leisure time and came up with the game mafia. This is the information that reached me back when I was playing for the first time. In Soviet times, there was no Internet, and it was not possible to quickly exchange information. Just as gradually it rolled across the country. People left for other countries (emigrated), and so it went on to spread, but it was invented by Soviet psychology students.There is another story, I read that it was played by Mormons back in the th century, who conquered the expanses of America from East to West, and sitting around the campfire they played this game-mafia. There are other theories, but no one knows the truth Mafia yard and classic in, the mafia from entertainment, urban, as we now call it, and which I played back in, became a classic. Then there were standards and rules of the mafia, and at the same time, I created the first Mafia club in Kiev. Now the entire mafia intellectual game Federation (FIIM), which I created in, plays by these rules. The rules have changed small changes and this is natural as everything develops, but the Foundation, the Foundation of the game, remained the same.Players are divided into two teams: red and black. This is done by selecting cards with their eyes closed, where players do not know each other's roles, but only their role. And there is also a host who moderates the game. There are strictly ten people at the table, including seven civilians-red and three Mafiosi-black players.

The leader among the red players is the Sheriff, who knows a little more than everyone else.

Accordingly, it reached Lviv, where I lived, in

And black players have their own leader, who has a little more authority - this is don.The whole game is based on intrigue, who will win whom, take out from the game table. Each player has exactly one minute to make a speech. Then the word moves on to the next one. The mafia "shoots" a peaceful player at night, and civilians have the right to vote during the day for "killing" a player, not knowing whether he is a peaceful or a mafia. Thus, the whole game is divided into two phases-day and night.It seems that the rules are very simple simple, but there are so many variations and tactics that today, having been involved in the mafia for about years, and having spent more than thousand games, I am still surprised by all the new tactics that arise. Because how many people have so many different thoughts and ideas on how to play in a given situation.

Accordingly, all these thoughts complement each other, and something is added to each new game.Thanks to this, the game is constantly evolving as the mafia returns from an emotional to an intellectual game:Mafia is once again becoming a more intelligent game.

Let's remember the story. At first, people of a special category were attracted to this game: they were raised in a certain environment and could not afford anything extra. They were people of a certain life status.

The game was different, not because the rules were different, but because the people were different.

And then the game Mafia became a mass phenomenon, where a lot of diverse people got into the system. And then there was a need to intervene to improve the culture games, and educating players.We can only educate them by influencing their behavior. We can only influence the rules, fouls, punishments. "Mafia" has acquired a large number of innovations and rules, and it is precisely in order to introduce players to a good intellectual game. And the main changes in the rules were aimed at bringing the game to a more intellectual and cultural action, sport, and activity.About the mafia intellectual game Federation (FIIM)The mafia is developing not only in terms of strategies and tactics, but also covers an increasing number of countries and cities. Currently, the Federation includes countries and more than clubs. As part of FIIM, a world tour of the game mafia is taking place. It is called MWT (Mafia World Tour), where there is a strict rating system for awarding points to the player's rating, depending on what place they have taken in tournaments. We started with tournaments in. And this year, tournaments are already being held in different countries of the world.

That is, every Saturday and Sunday (tournaments two-day trips).Often - tournaments are held in different cities of the world, and sometimes there are more of them at the same time.

Professional mafia players compete for the main title-Master of the Game.

