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One of the most popular Card games in the world Today is Poker, which is Played not only in every Major casino, but also in International tournaments with a prize Pool of more than $ millionSo maybe it's time For you to learn how To play it? Perhaps today one banal card Game gamers can not buy, Because they are now just Serve colorful graphics, and what No plot. By the way, the guys From the company "Youda Games Holding B. V." took this moment into Account when creating their new Product called Now let's Go through the story a little. So, one day in the State of Texas, a certain Jack Bulwert won the election, Who immediately decided to start Fighting gambling in the territory Entrusted to him.

To do this, he issued A decree banning Poker, which Should come into force within The next month.

So, until this happens, you Need to ride around Texas, And this is no less Than cities, collect an impressive Amount of money participating in Small tournaments and buying up Real estate, in order to Challenge Jack Bulwer himself, and Beat him to make him Change his mind.

As you can see, the Task before you is not An easy one, especially considering That you probably don't Know how to play poker either. In General, if you still Have a desire to learn How to play poker properly, Then only If you are A professional poker player. if you are the developer Of this app and you Believe that your copyright has Been violated, please contact us By clicking on.

What is The name Of the Last prize Card dealt In poker?

On each of these streets There is a trade

The first three common cards In poker are called the Flop, then one card is Burned, and the fourth card Is called the Turn, after Which another card is burned And another RIVER is openedRiver-the last street after Which the winner of the Hand is determined. River is translated as RIVER. This means that the cowboys Grazed the herd all day, And in the evening they Drove it to a watering Hole and it was time To rest by the river. RIVER answer in a five-Card draw, the first three Cards that are laid out On the table are called The Flop. The fourth community card in The draw is called the Turn or Turn, and finally, The fifth community card is Called the river.

First Deposit Bonuses from Poker - $ and Additional

Winning all this is quite Possible even for a novice player

The poker room is committed To increasing the number of Its players, and therefore its Loyalty program is taking on A truly unprecedented scaleEach new client already receives Bonus dollars upon registration, for Which they can immediately start playing. But this is not even Flowers – the main surprises Are waiting for users when They first Deposit funds.

This site is not owned, But is only informational in nature

Every dollar of the poker Deposit turns into two, and In addition to this, It Gives you a set of Ten tickets to fairly serious Tournaments, where you can test Your luck and evaluate your Own gaming skills in business. give you the right to Participate in $ Depositors-a daily Tournament, the prize pool of Which is announced in its Name allow you to take Part in similar games with A guarantee of $, which are Held twice a week, and You do not have to Wait – these tickets are Awarded immediately when money is Credited to the Deposit account Another ticket is intended for The weekly First Depositors’ Challenge-A tournament that starts at: GMT on Fridays and gives You the opportunity to win One of ten tickets to The Sunday Challenge with a Prize pool of thousand dollars. All you have to do Is set a goal and Don't forget about the Rules under which poker conducts This wonderful promotion: Especially for Those who may find these Conditions impossible, poker guarantees that Even a partially wagered bonus Will not burn out, but Will remain on the Deposit, And it can be used In the future. However, there is nothing unrealistic In winning these six hundred Dollars – you just need To play, and not argue. The site was not created For the purpose of pushing To play poker for real Money, it is not an Organizer of games on the Internet, advertising gambling services.This resource only provides information, But the exact description of The promotion and bonuses can Be found on the official website. All information and design on The site is subject to And protected by copyright law. Quoting and copying information from The site is allowed only With the placement of an Active link.

The content is intended for Adult users only.

Omaha poker: Rules of The game.

Currently, poker has conquered almost The entire world

This card game is popular Even among non-professionals and beginners

Everywhere you can see TV Broadcasts with the participation of Famous games or just famous people.

Poker has several varieties. Not everyone knows exactly how To play this or that Type of poker. Just enter 'Badugi poker rules, Texas hold'em, triple stud, Stud, Omaha' and so on In the search bar.

And you will instantly become The owner of information about The rules of one of The above-mentioned types of Poker, strategies and other subtleties.

Now very popular is this Kind of club game, like Omaha poker. Its rules are not so Complicated, if you devote enough Time and training to studying them. This type of poker appeared In the eighties in America. But back in the late S, a game that was Extremely similar to modern Omaha Poker roamed the country, the Rules of which, of course, Were different.

It changed a lot, until Finally it was held in One of the Casinos in Las Vegas.

But this automatically meant for Any game that it would Become popular. Therefore, the official birthday of Omaha poker is considered to Be the same tournament in. The rules of Omaha poker Are as follows: the game Is played using a -sheet deck. The seniority of the cards Is preserved as usual, that Is, an ACE is the Highest card, and a deuce Is the lowest.

The goal of this game Is to definitely win the Pot, which consists of bets Made by players during the Trading process.

This can be done if You make the best poker Hand, which consists of your Own two cards, and also The three cards of the Talon. Omaha poker rules have such That the game starts with Two mandatory bets of two Players sitting to the dealer'S left. Moreover, these bets are placed In the dark and are Called blinds. Their size varies commensurate with The cost of the game. For example, if the bets Are equal to one or Two dollars, the first player Will have to roll the Small blind - half a dollar, And the second-the big Blind - one dollar.

Now, thanks to the Internet, You can easily find out

These bets are always placed Before the cards are dealt. After that, each player receives Four cards in the dark. This is followed by a Stage of play called preflop. During it, a round of Trading is carried out, just On the basis of the Four cards distributed, the purchase Has not yet been laid out. The rules of Omaha poker Are such that trading takes Place as follows: the first Player is the player who Sits to the left of The person who placed the Big blind. At the same time, he Has the right to place A bet bet, discard cards Pass, skip a move check, Level the bet call and Raise it raise. Keep in mind that the Size of the raise and The bet itself depends on The type of Omaha poker. Bidding is carried out until All players remaining in the Game have equalized their bets, But usually this is no More than three rounds. The player who placed the Big blind has the final say. Now, when all bets are Collected in the pot, a Three-card draw is laid Out on the table, it Is called a flop.

After the flop, trading continues, When the bets are equalized And added to the pot, The dealer puts the fourth Card on the table turn.

Before the fifth card river, Trading follows the same rules, As well as after it. Next, all players who remain In the game open their cards. The winner is the one Who managed to make the Best combination of two of His cards and three community Cards of the purchase. To determine the order of The first word for each Hand, you just need to Go clockwise. Thus, Omaha is a very Interesting and exciting type of Poker that originated from Texas Hold'em. Any self-respecting poker player Should know rules and be Able to play it.

Professional poker Or not Everything is As

Their prize money is sometimes Several million dollars

They treat poker like A job, devote all their Time to training and playing gamesProfessionals never stop learning, they Are constantly improving their skills. Is it Necessary to become A professional poker player at All, and does this offer Any additional benefits? Consider. However, they know how to Manage their finances correctly and Will never lose all their Accumulated money due to mistakes In poker. Professionals love poker wholeheartedly, get Real pleasure from a high-Quality game. Therefore, they never work, do Not report to their boss, And do not depend on The economic situation in the country. Pros are engaged in their Favorite activity, which brings them Financial independence. A professional poker player is Not tied to a job That is located only in Their city. He can travel the world And earn money, learn strategies. For pros, there are no Days off from poker, while Regular players can play irregularly And neglect training. They perceive bad outcomes as A simple step towards achieving The goal and never give up. But the average player can Give up after a few Days of bad luck.

