No Deposit Free poker Bonuses in

They are usually represented as Up to $ or $

There is quite a high Level of competition among online Poker rooms

Each room tries to look More attractive in the eyes Of a potential new player, So it offers all sorts Of promotions and bonuses.

One of the most attractive Bonuses, of course, is free money.

For meeting the conditions of Poker rooms

Overall, free bonuses to play In poker can be divided Into several types: Bezdepy are Given to the player free Of charge, that is, for Free, just for registering or Completing a quiz test.The most popular sites that Distribute no deposits: you get Free money immediately after making A Deposit. In other words, not only The Deposit amount appears on Your gaming account, but also Additional money. These bonuses need to be Wagered and are usually limited In time. Deposit bonuses give the maximum Profit for the player, so They should be taken to The maximum. The bonus is usually calculated As the ratio of rakeback Or rake return to the Bonuses received. That is, in the end, It turns out that you Play without rake or even Earn just playing at zero.

How to Get a $ Partypoker Deposit Bonus

Innovation has led to increased revenue

Party Poker company was founded In, and since then the Poker room has gained huge popularityTo date, the service offers A large number of favorable offers. And now the company ranks Fourth among online poker players, Providing an interesting partypoker bonus. The average online player in A room is more than A thousand players, so finding A game at medium or Low limits is quite simple. This year, the company launched A special promotion, thanks to Which you can earn up To four hundred dollars a Day, taking part in games For money. Here, fans of cash games Can try their hand at High-speed tables – where After folding, you will immediately Be moved to the next Table and take part in A new hand, waiting for The end of the old one. But if you if you Are a fan of MTT Tournaments, then this is a Great option where you can Find a suitable option for The type of game.

You can also get a No Deposit bonus patypoker, to Do this, simply pass the registration.  However, it should be Taken into account that this Offer applies to those who Did not have an account In the poker room and Are limited in time.

Party Poker regularly hosts freerolls Not only for beginners, but Also for those who already Have their own account.

Party Poker offers a special Loyalty program

A distinctive feature is that Tournaments are held twice a Day for players from the Former USSR countries. Prize pools range from $ to $.

As a person plays at The tables, they will collect Points by moving through the Level of keys.

The more points accumulated, the Higher the key level will Be, and therefore the indirect Rakeback will be better.

At the highest level, this Value is fifty percent.

As for the rake, its Values are they are equal To the standard that many Poker rooms charge.

Pokerdom information And answers

I already have an account On Pokerdom

Can I connect it to GipsyTeam to participate in your Tournaments and promotions? I already have an account On PokerdomCan I connect it to GipsyTeam to participate in your Tournaments and promotions? Pokerdom does not allow you To sign an existing account To the gipsyteam affiliate program.

On October, all players will Receive level in the " steps" system.

ruble of rake point, after Gaining a certain number of Points, you move to a New level and get a Random cash prize.

Levels are not reset to Zero, and the range of Cash bonuses is from to, rubles.

On average, the first program Gives rakeback, but they are Distributed unevenly: the largest bonuses Are given at high levels.

If you prefer fixed payouts To random, enter the TIMEMACHINE Promo code in the client And switch to the rakeback System with monthly payouts depending On your activity.

If you meet the rake Requirements for two consecutive months, The rakeback will be increased.

Attention! Starting from October, all withdrawal Restrictions related to the mandatory "Wagering" of deposits with the Exception of special bonus offers Will be lifted.

This is only possible during registration

Due to these changes, when Withdrawing funds to any payment System, a single Commission of Will be deducted regardless of The number of withdrawal requests Made by the client earlier. Please also note that when Making internal transfers between players, The recipient of funds will Be charged a Commission of. Send a scanned image or Digital photo of the first Page of your passport in A spread, so that the Document clearly shows the photo, Full name, date of birth, Series and passport number to The post office. please Note that Pokerdom representatives On the forum are not Support staff. All questions that directly or Indirectly require the use of The user's personal information Should be addressed to the Official support of the room. In theory, soul should now Appear and say that if It is financially profitable to Delete the history and hundreds Of user opinions, then this Is normal and everyone does It in General. Roskomnadzor had some complaints about The previous topic on Pokerdom. Yesterday, it was included in The " Unified register of domain Names, site page pointers on The Internet and network addresses That allow identifying sites on The Internet that contain information That is prohibited from being Distributed in the Russian Federation." To avoid blocking access To the entire forum, we Have closed access to the Pokerdom topic on the forum. As soon as we find Out what exactly Roskomnadzor's Claim was, we will provide Access to all the content Of the previous topic in The form of an archive Link or in some other Convenient form. It crashed from the account, I had to go through Authorization for a month, at First I didn't understand Where the theme with pokerdom Disappeared from the bookmarks, it Turns out that it was Created from scratch. Yes, and in the meantime, I have been waiting for A payment of about K For days. I hope I'm the Only one? Strange events around pokerdom recently. Is he paying at all Yet, or isn't he already? Meanwhile, I have been waiting For a payment of about K for days. I hope I'm the Only one? Strange events around pokerdom recently. Is he paying at all Yet, or isn't he already?. The amount accumulated in the Beginners Bad Beat Jackpot BBB Jackpot will be combined with The total Bad Beat Jackpot For hold'em tables. BBB Jackpot tables will also Be converted accordingly. I hope with all my Heart that the new loyalty Program will not be of This type.

Rakeback payments once a week, Accordingly, the rake plan is Also for a week: Meanwhile, I have been waiting for A payment of about K For days.

I hope I'm the Only one? Strange events around pokerdom recently. Is he paying at all Yet, or isn't he already? I received tr after skidding In October - within a couple Of hours, there are people Who withdraw hundreds of thousands Every month-most likely there Are real problems on the Side of the processing operator,- You know, poker is prohibited On the territory of the Russian Federation, the PD's Bank is not Russian. I hope with all my Heart that the new loyalty Program will not be of This type. Rakeback payments are made once A week, so the rake Plan is also for a Week: Maybe my site is Buggy, but in the morning When I went to the PD to me in the Faq section about this table And flew out with payouts Once a week and unrealistic Levels for rakeback more than Please do not cut off From me weak players in Hu, go open a bunch Of tables like the smartest, And the fact that I Sat the game started if You prefer a four-color Deck and want to disable Animation of avatars, these features Will be available in your Profile settings. If you sign up for Poker rooms through GipsyTeam, you Will receive rake statistics, bonus Points for in-store purchases, Exclusive promotions, and extended support.

Poker first Deposit bonus Of the

points are awarded for wagering $ Of rake

Poker offers generous bonuses to All users, but especially want To mention the reward that You get for a gaming Account at the siteSo with minimal by investing, You can understand the rules Of the room, try out Different disciplines and take part In prestigious tournaments with significant Prize pools.

When making your first Deposit At Poker, you can try One of the bonus options: An instant bonus of $ or An increase in the Deposit Amount by.

Important point: you can only Use one of the options, The promotions are not valid At the same time. We also recommend that you Clear your browser cache so That you don't get Incorrect information: promo codes for Bonuses can only be used once. Immediately after the first Deposit At Poker, you will receive $ To your gaming account, which You can use to play At the cash tables. The maximum time for the Bonus to be credited to Your account is hours.

To win back $, you need To collect such points

In order to withdraw the Bonus $ from your account, you Need to win back the rake. But this is not all Bonuses First Deposit poker using This promo code. Players also get tickets for Freerolls: Now you need to Choose which of the promo Codes for the first Deposit You will choose: a smaller One, but easy to play, Or a larger one, but With special conditions. Another option for the poker Deposit bonus is promo code XXX for exclusive closed freerolls. The peculiarity of such tournaments Is that only players with A promo code participate in Them, which means that random Poker players with questionable game Tactics are unlikely to come Across at the tables. Register and enter the promo Code for freerolls via the Poker website or client, then The game room will automatically Open at the right time. All Poker promo codes are Valid only for the Deposit bonus. In other words, you definitely Need to verify your account And top up your gaming Account with at least $ to Participate in the promotions.

EAPT Grand Final November -: partypoker Returns to

The first one was held Back in February in Minsk

We want you to be The first to know all About our festivals, poker news, And exclusive awards and promotions, So let us know if You'd like us to Contact you by choosing one Of the options below: after Months of waiting, partypoker returns To Sochi! The first festival supported by Partypoker LIVE at Casino Sochi Will be held from November To, when the eapt Grand Final will be held! Despite all the difficulties with Organizing live episodes in this Year, the Eurasian poker tour Will hold three of the Four planned stagesThe second one was completed Recently-in September in the Colorful Russian Altai. But the most familiar platform For EAPT remains Sochi, where The final stage of the Season will be held.

It is worth noting that Casino Sochi has already successfully Accepted several poker series after quarantine.

The Casino follows special protocols, Measures the temperature of visitors At the entrance, and the Staff adheres to a mask regime.

The EAPT Grand Final will Be held in Sochi for The third year in a row. In, the Main event champion Was Viktor Shegai, who reacted Very emotionally to his triumph. Maria Lavrentieva followed him through The men's room and Onto the balcony to capture The new champion's vivid emotions. In, the main Event ended With an unexpected division into six. A notable chip leader at That time was Rudolf Domin, Who received the highest prize, As well as the title Of champion and Cup. Players waiting for the traditional Schedule of the EAPT series With the ability to combine The game in the main Event and high roller tournament. Buy-in of the Main Tournament will be, rubles, and A place in the high Roller tournament will cost you, rubles.

You can also pay for Buy-ins with T$ tournament dollars

Of course, guests of the Series will enjoy a rich Satellite program, so there will Be enough opportunities to save On buy-in. In the first half of The series, a new tournament Will debut - Lucky Turbo for, rubles. The tournament will have five Starting flights, each of which Is played up to the ITM zone. On the first day, the Blind levels will be minutes Each, and on the combined Day, the levels will be Minutes each. So if you don't Like complex post-flop hands, But prefer to play push-Fold, then this is the Tournament for you. Participants will also enjoy a Variety of side events – Pot limit Omaha, turbo bounty, Chinese Pineapple and even a Shortdeck tournament! Recall that it was within The framework of the Grand Final of EAPT- that the First short deck tournament was Held at Casino Sochi, and The Russian regular became its Champion Ivan Soshnikov. As with other stages supported By partypoker LIVE, participants will Have the opportunity to make Buy-ins through their partypoker Account and receive prize money For it. T$ satellites start on partypoker Almost every hour, so you Have the opportunity to accumulate The necessary amount of tournament dollars. In addition, if you still Have PP Live dollars, you Can use them for buy-Ins in tournaments. Follow our social networks to Learn more about other ways To qualify for the EAPT Grand Final.