How to become a mafia Master:The top ten players with the best rating at the end of the season, when all tournaments are over, gather for three days to participate in the main tournament of the Year - Mafia World Tour Grossmeisters(Magisterate). They play games in a row, for three days, - games a day. Based on the results of these games, a new Master of the Mafia Game is determined. At the same time, all players who participated in the tournament receive the title of Grandmaster of the game. Upcoming tournaments:In lawn tennis, there are Grand slam tournaments, and we have the Big Sheriff's star tournaments - iconic tournaments with a large number of participants that take place in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia, there are only four of them. One has already passed, this is the Aktau Open Cup, the Next one will be held in Moscow, this is Golden Gangster, then the Slobozhanshchina Cup in Kharkiv, and there will also be the Siberian and Ural Cup in Omsk. The world team championship will also be held, where participants from countries will play, five people in each team - it will be a five-star tournament in Minsk. The tournament will be held in this format for the first time. By analogy with football, for FIIM it is like the world Cup in football, which gathers the best players. Top five players from Ukraine, five from Georgia, five from Armenia, five from Russia, five from Germany, etc. They will fight for the honor of their flag, the honor of their country.There will also be an individual world championship in St. Petersburg in early December. Here are the main, biggest and most interesting tournaments that will be held before the New year. And of course, all our Mafiosi are waiting for the next master's degree To be held in Minsk in January next year.What the mafia and poker are like first: poker and mafia First: poker and mafia are similar in that you need to control yourself. The so-called poker face is also very important in the mafia, because you can read your emotions on your face, and understand what you have your role, whether you're worried or not. Therefore, in the mafia, you need to own a poker face, and play for any color, Sheriff and Don equally, so that you are not read by other players.Second, in poker, you need to remember the deck of cards well, count and build tactics depending on which cards came out and which ones remained in the deck. The situation is similar in the mafia. Only you do not remember the cards, but the moves in the game and who voted how, on what circle it happened, you need to remember the arguments, who played with whom and why. And to do this, you need to have a good memory and constantly train it.What are the differences in poker, you do not need to say, except for standard phrases. In the mafia, you need to be able to clearly Express your thoughts, put them into phrases, be convincing, so that the "city" (most players) would follow you. Important speaking skills, powers of observation and reaction at the ballot box. Because sometimes everything is decided by fractions of a second to achieve victory in the game.Corporate events in the style of " Mafia»Mafia is not only a game, but also a great option for a corporate event for a company. Corporate events in the style of a mafia game are often ordered by banks, it companies, law firms, marketers, TV personalities, and many others. Accordingly, I am the organizer of a mafia event as a leisure activity, which I came up with back in, and I have already held more than corporate events. Both small ones for - people, and large ones, from one hundred and up to four hundred participants. Parties usually last up to five hours.

They are always very fun and fervent, people like our Game.

Play poker stars online for free

Find out about the current promotions and offers available to players of the world's largest poker siteWin the PokerStars championship Sochi membership package for free in our special spin-and-go tournaments. Take part in these -player turbo tournaments, and if you win the main prize, you will compete for a package worth up to, rubles (about $), which includes a hotel room, transportation costs and entrance to the Main Event! At the PokerStars Championship in Dozens of exciting poker tournaments are waiting for you in Sochi, which will be held from may to in one of the best resorts in Russia. Enter the PokerStars Championship Main Event with a buy-in of, rubles (approximately $)and compete for a huge guaranteed prize pool. Win billions of chips in a matter of minutes in spin-and-go tournaments. These are dynamic tournaments where you can win up to, times the buy-in amount in free chips.

Prove that you can hold out the longest and get free chips for every opponent you knock out! Take part in the largest online poker tournament for free chips and win a portion of the prize pool of, free chips.

Tournaments with huge starting stacks that take place every hour and allow you to enjoy a dynamic game for free chips.

Participate in tournaments and earn leaderboard points every day. The best players will share, free chips! Poker wherever and whenever you want play any games via the PokerStars app right on your mobile device! Watch your favorite poker shows download the PokerStars app for free and watch TV shows, interviews, and other videos. Thousands of free games and tournaments take part in daily free tournaments, sit-and-go and cash games in various poker formats and hone your skills. Check out our strategy section, from basic tips to instructional videos, here you'll find everything you need to learn the game.

Partypoker launches Hold'em Poker Club Management

Deuces, threes, fours, and fives Are not used in hold'em

Today, the most dynamic form Of poker, short-deck hold'Em or hold'em, has Been launched in beta mode In the partypoker lobbyThe difference between hold'em And regular hold'em can Be described in one sentence: In hold'em, you can Play with the same deck That you used to play "Fool" as a child. This one probably lies at Home for everyone since the Time of trips to summer camp. Better known as Six plus Hold'em, this format offers A more dynamic game of Traditional Texas hold'em, but With some significant differences. Most importantly, the game is Played with a shortened deck Of cards. The ACE can be either A high card or a Low card, and the wheel In this game can be Collected with an ACE-six Hand, because there will be A low straight.

The reason for this is Simple: there are fewer cards Of the same suit in A short deck, which means That it is much more Difficult to collect a flush.