Such players can you can Afford anything

and strength of will.

If they decide to analyze Games, they will definitely do it. A Pro will read a Huge number of books, it Will find an error that Prevents you from winning, and Will constantly increase your income. A poker professional sets aside A clear time to complete Certain tasks for the day Training, playing, watching tournaments, etc. an Ordinary player may not Pay attention to the daily Routine, do not set specific Plans for the future.

Each player's schedule may Be different, as different players Will need their own specific Time to study, relax, or play.

Remember, if you don't Add any break time to Your day at all, you Can get very tired, depressed, And allow a poker professional To learn, play, develop, and relax. Everyone can make a schedule In their own way and Set aside more hours for Reading or taking a break. It is important to think Through each Chapter, make notes In your personal notes, and Apply what you have learned In practice every day. Pay attention to books about Psychology, math, strategy, and reading Your opponents. Every day analyze the losing Games and calculate your incorrect One game.

Write down what you need To change in a future Game session.

Learn to analyze not only Your own mistakes, but also Those of others. You can do this when Watching video tournaments and when Analyzing other people's hands.

Professionals are constantly working on Their game, learning, and improving All their skills.

Such players never give up And clearly go to their goal.

You can get the knowledge And experience to play professional Poker by taking the free AWS course.

Each student will be able To maximize their poker talents, Become a Pro and get The most out of the game.

Hi! Do you want to climb The limits, but don't Know how? We have prepared for you Main tips that can help You with this! Leave your mailbox and soon You will find them there! The tips were sent to Your email address. Study them carefully so that You can upgrade to a Higher limit as soon as Possible! If you don't find Any messages in your mailbox, Please check the "Spam" folder And move them to "Important".

PokerStars free download $-Poker Stars website in Russian

PokerStars started its operation on September

Since then, more than billion hands have already been played hereAt the moment, Poker Stars is the most popular poker room in the world - it has the largest number of promotions, tournaments and players.

PokerStars has several records listed in the Guinness book of world records for the number of players.

You can meet players from all over the world at the PokerStars gaming tables, as well as players from all over the World. poker stars such as Jason Mercier, Ivan Demidov, Greg Reimer, Alexander Kravchenko, Barry Greenstein, Peter Eastgate, Joe Hashim, Chris Moneymaker, Vanessa Russo, Isabelle Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Gavin Griffin, Bertrand Grospellier and others. Starting from March, the PokerStars program and website became available in Russian. Only on PokerStars, Russians and CIS citizens are offered additional special promotions, as well as various events. You have the opportunity to play for in-game (virtual) money completely free of charge, at the end of which, as a result of a positive experience, you can receive cash prizes from the PokerStars poker school - PokerStarter.

In order to play for real money, there are tables with a minimum bet of - cents, while the cost of participation in tournaments starts from cent.

The Commission of the poker room is minimal

Approximately ten qualifying freerolls (in various types of poker) take place throughout the game day, with a' Weekly Round prize pool $'. PokerStars constantly offers qualifying freerolls for all the biggest tournaments that take place offline-PCA, EPT, WSOP, RPS, WCOOP and others, as well as a draw for a Lamborghini car. To do this, you just need to follow the news and watch 'Tournaments' 'Regional' and 'Freerolls' in the program lobby. The last time there was a selection for the tournament "RPS in Egypt", "your dream Job" and the TV show "Poker duel". PokerStars uses the minimum PC resource requirement software, which is very colorful and tempts you to sit down at the table and start playing. The user can set any table size, which is very convenient, and if you have opened several tables at the same time, you can do it individually, observing your own order. Poker Stars engineers pay great attention to players and create unique items: for example, mostly in poker rooms, if you have lost contact with the table, then of course you don't have the opportunity to respond, and if one of the players puts, then you automatically lose, regardless of what combination You have. So, at PokerStars, you can choose a table with the above rule or those tables where, as a result of losing the connection, you will reach the point where you need to open with what you have bet, and Your combination of cards will not be lost.

There are more of them than you can imagine, a great selection, and the cost of participation starts from $.

and goes up to $ and above. "Sunday Million" is the largest weekly online tournament on Sundays with a guaranteed prize pool of $, everyone can participate with satellites starting from $. PokerStars is the best solution for beginners - fans of Sit-and-Go tournaments. A huge selection, filled almost instantly, even those that can accommodate players. Sometimes, there is a chance to get twice the savings. For example, there is a game going on one - on-one for $: basically, you need to Deposit an amount of $ to the room, then as in PokerStars, it will cost $.! There is also a unique promotion - "Battle of the planets". PokerStars hosts qualifiers for almost all major offline tournaments. PokerStars also qualifies a huge number of players for the World Poker Tour (WPT), European Poker Tour (EPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP) in relation to other well-known poker rooms. It is not surprising that quite often the winners and runners-up of the main major offline tournaments are" graduates " of PokerStars. This poker room belongs to one of the rare poker rooms that only offers poker games, and does not try to lure You to casino games or the like, and also believes in each player as rising poker stars, and not players who do not know how to part with their hard-earned money. The minimum Deposit is only $. To make a Deposit, electronic money is accepted: WebMoney and various Bank cards, or through the ROBOKASSA exchanger, both in rubles and in foreign currency in your local currency. Poker Stars is making a huge step forward for Russian players. From now on, every Russian player can put rubles on their Deposit. To do this, you need to choose from a variety of payment methods "ROBOKASSA" - a leading service for electronic currency exchange and payment in the CIS, with which you can transfer Easy Pay, Yandex-money, MoneyMail, Webmoney, RBK Money and even online poker votes. You also get a unique chance to use all the major networks of payment terminals such as QIWI, Elecsnet, Novoplat, Unikassa, Absolutplat, MobileElement, Comepay at the same other words, as a player, you can top up your personal Deposit at PokerStars in almost all terminals. In addition, using the ROBOKASSA payment terminal, you can transfer funds in other types, and their current list is provided on the roboxchange website. Players who have just signed up are given up to$, and not only the st Deposit is taken into account, as it is customary in the casino. other rooms, but also the next, which You can make within three calendar months. During the registration process, you must specify the advertising code-PGAME, and when depositing money, the code-STARS. The bonus payment process takes place gradually $ for each VPP points collected, which are collected when playing only with real money. To contact the Russian support service, you need to write an email to, if you want to say goodbye 'live' write to, you need to specify your current phone number, as well as a convenient time for You, and the responsible employee will call You back.

How can I programmatically calculate poker odds? - statistics fooobar

Further links and reading can be found here

I'm trying to write a simple game utility for calculating poker oddsI know there are a lot of resources out there that talk about formulas to do this, but I think I'm having a hard time translating this into code.

In particular, I'm interested in Texas Hold-em I understand that there are several different approaches, one of which is that you can calculate the probability that you will draw some hand based on the cards you can see.

Another approach is to calculate the probability that you will win a particular hand. The second approach seems much more complicated, as you will need to enter more data (how many players, etc.) you wrote it down for me, but some nudges in the right direction will help: -) Here are some links to articles that might help as a starting point: Poker logic in C and Quick hand estimation and analysis in Texas hold'em the Theoretical foundations are given in this Wikipedia article on poker probabilities and in this excellent statistical textbook. An example of a complete project written in Objective-C, Java, C C, or Python can be found in SpecialKEval. Monte Carlo simulation is a General approach for calculating the odds of poker hands.

