"Where can I download The Parimatch

The easiest way to download The app is by visiting The official website from your Smartphone, where you plan to Install itA link to the "Mobile App" section will appear at The top of the screen.

On the page, select the Android app icon and download The installation file format.

The easiest way to download The app is by visiting The official website from your Smartphone, where you plan to Install it. A link to the "Mobile App" section will appear at The top of the screen. On the page, select the Android app icon and download The installation file format.

Poker in. Top poker Players here!

I'm just looking at Poker forums that are empty Compared to

Of those people who remain, Only a few play plus I'm not talking about earningsI remember - years ago I Beat the MSS NL, made A sortie on nl, got A big stick on the Head, withdrew money and forgot About it like a bad dream. I have a classmate's Dad earns on poker, and Enough to buy an apartment And change good cars every Couple of years I have A classmate's dad earns On poker, and enough to Buy an apartment and change Good cars every couple of Years quot; Earn quot; playing Gambling is impossible, you either Get lucky and you will Come out in plus or Unlucky and you will lose Your hut legs if specifically Poker you can earn money, But you will have to Invest a lot of effort In training. and if, like Dodik, he Sits down at the table, Having read a couple of Articles before and memorized the Terms, then of course you Will fly into the negative. I, by the way, was In the black, but I Was ruined by the fact That I could not invest A normal Deposit, because I Was a beggar by myself, And at some point I Was enraged to play at Low rates, and I leaked Everything under a frequent attempt To quickly get into the plus. Even if you play with A winrate of BB which Is generally very good, for Example, on NL, then you Will have to play, hands To earn even$ per day. So, either become hard-hard, Which again requires a huge Amount of time, or go For an hour in the Evenings on a fan and Do not worry. I'm just looking at Poker forums that are empty Compared to. Of those people who remain, Only a few play plus I'm not talking about earnings. I remember - years ago I Beat the MCC NL, made A sortie on nl, got A big stick on the Head, I took out the Money and forgot about it Like a bad dream.

This is about hours in Zoom on - tables

I've been playing poker For months. But with a serious approach, Of course. I took a coach,studied A lot of material, watched The inputs. Now I switched to nl. So far, dollars per month. The winrate on nl was b. In principle, I can call Myself a top reg nl Actually, if you improve, then Yes, it is quite possible. In half a year - I Plan to reach at least Nl there is a weak Field in MTT on eights, I would start there. On starzah of course more Often held Quit a few Years ago, trite in the Real world less effort and Time to spend on big Profits but these -hour late Regi just vzbeshivayut. My advice is that if You don't immediately feel Like a second ivy, then Don't start. With such perseverance hours a Day, you can earn much More in real life much earlier. If you ask me how, I can't tell you Exactly.

, - PokerStars

The portal is for informational Purposes only.

Is considered the most professional And experienced in The marketIf you have any difficulties Accessing the client and have Not received a Deposit bonus, Then you should contact the PokerStars support service. the support Service of The Largest poker room is open Around the clock, but sometimes You can expect a response From the Russian-speaking support Service until hours. If you know English, we Recommend that you contact the English-language support service to Get a response faster. Unfortunately, PokerStars does not provide A support phone number for Operational communication, and PokerStars support Does not have an online chat.

Recently, the poker room has Launched a separate Twitter account From the room's support service.

If you speak good English, You can ask your questions On Twitter. They usually respond promptly. The PokerStars player support account Is called PokerStars Support and Is available from Monday to Sunday from am to PM GMT. Cardmates is not a gambling Company and does not provide Gambling services to its visitors.

Poker Shark. Games and Apps for Android-Russian Play

PokerShark is one of the Varieties of non-limited hold'em

This game application is a Popular poker game all over The world, which counts the Audience of gamers in several Million people

Up to players can play At the same poker table At the same time.

Also In the game poker Shark there is a free Bonus issue of game chips And a chat for communication.Online poker game Shark is One of the top games On the Internet. Using this app, you can: Compete with friends and acquaintances, Improve your own gaming skills, Or learn how to play poker. Here they play for virtual Money, and this circumstance does Not confuse players, if you Take into account, that the Game is already played by Several million people. Like all other poker apps, Shark Poker also has its Own tricks and secrets, following Which you can try to Beat all your opponents.

To play, you only need To select a free poker table

Despite the fact that the Name of the game translates From English as "sharks of Poker", in reality you will Hardly be able to meet Professionals here.

And this is logical. Those people who really know How to play poker successfully And well, do not spend Their personal time playing with "Candy wrappers", but implement their Ideas in real life.Therefore, your opponents will be Approximately the same level as You, thereby allowing you to Easily defeat them in the future. In addition, you do not Even need to make an Effort, inexperienced participants will periodically Make incorrect moves on their Own.

Texas holdem Poker download

Awesome Texas hold'em poker Experience in D! Everything you love about poker Is collected in this gameExcellent graphics and addictive gameplay Will not make you bored. You can play not only With your computer, but also With your friends via the Internet. Reference: in hold'em, a Player receives two cards dark Cards, after which a round Of betting takes place. Three cards are placed on The table and flipped simultaneously Flop, and the next round Of trading occurs. After that, two more cards Are dealt on the table, And after each one is Dealt, another round of trading Takes place. The table cards are shared, And the player can use Any combination of personal cards And table cards. A player may not even Use their own cards to Form a combination at all Play at the table.

Questions about Partypoker, poker Room

PartyPoker Party Poker help me Register for Party Poker

he throws it at Frana client who gives out The client's place of Residence when registering,but I Am not a citizen of This country-what should I do? I sent the necessary documents And my phone number to The Party Poker support service So that they could help Me change the email registered In my account. And I need it to Restore the forgotten password to My account. They wrote back that in Order to change the email, They need to contact me First at the phone number I provided. And now I've been Waiting for a call for The second day, and for The second day in a Row I get messages from Support that they can't Contact me. But this is simply impossible: My phone is always on, The number is active, and You can always contact me.

It remains only to resolve The issue through correspondence

I didn't get any calls. is there a number I Can call them myself? It would help me a Lot, No phone number. Please be patient, because recently There have been long responses From support, Have you tried Reinstalling the client? Try starting on a different device. It is better to write To support on this issue, Maybe this is a bug Right now. A very big wish to Make in the app on Your phone, so that notifications Come out from above that It's time to go Or at least the tournament Has started.

And then it tells you to.Turned it off.

I opened the VK, went To pour tea.This is what I did, And that's what I Did, and that's what I signed up for. When I remember that half Of the chips are already Gone, Bonus points are given For completing missions. keep in mind that points Are not always transferred instantly. Sometimes missions involve a gradual Transfer of points to the Account, and sometimes points can Be transferred within hours after Completing the mission. For example, a gradual transfer Of points occurs for a Simple stay at the site. But there are quests, for Which you immediately get bonus Points and very good ones.

