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offers its clients a variety Of types of poker

First of all, the room Has gained huge popularity in The territory of the former Soviet Union, as it is Aimed at the Russian-speaking Player with the ability to Operate in Russian rublesTo start playing, the client Must: it is necessary to Download the client from the Official website. there is no point in Describing this process in detail, Because it is quite simple And even a user with Minimal Internet skills can handle it. At the same time, it Is recommended to clear the Browser cache and only then Start installing the PokerDom client. Round-the-clock Russian-language Support with an instant response To a user's request The Ability to use the Mobile version of PokerDom separately For iOS and Android the Ability to play for Russian Rubles and not lose funds To pay commissions during conversion Simple verification, instant deposits to The account and quick withdrawals A Large number of promotions, Freerolls and Deposit bonuses the Advantage of playing on the Official PokerDom website can also Be attributed to the company'S youth. This means that the poker Room is played by a Large number of beginners and There are no serious poker Players who will be very Difficult to win against. As already mentioned, it offers Its customers the opportunity to To receive bonuses. So, Pokerdom charges of the Deposited amount at the first Deposit.

Namely, the boost fast poker system

And here we are talking About the fact that the Maximum Deposit size at Poker House is much higher than Other rooms. In other words, customers who Have downloaded PokerDom have the Opportunity to double their account When depositing up to thousand rubles. IMPORTANT! In order for the bonus To be credited to the Game account, you must pass Verification of the email address. And withdrawals Poker House will Be possible in the case That the user will be Able to play them for A period of ninety days. Also, all poker players who Play on the official Pokerdom Website will be able to Get one of the eight VIP levels, which, accordingly, seriously Affects the percentage of cashback. For example, the highest diamond Level, which can be obtained By gaining more than a Million points in three months, Can earn of cashback in The form of points. And for each ruble of Rake of this level, the Client will receive four points These funds can then be Exchanged at the rate of Points the ruble. So, we are talking about Texas hold'em, Americana, stud, Omaha and others. At the same time, it Is worth noting that Poker House is one of the Few rooms where you can Play Chinese poker and Its Pineapple variety. In addition, it is worth Noting other game modes that Are available on. You can also mention Windfall, With the possibility to win A big prize due to The fact that before the Game the system automatically randomly Determines the prize pool. Support is highly respected by Users because of its responsiveness. If poker House customers have Any problems, there are several Ways to report them to Support. Use email by Calling support At the number. Contact the operator in the Chat on the official website, Download the Poker House from The official site, or playing In the browser, a Russian-Speaking player will get a Reliable poker room with the Ability to play on the Ruble, to Russian-speaking support To improve your skills with Other players of different levels. Despite its youth, Poker Dom Has made a big name For itself, and therefore deserves Special attention from those who Have not yet decided on A place to play. You can find detailed reviews Of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and The latest news-all this Can be found on the Pages of our resource.

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I played about a thousand - Hands, played a rake of rubles

At first, everything seems to Be fine, here is the Correspondence with tech support: To Pass verification, you need to Send a scanned copy of The full passport spread so That you can clearly see The series, passport number, photo, First name, last name and Date of birth to the Email address, or upload the Document yourself in your personal Profile at on the site, In the verification sectionto receive the requested amount, You must send copies of The front and back sides Of the plastic card visa That you used to top Up your account. The first six and last Four digits of the card Should be visible in the Card number if you have A raised card number, please Note that the same digits Are covered on the back Of the card as on The front, and the CVV Code should be filled in.

Winnings are withdrawn within hours.

The money in your account Is not frozen, so you Can place bets until the Full withdrawal of money from The poker room. Payment usually takes several hours, Depending on the amount, because Requests are processed one at A time. According to our rules, if The amount of rake played On the player's account Is less than of the Deposit amount, the administration reserves The right to deduct but Not less than USD.