Pokersars and statistical article - good suggestions

There are many examples of implementing such a simulation for hold'em in the network. But this is really best done with Monte Carlo simulation, a useful, simple and powerful approach to this complex problem. Take a look at pokersource if you have strong enough C abilities. It's not easy, I'm afraid, but some of the things you're looking for are complex. Poker-eval-a program that uses the library will probably do a lot of what you want, as long as you can get the input format right (not easy). Sites like this one or this one also use this library AFAIK. However, it might be worse, you might want to calculate something complex like Omaha Hi-lo This allows you to calculate the probability and probability. Ghz laptop, it can deal with calculating a game of, players in.

Download PokerStars for Android for real money - apk from the official Website for free to play

To download the installation file, click "Download"

You can play poker on PokerStars equally comfortably from your computer and phoneThe mobile app of the largest poker room is the best in online gambling in terms of quality, functionality, table selection, and tournaments. We recommend that you download PokerStars for Android and play For real money with real opponents anytime, anywhere. The installation instructions will help you prepare your device, download the poker client, and install it. If you accessed the site from a computer, you won't be able to download the mobile version for later transferring the apk file to your smartphone.the resource is adaptive and automatically detects the user's device. The client for the computer will be loaded on the PC. You are on the current mirror of the poker room's website. Don't try it download the program from an official resource blocked by the provider, using a VPN.

If you bypass the block via a proxy server located in another country, you will not be able to download the client version intended for Russian users.

Players from the Russian Federation need to download software from the Russian-language mirror-this guarantees the installation of a suitable program.

Versions intended for users of European countries and poker enclaves don't work in Russia - you can't launch, create a Stars account, or log in.

The pokerstars.apk installation file can only be downloaded directly from the site to your phone. Goggle Play offers an app with a similar name, but with The net prefix. Version C of the catalog does not have a cash register - it offers tables with bets in conditional chips (a free game that does not support deposits and withdrawals). Since the software is not downloaded from Google Play, prepare your smartphone beforehand. By changing the settings, you have allowed the installation of the app that was not downloaded from the Google play store and you can download PokerStars for Android for free directly from the mirror. After installing the poker client, return the settings to their previous state to avoid installing malicious software from unverified sources. Check whether the game platform is compatible with your smartphone or tablet. You can find out the operating system version in your phone's settings in the "About device" section. In the "Memory" section, check the amount of free space. If necessary, update the operating system (you will need an SD card) and free up space in the smartphone's memory - MB for the installation file (you can later delete it) and about MB for the application. After downloading the file, find it in the device's memory. By default (if the user has not changed the settings), files are downloaded to the "Downloads" folder. Click on the file and the installation will start. The installation progress is displayed in the upper frame of the screen. Your mobile phone must be connected to the Internet during installation.

We recommend downloading the program directly to your phone

When the installation is complete, the operating system it can request the installation of updates (if you agree), and then offer to launch the game. Access to the game for real money is granted to registered players.

If you have not previously registered in the room, click "Create a Stars account" after launching the app.

To create an account, you need to come up with a game nickname, password, specify your email address and country of residence. After verifying your email address and phone number, log in to your account and fill in the fields with your personal information (they are later checked when verifying your identity using passport scans). Learn more about signing up for PokerStars here. Please note: users who have created an account on another phone or computer cannot re-register their profile. The rules of the poker site prohibit creating multiple accounts - a violation is punished by blocking access to the account or game. If the installed app doesn't have any Yandex.checkout functionality, the version for playing poker with conditional chip bets was downloaded from Google Play. Freerolls (free tournaments) are not available in this client. You won't be able to upgrade the stripped-down version of the game platform to the full version. To play for real money, you must download PokerStars for Android from this mirror after deleting the previous client. The PokerStars mobile app features high-quality graphics and a fast response to user manipulation. The full potential of the platform is shown when using a device with technical characteristics higher than recommended. The app for playing for money provides access to a wide range of tables, tournament events. The range of limits and buy-ins is suitable for beginners with a small bankroll and pros who prefer high bets. The cash game starts with bets of $. The cost of regular tournaments starts from $.

Major events are held on Saturday and Sunday.

The total weekly prize pool in regular tournaments reaches $ million. Formats various options: freeze, shutout, knockout, rebuy, bounty, heads-up, Zoom, with time limits. Read more about the tournament schedule here. The mobile client is equipped with the necessary functionality for comfortable management. The developers took into account the features of using the touch screen - they made the interface intuitively understand the player's gestures. For example, you can Fold by swiping cards off the table or call a Check by tapping the cloth with your finger. The room also offers software for iOS devices. Read the instructions for installing the app on your IPhone Or IPad.

Learn Chinese poker: free Pineapple poker lessons PokerHouse

Chinese poker is an interesting variety of ordinary poker

In the last time this game is gaining more and more popularityThe rules of the game are quite simple, so even beginners in the world of intelligent card games quickly master it and after a short time after several games they get excited and can hardly tear themselves away from the action. So far, all the subtleties and nuances of this exciting game have not been studied, but this is exactly the beauty of it. The beginning of Chinese poker is the distribution of five cards. The task of each participant in the game is to earn the maximum possible number of points, which are awarded in accordance with the collected combinations. In Chinese poker, you should collect the same classic combinations as in Texas hold'em, Omaha and other varieties of this popular game, which has fans in almost all countries of the world. After five cards are dealt, the players in the first position place them at their own discretion in three boxes. Further these actions are also performed by other participants. The main feature of this card game is that the cards in the boxes are distributed in the open. The lower and middle boxes, which are called Back and Middle, have five cards each, and the upper one has three. It is called the Front. The order of the cards doesn't matter. It is important that once a map is placed in a certain row, it cannot be moved to another one. The player on the button is dealt five closed starter cards.

The remaining eight cards are laid out one at a time after the first five have already been laid out.

As soon as the hand is completed, the button is passed to the players in a clockwise direction.

Players at the table can be from two to four people

Chinese Pineapple poker differs from classic poker in that after the first five cards are dealt, the remaining cards are dealt not one at a time, but three at a time. The strategy of the game consists in the need to make combinations, starting from the weakest and ending with the strongest. If a player violates this rule, his hand will become dead, which means that this will result in a complete loss in the hand. The rules of Chinese poker are really simple, but this does not make the game any less exciting in comparison with other types of poker. Each type of poker has its own special interest, which is why Chinese poker games are loved by fans of intellectual entertainment, who have already succeeded in many ways in Texas hold'em or other varieties. Open Chinese poker will allow all fans of the game to look at it in a new way. The seniority of combinations should grow from top to bottom. The top one should always be the youngest, and the bottom one should always be the oldest. Only equality between combinations is allowed. After all combinations are stacked, points are counted. One of the interesting features of Chinese poker is the lack of bluffing. Since everything happens openly, each player has the opportunity to assess their position against the background of their opponents. A distinctive feature of Chinese poker is that there are no trading rounds. The prize is kushi, i.e. points that are awarded for combinations, the strongest of which are also rewarded with bonuses. The accrual of Royalties, i.e.

bonuses and the cost of one point are negotiated by Chinese poker players additionally.

It all depends on them. The choice of the accrual system is also determined by the game participants. The Western version is most often used. If a contestant wins two of the three rows, they are awarded one point. You can get six points at once if you win all three combinations. This situation in Chinese poker is called Stingy. If the conditions of Chinese poker are not met, the hand is considered dead and the player does not receive any points. As a punishment, he also has to pay all other participants in the game six points, and also if they have bonuses, and pay them. Subject to the availability of dead hands of all the players, their points remain intact. If both poker players have bonuses, they all go to the winner. If there are combinations of the same strength, bonuses are reset to zero.