Pokerstarted is The official PokerStars poker

Freerolls are best suited for This purpose

If you've been wanting To learn all the secrets Of your favorite card game For a long time, but Haven't found the time To learn on your own, PokerStars poker school can help youPokerStarter is a unique platform Designed to help novice players Improve their skills and introduce Them to the basic and Advanced aspects of poker strategy. Here you can take several Training courses at once and Learn how to play at Cash tables, SNG and MTT Tournaments, as well as many Other disciplines and game formats. In this article, we will Provide we will give you A detailed overview of this School and tell you how To become a strong player With the help of one Of the largest educational projects In the poker community.

All the knowledge gained at School should be put into Practice as soon as possible.

Enter the promo code PSP When registering in the PokerStars Room and get access to Private freerolls without passwords. Training at the Poker Stars School takes place remotely, that Is, you are engaged in Those places and at a Time when it is convenient For you. Beginners are introduced to poker Gradually, leading them along the Way from basic knowledge and Basic strategy to advanced "chips" From the Arsenal of professional players. Information is dosed based on The student's current level Of knowledge and acquired skills. There is also a unique System of leagues – special Online competitions with the drawing Of pleasant prizes. There are different leagues, depending On the level of the player. For beginners, there is a So-called primary school League, For advanced players - the League Of masters.

suggestions for participants of the school

During the month, various tournaments Paid and free are held In both leagues. The most successful players receive A fixed portion of the Total prize pool based on The results of the draw. All information about the game Is presented succinctly and meaningfully In the framework of special Training courses.

Here you will learn all About poker and all its Main varieties.

Nothing superfluous – just useful Lessons that will definitely be Useful to you as the Game progresses.

In total, the Pokerstarter school Has courses: After completing each Of the courses, you will Be asked to take a Small test to consolidate your knowledge.

You can get full access To all the PokerStars training Materials right after you sign Up for the School. To do this: to determine Your current skill level, you Can take the test in The upper-right part of The page. After completing the test, you Will have access to educational Materials, poker leagues, a blog, A forum, and other sections Of the school. By opening the "Poker bonuses" Tab, you will be able To view the list of Special bonuses. Currently, the following bonuses are Available to students: over time, The list and content of Bonuses change. You can follow the latest PokerStars school offers in the "Promotions" section.

Many players can find a Place to start their successful Career at the Poker Stars school.

A progressive system of educational Materials, a huge library of Knowledge, videos with the participation Of professionals, quizzes, bonuses, special Leagues-all this turns the Learning process into an exciting challenge.

You don't just memorize The theory, but you instantly Test everything in practice, so That immersion in the poker Environment occurs as quickly as possible.

In other words, the Pokerstarter Poker school is primarily a Platform for beginners who are Just beginning to learn the Basics of poker strategy. Thanks to it, the learning Process can last not a Year or two, as is Usually the case, but only - months. By mastering the materials offered Here, you can make your Game more successful and profitable Without the long and painful Process of stuffing cones. PokerStarter also offers new friends, Pleasant communication, additional features and Exclusive bonuses from the largest Poker room on the planet. Most often, users from Russia Face restricted access to the site. This is due to the Blocking imposed on PokerStars by Roskomnadzor. Use the above methods to Get around it. The site may also not Open due to blocking by The system firewall or antivirus software. Try temporarily disable them and If the situation will be Corrected, add the PSO website In the exceptions for protective programs. Training lasts exactly as long As you need to master The full range of materials. No one pushes you-learn At a pace that is Convenient for you. It usually takes about - months For new players to get The basics right and move On to the advanced level. The marketing code is entered During registration in the field: Select the source, then select The Marketing code line, then Below write PSA made a Binding, how quickly will I Get money to the account? if it matters, I have Already made a Deposit on Fullilt Marketing code is entered During registration in the field: Select the source, then select The Marketing code line, then Write PSA below made a Binding, how quickly will I Get money to the account? if it matters, I have Already made a Deposit on Fullt.

Poker videos And video Strategies for NL, FL, SnG, MTT-Video

It was dedicated to planning, Setting and achieving goals

Watch the game of Coaches and strong players, listen To their advice in poker Videos and strategy lessons from The world's leading poker schoolRecording of a regular NL BSS training session with Donetsky, Which took place on December. On it, the coach showed A live game at $ long Tables, explained the recording Of The last training session this year. On it, at the $ and $ Spin Go limits, he explained His decisions and answered questions From viewers.

They learned how to analyze Their own game

Record a poker psychology training Session with xXmerabellaXx, which it Was held on December.

Here is a recording of The final lesson of the No-Limit course for beginners, Which was held on December.

Recording of the NL BSS Training session with aMoneyTM, which Took place on December.

On it, the coach showed A live game at the Nl $ long tables, explained his Favorite spin training sessions Go With MikeShipa, which was held On December. On it, the trainer played At the $ PokerStars limit, explained His decisions, and Recorded a SNG C ChDenis training session That took place on December. On it, the coach conducted An analysis of the sezonnoe game. Student plays turbo tournaments for $. at the last hand assessment Training session in, DavidSel traditionally Analyzed the user's hands, Explained the optimal paylines, and Answered the Recording of the Fourteenth training session of the Beginner course with ertik. In this lesson, students learned To read their opponents hands And think in ranges. Among other things, record a Spin Go workout from December. On it, I repeated my Stream challenge in Spin Go With lifting by limits. This time, our coach Recorded A regular NL BSS training Session with Donetsky, which took Place on December. On it, the coach showed A live game at $ long Tables, explained the Recording of The nl BSS training session With Subaru, which took place On December. It was held together with Mednuy the winner of the Promotion in honor of, subscribers-To Record the thirteenth training Session of the ertik beginner course.

In this lesson, the coach Showed a live game without Using statistics.

If you have a Recording Of the MTT training session With Exan, which took place On December. In this lesson, the trainer Sorted out the giveaways and Answered various questions from users About the recording of the MSS training session that took Place on December. On it, Subaru played at Short tables at the nl $ -$ Limits, explained its decisions and Recorded a Spin Go training Session that took place on December.

On it, MikeShipa traditionally played At the $ limit, explained his Decisions and responded to the Recording SNG c ChDenis training, Which took place on December.

This time, the audience was Waiting for a live game Performed by a trainer at The $ -max SNG Turbo limit.

All about open face Chinese poker

The jackpot was played in the period from

In order to play Chinese open poker online, you need to register on Gamblergames

For convenience, we offer a step-by-step instructions for registration.