In addition, in hold'em, A flush beats a full house

The rest of the rules For collecting combinations do not Differ from the usual hold'em. So far, only cash games Are available in the partypoker Client, but instead of the Usual small and big blind, All players at the table Place an ante, and the Player on the button puts A double ante. The ante is equal to The size of the big Blind in regular hold'em. For example, at the NL Limit in a normal game On the -max table, the Blinds will be $. $, and the initial pot Is $. hold'em at the same Limit, each of the players At the -max table will Bet $ in the form of An ante, and the button $. So the initial pot will Be $. Of course, in this game, The variance is much higher, And the equity of the Hands is very, very close. For example, a preflop all-In with vs is practically A coinflip. Another feature that will be Available at the hold'em Tables at partypoker is partial Withdrawal of money from the table. If your stack rises to A certain size the size Is determined by the playing Limit, then you can withdraw A certain amount back to The account without getting up From the table. You can find hold'em Right in the main lobby Of partypoker in the POKER section. So far, limits from NL To NL, are available, and The game is played on, - And -max tables:.

Mafia Poker Mafia Poker

Who will take power over the mafia? Who will be the boss of all bosses? Now the cards will decide, instead of mafia wars and violence, who will get the title of cappo di tutti capi ! Play classic Texas Hold em Poker with cool guys if you're not afraid! Choose their number and come on! But don't worry, the gangsters won't kill you!Goal:Are the classic rules of the game of Texas Hold em PokerIn short: the main goal is to get all the tokens of all the players at the table. The round is won by whoever has the highest -card combination, which consists of cards from their hand and cards on the table.

A player enters the next betting round only when their bet is the same size as the other players bet.Other properties:At the beginning of the game, you can choose the number of opponents.

During the game, you can get rewards for completing various tasks. You can view your achievements and other statistics in the profile section.

Poker combinations With pictures By seniority

You have an A- in Your hand, and your opponent Has a

To make a hand in Texas hold'em, you always Use the best five cards Giving the strongest combination out Of the seven available to You on the riverThese are two personal cards Of the player, as well As five General cards laid Out on the table. At the same time, you Can use either both of Your cards, or only one, Or you can use none At all, limiting yourself to The General cards of the table.

However, in this case, you Will not win against your Opponent, because the same cards Are available to him, and His combination will be at Least as good.

Once again, we emphasize that A combination always involves five Cards, even if you have, For example, only one pair. In this case, the other Three best cards will play The role of kickers kicker, They are needed in order To determine the winner by Additional indicators, if two players Have collected the same combination. Here's an example. Thus, both players have a Pair of sevens using one Of their own and one On the table. Next, we look at what Their three remaining best cards are. You have it A-Q-T, your opponent has it Q-T. The Queen and the ten Are the same, but you Have an ACE that is Older than the nine, the Pot is yours! In total, there are ten Different combinations in Texas hold'Em, the strength of which Is determined by how often You can collect them according To the probability theory below For each combination, the percentage Of probability is indicated if You see all five cards. Accordingly, the rarer the combination, The stronger it is.

All combinations are listed below In descending order.

This is the strongest card Combination in Texas hold'em.

It consists of five cards Of the same suit, running Consecutively from ten to ACE.

the following cards are drawn On the table: Q-T

Accordingly, there are only four Variants of this combination, one For each suit. The probability of collecting. Five consecutive cards of the Same suit. The youngest straight flush from ACE to five ACE plays The role of one, the Oldest from nine to king.

The probability of collecting.

A Royal flush is also Essentially a straight flush, but It is still allocated in A separate combination, since it Is invincible. Four cards of the same Rank, the probability of collecting. The youngest square will be Four deuces, the oldest four aces. If the square is completely On the table, the winner Is determined by the kicker. Three cards of one rank And two of another. The probability of collecting.

At the same time, if Several players have collected a Full house at once, the One with the higher rank Of triplets wins.

Junior full house three deuces And two threes, senior full House three aces and two kings. Any five cards of the Same suit. The probability of collecting. If several players have collected A flush, the one with The higher card wins.

For example, you have A-K crosses in your hands, And your opponent has J-Q crosses.