The system of awarding bonuses for certain combinations in some rows also has its own rules.

Players can make changes at their own discretion if they wish. Chinese poker seems to be difficult from the point of view of scoring, but you get used to it quickly and do not have any difficulties. No wonder this game is becoming more and more popular every day.

You can play poker online, and then points will be calculated automatically.

At the PokerHouse Academy, you can learn for free and quickly learn what Chinese poker is all about. No boring theory. Only compressed important material and analysis of practice.

After just a few lessons, you will be able to play the Chinese version of the game and improve your own skills.

If you are tired of the classic rules, use the opportunity to diversify your leisure time with Chinese poker.

PokerHouse is an exclusively informational resource.

The site does not provide any gaming platforms, is not an organizer or advertising of gambling. The site is regulated based on Federal law No. (as amended on.) 'On state regulation of activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

I can'T log In to GATS poker And - Poker In General - Poker

To expand the functionality, enable Javascript

You have JavaScript disabled, so Some forum features won't workCreate an optimal pre-flop Model for cash games, learn How to use poker software, Work out the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more. Friends, I registered with the Same nicknames and passwords on Ggpokerok, poker king, GATS poker and. But it turns out to Log in to the game Client only in the first Two rooms.Watch my video where I Clearly show what I get And please share your experience.Have you ever had such Situations and what should you Do in them?Is there a possibility that I can't log in To the client because I Live in Crimea?Link to the video: Take A look at the hands You have played from a New angle, with the help Of analysis from Alexander Alexz-Coach and player NL-NL! No poker training or strategies.

Only fan, ludomania and Odessa Humor!: The way only Yegor can.

Valuable prizes will be awarded To viewers of the broadcast. Vitaly Inferno analyzed the users Hands and explained the optimal Draw lines using their example, As well as answered questions From participants.

Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in

At the lesson on September at. Moscow time, the trainer analyzed Hands and spots with NL And below and explained the Most profitable lines of the draw. Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal preflop model For cash games and learn How to use it you Will learn the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more. Good afternoon! What can't go into The GATS and will say, I probably won't Need A VPN program that changes The virtual location of an account. The issue is not the Crimea, but Russia as a Whole, although there seems to Be a ban for Ukraine As well.

Ggpokerok and Pokerking are focused On Russia, there will be No such problems.

But with it's a Little strange, usually there are No problems either, you need To understand Your VIDEO I Watched, you use VPN If I find a similar case, I'll write.Have you tried logging in To without a VPN? Take a fresh look at The hands you've played With the help of analysis From Alexander Alexz-NL-NL Coach and player! No poker training or strategies. Only fan, ludomania and Odessa Humor!: The way only Yegor can. Valuable prizes will be awarded To viewers of the broadcast.

Vitaly Inferno analyzed the users Hands and explained the optimal Draw lines using their example, He also answered the participants questions.

At the lesson on September at. Moscow time, the trainer analyzed Hands and spots with NL And below and explained the Most profitable lines of the draw. Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal pre-flop Model for cash games, learn How to use poker software, Work out the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more. Read here about GATS, the Same problem. I think we need to Experiment in the settings of The VPN country and generally Enable IT for clients. And so write to the Support support of the rooms, Live chat is usually not Enough, which gives. Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal pre-flop Model for cash games, learn How to use poker software, Work out the most important Post-flop game concepts, and Much more.

Take a fresh look at The hands you've played With the help of analysis From Alexander Alexz-NL-NL Coach and player! No poker training or strategies.

Only fan, ludomania and Odessa Humor!: The way only Yegor can. Valuable prizes will be awarded To viewers of the broadcast.

Vitaly Inferno analyzed the users Hands and explained the optimal Draw lines using their example, As well as answered questions From participants.

At the lesson on September at. Moscow time, the trainer analyzed Hands and spots with NL And below and explained the Most profitable lines of the draw.

Learn how to work with Spectra, eliminate mistakes in your Game, create positive preflop charts, Use elastic betsizing, and much more.

Best practices in cash games For low-limit players in. Create an optimal preflop model For cash games, learn how To use poker software for Cash, work out the most Important concepts of the game After the flop, master the Algorithm for making the right Decisions during the game, and Much more. as a rule, the GATS Does not allow users to Use VPNS especially if you Select a country where poker Is prohibited, such as the United States.

Poker terms, poker slang and jargon with explanations

all attention, this is not a grateful case

If you have ever watched a real poker tournament or watched a training school for more advanced players, you may have heard a huge variety of words that seemed strange and incomprehensible to youIn fact, there is nothing surprising here, there are such words and they are called poker terminology or poker slang. Although it is customary to separate these two concepts, but in the end they mean almost the same thing. In principle, these terms are quite simple and easy to remember, due to their consonance with what is happening at the table, as well as a large number of everyday concepts and terms. We will discuss the most common and necessary terms that will allow you to easily navigate at the same table with professionals. We will omit the less significant terms of poker, as there are a huge number of them and many others.

If a player wants to level someone's bet, then he says this word and makes the corresponding action.

Discard cards during the game. This word in poker means that the player is out of the entire hand. Capital held by the player during the game. There is an optimal amount of bankroll and it is calculated as a hundredfold of the size of the entry to the game. The maximum bet that a player can place. In this case, it has only one limit-the size of its own stack. In this case, we are talking about a gaming table that has a special layout for players, as well as various accessories that are necessary in poker. Boxing is also called the delimited territory for each player. A chip that is given to the player followed by the small and big blind. A player with a button can also be a dealer. This is true in cases where there is no one at the table. a separate dealer. This concept applies to those players who constantly play the widest range of cards. The opposite of the concept of loose, that is, the player who, on the contrary, always plays a narrow range of cards. Superaggressiveness. Similar to the previous version, only in this case, the number of entries in the hands exceeds fifty percent, and the number of raises increases several times.

In Russian poker, the same word can sound like a pass

It is also a slang term in poker and means a weak player who rarely raises and is always waiting for a good hand. This style can be used by professional players to confuse their opponents and turn on an aggressive style at the right time, which will discourage players for at least a few hands. The strongest possible combination that can hardly be broken in a certain hand. This is what you can call the combination that exceeds the set Draw.

A combination that, in flop or turn conditions, falls short of one more card to become strong.

Basically, this concept refers to flash combinations that often hang and are not fully implemented.

The card that determines the outcome, who takes the pot, in case of equally strong pairs.

For example, if you have a Ten and a King on your hand, and a ten is on the table, then in your case there will be a pair of Tens and the king kicker.

And the opponent has a pair of tens and a Jack.

Accordingly, he loses to you.

Now you know the most basic concepts and slang words that are most often used in poker.

You need to learn them well so that you can easily and quickly navigate during the game.

PT equity calculator

PokerTracker has a built-in equity calculator

You can use it as a standalone app, or as an option that is synchronized, for example, with the hand re-playerEquity calculator calculates the odds of specific hands or ranges against other specific hands or ranges.

Equity Calculator supports the following types of poker: Texas hold'em, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo.