Calculating equity against your opponent's weighted spectrum-poker-bot Poker bot forum, poker stars online, download poker, poker AI

I.e, equity is a number from to (or from to)

Calculating equity against your opponent's weighted spectrum-poker-bot Poker bot forum, poker stars online, download poker, poker AII decided to make some clarity and at the same time share my implementation of algorithms for calculating the strength of HS and the potentials PPot and NPot of the hand against the weighted spectrum of the opponent. There is nothing special and even more secret about these algorithms - they are present in pseudocode in almost every cprg publication in the Hand Evaluation section. Maybe someone will find my implementation of these algorithms in C useful and some comments on this.

EHS is the value that any equalizer calculates

Most of us are used to using the concept of equity EQ (not to be confused with EV!) to evaluate your hand against your opponents.

Despite the fact that equity by definition implies our share in the pot, given our chances of winning it, most people usually neglect this and consider it a good idea.

equity is simply defined as the probability of winning Pr (win) on the showdown (showdown equity).

In order to convert equity into monetary terms and get the same share of the Bank, we must multiply the value of EQ by the size of the Bank.

Academic literature usually does not use the concept of equity (since by definition it depends on the size of the pot), but instead uses the concept of hand strength HS (hand Strength). Further, I will also not use the concept of equity - the HS indicator is more familiar to me. By the way, I call on everyone else to do this: the strength of the HS hand shows the probability of our victory in the current round. HS on the river is the same thing that most of us understand by showdown equity. The following function calculates HS for the given pocket cards cc, board table cards, and the weighted spectrum of the opponent's cards wt: as you can see from the code, the calculation consists of going through all the opponent's cards and comparing the next hand he has obtained, taking into account the table cards with ours with the current hand. It is clear that the calculated HS value shows our chances of winning in the current round, i.e.

without taking into account those cards that can come to the table, so UofA introduces another concept - EHS (Effective Hand Strength) - the effective hand strength, which is calculated by the formula: EHS HS * (-NPot) (- HS) * PPot.

EHS already takes into account those cards that can come to the table (one or two, depending on the round) due to the fact that it "involves" the NPot and PPT indicators - respectively, the negative and positive potentials of our hand. These indicators are calculated by the following function for the given cc pocket cards, board table cards, and the weighted spectrum of the opponent wt: the Positive potential of PPot shows the chances that we will improve and win in the next round (or by showdown, if fullLookahead true). The negative potential of NPot shows the chances that we are ahead in the current round, in the next round (or to showdown) let's get worse and we'll lose. In other words, PPT is the probability that we will "move", and NPot is the probability that we will "move". When the HS, PPT, and NPot metrics are calculated, we can calculate the effective arm strength EHS. The question is, why do all this via PPT and NPot? Can't you just go through all the oppa cards and "run" them to showdown? You can! This is exactly what the equalizer does. However, a lot of useful information is lost. PPot, for example, shows the strength of our draw. If PPT potOdds, then we must call on the pot odds. In addition, when evaluating PPot, you can choose different drawing strategies. So, if PPot, then we know that we have some strong draw, we can already bet, check-raise, and so on. We don't need to "calculate gutshot", calculate combo draws, etc. Instead we have the appropriate mathematical characteristics that are very important. NPot, on the contrary, shows the weakness of our system. for example, NPot is usually excluded when calculating EHS. I.e, EHS HS (- HS) * PPot. This step, according To the uofa, encourages aggressive play in General and, in particular, when protecting the finished hand. I use NPot to analyze the weakness of the finished hand. This allows you to select hands with a decent EHS, but which are extremely vulnerable at the same time. Such hands should be thrown out on the flop. And, thanks to the NPot indicator, the bot makes complex folds very easily.

the Weighted spectrum in the CalcHandStrength and CalcHandPotential functions is passed through the wt weight table, in which each of the opponent's, possible hands is assigned a weight - the probability that the opponent would have played this hand as we saw.

I.e, the sum of the weights in the table is NOT equal to. on the Contrary, the weight of each hand is a number from to. Another point about calculations against multiple opponents. UofA makes it simple - they calculate HS (not EHS!) against each oppa (using its weight table for each oppa), multiply the obtained values, getting the HSn.

At the same time, it is stated that such multiplication is permissible, since it introduces a small error.

Then they form a single table of weights for all OPPS, called field array, and use this single table to calculate PPT and NPot, passing it to the CalcHandPotential function as an argument to wt. Then calculate EHSn HSn (- HSn) * PPot. Although if you don't have a goal to upload completely finished code, then I would just compare the results of calculating equity, or as you called it HS, with my own for verification. Another point about computing against multiple opponents. UofA makes it simple - they calculate HS (not EHS!) against each oppa (using its weight table for each oppa), multiply the obtained values to get HSn. At the same time, it is stated that such multiplication is permissible, since it introduces a small error.

I do not agree it is pointless to make approximate calculations with an additional error, if it can be given a high speed of calculations, you can still understand, and so there is no reason so to do well, except that the algorithm will be simpler All other classes are standard from the Meerkat API, with the exception of WeightTable, just a table of weights for elements.

Two SetHandWeight GetHandWeight methods. I do not agree it is pointless to make approximate calculations with an additional error, if it can be gives a high speed of calculations, you can still understand, and so there is no reason to do so, well, unless the algorithm will be simpler than the EU-but only for speed reasons. Maybe someone will suggest an accurate calculation algorithm without errors. I think everyone will be only too happy with All the other classes-standard from the Meerkat API, with the exception of WeightTable, just a table of weights for elements. Two SetHandWeight GetHandWeight methods. Seriously? I didn't think so. Well, let me quickly throw a program that takes a text file with weights, Board maps, and the fullLookahead attribute as input. At the output, everything counts. What do you think? Put it in a hidden section? well, I don't know about everyone, you can just only those hands that do not have zero weight so that the prog on hands with zero weights does not waste a single second of its time Seriously? I didn't think so. Well, let me quickly throw a program that takes a text file with weights, Board maps, and the fullLookahead attribute as input. At the output, everything counts. What do you think? Put it in a hidden section? I just have some doubts about my formulas for calculating draws for example, if you have the same ones, then everything is OK, if not, you can discuss who thinks what.

Poker software Overheard Poker Online poker

this or that poker room is being shaken up

The advent of online poker has led to the development of a large number of software designed specifically for online players

These include simulation programs, statistical analysis and chance calculation programs, and even robot programs, poker bots that can play at a table - or more often at several tables-instead of a player.

In this regard, many regulars of online poker rooms have a well-founded fear that poker will soon cease to be a competition of people and will become a competition between various programs. And those players who use certain programs will get an unfair advantage over those who still observe the spirit of this wonderful game. Such concerns have a real basis, and the proof of this is the high-profile scandals that periodically occur. It gets to the point where some players claim that half of the visitors to poker rooms are currently robots. Whether this is true or not, the administration of poker rooms does not say, but it is clear that it cannot stay away. Each poker room develops its own policy of combating the use of prohibited programs, which consists in tracking and banning players who use such programs. It is worth noting that there are a large number of programs that can provide the player with real help during the game and slightly increase his chances of winning. Such programs are able to determine, based on mathematical calculations, how much a player's combination will be winning, analyze the statistics of his hands after the game, and so on. These poker software programs do essentially everything that a player could do, but much faster. With the help of such programs, the player can receive, save and analyze data about the specific features of the opponents game, but only those with whom they play personally. However, there are programs that allow you to collude at the card table - with their help, players at the table use a common database that allows them to see the cards distributed to the opponent - all players at the table who collude against one player use this program.

Autofolders are also banned in most poker rooms

It is clear that this player does not have the slightest chance of winning. Programs that create shared databases or allow multiple opponents to play against one are prohibited in all reputable online casinos. Prohibited poker programs also include programs that allow you to get data about players without participating in the game, and create an information base of the hand history of specific players for the purpose of subsequent resale. Programs that can give direct hints to the player during the game at a level higher than the one considered basic are also prohibited. They have a particularly strict policy poker rooms in relation to poker bots-robots that can play without human input. Today, every poker room has lists of banned programs, and some of them have similar lists of more than a dozen names. For example, the Advanced Poker Calculator program is banned on most poker rooms. Poker calculators are allowed programs, but the name of this program should not be misleading - in fact, it is a robot that can win with high efficiency even against fairly strong opponents. The Magic Holdem program is also positioned as a regular poker odds calculator, but it is prohibited in most poker rooms, in particular, on PokerStars. Until recently, the Holdem Inspector program could be used when playing in most poker rooms, but today using it can lead to a player's ban. The program displays the player's chances of winning, the maximum the possible hand of the player, as well as the chances of opponents getting a stronger hand. The program gives tips to the player during the game, creates profiles and allows you to switch between them depending on the type of opponents.

How can I programmatically calculate poker odds? - statistics fooobar

Further links and reading can be found here

I'm trying to write a simple game utility for calculating poker oddsI know there are a lot of resources out there that talk about formulas to do this, but I think I'm having a hard time translating this into code.

In particular, I'm interested in Texas Hold-em I understand that there are several different approaches, one of which is that you can calculate the probability that you will draw some hand based on the cards you can see.

Another approach is to calculate the probability that you will win a particular hand. The second approach seems much more complicated, as you will need to enter more data (how many players, etc.) you wrote it down for me, but some nudges in the right direction will help: -) Here are some links to articles that might help as a starting point: Poker logic in C and Quick hand estimation and analysis in Texas hold'em the Theoretical foundations are given in this Wikipedia article on poker probabilities and in this excellent statistical textbook. An example of a complete project written in Objective-C, Java, C C, or Python can be found in SpecialKEval. Monte Carlo simulation is a General approach for calculating the odds of poker hands.

Pokersars and statistical article - good suggestions

There are many examples of implementing such a simulation for hold'em in the network. But this is really best done with Monte Carlo simulation, a useful, simple and powerful approach to this complex problem. Take a look at pokersource if you have strong enough C abilities. It's not easy, I'm afraid, but some of the things you're looking for are complex. Poker-eval-a program that uses the library will probably do a lot of what you want, as long as you can get the input format right (not easy). Sites like this one or this one also use this library AFAIK. However, it might be worse, you might want to calculate something complex like Omaha Hi-lo This allows you to calculate the probability and probability. Ghz laptop, it can deal with calculating a game of, players in.