On the table were crosses And two cards of a Different suit. You win because your flush Comes from an ACE, then Like the opponent's only From the lady. Junior straight - from ACE to Five in this case, the ACE plays the role of One, and such a straight Itself has a special name Wheel, senior from ten to ACE. Accordingly, if the straight is Collected by several players, the Winner is the one who Starts from the higher card. If several players have collected Two pairs each, the one With the highest pair wins. In this case, the ratio Of the ranks of the Second-oldest pairs does not matter. For example, if you have Two pairs A-A and, And the opponent has K-K and Q-Q, you win. If the highest pairs of Players are equal, the second Pairs of cards are compared. If both pairs are equal, The player with the higher Kicker wins. If a couple will gather A few players to win The the highest pair older. If the pairs are the Same, the winner is determined By the kicker. If the players failed to Collect any of the above Combinations, the winner is determined By the seniority of the cards. The probability of collecting. Many novice players are addicted To trying their best by All means, collect a stronger, More beautiful combination. And here we need to Pay attention to an important Point: You should remember that The goal of playing poker Is to win the pot, Not to make a strong Combination! You will often be able To win pots without opening Your cards by putting pressure On your opponent in one Of the trading rounds. In this case, you may Have a ready-made hand, An incomplete hand semi-bluff, Or an empty hand altogether Pure bluff. However, your aggressive actions may Cause your opponent to fold A stronger hand. You can learn more about When and under what conditions Semi-bluffing and bluffing will Be effective in our course.

He has been a professional Online poker player for seven Years and during this time He has not had a Single negative month.

In just two years, he Rose from zero to the Winner of the most prestigious Tournaments of the European and World poker tours EPT and WPT. PokerStars has announced a super-Event to celebrate the anniversary Of the introduction of Spin Go tournaments in three different markets. Now poker fans can enjoy Tournaments that cost just half A dollar and you can Win a million dollars! Developed by canadian game theory Specialists from the University of Alberta, the algorithm cannot yet Absolutely guarantee to beat a Person in each game, since The layout of cards is Random, but in a long Match, the computer will always Take up.

Poker chips - Professional poker Chips

This site shows the wholesale price

This category includes poker chips With and without face valuePoker chips are one of The main accessories for playing Poker, so we provide our Customers with a wide selection Of professional poker chips of Various sizes and weights. We are a manufacturer of The offered poker chips, so Only here you can buy Poker chips at the lowest Price, wholesale or retail. Description: the Chips of this Design were used during the Filming of the movie Agent.

Casino Royale.Denominations.

You can find out the Retail price on the website Of our new online store.

Governor of Poker -hold'EM, OFFLINE POKER Mod Apk download - Governor of

Governor of Poker -hold'EM, OFFLINE POKER mod Governor of Poker -OFFLINE POKER GAME vmod Features:Three currencies used without Anti-reflection applied to unlock The full version, to remove Ads, to fix games that Are not full-screen cause The bottom of the screen, Not the whole problem Texas Hold'em poker is the World's favorite online poker game. Now play the best hold'Em poker games on Android Offline, no WiFi required! Beat every cowboy in Texas In this cool Texas hold'Em game a poker app Called Governor poker !Millions of poker players enjoy Governor's poker, without an Internet connection.With an easy Texas hold'Em poker tutorial for players Who don't know how To play Texas hold'em Poker, but want to learn How to play poker and A good opponent for star Poker players with real Texas Poker skills!Continuous play with a Texas Hold'em player is required To buy a house, play AI cowboys poker, win Texas And beat the Governor in poker.TRY GOVERNOR OF POKER FOR FREE, AND THEN UNLOCK THE COMPLETE POKER ROLE-PLAYING GAME! Get ready for many hours And hours of poker experience:- Over exciting poker players to Beat - stunning salons in amazing Cities in Texas hold'em Casino-choose from five major Poker assets. gorgeous Texas poker AI: the Best poker engine will challenge Newcomers and world poker Champions.Improve your tactics, learn how To resist different holdm styles Game your opponents, and then Watch as they 'warmed up' And tilt after showing off Your great bluff card!Players will play better in Each new city and poker Tournament, no cheating allowed! Complete history and progression:Governor poker Starts where the first game ended.The new Dallas authorities decided To impose a ban on All Texas hold'em poker Games and now believes that The game was illegal in Texas.Take matters into your own Hands and prove them wrong! Poker is not a game Of luck, but requires the Skill of poker to play Always and everywhere poker offline, No Internet connection required:there is No Internet connection required to Play Texas hold'em poker, You can just play poker Offline anywhere you want!Don't wait for real World poker games that don'T meet or leave pokergame Or struggle in every poker hand. Just play this pokergame game Against realistic AI players! customize your poker experience characters:prove That you are a big Shot by customizing your poker Style to match your reputation. Vvisit one of the many Great cowboy hat stores across Texas and get yourself the Poker Deluxe hat of your Dreams!The game is for a Great experience on all mobile Devices: phones and tablets.Travel around Texas by train, Casino or coach and play Poker EN route to the Next Texas poker city.Every city has a lot Of interesting money games and Big poker tournaments with even Bigger chip prizes, competitions and tournaments.