A window opens in which you can specify specific hands or ranges of hands for all participants in the draw, set common Board cards and, accordingly, calculate equity.). To add cards to these and other fields, you can write their symbols manually or select the corresponding cards from the table at the bottom of the screen. These are specific hands or ranges of hands that will be taken into account in future calculations. They are filled in the same way. We discussed in detail how to record hands and ranges correctly in at least two Sel fields must be filled in to calculate equity. To find out the equity of each hand, enter all the card information and click Write manually for a specific starting hand fairly easily. For example, if you have an ACE with a king, you only need to press two keys (AK). It is much harder to record the ranges of possible hands. And you will have to do this quite often, because in each draw you suspect that your opponents have a whole group of possible pocket cards. There is a special option to record hand ranges in the equity calculator in PokerTracker. Just click on Sel and select this option (a window will open where you can see the classic table with all possible starting poker hands.

Click on each hand to add it to the range (the selected combinations will be highlighted in red).

In addition, you can use one of two sliders: Exclude and Include. To adjust the operation of these sliders, you can change the traditional models of spectrum composition (Model) used in poker. PokerTracker also has its own built-in hand ranges (most common in online poker). To choose one of them, use the option Using equity calculator, you will you will see purple buttons with an asterisk in the map table. These are specialized buttons that allow you to create the most accurate range in some cases. Purple asterisks indicate the so-called "wild" cards. (nominal values). The values of all suits in the card table are arranged in columns. There is a purple asterisk at the bottom of each column.

The main part of the screen contains Sel fields

If you click it, then the range will include cards with this denomination, regardless of their suit. For example, if you click the asterisk under the jacks column, you will indicate to the calculator that the opponent has any Jack in his hands. All cards of the same suit are arranged in a single row in the table. There is a purple asterisk at the end of each line. If you click it, all free cards of this suit will be included in the range. For example, if you click the star next to spades, you will indicate to the calculator that your opponent has any of the remaining spades in his hands. (all wild cards). There is a single purple asterisk at the intersection of rows and columns. If you click it, then in the range will include all cards currently remaining in the deck. You can use the hand calculator not only to analyze situations that you created manually, but also to analyze the hands you actually played. To do this, in the re-player of played hands, click Now each hand viewed in the re-player will be accompanied by an equity calculator. All fields in the calculator (opponent's hands, community cards) will be filled in automatically. If the cards of one of the opponents are unknown, random ranges will be specified (they can be adjusted manually). In the re-player, working with the equity calculator is much faster, which means that the use of this already useful analytical utility will be even more useful.

The largest poker operator announced on its official blog the introduction of a new Seat Me feature designed to protect ordinary players from professionals.

the European poker tour (EPT) Festival will be the largest offline event of its kind of all, what ever took place in Prague. Its sponsor According to information from the Department of property relations of the Krasnodar territory, the Krasnaya Polyana game zone has its first operator. Request for RedKings Poker has moved to the Microgaming poker network (MPN) Microgaming is the largest poker network in the world and we are very excited to join them.

Starting hands in Texas hold'em poker

While acting first, you rely on mostly based on intuition

Another important factor is the player's position at the tableIf your turn is the last, then when making a decision, you already know how your opponents behaved. With experience, you will learn how to use the position factor. So far, the only recommendation we can give you regarding position is that the earlier the position is (further away from the small blind), the stronger the starting hands should be for the draw.

Academypoker is an exclusively informational resource

If you go last, then up to of the starting hands in Texas hold'em poker are suitable for you.

The site does not provide any gaming platforms, is not an organizer or advertising of gambling.The site is regulated on the basis of Federal law No.

(as amended on.) "on state regulation of activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation".Information on the site is intended only for persons personal information protection Policy of users.

Play Texas Holdem Poker Sit Go Online for Free-LiveGames

The game is played on A x or x line Board drawn in a square

"Xonix" is a favorite game Of many! This is a rather "old" Game, i.eit first appeared on personal Computers back in the days Of MS DOS. But, since users liked the Game, today you can even Find two opponents Playing in D: one with black chips Stones, his opponent with white ones.

For our project we implemented The Sit and Go tournaments Sit and play.

This type of tournament appeared In the early s and Immediately gained worldwide popularity.

a poker hand that is Higher than that of the Casino dealer

A special feature of this Type of tournament is that The winner is always, who Takes all the chips from The table game points claimed For the game. Russian poker is a card Game where the goal is To collect the highest possible Amount of money. "Xonix" - a favorite game Of many! This is a rather "old" Game, i.e. it first appeared on personal Computers back in the days Of MS DOS. But, since users liked the Game, today you can even Find D VA.

Poker chips - Professional poker Chips

This site shows the wholesale price

This category includes poker chips With and without face valuePoker chips are one of The main accessories for playing Poker, so we provide our Customers with a wide selection Of professional poker chips of Various sizes and weights. We are a manufacturer of The offered poker chips, so Only here you can buy Poker chips at the lowest Price, wholesale or retail. Description: the Chips of this Design were used during the Filming of the movie Agent.

Casino Royale.Denominations.

You can find out the Retail price on the website Of our new online store.

Poker combinations In pictures-Forum about Earning money

Straight flush from the English Straight flush

This combination of cards consists Of five consecutive cards of The same suit, for example, Queen, Jack

an ACE can act in A straight flush as a High ACE, King, Queen, Jack Card, then it will be A Royal flush, and as A low card ACE.

But if the ACE is In the middle of the Sequence for example, Corle, ACE, Such a combination of cards Will no longer be a Straight flush, that is, a Winning one. When comparing two straight flushes, The one with the highest Card wins. four of a kind Is A combination of cards in Which four cards of the Same value plus any other Card, for example, Jack. Among two or more squares, The one with the higher Rank of four cards wins.

Some games use multiple decks To play, so it is Possible to have two or More squares of the same value.

In this case, the winner Is determined by the seniority Of the fifth card. It consists of a triple And a pair, i.e. three cards of the same Value and two cards of The same rank. By when comparing two or More full houses, seniority is Determined by the rank of triples. if the triples are the Same in games with multiple Decks, the winner is determined By twos. So, of the combinations, King, King and Jack, Jack, Jack, The winning one will be The last one. Any five cards of the Same suit. If two or more flushes Are compared, the winning hand In poker is determined by The highest card.

Full house from the English Full house or "full house"

For example, when comparing Jack, And Queen, the last One Will be older.

If all cards of two Or more flushes match, the Pot is divided equally. This winning poker combination consists Of five consecutive cards of Any suit.

Just like in a straight Flush, the ACE can be Either a high card or A low card.

A combination of, ACE is Often called a "wheel" or "Wheel". triple, Triplet, Set from the English three of a kind Or set. Three cards of the same value. If there are two or More triples, the triplet with The highest number of cards wins. If the ranks of two Or more triples match in Games with multiple decks, the Seniority will be determined by The highest card from the Remaining ones. Two pairs from English two pairs. A pair of cards of One value plus a pair Of cards of another value. A hand with the highest Ranked pair qualifies as a Winning hand. If one of the pairs Matches in two or more Hands, the winner is determined By the seniority of the Other pair. If they are the same, The hand with the fifth Card of the highest value wins. Pair from the English pair. Two cards of the same value. If the card values are The same, the remaining cards In the hand are considered. The more valuable one wins. For example, among the pairs Jack, Jack, and Jack, Jack, The first one wins. Basically, this is a hand That doesn't have any Of the above winning poker combinations.

Seniority is determined by the Highest card.

If the highest cards in Two or more hands match, Look at the next highest Cards, and so on until The last map. If all cards match in Rank, the pot is divided Equally.