"How can I determine my winrate in poker? - - Yandex. q

The Term Freeroll'has two meanings

In the first case, this is a specific situation in the game, in the second a specific type of poker tournamentsWhen playing poker, a Freeroll situation occurs before the last card is dealt, when one of the players is at least guaranteed to split the pot with another player regardless of the last card, but at the same time he has a chance to further improve and win the whole pot. Quite often, this situation occurs in high-low games, where one player has the opportunity to play with other players. a winning low hand is guaranteed (he will get at least half the pot for a low), plus there is an opportunity to improve on the river to straight or flash and win the second half of the pot for a high. When a player realizes that they have a Freeroll, they should try to raise their bets as much as possible they don't lose anything, but they can also gain something. At the same time, the second player, unaware of the situation, can play into the hands of the first player, raising bets with the current highest hand.

Although, it should be noted that "no tournament fee" and "free" are not always the same.

In freerolls, unlike regular tournaments, where the prize pool is created at the expense of participating players, the prizes are allocated by the poker rooms themselves, sponsors, TV companies, viewers, etc. The usual purpose of such tournaments is advertising.

Freeroll prizes can include money, items (poker books, accessories, etc.), or the right to participate in another poker tournament (satellite freerolls).

If we talk about free freerolls, then there are those where anyone can participate, but often poker rooms put additional requirements.

Freeroll-a tournament without a tournament fee

For example, freerolls for players who have made their first Deposit, invitation freerolls for regular players, freerolls for players who have played a certain number of hands in the previous day week month, password freerolls for visitors to poker sites, and so on.

There are also freerolls without a tournament fee, but with paid rebuys and an addon, so you can participate for free, but to increase the chances of winning, it is better to pay extra-so-called freebies.

Do not confuse freerolls with candy wrapper tournaments, where the game is played only on virtual chips and the player will not receive any real winnings. There are also tournaments for points online (the player gets points for playing for real money, then these points can be converted into money or goods), which are not quite correctly attributed to freerolls.

There are quite a lot of freerolls online with a prize pool of ten or more dollars up to tens of thousands.

An offline example of a Freeroll is the Professional Poker Tour, where participants do not pay tournament fees, but only the best players are invited there based on the results of their participation in other tournaments. Freerolls can be held not only in poker, but also in casinos that organize free tournaments in such games as roulette, blackjack, craps, slots, etc. d this indicator differs for different business projects. For a break-even project, the ROI must be positive. If the ROI of the investment exceeds the average return for a given asset class in a given country, then the investment in the project is considered highly profitable. When playing for real money, poker rooms charge players a Commission called "rake". This is the main source of revenue for poker sites. Many poker rooms offer players the opportunity to return a portion of the generated rake. In poker, this is called "rakeback". The amount of rakeback does not depend on wins or losses, but on activity. The more often you play, and the higher the score. bets are placed, the more money will be returned.

For professional poker players, rakeback is a significant part of the profit.

Conditions for earning rakeback may vary. In many poker rooms, there is a VIP program, where the more often you play, the higher your VIP level becomes, and with it the percentage of rakeback increases. Loyalty points are also awarded for generating rake, which can be exchanged for valuables or money. Read more in this article. Poker is not built on pure luck(it is silly to deny its value, but you should not call it the main one) and bluff (only professional players can bluff normally). Poker is pure math. The math is not just a rough idea of whether your cards are good or not, but that you should keep in mind the cards in your hand, on the table, the likely cards in the hands of your opponents(and therefore their absence in the deck), the probability of getting the right card, and many other small things. It is for this reason that luck is not the main factor, a novice doesn't actually have a chance (I don't specifically say that he will never win) against a professional. And randomness exists in many games and sports disciplines, which does not make them any less intelligent and interesting for you. Your 'swarm' is profitability. An economic term. Formula: net profit expenses *. In this case, the income is, rubles. You spent a total of all rubles.

Net profit of, rubles.

Divide by and multiply by.

I explained it in Russian.

PokerStars Freeroll passwords - All PokerStars Freeroll passwords for today - Poker Freebie

PokerStars Freeroll passwords for today are published every dayTo get passwords for Freeroll PokerStars, you need to subscribe to our Telegram channel and enable alerts so that you don't miss a password and have time to register for the Freeroll. PokerStars hosts own freerolls with knock-out rewards, and tickets for such freerolls appear in the progress chests for active user play. Also in the tournament lobby, you can see qualifying satellites for other tournaments and freerolls from bloggers, forums, and specialized poker-related news outlets. From time to time, the PokerStars room conducts special ticket accruals for players who have been active recently, linked their Twitch account in the settings and watched their streams and bloggers. Some forums and websites give passwords only after reaching a certain user activity. Of course, in such cases, you must meet all the conditions for obtaining tickets or passwords in order to participate there.

What are pot odds in poker, algorithm and calculation examples

In the remaining three, your opponent has the best chance

When it comes to poker math, many beginners are somewhat confusedThe abundance of unfamiliar terms and incomprehensible formulas for calculations can frighten an inexperienced player. It is hard to imagine that professionals are able to make all these calculations in their minds in a short time. those few seconds that are allocated for making a decision directly during the distribution. In fact, there is nothing supernatural about the mathematical component of the game. So, for example, to calculate the pot odds in poker, you do not need to have a deep knowledge of mathematical analysis. It is enough to have an elementary idea of the subject of the conversation. Odds in poker are the ratio of the number of wins to the number of losses.

In this case, your odds are, i.e

For example, if you have a certain combination, you win one of the four hands. Most often, they have a fractional expression: either, or. In various sources, the term odds can be used to refer to poker odds. This name came from the English language, where odds is literally translated as probability. Probabilities are expressed as a percentage and are calculated using the ratio of a win to the total number of wins and losses. In the above example for example, you have win for losses, respectively, the probability of your winning is of all hands or. To indicate the ratio of your bet to the current pot size, the term pot odds is used. For example, at the moment the POT is $, and you are going to place a bet of $. In this situation, the odds of the Bank (SB) are or. Without this calculation, it is impossible to make a correct decision during the game. If your probability of winning the hand is higher than the pot odds, it is profitable to bet. But if the opposite is true, then you should not invest money in a Bank. Calculating pot odds in poker is closely related to the concept of outs. Outs are those cards that, when dropped, can strengthen the card combination.

Let's say you have a peak flush draw, and you need any remaining peak to make a full flush.

There are matching cards in the deck, so you have of them, and of them will be outs. it is very important, because some of them can bring benefits not only to you, but also to your opponent. For example, you have a pocket ACE and Jack of spades (As Js), a king and five of spades and ten of hearts (Ks s Th) on the flop. You have formed a flush draw from the ACE (As Ks Js s).

In this case, your outs will be all remaining peak cards except Ts.

Why the top ten? If your opponent has a king and, then another ten can give him a full house, and if he has a pair of tens of squares. Accordingly, this card should be excluded from your outs. Instead of, you will be left with. Calculate the odds (probability) of getting boosters on the next street. To do this, on the flop, the number of outs should be multiplied by, and for the turn by (this calculation gives an approximate percentage probability with a small error of -). Determine the pot size and calculate the pot odds in poker for your bet (you can also convert them into percentages for easy comparison).

What does this look like in practice? Let's go back to the examples described above.

As we have already found out, the number of your outs is. The probability of one of them falling out is (x, where is the error coefficient).

There is $ in the pot and you need to place a $ bet to continue playing.

SB, which is in percentage terms. In this situation, the probability that you will get the right card on the turn is much higher than the pot's odds in poker, so you can answer your opponent's bet. Should it be raised to $ ? Answer: no, you shouldn't. When you increase your bet to $, the SB will already be, which is as a percentage, and this value is already higher than the probability of receiving the desired card. In recent years, the poker industry has experienced an unprecedented boom. With the spread of the Internet around the world, the thirst for easy money online, like a gold rush, captured the minds.

ways To use Statistics in Poker

Pay attention to the data Collection part of the definition

It is Often said that A good poker strategy is The product of a combination Of game theory, probability, psychology, And statisticsHowever, how exactly do statistics Form the winning player's winrate? In this article, we will Delve deeper into the mysterious World of poker statistics and Shed some light on this Complex aspect of poker. It is useful to start By defining our term, as It will help us not To confuse statistics 'with similar Topics such as'probabilities'.

One of the dictionaries defines Statistics as follows:'a Branch Of mathematics that collects, organizes, Analyzes, and interprets numerical data'.

Although poker statistics and probabilities Have a common relationship, the Term 'statistics' refers to the Pre-collection and pre-analysis Of data. There are many areas where Strong poker players first collect Data and then interpret it To create updated strategies. Poker players estimate the frequency Of completion of a particular Combination based on the number Of outs left in the deck. For example, in hold'em A floppy flush draw will Close to the river in Approximately of situations. Calculating such values on the Fly is mostly in the Realm of probabilities, not an Aspect of poker statistics. However, when players try to Remember important values before they Even start playing, it starts To fall into the category Of poker statistics. Instead of calculating these values During the hand, experienced players Tend to memorize pre-calculated numbers.

Here is an example of A statistical group that a Player can aim to remember.

The following table shows the Odds of completing hold'em Combinations based on the number Of outs and the current Street: of Course, all of These numbers can be calculated On the fly using methods That go beyond probabilities. But calculating these values during The hand is a waste Of valuable time, and many Players prefer to 'just know' The above values.

Both pot odds and break-Even points can also be Calculated on the fly using The field of probabilities.

However, again, many players prefer To remember the following important Metrics: the table Above can Be confusing for those who Have little experience in game Theory, so here's a Quick explanation: in Other words, Pot odds. The pot odds differ from The hand odds described in The previous paragraph of this article. Pot odds, expressed as a Percentage, represent the percentage of The total pot that we Would invest in the pot By calling. This indicator is identical to The amount of pot equity That we need for a Break-even call when we Close the action in the hand.

For example, a bet of Of the Bank should take The Bank

For example, according to the Chart above, if our opponent Bets of the pot, we Will need to invest of The total pot if we Decide to call.

Assuming that we close the Action on the current street, We will need at least Equity for our call to Break even.