You will experience more checks, Calls, raises, folds and all Modules than you can imagine!Enjoy sit-n-Go tournaments, Group tournaments, highstake poker, money Games no WiFi connection required Have you always been in Texas hold'em I'm A pokee fanatic? You will love Governor of Poker ! What are you waiting for, cowboy? Click the download button and Prove that you are worthy Of the title of great Poker: Governor of poker ! Governor of poker Comments-battle: 'Makes poker accessible without being Too easy.

A great sense of personality. Great poker tutorial. this is A flash Royale 、 You can play with Your computer: 'Governor of poker Is a well-made, highly Accessible, and surprisingly addictive game For all kinds of players.'- Zhylom: 'play this challenging Poker game now!'- Miniclip stars out of: 'Hi! Finally, it's here, Governor Poker ! Packed with more and more Poker bonuses! More cities to conquer and Tournaments to play!' Note:This pokergame is free To play in Amarillo, but You will need to make A purchase to fully enjoy The game.

Texas and Omaha poker: Pokerist. for Android

Take part in weekly Sit'N'go and Shootout tournaments: Win unique cups, millions of Chips, take the first lines Of the rating! Fast Texas hold'em tournament, Where the amount of winnings Is determined when the reel spinsGet a chance to hit The giant jackpot of billion Chips! One of the most popular Poker tournaments is now available Online! Play for play multiple tables With many worthy opponents and Reach the final table! - See how many poker Tournaments you've played so Far and what achievements you'Ve made.

Buy unique properties and display Them in your profile! Take a look at the Profiles of other players and Compare yourself with them! Use a convenient chat and Message system, discuss the hands You've played, and share Your emotions with your friends And poker opponents.

Our random number generator RNG Is certified by independent experts. We guarantee that our dealers Play Texas hold'em fairly! We will help you take The first step. Use the tutorial mode, which Shows the winning combinations and Rules of the game in Texas hold'em and Omaha Poker. Start playing free Texas hold'Em Poker on your mobile Phone or tablet and continue Your game on Facebook by Saving your progress. Use your account to access All games in one app! Subscribe to the game's Page at Facebook and be The first to learn about All the promotions and news Online! This game is intended for Adult users only. The game does not involve The possibility of winning money Or anything of value. Success in this game does Not mean your success in A similar real money casino Game.

Download the Fool on An undressing APK Full

Everyone has played the fool At least once

Try to download Fool for Undressing for Android and play This exciting card game on Your deviceIt will be very interesting To arrange a real competition With very amazing prize money. There will be a game Not for money and not For points, which is so Strong it escalates.

This is the whole game Interest of its zest

The player will get a Chance to play strip games With gorgeous ladies. The entire gameplay is created In colorful graphics, and the Girls are very real. You will have to use All your skills and logic In the game, it will Not be easy to defeat The female mind. You should download Fool for Undressing for Android, because the Game is considered almost the Only one with such a Set of interesting features. If you love card games Very much, and especially the Game of fool, then you Will appreciate a great opportunity Not only to enjoy the Game process, but also to Undress the girl. Just do not think that It will be easy and Simple, because all the presented Opponents have a very smart Mindset and they have enough Experience to win several games Against you. They can undress you completely Without any problems, if of Course you give up the slack. After all, wanting to completely Undress the beauty, you need To work hard for it. Each of the beauties available In the game looks unique. as you level up, they Will be even more beautiful And sexy, so that the Fuse will last for a Long time. You may have already had To play strip games before, But now you can meet This need with the help Of a game. Discover new ladies and collect Collections from them.

Try to undress everyone to Feel like a card king.

Earn higher rankings and unlock achievements. For each game, you will Have several attempts, after which You will be stripped. Do not give up on The female sex and show How much your brain is developed.

Pokermac - the Best Ukrainian Poker room With the Game on The Hryvnia Overview

This site is not a Gambling platform

All information posted on the Site is for informational purposes onlyHaving become independent in, its Main priority was to focus On the market of its country. However, other countries are also Accepted, including Russia. The game in the poker Room is played in UAH, And players can make deposits And withdrawals through local payment Systems and banks.

Pokermatch is the largest poker Room in Ukraine

PokerMatch is owned by one Of the oldest gaming companies From the former Soviet Union Parimatch.

The main company of the Poker room has been operating Since and initially launched its Eponymous poker division within the IPoker network.

In, after leaving the network, The room was rebranded and It acquired its current name.