Read more from may, GamblerGames has a new tournament schedule: Changes have also been made to the tournament regulations. Now the main criterion for determining the winner will be the number of wins in rounds, and the amount of Kush collected will be an additional indicator. to During this time, its amount exceeded $ thousand and amounted to $. The winner of the hammer received $. the Opponent received $. Prize pool the tournament Jackpot was $. The amount of the third Jackpot this weekend crossed the psychological limit of $, To get a significant part of this amount, just play at any GamblerGames tables participating in the Jackpot.

the Jackpot fell on March, at the limit of $

On March, at: Moscow time, GamblerGames will host the First pineapple team tournament. Participation of teams is free of charge. The prize pool of $ is formed at the expense of the poker room. Once we already wrote about the Chinese poker calculator app. Many people would like to see what it looks like live, while not wasting their time downloading and installing it. For them a small bonus on this calculator: Read more the Amount of the new Jackpot this weekend exceeded the limit of $, To take a significant part of this amount, just play at the tables participating in the Jackpot.

Preflop odds poker Calculator

a Calculator for calculating preflop odds of winning in Texas hold'em

Easy to use, allows you to calculate odds based on the following characteristics:- Values of two pocket cards, - Mismatched or suited pocket cards, - Number of players (up to).The calculator will show the odds of winning preflop, as well as the strength of pocket cards from possible combinations.

Fun, fast and easy to use, the preflop odds calculator is sure to help you win even more hands.

It is very convenient for training beginners who want to quickly learn how to evaluate the strength of their hand at the very beginning of a pocket card draw.

How to calculate equity in poker, real examples

Equity is one of the key indicators used in poker

This parameter indicates the share of the pot that "belongs" to the user, regardless of the results of the handThe calculation of equity in poker is based on the chances of winning.

Accordingly, if the probability of winning is, then you own of the pot, - half of the pot, and so on.

The better the combination, the higher the chances of beating opponents and the larger the part of the prize that the gamer is entitled to at a particular time. However, never, except in exceptional cases (for example, with a ready-made Flash piano), equity can not be. For simplicity, we will consider impossible situations where you know your opponents cards.

For example, take a die that needs to be rolled twice

So, for the first example, let's take a pot of chips and a pocket Pair of Aces, contrasting it with a mismatched and on the competitor's side. By entering the available data into a poker calculator, we get an chance of winning. Thus, out of the two hundred dollars invested in the Bank, you "own". However, this value is not constant, and it may change on the following streets. Even if the following community cards were laid out on the flop: now the advantage is on the opponent's side, and your chances of winning are reduced to. Accordingly, the share of" your " pot has decreased proportionally and now equals only $. The appearance of the Queen on the turn changes things again, providing you with a chance of winning and a similar amount of equity. Let's assume that you have invested only in the main and first side pot.

In this case, of the chips belong to you in each of them, and you can not claim the second side pot in any case.

To calculate equity in poker, calculators run multiple simulations of possible developments, and then average the result. The goal of the first roll is to get an even number, and the second roll is to get a multiple of three. The probabilities of these events are and, respectively.

The task will be completed in of cases, or.

If the order in which the two conditions are met is not important, then the chances are doubled. This is a somewhat simplified but clear demonstration of how poker calculators work. However, the number of simulations performed by the software is several times larger, which does not allow you to conduct them manually (unless, of course, you have a lot of extra time). But why do the probabilities change over the course of the game? The fact is that the app receives different input data on the preflop, flop, and turn. The more information the user has set, the fewer possible scenarios remain. If you enter in if all cards are on the river (General and pocket), the result will be either or. It is important not only to understand how to calculate equity in poker, but also to be able to use it. In reality, you will not know the opponents cards, which will not allow you to know exactly your chances of winning. The equity concept explains why a gamer should raise, assuming they have a nut hand. If you have the best cards, then you should make Sure, not always after such actions you will win and the risk of losing is always relevant. However, if you stick to the indicated tactics over a long distance, you will be in the black.

Poker calculator for Android

Second, poker has become telegenic

in recent years, the number of poker players is constantly growing, and growing at a rapid paceThe increase in popularity of this card game was influenced by several facts. First, the advent of online poker allowed anyone to participate in the game. However, it is not necessary to search for the nearest casino. It is enough to find a poker room online, register in it, and you can start playing. Today, poker offers a comfortable playing environment, and poker players do not even need to leave their homes to participate in a tournament or play at the cash table. Have appeared specialized channels that broadcast all interesting poker events and tournaments.

The best players are now recognizable, and millions of poker fans can watch them play live.

Poker has become an entire industry that can match the most popular sports in terms of growth rates.

It would seem that what else is needed, poker has become available even at home.

But thanks to the transition to mobile gadgets, poker is no longer tied to the home.

You can play anywhere with an Internet connection, and offline apps don't even require that.

With the growing popularity of poker, special programs began to appear that can affect the quality of the game. Poker requires a player to have good mathematical and analytical skills. If you don't have this, then you won't be able to achieve good results regularly. Therefore, players look for resources on the side to improve their game. This is no longer a problem. There is also a special software for Android. The most harmless ones among the total number of poker programs are calculators. Another app for beginners in the world of poker. This poker calculator for Android is somewhat more functional than CJ Poker Odds Calculator, but it remains just as easy to use. It is also completely free, which immediately adds several points to his karma.

The calculator will help you calculate the probabilities on freerolls or in a game with conditional chips.

If you want to analyze a hand that has already been played, you can easily do so using the Poker Equity Calculator. The Android poker calculator can compare and match different card ranges, has a more interesting interface than the previous software, and can analyze more than just starting hands.

It is suitable for both beginners and more serious players.

Professionals, of course, will not be satisfied with it, but for intermediate players it is optimal.

Poker Equity Calculator can not boast of such serious functionality as expensive programs, but if you're not a regular, you won't need them. Poker calculators are mainly used by beginners or those players who do not want to completely switch to poker software. These are lightweight helpers, easy to use, and many are free. One of the most popular programs of this kind is the CJ Poker Odds calculator for Android. This application is very easy to use, it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can understand it without any help, even for a beginner. The calculator will help you compare individual quotes that you will need to select in advance. This program does not perform complex functions, but it copes with its tasks perfectly. CJ Poker Odds Calculator is most often chosen by beginners or players who are still at the initial stage of their career. The poker calculator for Android has several modes of operation. You can choose fast mode, standard mode, or slow mode.

There are paid and free assistants

If the user sets fast mode, then it will get an instant response, while the program may skip some values. If you choose slow mode, the result will be as accurate as possible. In fact, in of cases, the calculator will give the same calculation result for both fast and slow modes. CJ Poker Odds Calculator works for free. You can find it in the Google Store, download it, and use it without financial impact. It is perfect for beginners, but for a professional game, this calculator will not be enough. This is a calculator for advanced users. It will be in demand by serious players who play for real money. Its functionality is broader than that of previous programs, but its cost is quite tangible for any player. A subscription will cost rubles, which is not far from being an unaffordable amount. Poker Cruncher calculator is a professional development that can work not only with pocket cards, but also with whole ranges, for example, of all hands or mismatched connectors. For a minimal and even ridiculous price, you will get a professional assistant who can seriously affect your results in hands.