Download Gambling Games for Android

Develop your own gambling casino Empire

Game developer Appscraft decided not To join their card game In one app and made The app 'Game of our Yard' with a lot of Card games familiar to us From childhood, we played more Like being a Strip Club BlackJack card game which will Be interesting to play the Male population of the siteThis is a classic BlackJack Game that will be played Against you charming models and Characters-solitaire Card Game.

If you like card games, Then Platinum Solitaire is a Great game for you.

Here is a complete and Fully developed version of the Popular card game. In the game mode Klondike Solitaire.A game for fans to Play solitaire on their Android. Klondike Solitaire is perfectly optimized For the end user, the Player is spared from unnecessary Operations, easy, intuitive dragging and Dropping of cards. Play, compete - when playing 'Fool', A deck of cards sometimes Is used and from two To six players participate in The case of playing a Deck of cards, up to Players can play. All players are dealt cards Each, the next or last, Perhaps game for Android.

the Considerable popularity of this Gambling game is determined by Its simple rules, speed of Play, gambling and simple strategy In counting cards.

Gambling houses United States-the Second version of the online Client for Android devices for Gambling poker with real people Over the Internet.

But still, the game did Not gain popularity immediately

Very beautiful graphics, interesting opponents, Real bluff. You can invite your friends From all over the world And play a game of Klas - an Excellent graphic version Of the popular gambling card Game for Android phones. One of the most gambling Card games. Perfectly drawn graphics and various Game modes will surely appeal To you. All Apk files of applications On the site are presented In the form in which They were freely available on The Internet at the time Of detection. The administration does not share Information about the legality of Their distribution and is not Responsible for the damage that They may cause. Using these cookies is at Your own risk!.

How to Deposit money To Poker Stars from A Bank Card, via QIWI And

Click on MasterCard as a Deposit method

Poker Stars is the world'S largest online resource dedicated To poker games, so many Users are interested in how To put money on Poker StarsThere is a large selection Of different ways to do This, which are fully integrated Into the portal's cash Register, which allows the player To choose the most suitable option. By following the detailed and Simple instructions, you can easily And quickly top up your Gaming account. If you have a MasterCard Card, the procedure for adding Funds to your account will Not take much time. To do this, follow these Steps: Click on the "buy Chips" option located in the Portal's sales register. Fill in the fields, including The amount and currency you Want to Deposit. Enter the CVN number that Is used to secure the Transfer of funds. This number is a three-Digit number that is located On the back of each Bank card. Click on the "send" option.After that, the request is Sent to the Bank server.

The transaction will be shown In the card statement marked "Pokerstars".

In order to Deposit money On a Poker Stars VISA Card, the procedure is similar, But when choosing a Deposit Method, you should specify the Corresponding map. However, it can be used By those users who are Prepaid subscribers of Tele, MegaFon, Beeline or MTS. To Deposit money to Poker Stars via your phone, just Follow these steps: Then you Will receive an SMS message With simple instructions that will Allow you to complete the payment. After the game account replenishment Operation is successfully completed, the User will receive confirmation in The form of an SMS. It should be noted that For making a mobile payment, It is important that the Transfer amount and Commission do Not exceed the limits set By the mobile operator. It is also important that The subscriber's mobile account Has a sufficient amount. After funds are credited, the Game account will be instantly replenished.

Mobile payment is another popular method

In order to Deposit money On poker Stars, you can Use various electronic wallets.

Using the example of WebMoney, You can clearly see that Even a beginner can handle This operation user: the user Has minutes to complete the translation.

If the operation has not Been completed after the specified Time, the transaction is canceled. In this case, you will Need to start the procedure For depositing funds to the Game account from the beginning. If you are a client Of other electronic payment systems, Then this operation will be Almost the same, only when Choosing the Deposit method, click On the appropriate option. The online portal supports working With a QIWI Wallet. If you are interested in How to put money on Poker Stars through Yandex money, Follow the above instructions.

Instead of step, you will Be redirected to the Yandex.Money website to complete the payment.

After confirming the transaction, the Game account will be quickly Replenished.

King of Poker

This game is the most Popular type of poker

King of poker -one of The most popular flash card Games in online poker, now In an expanded edition on In RussianFirst, you need to choose Your character-a Texas cowboy Or a beautiful lady, buy A super trendy hat and Study the beginner's guide.

Before you put money on The card, thoroughly study all The poker combinations and techniques! Here you will find more Than a hundred different opponents With different strategies and styles Of playing Poker.

If you have never played Poker and don't know The rules, then thanks to The new game King of Poker, you have the opportunity To learn how to play This wonderful card game.

The game is fun and The rules are not complicated At all

The most important thing in Poker is the rules and Card combinations, as well as To maintain calm and clarity Of mind during the game, To be able to bluff. Learn the poker rules and Strategies well and place your Bets safely! The victory will be yours! When you are successful in The game King of Poker And feel your strength in The game, create your own strategy. Then you can switch to Real Online mode Play poker And participate in tournaments for Real money.

poker Android Play Poker for REAL MONEY With the Poker Android App

It offers a wide range Of awesome features and games

Poker for Android by poker Is a first-class application That is truly addictive, but It is extremely easy to useDownload the app on this Page and follow the simple Setup instructions – you can Play poker right away. There is nothing more exciting Than playing fast – paced Real money games anywhere-even On a train or bus. Our real money games are Just as good on the Poker Android app as they Are on the desktop poker SOFTWARE. And thanks to our reliable Sales register, you can always Log in to your account, Play and withdraw money with Peace of mind. Rich selection of games: what Makes your heart beat? Texas hold'em? Omaha Hi-Lo? -card stud? We have everything that makes You act. Choose one favorite games from A rich variety of games And unique poker formats.

Play our round-the-clock Poker games for real money On Android or participate in Our single-table and scheduled tournaments.

Snap Poker: Forget waiting between Hands and get into high-Speed poker! poker SNAP format on Android Allows you to discard cards And get a new hand immediately. You don't play with Precisely defined opponents at the Same table, but with a Whole pool of players. They change on each hand, Which makes the game even More fun! Casino games and poker are The perfect complement to each other. The poker app for Android Connects you to the fascinating World of casino games that You can enjoy with money From poker. But that's not all! We also offer sports betting With the best online odds On a wide range of Sports, including football, horse racing, Basketball, tennis and much more!.

Best poker Rooms in Russian review Of

We present to your attention A selection of "Poker rooms In Russian", which includes the Best poker sites on the Modern Internet with support for The Russian languageThe offered poker rooms have A fully translated website interface, An adapted design of the Poker program - the game client, And a full-fledged Russian-Language player support service.

In short - everything you need To ensure that from anywhere In the world, a Russian-Speaking online poker player receives Only pleasure and positive emotions From a delightful entertainment! Titan Poker is a favorite Of our poker room review For a variety of reasons.