Today I'm trying to Withdraw rubles

or equivalent of the withdrawal Amount as transaction costs. If the Deposit was made Using a plastic card, then The administration deducts of the Player's current balance. Please let Us know in Your reply if you agree To these terms and conditions. According to our rules, if The amount of rake played On the player's account Is less than of the Deposit amount, the administration reserves The right to deduct but Not less than USD. or equivalent of the withdrawal Amount as transaction costs. If the Deposit was made Using a plastic card, the Administration deducts of the player'S current balance. Please let Us know in Your reply if you agree To these terms and conditions. To process Your request, I Need a few minutes, during Which I suggest you get Acquainted with our new promotions Of course, it is not Difficult for me to win Back only rubles, but I Will describe this situation in Detail on all forums and Attach screenshots and I will Have to re-apply, please Do not leave. I will tell you when They can be kicked so That they finally give me The money it's strange, Maybe this is a bug In the SOFTWARE. because I have it I Restarted it, and the poker Table that I had already Left opened up again.

Top Golden Poker Concepts

Check the "See TheFlop" section Percentage of Flop views

In poker, patience $$$This means that you should Wait for good starting hands Before entering the pot. A good sports poker player Only - of the hands dealt Are played. This means that he will Discard of his hands and Watch the pot draw. If you are not ready To wait so long for A good hand, then you Can play roulette or slot Machines: poker is not for You.

Incorrect selection of initial hands Is the reason for losing.

Determine a clear range of Hands with which you will Start the game. We will give You several Options of starting hands a Little later. If you don't have A clear range of starting Hands, please refer to the Article "Starting hands" that is Being prepared for release. At the same time, if You already play poker online And often lose, take a Look at the statistics of Your games, which is available In most poker rooms. If Your percentage is more Than, then most likely you Have found the reason for Your losses. Be aggressive while playing! Once you've got the Cards that fall within your Starting hand range according to Position, play them aggressively! Did you throw it off A lot of times, before You get a couple of Aces, so squeeze all the Money out Of your opponents And make them pay! Don't be a fish That calls everything! If You have the best Hand, don't hesitate to Bet as much as possible – kick the weak players Out of the pot.

Most novice players make the Same mistake – they play Big pairs slowly, giving other Players a chance to compete For the pot on the Cheap, which results in Your Aces or kings "moving" on The turn or river.

Make them pay to play! You have to make them Tremble every time it's Your turn to place a Bet – they need to Know that You will make Them pay the maximum if They want to continue fighting For the pot, while they Pray for the opening of A card that will miraculously Give them a winning combination. The only exception to playing Your hand slowly is when You have the strongest hand, The NATs, when you must Try to inflate the pot By giving it a chance Other players call cheap in The hope of making the Second-best hand. But be vigilant! Don't overestimate the strength Of your hand and don'T let your opponents take Your pot on the river When the magic card that Gives them the win comes out. It is much better to Pick up the blinds, ante, Or small pot than to Miss out on the big Pot and let your opponents Enter the game cheaply. As they say, a bird In the hand is better Than a crane in the sky. See the section "Call, Raise And Fold" call, Raise and Pass Percentages. The pass percentage should be The highest. It should be followed by The percentage of the raise, Followed by the call. If you are very confident That You have the best Hand at the moment, raise! If you think that you Will lose – discount! You must Call and Check When you are trying to Catch a Flush, Straight, or bluff. Image at the table is Very important, but most players Don't think about it At the table. You should conquer build a Reputation as a good player At the table and make Everyone think " Oh, Yes! This player only plays good Cards!» But here the question Arises: "How can this be achieved?". The answer is quite simple: Play good cards as specified In the strict starting hand strategy. You need to show the Players at the table That You are throwing away junk Cards, and only win with Good starting hands. Don't bluff at the Beginning of the game. If you are caught bluffing, People will call Your bluffs Again, hoping to beat You. Work on your reputation as A great and solid player, And when you succeed, you Will have the entire Arsenal Of weapons on Your hands. You will bluff and your Opponents will pass, thinking that Every bet you make is Covered by a great starting hand. Are you ready to play Seriously yet? Then go to FullTilt, use The word Probigslick to get A bonus from to $ and Compete with professionals who often Choose this room.

Only in the fight against The good ones then you'Ll know what you mean.

One of the main mistakes Of novice players is that They either don't watch Their opponents play, or they Don't have enough time For this, because they are Engaged in all sorts of garbage. What is their starting hand range? Do they play aggressively or Mostly call, even with good hands? Do they fold when bluffing Against them? What cards and combinations do They bet on? How long do they think When they make a tough decision? In most games, this knowledge Becomes Your main weapon, with The use of which You Can win a huge amount Of money. Given the fact that you Will be discarding of your Starting hands, you will have Plenty of time to study And observe the actions of Your opponents.