I must say that this calculator for poker on Android only recently appeared on the market, and has not yet managed to become widely known, however, it is really a worthwhile program.

If you need accurate calculations in a Texas hold'em game, then pay attention to Texas Holdem Poker Calculator. This calculator will help you calculate the probability of winning in any particular hand. This will allow you to see your real chances and make the right conclusions about whether to continue playing. The Android poker calculator can calculate all possible hands and generate the final result in a split second, indicating the player's chances of winning. The program is designed in such a way that players can immediately understand the functionality and how to use this software. The calculator can also work in in the background mode. A huge plus is the lack of advertising.

You can calculate your probabilities by setting values for an unlimited number of players at the table.

This is a great calculator that will suit different types of poker players. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable world of poker with irakeback. On the pages of our resource you will find a lot of useful information about the subtleties of this game, which will help you become a successful player.


it is one of the main components of poker mathematics

All professional players use calculators to calculate various values in the gameWith the development of poker, there are more and more new calculators, but how to select the right program from a huge number that will be relevant for you? New products are produced not only by the leaders of this field, but also by little-known companies. In this article, we have compiled a list of those calculators that best meet the optimal functions for Android. The calculator for a novice player should be distinguished by its simplicity, accessibility and efficiency.

The flagship among poker calculators is The number of players for calculating odds: from to.

you can Calculate the number of your chances in the game from to players at the table.

With them, you will get a big advantage over your opponent

Both of these calculators are free, so you don't have to limit yourself to experimenting. There are no innovative features in these calculators, as they designed for beginners with standard features. Experience or feedback from other players will help you understand it. Professional players need calculators with advanced features, and the industry provides them with this opportunity. It can easily help you choose your hand, starting card, and ranges. And this is not all of its functions, you can say that you enter your data, and it tells you how to play.

From time to time, more and more new counting programs appear on the web, and it is difficult to identify the best one.

What calculators do you use? A useful article, especially for beginners like me. I don't remember the names of the calculators that I originally had in Android,but I didn't have time to use them when I was in the game. Although I already know their functionality, I do not dispute their usefulness. Thanks to this article, I will probably choose one of the suggested options and master it. Preflop finally a bomb. Lots of training sessions:equity, pot odds, combinatorics, Nash, EV, spharischen advise, true, I have a paid version, I bought about K rubles, there are big restrictions on the free one, but I agree to poyuzat and understand what you can do, it's not better at the moment on Android! And now the subscription costs UAH month (there is a or discount).) Don't miss your chance, the program is worth it! Cardmates is not a gambling company and does not provide gambling services to its visitors. The portal is for informational purposes only.

Poker Calculator free download for Android

You can't lose any games with such a useful tool

It can calculate the winning probabilities (so-called poker odds) for given community cards and player hands in a Texas hold'em poker gameThe results provided by this poker calculator are fast and accurate. This poker calculator is the free version of Poker Odds Calculator Pro (ad supported). If you want to donate to the development of Poker Calculator, buy the full version right now. You can download Poker Calculator for Android for free on our website.

Anderbot is home to thousands of popular games, apps, and the latest updates.

Download Poker Calculator for free for Android the latest version in Russian for your phone or tablet and enjoy using it.

Best poker calculators for Android

Today, the game of online poker is gaining great popularity

Many poker fans switch to the mobile version for several reasons: convenient play through gadgets, network accessibility, installing the application is much easier than on a desktop computer, and the player is not tied to his workplaceToday you will learn about such an application as a poker calculator for Android.

Thanks to it, the player can calculate the number of their chances of making a certain combination in online mode.

There are many similar poker apps available on Android right now, but it is very difficult to choose the best of the best.

Therefore, we will tell you about the most popular poker calculators. You can not only calculate your chances, but also determine your advantage at the beginning of the game, without community cards preflop. We bring to your attention the top most popular poker calculators on the Internet. Each of these applications has certain advantages or disadvantages, which is why they cannot be classified in places. It is recommended that you try each Android poker calculator to find out which one suits your mobile device best. You can download the one you like through the Play Market store. It is worth noting that these are not all existing poker calculators for Android. In addition to them, other "helpers"are also becoming popular. Find out, download the calculator, calculate your combinations and only win! You can find detailed reviews of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and the latest news-all this can be found on the pages of our resource.

Poker calculator for Android-download for free

It should also be noted the high quality of graphics

If you play or train using a smartphone or tablet, you should install the poker calculator for AndroidAuxiliary and training software will allow You to quickly calculate the indicators you are interested in, which can help you make the right decision in bidding, tell you whether you made the right draw, and analyze your own game. Overview of the most popular poker games calculators for mobile devices will help you choose the right app. You can also download the installation files for some of them! If you plan to use auxiliary poker software with the poker client enabled, make sure that this application is allowed by the rules of the poker room! Enterra developer specializes in poker applications and offers a poker calculator in Russian on free terms.

Many users choose this software, as it has a rich functionality and allows you to make calculations not only for hold'em poker, but also for classic and five-card Omaha (including hi-lo format).

You can use the app to take advantage of the following features: Data entry is carried out using a convenient and docile interface, and if desired, you can use voice control, which is quite convenient for smartphone users with a small screen size. You can use the program completely free of charge, but you will occasionally be shown ads from developers, which is a small drawback, but this compensates for the free use. Download the poker calculator for Android from this link For free! You can download the installation file directly to your phone or via your computer. This program is provided by Mamuso, a developer of useful programs for Android.

This software can be used for free, provided that the user is shown ads.

display of calculated metrics, large map images

However, for just $, you can purchase the paid version, with similar functionality, but without ads. After installing the program, you will learn how to access the following functions: control Keys and calculated indicators are provided in a convenient form. The app is extremely convenient to use. The English-language interface is not a disadvantage, since it is quite difficult to understand the program's operation. You can download Poker Equity Calculator from Google Play by entering its name in the app catalog. The PokerStove APP for PC is very popular, and not so long ago, developers released a mobile version with the following functionality: PokerStove Mobile software works perfectly and quickly, but has its drawbacks. First, there is no Russian-language version, which some users may not like. Secondly, a bit inconvenient functionality for data entry. To download the installation file, go to the Google Play catalog and enter the name of the program in the search bar. Thanks to mobile applications, you can make the necessary calculations from your smartphone or tablet, without having to use a PC.

It is recommended to use this auxiliary software exclusively during training sessions and when analyzing the game session.

Most poker rooms do not allow calculators that allow you to calculate probabilities and odds to be used when the game is open.