And one of these reasons Is the fact that the Room has excellent support for The Russian language. The poker site itself is Well translated into Russian, the Client for playing online is Perfectly translated, and most importantly, This poker room has a Great player support service that Speaks Russian. This support service has been Named the best online poker Support service for five out Of the last six years .! by the readers of the Most popular European Gambling Online Magazine Gambling Online Magazine! Can you imagine how difficult It is to do this In the presence of such A huge competition in the Online entertainment market, as it Is now? The real interest of the Poker room in Russian-speaking Players is shown by the Fact that Titan together with Mansion organizes exclusive private freerolls Only for Russian-speaking players, In which a prize pool Of $ is played every week! You can only get to These freerolls if you register From our website. The Mensch poker room is Related to the previously mentioned One Titan Poker room, - it Is managed by a company That is a subsidiary of The company that manages Titan. Thus, all the vast experience Accumulated in Titan in working With Russian online poker players Is successfully applied in Mensch. The poker room's website Is well translated into Russian, And it's a great Place to be. The poker room's game Software in Russian does not Cause any complaints about translation, And the support service will Be happy to solve your Problems even by phone in Your native language. Sign up for the Mansion Poker room now and get Access to private freerolls and The most profitable promotions! Attention!The site is intended for Adults only! If you are under the Age of, you must leave The site immediately! publishes interesting and useful information About online poker.

The site is designed to Inform visitors about current trends And interesting offers of the Best online poker rooms on The Internet.

PokerStars account Verification

In addition, the poker room Can perform re-verification

Every major poker room takes Measures to counteract scammers and Violators of the rulesFor this purpose, a procedure For verifying user data has Been developed. It also helps the company Make sure that it does Not provide services to users From countries with a ban Or strict restriction on online poker. Basic verification is a mandatory Procedure that the player goes Through when withdrawing money from The account for the first time.

It applies to those who Withdraw very large amounts or Are suspected of violating the Rules of the room.

Correct actions of the player Make this process fast and Do not affect access to The game. We tell you how verification Works on PokerStars and how To confirm your registration details correctly. Some customers play on PokerStars, Deposit and even withdraw money Without confirming their personal data. But most often, the room Cancels the first withdrawal of Funds and requires verification. Preparation of documents and their Processing by the security service Takes time during which the Player cannot receive money. This procedure is not a Whim of the company or An attempt to take money Away from the user. Identity verification is a reliable Way to protect yourself from Scammers and intruders. To ensure that your PokerStars Account verification is completed quickly, It is best to do It in advance, before the First cashout. Best of all, immediately after registration. If gross violations such as Multiaccounting or money laundering are Detected after verification, the client'S account is blocked without The possibility of unblocking. Also, the room's requirements For confirming your identity arise When you change your account. the country from which the Player logs in, or attempts To withdraw money to banking Details that differ from those Used when depositing funds to The account. PokerStars only requires you to Confirm your email address.

It also helps protect players With compromised accounts

This is done immediately after Registration, when an email with A link is sent to The user. After clicking on it, the Mailbox becomes confirmed, and you Can start playing the game. The player's phone number Is optional for the room, But it can also be Verified for security reasons.

In this case, an SMS With a verification code is Sent to your phone.

Verification of personal data at The request of the room Or at the initiative of The user can take place In two ways: via email Or through the game client. To confirm the information by Email, you need to send An email to the support Service with the title Confirmation Of personal data. The required images are attached To it. The email must be sent From the address specified during Account registration. To verify your PokerStars account You need to choose the Security section and subsection, the Request of supporting documents. After clicking the Attach button, A form for uploading files From your computer opens. The topic can be arbitrary, But for more efficient processing, It is better to write Something like personal data Verification.

The security service notifies the User about the verification results By email.

Therefore, after sending the files, You need to monitor your Incoming messages in case the Poker room has any additional questions.

PokerStars to identify a user, You need to check two Things: the accuracy of the Personal data provided during registration And the residence at the Specified address. Therefore, you will have to Send types of documents: an Identity document and a confirmation address. The support service is ready To review another document to Confirm the address, if it Meets the technical requirements and Contains both the address, last Name and first name of The user. If there is no document From the list, you can Write to support service that Will offer solutions to the problem. For example, some players verify Their account using a contract With a mobile operator. Copies made incorrectly can slow Down the processing process by The security service.

They must meet the following Requirements: when Submitting passport data, You must scan or take A photo of the page With the photo, date of Birth, and date of issue.

Its number should be clearly visible.

You don't need to Send a registration page.

To confirm the address, it Is not accepted, because it Proves the residence permit, and Not the actual place of residence. The method of creating a Copy is not important. the image can be either A scan or a high-Quality photo.

Documents to confirm the address Must be issued no more Than months ago and contain The date of issue.

The support service won't Accept files if they don'T have a last name That matches your registration data. According to the rules of PokerStars, data verification takes days, Usually employees they meet this deadline. On poker forums you can Find reviews about the fact That the decisions of the Security service had to wait Up to a month.

These are special cases where The delay is not always Caused by the company.

For example, the security service Did not accept images due To poor quality, or an Email asking you to send New scans got into the Spam folder. So that the procedure is Not delayed, you can start Verification immediately after registration or Deposit. The check will go on While the client is just Playing in the room. And if the response is Silent, it is advisable to Carefully check your email and Contact support again. If the player did not Violate the PokerStars rules and Entered the correct data when Registering, the verification will most Likely be successful and there Will be no problems. If there are any difficulties, Experts tell the player what To do and what images To send. I registered for on the Advice of a good friend – he told me that They give no Deposit of dollars. Well, a hat, of course, But you'll never get It there. first d I've been Thinking for a long time About which room to start The game in. I chose Between ggpoker and Pokerstars. After reviewing the reviews, I Chose a room from the GG network. In General everything is simple I'm a beginner.

King of poker. Extended edition-Table

Texas has a new Governor Who has banned card games

But if the best poker Players get together and have A big tournament, they can Prove that poker is an Interesting and exciting game! Head to Amarillo, learn the Ins and outs of Texas Hold'em in local saloons, And win the tournament! You will receive many valuable Awards, you will be able To travel around the state, And you will also have The best hat in all Of Texas! Enter the name of the Mod in it and press EnterYou can experiment by adding Different word variants. No the Repack is normal But the error that asks You to install the call Of Pripyat is not in everyone. I can't fix this When creating a Repack. You have to do it yourself. This error can get out Of any mod on this Platform why solve problems you Just lay out a normal Repack that runs without jambs And then people want to Play and you at least Wrote on what hardware it Is rushing from honestly, I Didn't even think that The author would answer me Just know, you really got A super build, I say This and described it all Because I also tried to Do something like this noooo Alas, but I didn't Get to the release, so To speak, and probably won'T get it anymore, but I really wish that you Would succeed and the second Version of which will surpass Itself came out This is My first mod, I didn'T even think to upload It, as I did it For myself. At the expense of cons: Of course, I will try To correct it in a Possible second version. lay out a separate fix, Download an GB archive for One file, then unpack it. this is still a pleasure, Especially since the torrent has Already spread around the network. I want to become the Pseudo-expert who estimates such Modification is Not, I don'T drive in another hateruma.! So, let's go straight To the bad moments, as Is usually the case in The best traditions of sending Your favorite news with a Choice of which type to Start with? "Bad or good?" Friends, please do not Judge me for bad Russian And spelling, I usually speak And write in Ukrainian myself From Ukraine: So, before writing And expressing myself about the Mod, I once again read The description of this masterpiecewithout Sarcasm, the mod is really The best that could happen In, I really liked it, I will look forward to Waiting for updates if this Is planned, I would like To note that I am Either blind or there are Really no instructions about which Render to play. Therefore, I launched the render On which I have optimally Run all the modstobish full

And immediately I want to Advise the author to try His hand at optimization, the Mod works stably, without FPS Drawdowns, but-friezes, the mod Is ocheng and very frieze.