Again, let's look At Your statistics

Instead of sitting with your Elbows on a chair and Your head in the clouds, Bend down to the table And see what information you Can gather about Your opponents. This will help You when You fight for the pot With one or another opponent. That the fact that you Are reading this article suggests That You are on the Right track. The strategies that You can Find on this site are The best of all possible Ones: we have been reading Books for a long time, Flipping through websites, and based On the experience of professional Players, we have chosen the Best for You.

Keep a blog, analyze your Hands, get feedback, read analytical Articles on url and this Will bring you great dividends In your future game.

This is what all WSOP Players and various leagues do. All of them communicate on The forum and You have A chance to discuss your Hands on our forum! Poker players have a concept Of tilt-a moment in The game when emotions overwhelm The mind and the player Cannot play his usual game. This is the most important Moment in your gaming session – it's time to Stop! There are many things that Can trigger a tilt: Frustration Losing a big pot Problems In your normal non-poker Life losing a bankroll Fatigue If you feel tired or Have been beaten several times In a row, the correct Solution is to finish the Session or take a break To recover, go for a snack. Do not go to high Limits until Your bankroll is Suitable for such a game, And also do not sit Down to play at a Table where You will feel Like a fish – a Weak player. The ideal situation for playing Is a sense of comfort When playing at the limits Or a feeling that you Are the best player at The table. If at any point in The game you feel that Other players are bluffing against You and you feel uncomfortable Playing with them, you should Immediately leave the table, take A break and sit down At another table. Have patience as you sit At the table and start Harvesting soon! Your bankroll tells You where You should play, not the Other way around.

If you sit down at A table with insufficient money For these limits, you will Not be able to afford To wait out the distribution Of bad starting hands at The initial stage and you Can quickly run out of money.

Ideal for playing no-limit Hold'em, you will have You must have x the Small blind or a maximum Of x the big blind. Always try to have at Least x of the big Blind on the table, if You have less than that, Buy back. But why so many? Just because it gets frustrating When you catch a square Or Straight Flush and you Have so little money that You go all-in before The flop. You win$, while someone else Takes a side pot of$ With a pair of jacks. Have enough money on the Table so that when you Get a big hand, you Can play it aggressively and expensively. Research shows that players who Risk other people's money Or the last of their Own, play much weaker. It's just an emotional Block for a good game. Yes, you can earn a Lot of money in poker, But the source of replenishment Of Your bankroll should be Either money that You do Not need and you are Not afraid to lose it, And in the future – Your winnings. Don't draw conclusions about The game based on individual examples. Look at poker as a Long-playing game the process. If you won a hundred Dollars today, but lost five Hundred yesterday, then your balance Is not $, but -$. If you look at it Another way, if you had A bad night and lost $, But won$ last night, then You're certainly up $. Keep a blog entry about Your winnings and losses. Even good players sometimes lose. But if you still lose Over a long period of Time, you should find out Where Your bankroll is going And fix these moments in The game for yourself.

World Poker Club secrets and features - Good tips

One gold coin is equal to chips or two respect points

This type of poker, in my opinion, is the best poker in the CIS.The first feature of World Poker Club is that the player is given the opportunity to become a croupier and earn chips from itThe rules are that the first place dealer takes of the winnings from the tables, the second place, the third place. But remember, to become a croupier, you need a contribution, and you still need to earn or buy it.

High stakes are exciting and it's no secret

If you are going to continue playing on a regular basis, invest your money and it will pay off handsomely and possible profits. The second feature that distinguishes this project from many similar online poker games is the Sunday tournament. On it you can earn chips, respect to become a stickman and coins that are valued primarily in this game.

We strive to participate in tournaments, which will give us the weight and respect of players in the World of World Poker Club.

its Third feature is that there is a good chance to win great prizes at the ongoing Sunday tournament. Anyone who currently holds a high position in the player rating can take part. This means that our task is to raise our rating during the week, look for a strong hand and prepare for a serious game. First of all, never play for all the money, because you will lose. And use this advice not only in poker, but also in other games for real money. First, check the opponents at the table, who is bluffing, who is not playing. increases or often puts all-in. Prepared, calculated, then won. Take an example from professional players, because you hope to pass them in the future? Secondly, when you get a good card, do not immediately bet money, first make a small bet and if the partner has equalized it, then feel free to raise it. Don't forget about other players hands.