PokerStove (Poker Stove) free download for Windows and Android

Here you can download poker Stove For free use

Pokerstove is the most popular poker calculator that you can download and use absolutely for freeThis is a functional odds calculator that will allow You to calculate probabilities at any trading levels. Using it is very simple and this app is recommended for all beginners! Actually PokerStove is an open source program created in. During this time, it has been improved many times, and many different versions have been released - poker portals and players themselves have tried their best. The official website of the application does not, it spreads through file-sharing sites freely. MB, ZIP archive. Below you will find instructions on how to use the calculator! Don't download software from questionable sources or torrent trackers. It is recommended to download the installation file from our website! If you downloaded a ZIP archive with a file from our link, you need to find it in the "Downloads" folder or in another directory on Your computer, if a different folder was selected for downloading. To install the application on your computer, you don't need to unpack the archive.you can simply open it with an archiver, such as WinRAR, and follow these steps: Installation takes only a few seconds, because the file is small. After the installation is complete, you can start the Poker calculator on Stove and use all its functions. You can also install the app on your phone. The easiest way to do this is through a computer. To install PokerStove on Android, follow the following instructions: Poker Stove is not demanding on the computer's capabilities and you can use It even on fairly outdated PCs and old versions of Windows. In the lobby of the software You will see an entry to register a license, after clicking on that You will be asked to visit developer's website and purchase a license.

The app's website has been down for a long time! You can use the program completely free of charge.

After installing the poker calculator, open the app by clicking on its icon on the desktop or in the start menu (it doesn't start automatically after installation). You will see a lobby with a list of players. These are virtual opponents and You, who need to set pocket cards so that the calculator calculates equity for each participant in the game. Depending on your own goals, you can assign cards to a certain number of players or enter a range.

Apps downloaded from there can: contain viruses

You can do this manually, using the English keyboard layout or using a virtual deck, which is more convenient.

To open it, you need to click on the player-the "Player" button.

The calculator makes calculations not only for preflop, but also for subsequent trading levels, so you can also specify the Board cards and calculate the odds based on them! You can save the results so that you can save them later. go back to them again.

WARNING: do not use the PokerStove app while the PokerStars client is running.

This threatens to block your account! The security service instantly recognizes and responds: It is difficult to calculate the odds in your head, of course. It is impossible to remember the probabilities for all situations. The calculator allows you to quickly find out what chances of winning You will have with specific pockets of cards, without making mental calculations. For a beginner - this is an opportunity to understand which pocket cards have the greatest potential, and how their value changes depending on the number of players at the table. It is not so easy to use the calculator while playing at the poker table.

The online game does not give you much time to think and you may not be able to use the manual odds calculator in time.

And this is not so convenient - it is better to purchase paid software that automatically calculates indicators by reading data from a poker client. The odds calculator is also useful for analyzing your own game. The player needs to analyze their sessions to identify their own mistakes. By calculating the probabilities for the hands you have already played, you will see whether you have played correctly or entered the game with a hand that has a low chance of winning. The PokerStove odds calculator is a very useful tool for beginners, although many experienced poker players use it when analyzing their own session. Download Poker Stove for free - this is another reason to install the app and use it for training and training sessions.

Poker calculator for Android download for free in Russian

You can use your voice to set data and quickly get results

More and more users prefer to use mobile devices for playing poker, training, and training

It is not surprising that not only poker programs are available for mobile devices, but also auxiliary software, including poker calculators.

To analyze game sessions or guide you during the game, you can download the poker calculator for Android, which is convenient to use from your smartphone or tablet.

There are several versions available choose the app that suits you best in terms of functionality! Remember: poker rooms prohibit the use of programs that determine probabilities, including odds calculators! If you use the calculator together with the poker app at the same time, your account may be blocked in the poker room.

You can use this poker calculator for Android download in Goggle Play for free in Russian. The developer is Enterra, a company specializing in poker software.

Objectively, the calculator offered by this developer for mobile devices is the most functional.

Its features are as follows: to download this program, enter the words "Enterra poker calculator"in the search bar of the Google Play catalog. You can download it directly to your phone or first to your computer, and then copy it to your smartphone. The only drawback that this poker calculator for Android has is that it contains ads for developer applications. However, it is not very annoying and it is easy to put up with it. This calculator is convenient to use right when playing poker, if you play from a computer and use the calculator from your phone. In addition, since the calculator will work on a smartphone, the poker room will not be able to catch You using auxiliary software when the poker app is open.

Stove poker is one of the best poker games in The world

Quite popular calculator for mobile devices Poker Equity Calculator, which can also be installed on an Android smartphone via the Google Play app. This application is less functional than Enterra, but it deserves attention due to a number of features: Despite its advantages, the poker Equity Calculator for Android has a significant drawback-the lack of a Russian-language interface.

The program is provided for free! There is also a paid version called Poker Equity Calculator Pro.

You can buy it for about $. for a fairly small fee, which, according to the developers, will go to the further development of the project. In terms of functionality, this app is no different from the main free version, except for the absence of ads! Your small donation will help improve the calculator and expand the functionality of new versions. the oldest poker calculators, which today can be used on various operating systems, including Android.

The mobile version is free, and you can download it from Google Play by typing "PokerStove"in the search box.

It can be a great utility tool, allowing you to use the following features: As if showing off its speed, the Poker Table calculator shows the time it takes to make calculations. In most cases, these are hundredths of a second, which is an excellent indicator, given that the program runs on a mobile device, and not on a computer. But again you can't do without drawbacks - there is no Russian-language interface! When choosing a poker calculator for Android, you should try different programs in turn. This is the only way To understand which of them is actually the most convenient for You! But most importantly, use the calculator carefully and avoid running it while the poker app is running.

Equity in poker: what it is and how to count it PokerHouse

The total equity of Player 's hand will be equal to

To learn how to consider equity in poker, the player needs to learn the basic techniques to do this manually or using the programOf course, today manual techniques are used much less often than machine ones, but a true professional should have all the available means of obtaining information about the game. So, let's look at the main ones algorithms for calculating equity.

After reading the following points, you will learn how to calculate equity in poker under any circumstances.

Modeling the full range of possible situations is Probably the most common equity calculation algorithm, which is found mainly in poker calculators.

The essence of the method is a fast machine analysis of all possible outcomes in a particular situation.

In this case, the poker player gets all the information about the game in three indicators: the number of hands lost, the number of hands won, and the number of hands where the pot was divided between players. The Monte-Carl method is a Popular algorithm based on the law of large numbers (the average indicator for a larger initial sample will be closest to the expected value).

The algorithm is based on random modeling of the possible outcome of the hand.

This algorithm is most often used in games with a large number of participants, where modeling the full range of possible outcomes would take too long time limit.Estimation of the hand's chances of gain is a Method that is applicable in the context of manual equity calculation.

Due to its simplicity, this algorithm can be applied directly during the hand, but for the same reason, the results of evaluating the chances of a hand may not always reflect objective reality.