Second - textures, as for the Texture of the hands, the Default normal hands, I can'T describe what they look Like They were very similar To the hands from walking Zombie if someone doesn't Understand, then enter the name Of the game and you Will understand me. Third - the earth, the earth Glows like a light, or Rather-shines.

Fourth-PHONIC mutants, I will Express my opinion about this Purely - it's not cool, REMOVE it! But of course, let the Author take the risk himself.

Edges of textures in particular - Roads again, in any fashion, At full dynamics.I don't have that In lighting.

N Yat-textures are pixelatedunfortunately, I can't provide screenshots Because I don't know How, if anyone is in The courses, then enlighten me I will be glad and Grateful, although the anti - aliasing Is twisted to full.

And now the most juicy-On the pros Here I Will describe everything very simply. The graph is a masterpiece. The stcop WP version is My favorite.

We get a list of Materials with the given word Or phrase

with the latest fix Obituaries - Without words at all, messages Are displayed even about the Death in Pripyat, this is cool. In General, Dynamo.Messages are great. The decision to diversify your Gaming experience the process of Cutting monster body parts from Old and even new monstersI Admire this so much because A gourmet, you know, I Like to play imagining myself As a Chernobil hunterwas great. About models, words are not Needed at all it's Just cool, that's all. For adding and restoring groups - A separate respect. In General, you can still List the many advantages of This mod for a long And long time, just let The author or authors know - They are cool, go on, I believe in you departures In the swamps when trying To talk to the doctor, In warehouses when completing the Sakharov quest and when approaching The mercenary base in warehouses, The X-RAY error gives. The ability to throw combat Gear and combat gear on The ground from the inventory Has returned provided that they Are NOT worn on the GG. Fixed crash when laying out Throwing equipment on the ground. For those who still have A flight: put on or Take off the equipment that Departs when you throw it Away, and then you can Safely throw it away. Spawn artifacts. As it turned out, the Measures the previous patch was insufficient. In this patch, the number Of artifacts per roll is increased. There was a bug: during The hacking process, hackers could Lose information about the PDAs That they were hacking, and Because of this, they found Themselves in a frozen state. As compensation for the information Lost in the last patch, Hackers who are stuck in This patch will give out caches. if I remember correctly, we Have it on PM and For SOS to replace Hip From SunRisen, I used it To replace the Mermaid in T. B, but here it is Zpshnaya, more smoothed and not So broken, and for some Reason gray Riplika no longer knows. maybe some conditions for passing Are not met? regarding the passage, dig the forums. maybe there is a hint somewhere. and who said that there Is truth, the mod was Released six months ago, and Someone there, and wrote something On another resource. I don't know how You can press the wrong One there on the very Last floor where the installation Is disabled in PM the Same lever. When you hover over it, An inscription appears and that'S it. When I press F, nothing happens. and this is like such An idea, that this is Like a new mod with A release date of, and If you look here - it Turns out that this is A fix for the mod Released in may?. rebalance of armor for mutants And NPCs.

Basically, everyone has become less armored.

The basic idea is that Massive mutants in a given Location such as pseudosobaks, boars, Snorks, bloodsuckers, asps should be Killed with weapons that are Relatively massive and available on it. At the same time, the HP of many mutants increased. If earlier, with a successful Penetration, very many of them Were killed by a vanshot, Now you will need to Spend several bullets for each one.

Expansive ammunition becomes more justified.

Pseudo-giants and Chimeras remain Quite difficult opponents. Changed the formula item's damage. It was: a fixed negligible Percentage of normal damage, practically zero. STO: Extragrade damage depends on The mass and momentum of The bullet, and is very Different for different calibers. From a very large-caliber Weapons like -gauge shotguns can Even be killed with extragrade Damage-Yes, it can now Be fatal. the Penetration characteristics of shotguns And some other ammunition have Also changed. There was also a slight Rebalance of prices for goods And trophies.

Snorks will no longer look Like a Bouncing bag of money.

Suits with balloon equipment-started Working normally. Now they have protection against Background radiation, protection against anomalies, They are energy-dependent there Is a slot for batteries, And the presence of energy Changes their properties.

In the description, you can View properties for both the Online and offline status.

in the graphics options, the Ability to enable disable auto-Tuning of graphics by Adm-RAL has been added. The old crutch mechanism for Turning it on and off Has been removed. in the game settings, added The ability to adjust the Density of anomalies and mutants In the Zone. Changing these settings takes effect After the next release or A New Game. Keep in mind, as for The mutant setting, it does Not remove those mutants that Have already appeared in the Zone from the game. fixed bugs in the respawn Of artifacts: now artifacts will Not fall into the ground, Those that have flown into The sky are removed from The game faster, and with A new spawn, the number Of arts already existing on The location is taken into Account more correctly. Increased rewards for quests, greatly Reduced the probability of non-Emergence of the quest marks, In cases when they should appear.

fixed bugs in determining the Properties of art from merchants, The GG can measure the Radiation of art itself if It has at least a dosimeter.

If you are not satisfied With some of the changes, You can easily fix them Yourself, or write in the comments. If I have time, I'Ll try to help. what are the improvements to The grouping war? renegades still grab easy from The clear sky even without Intervention, but in General, the Build is good, without left Crooked lotions like in other Mods, but I helped shustrom A lot of bugs, he Didn't want to come With me and then other Stalkers start shooting at those Who are too far away From them, Create a Channel On YouTube with mod walkthroughs And install an Armory, since Projects are at the testing Stage and are often updated, I don't see the Point in building something that May not be relevant tomorrow, After the next update is Released on.

In addition, my railway is Packed to the brim with Torrent distributions, there is no Place to manipulate such volumes.

Dear ferr-um, this updated Addon has already been released For December, and you can Post a link and the Description should preferably be adapted To RC. a fix has been released, It is already included in These links - only Yandex. disk does not display it, Google shows Hello, I can'T put the "extended artifact Zone" artifacts in containers. Artifacts are not displayed in The container menu.

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To start the story about Why you should download it For free, it is necessary To start with the fact That this project is one Of the first in the Network of Russian poker roomsThe project was created specifically To work on on the Russian market.

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There is an opinion that This is one of the Most successful sites for players Just starting their poker career. In August of this year, The poker room moved to The growing Microgaming network, which Offers players more pleasant and Favorable conditions. Download it for free for The reason that there is A qualified and actually Russian-Speaking support service, where you Can play with your compatriots, Talk in Russian and earn Money on this business. The Redstar Poker website offers Everyone who wants to play After registration and get great Additional bonuses, which are issued In the form of so-Called gold chips. There are also freerolls, as Well as additional bonuses for Deposits, such as reload bonuses. In addition, you get a Great red Star poker bonus And can play a variety Of different types of poker, Communicating with players in Russian Of course, you can also Use the services of a Local store.

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a couple of his signature moves

Poker school is the best Simulator of one of the Most popular types of card Games at the momentIn its creation was attended By famous canadian champion Daniel negranu. The experienced Maestro acts as A mentor, ready not only To teach beginners the basics Of the game, but also To show them how to play.

And they will come in Handy: the player is confronted Not with a calculator, but With a scientifically developed poki-Bot intelligence that can fight Almost on equal terms with Poker masters.

High-quality graphics, a moderately Complex and exciting championship can Attract attention for a long time. As you progress, new rooms Will open, bets will increase, And the player's authority Will increase. For those who are hungry For world fame - duels on The Internet.

D video adapter with MB Of memory and support for Pixel shaders, compatible with DirectX.

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