Third, when you have a bad card, bluff, and then there is a chance that the person sitting next to you at the table can fold, and you will win.

Bluffing is not always appropriate, and often do not use it, keep it as a last resort, since you do not need to follow the Poker Face, they do not see you. The second feature that I think is a good one is the Sunday tournament. On it, you can earn respect chips to become a stickman and coins that are very valuable. One gold coin is equal to chips or respect, Well, you're a real poker genius! You probably have more than one WSOP and WSOOP behind you, and I'm sure that you were the winner of each of them! It's just a shame that you're everything the secrets were taken and laid out on a plate, now anyone who reads it will instantly become a poker Pro! Although you still forgot one secret, namely: If you are on BB and you have ? ? in your hands, the opponent puts bet from an early position preflop, then in this situation you should definitely call(ABSOLUTELY!!!) and if a?A?K? comes to the flop and the opponent puts a pot bet, then you should definitely raise, and if the opponent supports your bet and the table looks like this on the turn: A?A?K?Q? and the opponent puts a big bet again, then do not lose heart, your opponent is just trying to intimidate you so feel free to play all-in on your entire stack ! Good luck to future pros! there are no rules in your poker game!! players are fined for any trifle I do not advise playing WPC they have a demon chapel admins give a block for nothing! All tips on the site are only informative in nature. For help in solving the problem, you should contact specialists.

The concept and features of Heads Up poker

Today we will talk in detail about this game variety

Among the wide variety of games on Poker, pokerheads Up is quite popularThis term means playing at tables designed only for two participants. In addition, the term is also used for the situation in tournament poker, when only two participants of the event are left fighting for the first place. It is only logical that playing at tables for two has its own distinctive features. Many young women do not understand this and enter the tete-a-tete game with a premature sense of easy money.

Above, we have listed tips for optimizing your strategy

However, in practice, it is very difficult to play against a single opponent, and a poker player without experience can hardly expect to succeed here. Separately, it is worth mentioning the difference between the Heads-Up tables and the same-name single-table hit and Go tables. Although the specifics of the game are the same, in a cash game, the hand does not roll if one of the two participants is not at the table, and each poker player can leave the game at any time.

In the tournament version, if the registration was not canceled, but the player closed the client and did not enter the game at the right time, the active opponent will get a victory along with all the chips.

Also in the tournament Heads Up you need to go until the end, until the only reward is played, that is, you can not throw the table at your own desire. Many young women wonder: how To play heads Up poker correctly, taking into account the features of this game variety. Here it is important to note that there is no universal "recipe" for winning a strategy in a Heads-up Game. Even I Don't have a single action scenario and initially "finds out" what kind of player you are, and what style you prefer. However, there are some things you should not do in a two-player game if you want to keep your chances of success: Finally one more tip for Poker players: play against opponents who are weaker than you.

If your task is to get hold of a coin,forget about sports interest and a sense of tact.

If you lose one hand to another, you will realize that you are the fish in this game, and you should find another opponent.

Poker Support service On Twitter, Facebook, and Vkontakte

Users can send a written Request to their email address

Many players complain in their Reviews on poker, noting that The poker room provides poor-Quality technical assistance, delays responses, And provides incomplete information, which Does not allow us to Quickly solve the problemIn reality, the Poker support Service works perfectly! It is necessary to take Into account the specifics of Its work, use appropriate communication Methods, and make competent queries. Instructions for solving technical problems Through the specialists of the Online room will help you Quickly find a way out Of any difficult situation.

You can use your email Address, the room's Twitter, Facebook, and Vkontakte pages, contact Operators by phone, in an Online chat, or use the Feedback form.