This indicator reflects how often A bluff of a certain Size should be taken by The Bank in order to Show instant profit ignoring our Pot equity. of the time to show A direct profit. All of these values can Be calculated on the fly Using probabilities, but most serious Gamblers prefer the statistics-based Approach of simply memorizing all The basic values. Online poker players usually save Their hands to the hand Database using tracking software. Tracking software essentially stores all Our hands, analyzes them, and Displays important statistics such as 'Number of hands played' and 'Total winrate'. This is just the tip Of the iceberg, as tracking Software is able to display Hundreds of different statistical indicators That also reflect information about Specific aspects of the player'S strategy, for example: In Fact, any poker scenario can Be processed by tracking software, Since many poker trackers have Functionality for creating user statistics. Serious ones players spend a Lot of time studying various Poker statistics and comparing their Statistics with the statistics of The big winners of their limit. This is a great way To discover your faces. Thus, many players have experience Working with databases of statistical Data, checking them for strategic Vulnerabilities using a variety of filters. If we can analyze our Own data, we can also Analyze the game data of Our opponents. We can explore our opponent'S stats almost exactly the Same way as our own, But in this case we Will have a different goal. We will look for weaknesses In our opponent's strategy So that we can exploit Them later. It is common for online Players to display poker statistics On their opponents in real Time via the HUD. Making good use of our Opponents statistics to develop the Most effective counterstrategies is a Crucial element of the process Achieve the highest possible winrate. Opinions about the ethics of Using HUD vary. Some players use the HUD, While others don't. Naturally, this gives the former An advantage over the latter. For this reason, some poker Rooms believe that strong players Destroy weak players too quickly, Which leads to an unhealthy And unstable poker environment. Therefore, some poker rooms try To restrict the use of Huds for certain game formats Or even completely prohibit them. Other poker sites consider the HUD part of fair play, Since all players have the Opportunity to install and start Using the HUD. We will not go into The discussion about the ethics Of using HUD, but only Note that the poker room Fields where HUD is allowed Are usually more difficult to Play than the poker room Fields where HUD is prohibited. The term 'pool analysis' describes A technique for analyzing the Average pool performance of a Particular poker room, limit, or Entire poker network.

This is very similar to 'Opponent game analysis', with the Key difference being that 'pool Analysis'is not designed to Analyze individual opponents.

Instead, by analyzing the pool, We can identify the mistakes That the average player makes. This is useful when playing Against unknown opponents, as we Can reasonably assume that the Strategy of playing an unknown Opponent will usually be similar To that of the average Representative of the pool in Which we play. Pool analysis methods are especially Useful if we play in Anonymous poker environments where players Names are hidden. Previously, it was thought that An operational approach to poker Was impossible in such environments, And that the only approach To play in such environments Should be to try to Play close to the GTO.

However, if we use game Pool analysis methods, we can Play in an operational manner And in anonymous poker environments.

The term 'GTO' means 'optimal Game theory', and it it Is used to describe an Ideal and theoretically competent poker game. Unfortunately, GTO poker is extremely complex.

Even if we could determine What the ideal GTO strategy Looks like at the moment, Solvers are making close assumptions About GTO, it would be So complex that only computers Could follow it.

Naturally, when developing GTO strategies, There is a lot of Data that we need to Take into account. Solvers allow us to display The results of our research In a database format similar To Excel documents. Players who are actively working On creating GTO strategies often Store a large amount of Information in these formats.

They will periodically carefully review This information to repeat the Various frequencies and strategies recommended By the solvers.

Overall poker demographics help us Generate realistic expectations about what We can achieve in our Poker career. More specific values can be Obtained by analyzing data from Specific poker networks. However, the fact remains that Most poker players lose money. This doesn't mean that It's impossible to make Money from poker, but it Does emphasize the idea that A player needs to work Hard to be successful. The above list is not Exhaustive, as there are many Methods for directly applying statistics To the poker world. Although a deep understanding of Statistics is not a prerequisite For becoming a winning player, Many successful players show an Interest in statistics and understand The important role it plays In creating reliable strategies. It is often said that A good poker strategy is The product of a combination Of game theory, probability, psychology, And statistics.

However, how exactly do statistics Form the winning player's winrate? In this article, we will Delve deeper into the mysterious World of poker statistics and Shed some light on this Complex aspect of poker.

RedStar Poker-Download the Poker

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All information posted on the Site is for informational purposes onlyTo do this, go to The official site of the Room from your device, go To the Download section and Select the client version for Android. Get a bonus in in The amount of up to, After registration, you can only Make the first Deposit.

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PokerDom-download The app For IPhone In the App Store, How to Install Poker

And today we will tell You about it in detail

A Big plus of Pokerdom Is cross-platform: you can Compete with other players from Russia directly in the browser, Or download a special desktop Windows Mac OS clientDon't have a computer handy? It doesn't matter play Directly on your mobile phone Or tablet! PokerDom provides mobile clients based On Android and iOS.

Today we will look in Detail at how to download And install Poker House on IPhone and other gadgets running On the iOS operating system.

It can be quite tiring To sit at a poker Table for hours on end. It's much more comfortable To lie on your favorite Couch, and Pokerdom knows it! Therefore, Your favorite poker room Has made sure to create A convenient and functional application Based on iOS. Let's first look at The advantages of the app For iPhone and iPad from Pokerdom: Not demanding on a Mobile device Does not load Systems Not limited opportunities you Can Deposit and withdraw funds Directly on your mobile device Flexible settings Pleasant PokerDom interface Is not difficult to download On iphone.

A cache-out is usually Performed within hours

After installing the Pokerdom client On iOS, all the features Of the desktop version will Be available to You: Types Of poker: Texas hold'em, Card stud, Card Draw, Omaha High and High-Low, Texas, Chinese poker. Modes: multi-table tournaments, cash, CIS, Windfall, Boost poker, heads-UPS Free Deposit and withdrawal Of funds using various money systems. The ability to play in Multi-tabling mode – on The phone is not always Convenient, but on the tablet You can play at several Tables with maximum comfort. Poker Americana is not available On the mobile version, but For that you can play Chinese Open poker-OFCP. The app has everything you Need for a comfortable game, And the outer shell is Made stylishly, and what is Important, not at all it Tires your eyes. On the main page, you Can find information about the Number of players online, find Out the time and current Bad Beat Jackpot. The gaming tables also look Quite nice, there is everything You need and nothing superfluous. At the bottom left is A chat, at the top Are icons of open tables, With which you can easily Switch between them. The buttons are quite large And bright, so it is Convenient to place bets and You can not be afraid To miss the desired button. At the top right, you Will find the exit from The table, quick Deposit, and Settings buttons. On the left side of The main lobby, you can Easily find points arranged vertically.

Slide them to the right And you can choose the Variety and type of game.

Also in this menu you Can choose limits, bets and The number of seats at The game table. At the top right, you Will see three horizontal bars – this is the menu Where you can log in To the cash register, as Well as change the app Settings, such as: table Themes-Choose the color scheme you Like, red, green or blue. Map editor animation Settings in Order to play on iOS, You will need: operating system. and higher suitable devices: iPhone, IPad, iPod Touch WiFi or Edge Internet connection. Many players are wondering how To download and install Pokerdom On IPhone. Before downloading Pokerdom for iPhone, We recommend that you register For Pokerdom on Your computer. The app can be easily Found in the App Store By searching for "PokerDom Mobile". Please note that the app Is currently removed from the Russian store, so you will Have to change your country To Belarus. When you finish downloading the Pokerdom client, It will automatically Start installing on Your mobile device. Wait for this operation to Complete and then proceed to The next step. After the game Manager is Installed on Your phone or Tablet, you need to log In: enter your username and password. You can also choose the App's language available Russian – to do this, click The button at the top Right, and select the currency You will play in-rubles, Dollars, or euros. Most of the tables are Played in rubles, so we Recommend choosing the Russian currency To avoid losing Commission when Converting funds. You can Deposit funds to Your pokerdom account in Any Convenient way without any restrictions. At the same time, you Will receive all available bonuses! Unified wallet the Minimum Deposit Amount is only rubles. you will need less than Rubles in your account to Withdraw funds. You can easily enter and Withdraw funds from the app'S sales register. When you make a Deposit, The mobile app will redirect You to your mobile browser. We recommend that you use The first Deposit bonus when Making your first Deposit. To receive a gift, you Must confirm your e-mail Address during registration. If you make your first Deposit in the amount of To, rubles, you can get A double bonus.

up to $, or, euros in The amount of the deposited amount.

To obtain the bonus money Must be wagered rake times More bonus for example a Bonus of$ will need to Wager $ in rake. For each ruble of rake, All players are awarded VIP Points, which can be spent On buying tickets to tournaments, Purchasing unique goods in the Pokerdom store,or exchanging them For cash. The number of VIP points Awarded depends on the player'S level. At the first level crystal, The player gets. points for each ruble of Rake wagered, at the next Level pearl – point, at The maximum level diamond –. VIP points for each ruble Of rake. As a reminder, rake is A mandatory Commission of the Poker room, which is deducted From each player's bet In the amount of. from the moment when the Open cards appear on the Table flop and post-flop. In conclusion, we can say That PokerDom for iOS will Be an excellent substitute for The desktop version. You will be able to Play all types of poker Without having to pay for it. download it directly on your Favorite iPhone or iPad.

Verification at The casino. What is Needed and Why is It

The casino constantly monitors the Actions of players

All the normal online casino At some point request verification Of the playerAnd it's not easy It is a whim of The operators, not a requirement Of the jurisdictions in which They are licensed.

If you have repeatedly withdrawn Money from the casino, and You were not asked for Documents, the casino simply thought That this was not necessary.

Casino verification is a method Of meeting the "Know Your Customer" requirement, which can be Referred to as KYC Know Your Customer. The law requires operators to Check whether their website is Being used for illegal purposes, Such as money laundering. In fact, casinos are required To make sure not only That they withdraw money to The person in whose name The account is registered. They should also know that The money deposited by the Player to the casino account Belongs to the player, and Was not obtained by criminal means. Verification is also about security, Both for the casino and For players. Thus, the casino protects itself From attempts to cheat and Non-compliance with the rules. The security of players is That if outsiders suddenly get Access to your account, they Will not be able to Withdraw money your money is Credited to your account.

If they find the player'S behavior suspicious, they can Request account verification.