When using the manual method, the calculation takes into account the odds of gain for the weakest hand, as well as its equity and potential pot share for the strongest possible hand.Examples of calculating equity in poker With machine algorithms everything seems to be clear and without clarification, but the manual method requires some clarification.

Let's look at successful examples of calculating equity in poker using the algorithm for estimating the chances of a hand getting a gain:Player A hearts Player the second player's Hand is weaker, and therefore it will be used to calculate the chances of possible gains. In order to manually calculate the pot share for Player 's hand, you also need to know some fundamental probabilities. So, and will get a pair before the river in approximately of the outcomes, but in of the outcomes, an overcard will be added to the Board, bringing a pair to the stronger hand of Player, so these will be deducted in the final calculation.A weak hand will collect a peak flush with a probability of about.

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To convert the equity value to the equivalent amount of money, multiply its value with the existing Bank: EQ Eq * Pot. So, if in the above example the pot was equal to $, then in monetary terms the equity will be $. Now that you've reviewed the examples of calculating equity in poker, it's time to hand over a small cheat sheet that will be a great helper for beginners in their first real money games. Equity calculation table one of the most convenient and fast ways to calculate the pot's share in a hand is to use the starting hand odds table.

The poker equity calculation table is very easy to use and should always be used first.

be at the player's fingertips. Of course, later you will learn to calculate equity in your mind even much faster than when searching in the table, but now, to consolidate the obtained material and understand the gradation of equity coefficients, we recommend that you read it. So, the equity table in poker contains a column of starting hands and a row with the number of opponents at the table (from to). You just need to find your starting hand in the left column, and based on the number of opponents in the hand, choose the appropriate equity Option.the site is intended for people over the age of PokerHouse is an exclusively informational resource. The site does not provide any gaming platforms, is not an organizer or advertising of gambling. (as amended on.) 'On state regulation of activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

What is equity value in poker, the definition and calculation of

The exception may be a bluff situation

Equity in poker is one of the most complex terms in game theoryIt is especially often encountered by novice players, which adds more and more problems to the study. Despite the difficulty of understanding, equity is one of the most important concepts in the poker vocabulary, without which the game process in many cases is devoid of the slightest meaning. Equity is a percentage value the ratio that determines the part of the total pot that will go to the player in the future. Simply put, the term indicates the amount of funds from the entire pot, the probability of which is calculated based on the possibility of winning a particular hand. Using equity when playing hold'em makes it possible to determine the profitability of a particular situation. So, if the indicator is or more, the grinder gets an additional probability of profit in the long run, depending on the stake or raise of the available bet. A percentage below the specified value is unprofitable and is most often not used. A player who has information about the probability of winning will be able to make the most correct decision at any time and save the chips from unnecessary loss. Many poker players wonder how to calculate equity in poker. Contrary to popular belief, produce the correct one calculating the percentage ratio using only your own knowledge is almost impossible. The player will be able to predict a particular situation a little, based on the calculation of the mathematical expectation and modeling only approximate actions. In this case, it is best to resort to special calculators. This algorithmic method is implemented using software and analytical tools and is used in most poker calculators. The point of this method is to calculate all possible options on the table.

The mathematical formula assumes a proportional relationship, where the number of winning outcomes is related to the number of losses and situations in which the pot is divided between players.

in poker terminology, it is quite difficult to overestimate

This algorithm is most effective in calculations where there are a large number of poker players playing at the same time, since the number of participants in the hand is directly proportional to the calculation time and the cost of the generated capacity. The essence of this method is to modulate a random game situation then you will have to wait for a certain hand and calculate the number of samples or iterations that are infinite (until the player turns off the analysis). Based on the law of mathematical expectation, the analyzed data converted to a percentage will be as close as possible to the correct value.

The method is most simple when manually checking data using a regular calculator.

Due to the absence of some positions, including redro, the calculation results have some error. As part of a computer implementation, this method takes the least amount of time that is used for software miscalculation. At the same time, the main point of the analysis is to collect the chances of the weakest hand for its further strengthening, based on which the indicator is calculated, it is more appropriate to use manual calculations using browser-based or desktop calculators. In this case, the player must enter the required values with their own hands, including the position at the table, the size of the pot, the state of the game table, and much more. use tables with previously prepared data. However, keep in mind that the values given in them are most often not suitable for specific situations, including the opponent's style of play. In recent years, the poker industry has experienced an unprecedented boom. With the spread of the Internet around the world, the thirst for easy money online, like a gold rush, captured the minds.

Personal poker calculator. Part two - " Poker in Moscow»

games in the late stages of tournaments

In the first part of this article, we've introduced you to one of the many online ICM calculators that are designed to help players understand the math basicsThe calculator can serve as a powerful impetus for improving your game strategy, but it is not suitable for all ICM situations. For example, the calculator I'm used to using allows you to enter no more than five prizes. In principle, you can use it, for example, for a -person sit-n-go tournament with seven paid places, but you will have to ignore the bottom two prizes. However, this drawback will make the calculations a little less accurate. The calculator is even less applicable when analyzing situations in tournaments for people or more. Many players find themselves stuck with a pushbot stack of BB when there are only players out of left in the game. Doubling down in this situation will allow you to feel much more comfortable, and perhaps this is an excuse for a little gambling.

Ultimately, you should still aim for the top and above

Certain situations may be profitable in terms of money ($EV), but they are not profitable with the point of view of chip (-cEV).

Traditional ICM calculators can't handle situations like this. Also, the calculator will not be able to perform a correct analysis if the tournament uses a non-standard payout system or additional bonuses, such as knockout tournaments or tournaments with the possibility of intermediate cashout, which recently appeared on Full Tilt Poker.

Shootout tournaments (single elimination) also do not fall under the standard ICM system, since in them winning a qualifying tournament does not affect the overall tournament share.

In all these cases, you will not be able to get an accurate analysis of the situation using the ICM calculator.

there will always be a certain error.

The main criticism of ICM calculators is that they directly link equity in monetary terms and in chips. Let's take another look at the situation analysis from the first part of the article: PokerStars Game: Tournament, $ $ $ USD Hold em No Limit-Level VI: ET For each this calculator determines the break-even point between positive and negative draw outcomes. All other things being equal, if your hand is stronger than your opponent's specified range, you have positive equity. But the fact of the matter is that others are not always equal. You need to take into account your own strength and the strength of your opponents. Push and call ranges can vary greatly depending on the level of the opponent and their characteristics. Will he defend the blinds loosely? Or go all-in on a wide range? Or maybe he, sitting to your left, will wait for aces and take for happiness just getting into the money? Instead of trying to label TAG LAG weak passive crazy NIT, etc, I use a calculator just to calculate the ranges. The optimist inside me keeps saying: "I'm stronger than them! Why should I use a utility that shows the opposite?", and the realist shuts him up and convinces him to accept the ranges calculated on the calculator. To calm down the egoist in yourself, you can conduct an analysis ICM manually.