We recommend that you use The email address specified during registration. This method doesn't allow You to get help quickly – you can use it If you can't log In to your account to Use alternative methods of access. The disadvantage of sending a Request to an email address Is that operators need to Sort emails to redirect them To the right specialist. The average response time is - days. If you need to send A request to an email Address, please describe the problem In the subject line making A Deposit, withdrawing funds, verification, Making it easier for operators To process the request. Email address is provided for Russian-language technical support. Applications are accepted from residents Of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Other post-Soviet countries. The room provides telephone support To residents of some countries. There are several numbers in The room – each one Is designed to receive calls From players of specific States. Citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus can contact The operator by phone communication In Russian. Phone numbers are listed at The cash Desk of the Poker center. Please note: Calls to numbers With the code are paid. Billing is performed as for An international call to the UK.

Check the price with your Mobile operator.

A bot named Amanda works At the cash Desk of The poker app to solve Financial problems related to making deposits. The bot provides instructions on How to use the services – reference information on limits, Registration in payment systems. Unfortunately, Amanda doesn't know How to answer questions. One of the buttons located Under the bot suggests using An online chat to communicate With a specialist in real time. For users of the Russian Federation, the chat does not Function – apparently, access is Blocked by country of residence Due to the English-language Work of online operators. A feedback form is offered On the poker room's Website or in the poker Client, which is similar to An email address. The difference is extended functionality. The user is asked to Select a productpoker, casino, sport, Category subject of the request, This allows you to send A message to the appropriate Technical support Department, reducing the Waiting time for a response. If the player is not Logged in to the game Profile, you must specify an Email address when making a request. It is recommended to enter The mailbox specified during registration. Carefully select the section to Speed up the delivery of Messages to the appropriate technical Support Department. The waiting time for a Response depends on several factors: The workload of specialists, weekends Or weekdays, the time of Day, and the complexity of The problem. Sometimes the response is received In a few minutes, and Sometimes within a few days. Please note: in case of Global technical failures that cause The application or connection to The room server to malfunction, All users of the room Will encounter problems. Due to the high workload Of specialists, they may not Respond to the request – The failure will be fixed, And players will get access To the game again.

Due to sorting, the request Processing time is delayed

The poker room actively works In social networks and instant Messengers, providing technical assistance to players. Social communities, pages can be Blocked in Russia as organizers Of online gambling. To access poker groups and Communities, scroll down to the End of the main page Of the official site and See the buttons for going To Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram, and YouTube. The Russian-language microblog Poker On Twitter is an advertising And information portal – it Is not intended for technical assistance.

Here you can ask questions In the comments to posts Related to stock announcements.

Our representatives will be happy To explain the rules of Participation and provide additional details. Users often give advice. The Twitter room service regularly Hosts interesting promotions with small prizes. These promotions are not announced By the official website – They are intended exclusively for readers. For example, you need to Choose one chest out of Nine – the first five Users who correctly guessed the Chest number will receive a Small cash gift. Regularly for readers of the Blog, the Twitter room holds An action-a ticket for retweeting. In during the promotion, you Need to retweet the promotion Announcement – a Freeroll ticket With a draw of$ will Be automatically credited. A Facebook page is the Equivalent of a micro-blog On Twitter. You won't be able To get technical assistance – They only respond to questions About current promotions. You can use the group To participate in promotions and Communicate with other users. An additional plus-the room Regularly publishes news from major Online series. The Vkontakte page is more Suitable for receiving technical assistance. Please note that they can'T help you with problems That require access to account Information: verification documents, transaction dates And sizes, and game history. Information support is provided – The terms of participation in Promotions, the rules of the Game in the room, and The requirements of the user Agreement are explained. To contact representatives of the Poker site, use the "Question-Answer" section in discussions. You can also contact us In the comments to your posts. VK users participate in exclusive Poker promotions – sweepstakes, freerolls, contests. How quickly and efficiently specialists Respond to the request depends On the user. It is necessary to correctly Create requests and provide complete Information about the problem. If a response was received In English, perhaps to speed Up the problem resolution, the Request was passed to an English-speaking specialist.

Use an online translator to Read the message.

If the room representative asks For additional information or doesn'T solve the question, please Send the answer in Russian If you don't know English. Remember: most problems can be Solved by yourself. Detailed answers to the most Common and rare questions can Be found in the "Online Help" section of the poker site. Information about the rules of Participation in promotions is posted In the promotion announcements. Detailed information about the features Of the room is available On our website. For example, you can find Out how to download a Poker client for Android or IOS, get a Deposit bonus, Or pay for registration.