Random checks are also common, Where accounts are selected at random. There are also certain withdrawal Limits that the casino is Required by law to check When it reaches. In addition, casino verification is Often required if a player Has invested little and won A lot. The player will need to Verify their identity, address, and Payment method. Your identity is confirmed by Sending a scanned copy of Your passport or driver's license. To confirm the address, you Need scans of recent utility bills. If you receive receipts in Electronic form, just send a screenshot. When you top up your Account with a Bank card, You may be asked for Scans or photos of both Sides of the used card. On the front side, you Will need to close the Numbers in the middle, for Example, on the reverse side Your signature should appear on The side of the card. You will need to close The CVV code. The photo on the back Of the card shows the Numbers that are stamped on The outside.

They will also need to Be closed.

It is assumed that if The players did not close The information that would have Opened access to the money On their card, then the Online casino will do it Independently before sending it for storage. But we'd better take Care of it ourselves. There are different types of casinos. When using a Bank transfer, The player will need to Provide a Bank statement. For verification, the casino must See your first and last Name, as well as your Full account number.

You will need screenshots or Photos of payment methods

If you have an online Banking feature, you can send A screenshot from the page Where this information is provided. In addition, casino verification may Require confirmation of transactions between The player and the casino. In other words, the operator Needs to see the reflection Of your deposits and withdrawals On the Bank account. The casino may require screenshots From players who use web Wallets profile Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney Etc, for verification at the casino. Information about your ID or Email, as well as your Name, should be visible. The operator can also ask For screenshots of individual transactions. Not all Deposit methods can Be used for withdrawal. Therefore, if you add funds To your account in one Way and withdraw them in Another, you will need to Provide confirmation of both methods. If for some reason you Don't want to provide So many documents, then it Is better to refrain from Playing in an online casino altogether. No honest operator can do Without verification.

Therefore, sooner or later, all Players go through this procedure.

At the same time, documents Where some important details are Poorly visible will simply not Be accepted.

Everything should be clearly visible.

Unfortunately, problems with verification are Not uncommon.

Perhaps the players themselves do Not expect that they will Need to send so many documents.

As a result, they remain dissatisfied.

The verification process does not Always take place immediately.

And a delay in verification Players complain often. However, this problem is not Found in all casinos. There are suspicions that some Not quite respectable online casinos Deliberately delay the verification of Players and find fault with The documents. Thus, they discourage customers from Withdrawing money. If things get too complicated, Many players will choose to Cancel the withdrawal and spend The money. You can focus on the Top operators in our rating To avoid this problem. Also read player reviews. Exclusive to our readers, Play Fortuna online casino has prepared A unique promotion with free Spins for registering in the New Wild Wild Wes slot.

You can get free spins On the promotion until August, inclusive.Learn more about the promotion.

Heads-Up SNG cartels: how the poker mafia killed a popular discipline

But this word has been used in poker for a long time

The word "cartel" is often associated with the mafia and drug warsYou may not risk your life playing against the cartels, but you risk losing your entire bankroll. Members of such groups will not stop until they have won every penny from you. Or until you get out of a place they think is their own. What are poker cartels? Why did their members choose the heads-Up SNG discipline? And how did the human war turn into a battle of machines? About all this in our article. HU SNG tournaments gained popularity among players immediately after their introduction, largely due to their speed, dynamics and clear rules.

They are played by two people.

But unlike a heads-up cache, there is always a fixed buy-in and both participants have the same initial stacks. Typically, this is, with blinds, which will grow every three minutes if it is a turbo format, slower if it is a regular format. The numbers are relevant for PokerStars and may vary from site to site. But the task in all SNG games is the same - to take the entire stack of the opponent. Then the winner returns their buy-in and gets their opponent's buy-in minus the rake. Amateur players liked the format especially. The winner became known quite quickly, so it was possible just a few minutes after registration collect your prize money. It is not uncommon for a match to end after the first or second hand. But where a fish swims, sharks immediately appear. Pros quickly evaluated all the advantages of the game, picked up the best strategies and began to Rob weak players. Competition in HU SNG has become very high. There weren't enough Amateur players for everyone. Problems were caused by the fact that in this discipline, only two unoccupied tables can be opened in the lobby for each limit. And in some rooms, even one. Newcomers didn't care who they played with, and they sat down at the first available table without any problems. But the regulars had to either wait for the table occupied by another Pro to fill up, or sit down and play with a strong opponent. It was not uncommon for several regulars to wait for a new table to open, but as soon as it happened, they quickly clicked "join", and since they did it at the same time, they were forced to play against each other. If the regs knew each other and didn't think it was worth butting heads, they immediately agreed to share. It is not profitable to play HU SNG with opponents of the same level. In matches with a $ buy-in, only $. goes to the prize pool, while $. goes to the room as a rake. The normal distance for this discipline is thousand tournaments per month. If players win back zero, they lose $k on the rake alone. To fight off such losses, you need to have a serious advantage over your opponents.

Of course, there were some very cool players who were not afraid to play against everyone.

And at the same time, we made a lot of money on HU SNG. Olivier Busquet, known as Adonis and Livb, has become a true legend of this poker format. For many years, he was considered the strongest player in this discipline. He was sitting on the most expensive buy-in of $, and few people were willing to challenge him there. According to sharkscope, Olivier won $ million online, and another $ million in live tournaments. Italian Dario Minieri earned only $.

million offline, but he has amazing results online.

Minieri the first, who managed to buy a Porsche Cayman in the PokerStars store for, loyalty points? He scored these points while playing HU SNG. The current king of the mountain in HU SNG is a Russian player named VbV. It is he who can be met every day, sitting on the most expensive buy-ins. However, there are practically no people willing to play with him. In addition to these stars, there were a huge number of ordinary regulars who tried to make good money on their favorite discipline, but who had to play against each other and lose money on the rake. This went on for a long time, until they found a way out. HU SNG pros began to form groups to play against Amateurs and fight back against stray regs. These groups were called "Cartels". A cartel is a group of players who work together to make the most out of the game. They occupy all the available tables at their limit, and weak players are forced to sit down to them, since there are no more empty seats. The cartel plays with the total bankroll.

To be more precise, in the poker discipline HU SNG

Such a cash cushion allows you to better tolerate variance, and the winnings are divided among themselves.

Cartel members are on duty in the lobby of the poker room on schedule, waiting for weak opponents.

These commands work starting from the $ limit. In addition to catching fish, cartel members fight strong solo players, trying to squeeze them out so that they do not create competition.

As soon as such a player has reached a new limit, the cartel begins to pursue him.

This is called sitting - the top players of the cartel take turns sitting next to the newcomer until he loses his entire bankroll, falls below the limit, or switches to a different game format. It is very difficult to withstand such pressure. Cartel members have extensive experience in SNG trading and have enough bankroll to play with a single player for a long time. If a player has put up a decent resistance and does not want to give up, they can be invited to join the team. The process of accepting a newcomer is decided by a General vote. And to release there is no place for him, the cartel expels the weakest active member. Therefore, even within such groups, there is high competition. The tactics of cartels are difficult to fight. If you decide to avoid one top reg and open a new table, another one will join you. Thanks to the shift schedule, cartel members are always on the lookout for unwanted elements. Previously, the cartels had the help of a program automatic landing. One of these programs, called SharkyStrator, was used by almost all Hu SNG regulars. This is a program for automatic registration in tournaments. You could set a lot of filters in it, and it chose the right tables with weak opponents, sitting you down to them. Landing at the vacant tables took place in turn, which was regulated on the program server. Players paid a subscription fee for accessing the queue. A poker player who did not use SharkyStrator had almost no chance to get hooked on a weak player in time - the program always registered faster. In such conditions, it was almost impossible for a single player to gain a foothold in the medium and high limits, and even more so to play consistently against weak players. You either had to create your own team or join an existing one. The cartels got all the benefits.

Only they could make money from weak players.

They squeezed out lone regulars from the limit, having the opportunity to wage war with them even around the clock. SNG regs came up with other schemes as well. By mutual agreement, they played tournaments for $, but settled with each other as if they were matches for $. So, without formally violating any rules, they could not pay a high rake.

In such a competitive environment, players tried to gain an advantage by any means necessary.

So it came to the use of poker bots and suggestion programs by cartels. For HU SNG, it is easy to calculate ranges, bet sizes, and post-flop actions. Since there are only two players and there are not many options for the development of events, common situations are reduced to ready-made solutions. This was taken advantage of by one of the high-limit Skier_ players. He created a hint program for playing HU SNG, thanks to which many people managed to reach the top in a few months. It was distributed by the author for a percentage of the winnings. The appearance of auxiliary software caused a heated discussion in the poker community.

According to the developer, the program included only preflop tables, and it did not violate the rules of the poker room.

PokerStars security team conducted a thorough check and confirmed the words of Skier_. Critics of the program claim that it allows you to make decisions automatically. This is indicated by the statistics of players who used it. Almost all of them have the same parameters both preflop and postflop. "This is a program for MacOS that reads information from the tables and gives optimal recommendations for the game. Due to the fact that it was created very efficiently, the security service was not able to fully track its work." It wasn't limited to hints. Poker bots soon came into play. A video was posted on the forum that demonstrates how the operator of such a program works: The bot instantly analyzes giveaways and issues ready-made solutions for all streets. It requires two computers to work.

The first one has a poker client running.

The image is transmitted from there to the second screen, where the bot is running. It recognizes cards, stack sizes, and the amount of money in the pot, and can calculate up to open tables at a time. Thanks to this trick, the room's security service could not track the banned program. After all, it was not running on the computer from which the game was played. The cartels that used the bot were operating in all major poker rooms. Such software cost $ thousand plus a percentage of winnings. Over time, almost all cartels have acquired tipsters or bots. The human war has turned into a battle of machines. With the advent of bots, the cartels work strategy has changed. If earlier participants were waiting for Amateurs and did not they allowed new professionals to make their way to the top, and now the cartels were fighting each other to find out whose program was better. The game of machine vs machine has its own specifics. Bots don't play zero points against each other. The best written program wins.

Since there were a lot of cartels, a huge number of tables were opened, where regulars (actually bots) played against each other.