After all, it is always important to understand what is really happening.

For a particular hand, this calculation is not so difficult. You will need to calculate three parameters: when performing an ICM analysis manually, you can take into account various external indicators that affect the draw. You can also calculate the profitability of other game decisions in addition to all-ins for example, is it worth drawing a flush draw or straight draw in a particular situation when the odds are:? In addition, you can adapt the calculations to suit your opponent who is in tilt and going all-in on any two cards. In order to perform such calculations manually, you need to be able to work with a poker probability calculation program like PokerStove, but the process may seem tedious if you don't like math.

But at its core, poker is still a mathematical game.

Of course, you can use reads, tells, natural instincts, and so on to determine your opponent's range.

But when it comes to when it comes to how you stand relative to this range and what you should do with your chips, math comes into play.

Consider the ICM as a model and the calculator as a tool, and you will gain a game advantage over your opponents. Here is an example of self-calculating the profitability of a fairly complex call. You may, of course, disagree with the percentages I will use in my calculations. I must admit that I often use examples that show the differences between $EV and-cEV. Readers disagreement with the percentages I use does not negate the value of mathematics and does not negate the essence of the ICM model. Consider a tournament online for people, in which from to place the prize is $. buy-in, from to and. buyins from to and. buy-ins, and the top are paid, on average, buy-ins.

Bubble just ended.

With a stack of, chips, you are ranked twelfth out of the remaining eighteen players, and doubling will take you up to fourth place. A sufficiently loose player with a stack larger than your own goes all-in from the catoff. You are in the big blind position and you have Js in your hands. Assume that the catoff range includes any pairs, broads, and aces. PokerStove shows that Js is a: underdog against its range. Suppose if you win this hand and rise to fourth place, then you will have chance to finish in the top, on the spot through, and on place from to and from to. If you decide to throw out your cards in a pass and lose about a tenth of your stack, then, for example, in of cases you can finish in the top, in from th to th place, in from th to th place, and in from th to th place. As a result of our calculations, we can see that calling Js from the big blind, even though we are underdog, is the most profitable move in this situation.

The concept of equity in poker. How to calculate equity during the game. Strategy of playing poker with equity

For this purpose, the concept of equity was introduced

The popularity of poker around the world has naturally led to the creation of a powerful theoretical framework covering all aspects of this exciting and versatile gameGiven that the cards in poker are dealt randomly, one of the most important topics in the theory of this game is the probabilistic analysis of possible combinations. Let's look at what this term means, and what types of equity generally exist in poker. Equity (Equity) is translated from English as a share in the capital. In poker, this concept means almost the same thing, only it is a share in the pot. And to be more specific, this is the part of the pot that you own, based on the current probability of winning at the moment. For example, if your hand is likely to win, then you can say that you have equity. Let's look at how the amount of equity is calculated in poker, using a specific example. Let's say we have AA black suits preflop, and we are still in the game against one opponent who, in the process of betting preflop, showed us that he most likely has AK. There's $ in the Bank. What is the probability of our winning at the moment? Even if you have a good knowledge of probability theory, you will not be able to calculate the chances of winning in your mind, since you need to take into account not only the probability of two kings falling out of the three remaining in the deck in favor of your opponent, but also making combinations such as straight and flush. To quickly calculate equity in poker, you can use a special calculator that can be found online as a separate application or online on a poker site. Entering the initial data into the poker calculator, we get that our equity is of $, that is, $, provided that all cards are dealt and the opponent does not fold.

There is also such a thing as fold equity

Of course, the calculated equity value will not be constant when the next cards are drawn, as the situation may change radically. Imagine that with the above input data, the following cards appear on the flop: Q diamonds, diamonds, clubs. Since we don't have an ACE of diamonds, the opponent may have one. In the worst case scenario, he may have AK diamonds, so we will make a new equity calculation based on the most pessimistic scenario. At the same time, the poker calculator will show that we already have a chance of winning, we can say that this is a coin. If a heart appears on the turn, our equity will again be significantly higher than the opponent's. To win us, the opponent needs one of the remaining cards in the deck, which is exactly of the chances of winning (jacks or diamonds: from diamonds to diamonds and from diamonds to diamonds). The poker calculator (or equalizer, in other words) simply goes through all the possible options for drawing cards in the process of calculating the equity value on each street, while memorizing the resulting probability. If the same parameters are entered again, the equity value calculated by the program may differ slightly by only a fraction of a percent. This means that the data obtained in a practical way differs from the theoretical ones. Thus, the equalizer constantly corrects the results of the same calculated situations, making the calculation of equity more accurate each time. Of course, it is very convenient when we can know our chances of winning using our assumptions about the opponent's hand and special programs, but how to use all this in practice when playing poker? Unfortunately, in most cases, we will not be able to calculate our equity more or less accurately like this, since we do not see the opponent's hand. Using statistics collection programs, you can only assume the range of hands played most frequently by your opponent, and then only if you have met them online at the same table more than once. In this case, the program it will help you calculate the average value of equity in a particular hand, but you should not rely on this data, since even with a narrow range of opponent's hands, the value of your equity in a particular hand can vary greatly. However, equity generally gives us the idea that we should bet appropriately when we think our hand is better than our opponent's, or we should fold when our equity is low. Many poker players, trying to figure out how to calculate the value of fold equity, type the formula in the search for fold equity, although in fact there is no exact formula for this. Fold equity is an abstract concept that means the probability of the opponent discarding cards in the event of our bet. For example, if your opponent re-raised on the flop, and you decided that your equity wasn't enough to continue playing your hand by simply accepting your opponent's bet, so you decided to go all-in based on fold equity, which is the probability of winning the pot already on the flop may be higher than the probability of winning if the hand is played again. We hope that your knowledge of equity in poker will help you make the right decisions in most hands. Do not forget that an active game with good equity at a distance can bring you a good income.

Working strategies for playing Chinese poker Pineapple

Chinese open poker is a very interesting and specific game

OKP appeared quite recently, tournaments on this game began to be held in the early sThe main goal of the game, as in other types of poker, is to collect the strongest combination of cards, in OKP there is also a dealer's chip, which moves clockwise after each hand. But this is probably where all the similarities with the usual poker game end. Collect in one round of Chinese poker will have not one, but as many as three. For this purpose, each player has three boxes on the table, one above the other. The first one is for three cards, the second and third for five.

Its rules differ significantly from hold'em and Omaha

But you will have to follow the order of card combinations: in the topmost box there should be the lowest combination, in the second - the average strength, and in the third - the strongest. If a player violates this order (for example, if the second combination is stronger than the last one), then the hand is declared dead and the player loses the hand. The game uses all the classic poker card combinations: high card, pair, two pairs, set, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, Royal flush. It is only possible to put three cards in the first box, so it is natural that the highest combination that is possible in it is a set of aces.