From that time until, the Room worked on the same Network as Pokerdom.

Pokermac spends a huge amount Of stock that attracts a Lot of players. The calendar of events is Available on the website and Is regularly updated.

Support for all popular mobile Devices and operating systems makes The client accessible.

Pokermatch is powered by software From Connected Games. The client is available for Windows, Android, and iOs users. The app for mobile devices Has the same capabilities as The client for PC. There is also a browser-Based HTML version of the Client that does not require downloading. The lobby has a standard View with the main menu, Where you can switch between Tabs with cash games and tournaments. There are additional filters for Each section: you can sort Tables by number of players And limits. In the right part of The lobby there is a List of players of the Selected table and a queue. Players can choose from three Design themes. One of them is Multi, Specially designed for multitabling and Has increased the size of The fonts. Betslider customization, -color deck, auto Purchases and buy-in are Also available. The room is not supported By the Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, And HandNote trackers.

The use of converters is prohibited.

To collect information on players, There is a system of Color tags and notes. With the help of notes, It is much easier to Choose the best table and Place directly from the lobby. By default, the game is Played in UAH. The total number of players Playing Pokermatch in the evening Hours exceeds. most of the cash traffic Comes from micro-limits, in Particular, on tables with fast Poker in -max format, which Are called Boost. Games at the regular hold'Em and Omaha tables are Not played much, usually a Little is collected at limits Up to ₴ \. The main interest in the Room is Boost.

Almost all tables by For Hold'em and Omaha games Marked jackpot, they are charged An additional.

rake on the prize pool Of the bet-bit jackpot. Learn more about the ongoing Campaign can be found on The page Rakeback on Pokermac. Pokermac one of the few Rooms where a game of Chinese poker Pineapple. In the evening, there are Up to -max tables in This discipline with a Kush Size of up to hryvnias. OFC SNGs are held in The HU and -max formats With limits up to ₴. In addition, tournaments with different Buy-in levels and guarantees Are regularly held. Single-table Chinese poker tournaments Are more popular in Pokermatch Than SNG hold'em tournaments.

In the evening, you can Find a lot of tables With bets from to UAH.

in HU Hyper-turbo or Max formats. The grid consists of no-Limit hold'em, Omaha, and OFC Chinese poker events. Contributions are calculated for players With any bankrolls: from ₴ To ₴ with guarantees of Up to UAH. The largest of them are Held on weekends: Classic Sit Go's are represented by HU, and -max dimensions. The number of tournaments played Even in the evening is Small, and the game is Mainly played at micro-limits. Pokermatch has its own SNG Windfall lottery jackpots. They are divided into types, Depending on the format and games. The prize pool of tournaments Is up to, buy-ins. The probability of winning the Jackpot is, and its amount Consists of an additional Commission Of of each buy-in. You can see the current Jackpot size in the tournament lobby. The poker room supports most Popular payment systems.

The available Deposit and withdrawal Methods depend on the currency Selected during account registration.

A list of all payment Systems, fees and limits are Shown in the table below: To be able to withdraw Funds, you need to verify The account, and in some Cases, the payment system from Which the Deposit was made. Photos of the required documents Can be sent via your Personal account on the Pokermatch Website in the Verification section. Worldpokerdeals has extensive experience with It also has a leading Position in the market of Professional affiliate services. Our level of contact with The rooms has always allowed Our players to get the Best deals. Go to client settings in The section Other \ Display Money and select a currency. Available national currency, the ruble, The Dollar and the Euro.

GGPokerOK short About the Best poker

These bonuses are not real money

Poker is not just a Game played by millions of People, it is the meaning Of life, a source of Income and much more! If you have never played Poker before, but you would Really like to try this Game and maybe even play It, then the time has come

Pokerok is a revolution in The world of poker that Came to us from Asia.

Before that, this company released Many projects related to playing For money, as well as poker.

They thought everything out just Perfectly and the finicky Asian Market appreciated this product. Now this company is entering The expanses of the CIS And Europe. Everyone can try playing on The PokerOk website and earn Their first money today.Bonuses from Ggpokerokas any other Institution, this site distributes bonuses. Only unlike many from other Poker sites, it gives you A bonus for both registering And making the first Deposit. In order to convert them To live money, you will Need to turn them several Times in the game. Experienced players can turn just A bonus into live money In just a few hours. You will have to work Harder as a beginner, but The bottom line remains that You can earn quite good Money.

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