One of the most famous developers of poker bots, as well as the leader of one of the cartels, was the player Xrab. According to him, since, high HUD SNG limits on all sites have been hijacked by bots. So he decided to develop his own program that will be able to beat them. During the first year, the bot played zero, and the author had to significantly Refine his creation. The next year, the Xrab bot has already played a plus, forcing enemy bots to suffer losses. After that, the Xrab cartel began to share the lobby with other cartels. But the period of calm did not last long. The second phase of the war began. Cartels were United between players moved from one team to another, and programmers improved their poker bots. The result was the victory of the Xrab cartel over an Alliance of four enemy cartels. The losers were forced to make a peace deal with the winners. So the Xrab-a bot pushed out all other bots from the lobby of the largest rooms. The author himself claims that ordinary players were not affected by his actions. Like, he and his team played exclusively against bots. Whether this is true or not, we will never know. The result of all these confrontations was that large poker rooms banned of the accounts of high-limit players from SNG.

Right now, starting your poker career with HU SNG is a bad idea.

Although the number of bots and tipsters has dramatically decreased, cartels have not gone away.

And they continue to act according to the old tactics - to crush a single person with a crowd, not to allow him to gain a foothold on the new limit. If you start playing HU SNG on PokerStars or other major sites, sooner or later you will encounter such groups.

Win at this discipline is possible.

But you will have to spend a lot more time working on your game than in MTT or cache -max.

And it will be much harder to find weak players than in other poker formats.

Hayden Vernon in an article on Vice told how he used a poker bot

This site is not a gambling platform

All information posted on the site is for informational purposes onlyThe outside world usually finds out about online poker only when there are some particularly high-profile events, preferably with a touch of scandalousness. The topic of unfair play and bots is the most fertile one in this case. Once again, it was followed by British journalist Hayden Vernon, who wrote an article in Vice magazine, in which he shared his experience using a poker bot. However, the article is a little more like the usual tabloid crap. Hayden specializes in Life-style articles, so he decided to write about poker in the same genre. At first, he became interested in Maria Konnikova's book The biggest bluff and even contacted the author to understand all the subtleties of poker. But the right game seemed to him, like many others fans are bored, and the first Deposit in Poker has been drained. Then Vernon signed up for Bet and even won one Spin with the first hand. But all this still seemed complicated and lengthy to him, so the journalist decided to go to the dark side: Not having the patience or ability to beat all the Russian quantum mathematicians who go to online poker rooms today, I switch to more nefarious methods and download a poker bot to play for me. As a result, the bot performed poorly in the micro-limit cash game at Bet and PPPoker and lost money, but in the first room it was able to win the tournament for and bring Hayden. About how much it cost him to purchase the banned program, the journalist did not say. Now this story has already been carried by various poker publications. He presents himself on Twitter as a freelance journalist and video producer. He is an associate Professor at the University of London.

That is, he is not a professional journalist.

if you look at his articles on the same Vice, you can see that before the article about the bot, Vernon managed to go through almost all types of earnings online (Forex, investments, bets) and all of them turned out, in his opinion, to be muddy and not honest enough. Secondly, under the tweet to the article I Turned Into with the Help of an Online Poker Bot, Hayden wrote the following: Many of you also do not know what clickbait is. This term has a fairly precise definition. I conducted four interviews and several hours of research for my paper. The title corresponds to the story. There were a few inaccuracies in the poker blogs about my article. I didn't win at bet. I've been playing on various ipoker accounts for a month and haven't been caught in that time. Now let's talk about the content of the article itself. It is completely devoid of any facts and evidence regarding the work of the bot itself, and it does not matter how effective it is. All of Hayden's additional statements on this topic should also be accepted at url. faith (for example, about his monthly game in different skins with the bot).

But let's get to the bottom of it

What prevented him from recording a video of the final table of the tournament he won? As it was, for example, at the end of last year with a game in HU SnG with a hint. Well, or take at least a few screenshots. How did a humanist like Vernon, who, by his own admission, learned how to play poker in the game about cowboys Red Dead Redemption, manage to deal with the bot, configure it for different types of games and rooms in order to get a profit? As a result, we can say that Hayden Vernon's article about the poker bot is just an attempt to pohypit on the hottest topic in online poker, and his material regarding personal experience is just fiction. It is clear that such statements, and even those that began to be actively replicated on the network, could not but cause a reaction from poker players. The winner of the WSOP-C ME, Jason Wheeler, called the article terrible and, like us, went through Hayden's old publications, calling them the same and different. Jason gave as an example the words of the author of the material showing his approach to the work of a journalist: Hayden: I thought I could use this time to become a journalist, but it's hard, so I write gambling articles with clickbait titles you should find a bot to write articles on, buddy. Most readers were outraged by the moral side of the issue: Vernon deliberately went to violate the rules of the room, committed fraudulent actions (if, of course, imagine for a moment that what was described in his article was actually true) and nowhere and in no way gave an assessment to the creators of bots and the very problem of their distribution in the rooms. Do you realize that you cheated real people out of money? Other than that, what exactly is the point of this article? I do not know if you consider yourself a journalist, but your whole story boils down to the fact that you put yourself in a bad light. Of course, there were also some people who expressed the same opinion about Hayden Vernon's article as a failure fantasies. Canadian Patrick Cerda (winner of ME WPT Montreal), wrote the following: Vicenews, This article and this person's answers are a bad joke. Please check your articles and freelance journalists a bit. No one in the industry sees this as anything more than a terrible clickbait. If you need a real article about poker gambling, hire the right person. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people online who are ready to come up with any stories for the sake of hype, without giving any evidence. Therefore, you should always be very critical of any high-profile statements, especially from people who understand all the issues. We publish all news about playing in various rooms and closed reservations on private terms in our Telegram channel. Sign up so you don't miss out on EV.

Partypoker] Official website, Download client

Buy-in ranges from $ to $, And the blinds are.$ – $

Partypoker released the company entered The poker room market in, Before that the company was A typical online casinoThe launch of the poker Room took place in, and Mike Sexton became the face Of the company, who even Now takes an active part In tournament series. Patipoker is a reliable poker Room with an excellent reputation, Which is popular among players All over the world. The player pays a certain Amount to the poker room To participate in each hand. It depends on the number Of opponents at the table, The type and limits of The game. The rake scheme in cash Games is as follows: the Rake is calculated in proportion To your contribution to the Bank. To receive rake, you must Be dealt cards, you must Make a Deposit to the Pot, and it must be Large enough that your share Of rake from it is At least$. In tournaments, rake is paid From the buy-in in The amount of - of it, However, the most common Commission Is of the input amount. In Spins games, rake is Automatically obtained due to the Fact that in the absolute Majority of cases the prize Pool is equal to buy-Ins out of rare cases Of drawing a larger reward Do not affect this – The poker room, in any Case, gets its share of The profit. You can filter tables by Buy-in range, game type, And number of seats. The highest limit with round – the-clock action is fastforward. Offered types of poker with The possibility of playing cash: The Number of simultaneous tournaments Often exceeds, so it is Most convenient to sort them By: A fairly rich tournament Program allows players up to Medium limits to play exclusively On Patipoker, without having to Supplement their schedule with other rooms.

Some tournaments have the option Of late registration, extra chips, Rebuy, or re-entry.

The menu of each competition Contains all the necessary information About it, including the number Of tables, payouts, structure and A brief summary with its parameters. Cash and tournaments – partypoker Is not the only type Of poker game, but you Can also play other types Of poker: for every$ Commission Paid by a player, they Get point. Upon reaching the required number Of points on Monday, the User is awarded cashback, the Amount of which depends on The number of accumulated points: Payouts are calculated based on The last level reached, and The remaining points are burned. For example, with points, the Player will get$ for points, And points will be burned. The player can use the Received cashback at their own Discretion without any restrictions – Use it in further games, Put it as a bet, Or simply withdraw it to A Bank card or other Means of payment. Make a $ Deposit and get$ For FREE! The bonus is issued in The FORM of spins tickets For days. Day: $ spins tickets and $ SPINS Ticket Day: $ SPINS tickets and $ SPINS ticket Day: $ SPINS tickets Day: $ SPINS tickets in addition, You can complete certain missions daily.

PPL$ can be obtained through Online satellites

A typical mission is to Play a hundred hands at The cash table and then Participate in an Omaha tournament. Party poker has a well-Developed infrastructure and its own Series of WPT, Partypoker Millions, And WSOP tournaments in Europe, Latin America, and Canada. There are regular online satellites To many live tournaments, and Many satellites have overlays. There is a special currency, PPL$, used to participate in Partypoker LIVE tournaments, online days Of partypoker LIVE tournaments, and Pay for transportation costs to Attend partypoker LIVE series.

For ppl$ holders, promotions are Held and discounts are provided From the room and partners When using PPL$.

MILLIONS Passport $, WPT Passport $, and WSOP-C Passport $ were introduced. These are packages that can Be won through online satellites And used for any tournaments Of the corresponding series. The live tournament calendar is Rich and varied, and is Great for fans of live Tournament poker.

The poker room menu is Decorated in pleasant gray and White tones.

At the very top of The screen, there are buttons To go to one of The poker client sections: "Poker", "Casino", "Sports", "Promotions". For easy sorting of poker Tables and tournaments, there is A filter where you can Set the category and format Of the game, buy-in Range, speed, currency, start time, And more. As for the poker tables Themselves, the player can choose Their style, deck type, and Card shirt at their own discretion. You can't use the HUD, nor can you collect statistics. The game room is currently Developing its own tools for Collecting and analyzing statistics for players. In addition to the PC Version, the room offers users A mobile version of the App that allows them to Log in from Android or IOS devices. The procedure for downloading and Installing the mobile client for Android is as follows: Important! Unlike most other mobile clients, The partypoker app is not Available on the Play Store, As the store's policy Prohibits the distribution of SOFTWARE That has anything to do With gambling for money. As for the version of The app for Apple devices, It is freely available on The AppStore website. To find the program, you Need to enter the corresponding Query in the store's Search bar, then click on The link and perform the Download with further installation. The software may not be Available for users from Russia. In this case, you need To download the app from The poker room's website, Or go to the AppStore Via a VPN or a VPN plug-in in your browser. The mobile client interface is Simple and intuitive. After installation, you should log In to the app and Go to the lobby, where You will be able to Choose disciplines.

The list of tournaments that The user is registered for Is located in the "My Tournaments" section, which is where The list of available games Is located.

The number of players currently Online is displayed to the Left at the bottom of The screen. On the right at the Top, you can see the Balance of funds on the User's account. The mobile app allows players To open no more than Tables at a time.

Each table is a single Oval at the bottom of The screen.

To choose a cash game, Go to the appropriate section And see the list of Available disciplines. There you can also see How many customers are playing At each of the tables.

Special attention should be paid To the convenient search for disciplines.