During its short history, the OKP has already managed to divide itself into several varieties: to OFC classic, Pineapple and turbo.

The main differences in these varieties are the way cards are dealt and points are counted for combinations. This article will cover the strategy Of playing Chinese poker "Pineapple".

The strategy of the game cannot be explained without touching on its rules.

Therefore, in this section, we will look at the progress of the game in the round, the method of scoring points,as well as other features of Pineapple poker. One game session is usually divided by the number of hands, which is equal to the number of players at the table. Usually at the table no more than three people play. Each round in the game is divided into four hands. In the first game, players receive five cards, which are immediately laid out in boxes. In all the others, there are three, from which they choose two and put them open on the table, and the third one is dropped off. The player gets points both for comparing the collected combinations and for the combinations themselves. Game points are called kushi. In this case, the combinations in each box are compared separately. For each winning combination, the player gets jackpot, and for the losing combination, on the contrary.

If the player has all the combinations in the boxes at once, then he gets Kush, and the second player will have.

As for scoring points for the collected combination, the rules differ for each box.

In the three-card box, kushi is not awarded for all combinations of cards.

So, the lowest combination is a pair of sixes. It gives you jackpot. The price of each subsequent combination increases by one jackpot: a pair of sevens - Kush, a pair of eights- Kush, etc. For the maximum combination the first box, a set of aces, is awarded points. In the second box, points are awarded starting from the set, for which you can get Kush. Any street is Kush, flash, full house Kare straight flush, Royal flush -. Scoring in the last box starts with a straight - Kush. For a flush, you can get - Kush, for a full house, a square, a straight flush- and a Royal flush. In the event that one of the players managed to collect a pair of Queens or something higher in the three-card box, then in the next round he will have to collect the so-called "fantasy". The rules change for this player. In the first hand, he receives fourteen cards at once, thirteen of which the player immediately puts in boxes, and the fourteenth is thrown out at the end. The player who lays out a fantasy is given the right to make the first move, regardless of his position at the table. If there is more than one such player in a round, they do it together. The round then proceeds in the usual order. When a fantasy round is played, the chip is the button doesn't move and the order of moves doesn't shift. Each fantasy increases the duration of the game session by one round. You can repeat the fantasy only once in one game, and to do this, you need to collect a set in the three-card box, a full house in the second or a square in the lower box. But what should be the strategy of playing Chinese pineapple poker in Chinese Pineapple poker, game styles with similar names are common. So, the tight style is characterized by the fact that players try to lay out their cards according to the rules. This strategy is usually used by beginners and in the long run it is ineffective, especially when playing with experienced OKP players. Such players concentrate on maintaining the order of combinations, while neglecting high combinations of cards. In most cases, they work on collecting pairs, two pairs, or sets. But all this has its advantages. For example, when someone collects a dead hand, the others get for nothing. In such a situation, the extent to which it doesn't matter if the opponent's combinations are strong. Loose and aggressive style in this type of poker is mixed into one concept. This is the exact opposite of a tight style. The motto of aggressive players can be expressed in the phrase "ban or disappear". On the contrary, they tend to collect the best combinations. Of course, this does not happen as often as we would like.

In most cases, this is a losing strategy For playing Chinese Pineapple poker, but one successful round can compensate for losses.

The strategy of playing Pineapple poker varies depending on the number of players at the table. As you know, there should be a Golden mean in everything, so when playing OKP "Pineapple" you need to find a balance between tight and aggressive strategy. If there is only one opponent in the game against you, then you can afford to play more aggressively. In this situation, when collecting a dead hand, the penalties are not so terrible. If there are several opponents, then on the contrary, it is better to shift towards the tight style and pay more attention attention to the sequence of combinations. In this case, the probability that one of the opponents will collect the highest combination is higher. Therefore, you should pay attention to things that directly depend on you. Since players play their combinations in the open, the math in this game has a higher value. But the numbers about the probability of collecting any combination are significantly different from hold'em or Omaha. So, having a flush draw in any box, you can improve it with a probability of. In Pineapple, the more useful skill is not reading the opponent, but memorizing the cards. Cards are placed on the table open, so when counting outs, you need to take them into account.

Position in the game is also very important.

The player on the button knows all the moves of their opponents, so they are more informed and can better think through their actions during their turn. When you get the first five cards, you need to distribute them across several sectors. It's not often that you can get a straight or flush right away. Then as follows laying out the cards depends only on the specific situation and tactics that you have chosen. However, there are recommendations that will allow you to feel more confident at the table: the strategy of Chinese Pineapple poker is very different from the strategy of hold'em or Omaha. Players can see each other's cards, so most decisions will be based on calculations, not on reading the opponent.

You can find detailed reviews of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and the latest news-all this can be found on the pages of our resource.

Calculating odds with Pokerbility

Thanks to the new marketing policy of Lucky Ace Poker, a review of which we will soon publish, our players can now get a lifetime license to use the universal poker calculatorpokerbility for free

This calculator is based on the proprietary Combi-Calc formulas and allows you to automatically calculate outs for you in real time, the strength of your hands, give advice on the most winning bets right now, and much more.

The calculator is fully customizable and supports almost all the poker rooms in our review.

I think that many novice poker players will appreciate having such a great program at hand.

In order to get your full license for this calculator for free, which usually costs $, you just need to go to the lucky Ace Poker poker room and start playing poker for real money. That is, despite the considerable cost, this calculator will be virtually free for you! In addition to the full license for the poker odds calculator (see the link for a detailed description), you will also receive all the other bonuses of this poker room, including up to$ on your first Deposit and access to a regular $ Freeroll. The site "Profit Poker" is designed to provide users with information about the opportunities, pros and cons of online poker, provide a high-quality review of poker rooms and provide training information so that players can improve the level and success of their game.

Answers Mail: poker calculator. does it help or not? what are the reviews and who uses them

This is absolutely essential for analyzing your sessions

Radmir CRMP how Many slots for cars gives-the most expensive mobile home, kV in ARZ city, and kV Kremlin (added in.) Depending on what you mean by the calculatorThere is A pokerstove program (see the site-my nickname, there is a software section in the School), well, or analogues. You calculate the equity of your hand against your opponent's range in various situations, and this allows you to develop a 'feel' for how to proceed in a real game.

Use the latest versions of browsers to work correctly

And there are 'calculators' that give hints - calculations of the pot's chances during the game. Such programs are prohibited by all poker rooms, and are most often detected by them, which leads to account blocking - a ban on gambling and loss of money, so I highly do not recommend using such programs. If you want to learn how to play well, see the School on the same site. Also, the Advanced cash strategy section-poker Math explains how and why to do these calculations.

We are constantly adding new functionality to the main interface of the project.

Unfortunately, older browsers are not able to work well with modern software products.

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