Thanks to well-designed filters, You can sort tables by Limits, selected types and number Of players. There are no regional restrictions On registration and play for Users from Russia and post-Soviet countries in the room. To start playing in this Poker room, you need to Go through the registration procedure, Stating: to be able to Make a Deposit, play for Real money and withdraw winnings, The user also needs to Verify their identity. You can do this in The "player Data" section by Uploading one of the following Files in JPG, PNG, GIF, Or PDF format: documents: passport, ID card, or driver's license. Waiting for account confirmation takes No more than hours – The support service works quickly. The activity of the poker Room is carried out in Accordance with the requirements and In accordance with the license Of the British gambling Commission. The organization has the necessary Permits for remote provision of Services in the field of Online gambling. All systems used by partypoker Are regularly tested, the company'S software is reliable, and Cooperation with it is carried Out on transparent and fair Terms, without pitfalls. The service uses -bit encryption From Thawte Security, so all Users data, as well as Their gaming accounts and money Are securely protected, and it Is absolutely safe to play here. The work of the support Team at partypoker is highly appreciated. It operates around the clock, Even on weekends and holidays. Fish swamp! After the update, it became Impossible to play. There are now only sets On the Board and fullhouses. Now the FISH is right. Alinat with everyone!. And so on! Now premium hands don't Mean anything! It's a shame such A good room was RUINED.! Lots of freerolls and promotions, Lots of money withdrawal options, You can try to select Satellites for free, and there Are no problems with support.

Cashback is given out, the Series is spent, everything suits Me, I often ride in MTT, there are no bots On Patipoker, you can't Take a queue to the Tables, it was unusual for me.But rakeback is the best Here, there are a lot Of satellites.

One of the best Russian rooms. There are many types of Poker, and money withdrawal is Fast! Excellent software, convenient, does not lag. Only the major tournaments at A very inconvenient time. And there are almost no One-day games - and everyone Does not always have time To play for - days.

Having to go down the Limits is a shame.

There is a bigger grid At the Start points.

But it's more pleasant To play here, for me personally. good promotions, rakeback, good security. Support fights bots, there is A mobile app. Graphics are not much inferior To competitors, but there are Many payment systems and a Weak field of players. Often there are non-free Tickets that lack a decent Loyalty program, they would return At least - of the Commission, And there would definitely be The best room on the market.

Their signature jokes continue, I Haven't played for a Long time and decided to Play again.

I threw in some money And went to the cache. They now have a feature That you can see when You put up a map Twice, it seems like there Should be fewer crossings. IT WASN'T THERE. The moves have not gone Away, now it's even More offensive to lose twice In one hand, so they Began to offer a pier To take your share of The Bank when placing. In the end, you're Either taking my small share Of the Bank or you perregaud.

Sly guys, why play at All then? They think that people will Not notice and will send Them a Commission back and Forth.

A big Bank on GGPoker that Has made History!

Hi! Did you know that playing Poker online, you can become A millionaire in a minute? This is what happened to Viktor Malinovsky! He won the hand against Michael Addamo with a pairBy the showdown, the pot Was over $,! You can watch the full Epic distribution in our new video. Enjoy watching it!.

King of Poker: extended Edition in Russian

In principle, the plot of The game is quite simple

There are probably not many Poker games that can boast Of excellent graphics, smart opponents, And, most importantly, their own Storyline! King of poker: extended edition Is just such a gameCreated by Youda Games, it Literally immediately won the hearts Of players around the world, As it has all the Advantages of a good poker game. The only downside of this Game is that King of Poker is not a multiplayer Game, but on the other Hand, you don't even Need Internet access to play It! All you need to play King of poker is download This game to your computer Or phone and enjoy the Beautiful graphics and poker battles All over the Wild West! By the way, you can Download King of poker both On Android phones, and on IOS devices, such as iPhones, IPods, and iPads. At the beginning of the Game, you are asked to Choose who you will play As a guy or a Girl, and also give a Name to your character.

The action takes place in The Wild West, where poker Is just becoming popular among people.

However, some people still believe That poker is not an Intellectual game, but a lottery, And therefore they want to Cover up all poker establishments In America. And you, accordingly, will have To prove the opposite, and It is very easy to Prove it. You will need to earn Money with your game in Order to buy up more Real estate and become, as They say, a respected person. And the purchased buildings, real Estate and mines will bring You additional income, which you Can also use both for The game and for updating Your wardrobe by the way, In the game you can Choose one of different hats For your hero. Accordingly, after you buy up All the real estate in In this particular city, you Will be able to move To a neighboring one, where The level of opponents will Be even higher. At the same time, keep In mind that some cities Have their own bosses, which Will also need to be Beaten if you plan to Advance further. And you can move between Cities both by train and On a regular cart. And, by the way, on The trip, you can also Play poker against those who Are traveling with You.

Where to Play the Best poker For real Money online

All of the above poker Rooms have certain advantages

Today, many novice poker players Are interested in: "Where is The best place to play Poker for real money online?", as there are a Huge number of gambling rooms On the InternetSome of them are honest And consistently pay for their Winnings, while others constantly find All sorts of reasons not To pay out the money. Therefore, we have compiled a List of gambling operators that Offer to play the best Poker for real money, as They have an unsullied reputation And provide a safe and Secure experience, fair gameplay and Maximum profit, as well as Being recognized by millions of Poker fans from all over The world. Below we will try to Briefly review these rooms to Make it easier for you To decide which of them To play the best poker For real money. room in the world.

The number of registered users Here exceeded million last year.

This means that there are Really favorable conditions offered here.

At any time of the Day, PokerStars has a huge Number of opponents at your Favorite limits. Here you can play Draw And other popular types of poker. PokerStars hosts a huge number Of tournaments. Special attention is given to The Sunday Million. It is held every Sunday And gathers a huge number Of players, and this is understandable. After all, within the framework Of this tournament, a million Is played dollars. To take part in it, You can pass the selection Through satellites or make a Buy-in of $. For its customers, PokerStars has Provided popular and convenient ways To Deposit and withdraw funds – there are more than Of them. So, you will be able To make a Deposit via: WebMoney, VISA MasterCard, Yandex.Money, Skrill, Qiwi, NETELLER. PokerStars offers bonuses to all Its new customers. After making your first Deposit, You will receive of it As a welcome amount. The size of this bonus Can reach $. Poker "is called" the most Innovative poker room on the planet. Because it was here that Webcam tables first appeared, where Distribution participants compete with their Webcams turned on.

PokerStars is a poker room That has no equal in popularity

This know-how in the World of poker allows you To see your opponents, which Ensures maximum realism of the Game process. In principle, poker is the Gambling operator that is still Leading in terms of various promotions. Here they are constantly organized, Thereby increasing the probability for Potential customers to become the Owner of substantial sums of Money, as well as valuable Prizes, to win tickets to Major offline and online Championships. It implements excellent security and Confidentiality of financial transactions, there Are many payment instruments, both For replenishment and withdrawal, and A game process without financial Investments is provided. Since here new customers are Provided with a welcome bonus Of $ and of the Deposit Up to $ tournament tickets. However, the no Deposit bonus Is awarded in installments of $ In real money immediately after Registration and email confirmation $ as Tournament tickets and so on times. The variety of online tournaments At Poker is simply huge And are held in the Following formats: deep stacks, freesouts, Knockouts, turbo, one - on-one And many others.

In such competitions, more than $, Is drawn every month, and The prize money in freerolls Sometimes reaches the $, mark.

With this amount not all Prestigious gambling rooms can boast Of a prize pool for Tournaments where admission is completely free. To date, the army of Registered visitors to poker has More than, people.

PokerDom is the first Russian Poker room of its kind That allows you to play The best poker in rubles.

Therefore, there are a lot Of Russian-speaking poker players here. However, this gambling operator has Other advantages. In particular, there is a Huge range of card disciplines For real money – more Than games, including: Texas hold'Em pot limit, no limit And limit, and card Stud, Omaha, Chinese poker "Pineapple", Americana, As well as a large Number of online tournaments.

However, the "Summer Sunday" championship Is very popular among regular Customers of the institution, as The guaranteed prize pool of RUB, is drawn as part Of the tournament.

The next advantage of Pokerdom Is its presence bet-bit Jackpot for Omaha and Texas Holdem poker tables. Due to it, the participant Of the hand can count On a certain win, if, Having a strong combination in His hands, he loses the game. In the room with the Best poker for rubles in Russian – PokerDom, all sorts Of very profitable promotional offers And lotteries with prize money Up to $ are constantly held. There are many common payment Tools available at Pokerdom to Make a Deposit or cash Out your winnings. For example, Yandex.Money, Skrill, WebMoney, and others. Withdrawal requests are processed on The day they are submitted, And they are sent to E-wallets within hours. Customers of the Russian room Will be able to appreciate The work of the support team. Technical support for players operates Around the clock and online, Instantly answers incoming questions, providing Them with the most detailed Answers and quick solutions to Any difficulties encountered. The popular PartyPoker poker room Also offers to play for Real money in best poker experience. Here you can find the Game tables for your preferred bets. Its main advantage is in A relatively weak field – The room is aimed at Recreational gamers, so playing card Games on the Partipoker site, Every registered client of the Room can win decent money. In addition, the operator offers A wide range of poker Disciplines, such as hold'em, Omaha hi-lo, -card stud Hi-lo and many others. There are also many different Tournaments with huge prize pools Of up to $, especially on Weekends, and satellites to large-Scale online events and internal competitions. At the expense of the Latter, everyone has a chance To take part in prestigious Championships for a minimum price And become the owner of An impressive game Bank. Several times a year, the Casino hosts an exclusive online Poker series-Pokerfest. The entry fee here is Only $, and the prize money Exceeds the mark in $.

Titan Poker is the largest Gambling room in the iPoker Poker network and offers its Visitors excellent conditions for playing.

For example, here you can Try your hand at such Poker varieties as Razz, Omaha, Texas hold'em, -and -card Stud, and at various rates From $. Thanks to these limits, the Room is suitable for all Players, regardless of their skill Level and playing style. Titan Poker offers a lot Of promotions, with new customers Getting a bonus up to $ And rakeback. They are used for special Satellites with small buy-ins. It also adds to the Advantages of the best poker Platform for real money in Russian and the fast work Of the support team, which Is available. In terms of the efficiency Of player service, it surpasses Most popular rooms, which is Confirmed by numerous awards. If you carefully study the Reviews about which poker games To play online for real Money, the majority of poker Players are unanimous they claim To play Texas hold'em And Omaha. And it is these two Disciplines that occupy the first Places in popularity in all Prestigious poker rooms.

Today, Texas hold'em is Played by approximately of the Total number of players.

This type of card game Attracts with its simple rules, Different formats limit, pot-limit, No-limit and addictive game play. To master it, it will Take a minimum of time And effort. In Texas hold'em, the Participants of the hand are Dealt with cards – pocket Cards and community cards. The main task of the Game is to build a Set of cards on your Hands that will be stronger Than your opponents. Only in this scenario will You get the full prize pot. Omaha is a different kind Of card game, although the Rules are identical. It has gained popularity due To the fact that it Draws just huge prize pools, Since the game here is Carried out in a more Aggressive style. The difference between Texas Holdem And Omaha is that in All participants of the game Party receive cards each, of Which are pocket cards. This increases the probability of Creating a strong winning combination That can bring the long-Awaited triumph and become the Owner of the game Bank. Here you can find the Most up-to-date poker News, honest reviews of the Best poker rooms on the Planet and Analytics from current Successful players that will allow You to conquer new poker Peaks.

Probabilities in poker. Tables, odds Of

Nine cards can complement our Combination of flash

After all, poker is a Game of probabilities, and there'S no escaping itHave you ever wondered, when Losing with a pair of Aces to a pair of Kings, why this is so What's going on? Don't you?It's all about probability Theory, and you may not Know anything about it, but It still accompanies you every Time you play poker. Knowing the probabilities in poker Is essential in order to Adequately assess your chances of Success in a given situation. For example, you play on The turn, your opponent makes A big bet, and you Have four matching cards in Your hand.

Set with a pair in Hand Straight

What to do? The answer is given by Knowing the probability of how Often you will be able To catch the fifth suited card. There are a total of Cards in the deck, which Means that each suit contains cards. Subtract four cards from which We have in hand, we Get the number. Now let's look at The total number of cards Left in the deck.- our pocket cards - flop - Turn The deck currently has Cards unknown to us, of Which only will help us.

By simple mathematical calculations, we Get the probability of completing Our combination to the flash.

Now, with this information, you Can safely make a decision To respond to the bet Or send the cards to pass.The whole poker game is Based on such calculations and Experiments with probability theory. Getting into a similar situation Over and over again, it Is not superfluous to have Information about how often you Will be a winner or How often you will be defeated.Many poker situations are similar And unchangeable. Below you will find several Tables with the most interesting, Important and useful probability calculations In poker. Calculate your moves, make mathematically Correct decisions and then you Will definitely succeed!Probability of getting a combination Of the following pocket cards: Combination Probability Any pair Connectors Matching cards Specific pair.

chance of winning in preflop Allin: Situation probability Pocket pair, Against two high cards vs AK Pocket pair, against a Low pocket pair TT vs Pair against one high card KK vs AQ Two low Cards vs two high cards TJ vs AK Two cards Vs one high card JT Vs A two high cards If one of the cards Matches AK vs AQ probability Of getting a combination on The flop: Situation probability of A Pair to one of The cards Two pairs Trips With different cards in hand.

Flash Probability of winning the Pot with a combination: Situation Probability Two pairs Pair Set Straight Flash Full house High Card four of a Kind Straight Flash more information about Poker mathematics and probability theory Can be found in this Wonderful book 'Poker Math' Download. Sign up to the world'S largest poker room and Get a first Deposit bonus Of up to$ today!.

Pokerdom support Service online

as a rule, Its employees Respond within hour

Pokerdom is a poker room Aimed at players from Russia With a competent support service That is ready to solve All user questions at any timeYou can contact her by Calling the hotline, in an Online chat on the website, Or by e-mail. by email and via Telegram.

A player can contact the Pokerdom support team with any Question that they can expect To get a competent answer to.

Users from Russia and CIS Countries can contact the pokerdom Support service via a single Hotline number. Sometimes it may take some Time, but no more than - Minutes, to wait for a Response from Its employees. To resolve any issue of A player, they need to Provide their gaming account details In the poker room. Players from Belarus and Kazakhstan Can also make a call To url. Online chat on the Pokerdom Website is the most convenient Way to contact the poker Room support service, as in Most cases its employees respond quickly. To start a chat with Her, just click on the Green link button in the Lower-right corner of the Screen on the official website Of the poker room. Pokerdom's online support team Always responds in detail and Strives to help the user.

this is Everything you need For a good poker room

The advantages of this method Are the possibility of round-The-clock communication with support, Availability correspondence history and reliable Protection of all data. To get answers to your Questions, please contact Pokerdom technical Support by email. Please note that you need To write to the poker Room support email address from The email address that was Used when registering with Pokerdom. You must also include your First and last name and Nickname in the poker room. Bot support Pokerdom available in Telegrams, to contact him just Click on the icon of This messenger in the bottom Right corner of the official Website of the poker room. Here you can quickly get Answers to frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, the Pokerdom support service Does not work in Vkontakte And does not have an Official group or page there. We recommend that you avoid Using third-party sources to Solve problems and find answers To questions. Please keep in mind that The data may be used By fraudsters to harm the Poker room's customers. Pokerdom has a sufficient number Of communication channels for users To contact the support service directly. So, the fastest and most Convenient way to get in Touch with Pokerdom support is Through an online chat on Its website, where you can Solve any questions you want Within a few minutes. To ensure that their solution Takes a minimum of time, It is necessary to describe The essence of the problem As fully as possible and Provide all the necessary information. Full first they give you A win, then all the Cruel moves begin, especially with Pocket pairs, no borders what Do you have, aces or Kings, I don't advise You to play,the creators Of poker at home make Money anyway, so they are Not enough. The room itself especially poker, I don't know what Is behind all this, but The room is full bottom Or when do not play here. Profitable cashback and adequate support, Chat with support on the site. Bonuses are generous, the entire Interface is in Russian-an Honest Russian poker room. playing in rubles and very Fast money withdrawal, never longer Than hours they were detained. everything suits you: events, bonuses, Graphics, everything is on the level. the support service is working, But there are no bots. mdealen for Russian-speaking players At PokerDom I recently started With a mobile app, it'S not bad, Russian-speaking. The room itself is convenient, The game is played in rubles. Unlike other rooms, you do Not need to convert currency, Everything is simplified so that Even a beginner can understand: You throw money in rubles, You also withdraw it. Cache is up to, and The clearing is relatively weak. Deservedly occupies the first place In my personal ranking!.

Download Gambling Games for Android

Develop your own gambling casino Empire

Game developer Appscraft decided not To join their card game In one app and made The app 'Game of our Yard' with a lot of Card games familiar to us From childhood, we played more Like being a Strip Club BlackJack card game which will Be interesting to play the Male population of the siteThis is a classic BlackJack Game that will be played Against you charming models and Characters-solitaire Card Game.

If you like card games, Then Platinum Solitaire is a Great game for you.

Here is a complete and Fully developed version of the Popular card game. In the game mode Klondike Solitaire.A game for fans to Play solitaire on their Android. Klondike Solitaire is perfectly optimized For the end user, the Player is spared from unnecessary Operations, easy, intuitive dragging and Dropping of cards. Play, compete - when playing 'Fool', A deck of cards sometimes Is used and from two To six players participate in The case of playing a Deck of cards, up to Players can play. All players are dealt cards Each, the next or last, Perhaps game for Android.

the Considerable popularity of this Gambling game is determined by Its simple rules, speed of Play, gambling and simple strategy In counting cards.

Gambling houses United States-the Second version of the online Client for Android devices for Gambling poker with real people Over the Internet.

But still, the game did Not gain popularity immediately

Very beautiful graphics, interesting opponents, Real bluff. You can invite your friends From all over the world And play a game of Klas - an Excellent graphic version Of the popular gambling card Game for Android phones. One of the most gambling Card games. Perfectly drawn graphics and various Game modes will surely appeal To you. All Apk files of applications On the site are presented In the form in which They were freely available on The Internet at the time Of detection. The administration does not share Information about the legality of Their distribution and is not Responsible for the damage that They may cause. Using these cookies is at Your own risk!.

Online poker Software

In addition, you can choose Different styles of their game

You can download the program And play with your computer To improve your Texas hold'Em skillsAs you play your hands, The program collects statistics of Your game, which can and Should be analyzed later. When playing with a computer, You can set different skill Levels for your cyber opponents. If you are serious about Poker, then this program is What you really need. The program includes a dozen Cyber opponents who play in Different strengths and styles. In addition, you can create A cyber player yourself. The program can simulate tight Or loose games of your Choice, as it can move You to a low-limit Room, or to a room With large bets, which will Also affect the style of Players - your opponents. The program from Wilson Soft Offers a large number of Statistical reports about your game, Which can not but please. My favorite tool is preflop Hand analysis.

Artificial intelligence from Wilson Soft Is great

It will show you the Odds of your hand and Your opponents hands.

A versatile program that will Help you accurately and quickly Analyze the most diverse situations That can happen at the Poker table.

To do this, you need To select the games, the Number of participants at the Table, the cards on the Table and the players. The program will determine the Chances of each participant trade On the condition that all Of them reach the autopsy. Unfortunately, the program doesn't Take into account that someone Can say a pass before The showdown. One of the best log analyzers. Excellent prog for players who Prefer single-table tournaments. At each stage of the Tournament, the prog will tell You the correct tactics, although This is more necessary for Beginners than for more experienced players. A very useful program that Connects to the PokerTracker database And gives you real-time Statistics on the player you Are currently playing with, how They act in certain situations. A bot program that will Connect to Patypoker and will Beat weaker players, giving you Good dividends. That's what the ad Says, but I tend to Distrust it. I do not advise you To be guided by such Advertising, but in order to Expand your horizons, I decided To bring it on this site. Excellent program for automatic calculation Of odds directly during the Game in the pokerroom, displays The pot odds, potential losses, etc. odds and keeps statistics on Opponents in real time. Supports almost all poker rooms. A free program that allows You to play Texas hold'Em for non-real money. Good artificial intelligence, for beginners It's the best. Setting the number of players At the table, setting the Difficulty of the game.

pppoker app poker calculator online kkpoker ru pppoker Manager poker variance calculator poker calculator for poker stars poker stars bots pppoker net shop pppoker on PC download the latest version upoker rakeback