Download world Poker Club For

Finally, the third game currency Is Coins

World Poker Club on Android Is a mobile game designed To be installed on phones, Smartphones and tablets running the Android OSThis game is very popular All over the world, despite The fact that it can Not be played for real Money, and the entire gameplay Is conducted on conditional chips. So what is the reason For the popularity of World Poker Club? And where can I download This game to my phone? Let's try to answer These questions Poker game World Poker Club for Android can Be downloaded from our links Listed above. Clicking on them will take You to one of the Android app stores, where you Just need to click Download To download and install this App on your mobile phone. currently, you can download world Poker for Android in two Places in the Google Play Market and Yandex.Store.

The total number of downloads Of this game in these Stores has long exceeded the, Mark! However, such popularity of the World Poker Club is not accidental.

There are millions of people In the world who love Poker and love to play It, but not everyone has The financial resources or just Free time to devote themselves Entirely to poker.

And it is for these People that the World Poker Club on Android Was created.

After all, here You do Not need to spend your Money on the game, it Is conducted on conditional chips, Which are issued in the Game for certain achievements and Just every day. Moreover, if you log in To the game every day Without a break, the number Of bonus daily chips will Increase every time! So, in addition to chips, The game has other currencies Coins and Respect. Respect points in the game Are spent on showing respect To other players at the table.

You can give respect to The one you like If You are a player, you Can buy a gift and Send it to them as A sign of respect.

However, it is quite difficult To earn respect, and they Give them mainly in very Small quantities. Therefore, we advise you to Take care of this currency, Not to waste on trifles. Coins at World Poker Club Can be purchased exclusively for Real money, or you can Win in a weekly tournament. Coins are used to enter Other tournaments, and you can Also use them to earn Additional features in the store. When you download the World Poker Club app, you will Be prompted to log in With your own account, using Either a Google account, Vkontakte, Or Facebook. We recommend that you do This, because in this case You will be able to Save your progress in the Game at any time, and You will not have to Start all over again.

After that, you can immediately Start the game

To do this, simply click The Play button in the Center of the screen and You will be taken to The table that suits Your Number of chips. Of course, you can choose The table yourself. To do this, click on Manual selection and choose your Opponents according to the parameters.

You can choose tables for, People, Texas hold'em, Omaha, Normal speed, fast poker, etc.

In short, you have a Huge field to choose from. Moreover, if you plan to Play together with your friends, You can agree on which Table You will sit at And arrange, thus, a small Game of poker among themselves. At the same time, the World Poker Club on Android Also has tournaments. In addition to the usual SnG tournaments, the game also Features the main, Weekly tournament, Where any player can take part. By the way, this is The only place in the Game where you can get Free Coins and Respect. However, in order to do This, You will need to Get into the top players Based on the results of This tournament, and this is Very difficult to do.

Choosing a Coach is A very Important

Choosing a Coach is A very Important decision For a player

Now there Are dozens Or even Hundreds of Players who Offer their Services in The field Of poker Training, but Only a Few can Really teach You something

Let's Say you Have already Passed the Microlimits on Your own And gained A foothold On NL In the Cache or ABI in MTT, but You can'T go Any further – you Don't Have enough Skill and You decided To contact A trainer.

So what Should you Consider when Choosing your Poker mentor? It would Seem that This may Sound strange, But let'S try To explain This point. If you Yourself have Moved up From micro To medium Limits, you Know that There are Certain differences Between them. Therefore, if You play The already Mentioned NL Yourself, and You decided To take A player Who regularly Plays NL As a Coach, then This training May not Give you The expected Results, despite The high Price paid For training. First of All, because Methods, strategies, Concepts and Ranges that Operate at High limits May not Be as Effective at Your current averages. This is Related to The overall Level of Your opponents And their Understanding of The game: In those High-limit Spots where A skilled Player will Always throw, The medium Ones will Be happily called. It would Be more Logical to Take a Player who Plays "adjacent" To your Limits as A coach.

You play NL-trainer NL-NL, ABI-trainer ABI.

You should Not contact A coach Who has No coaching experience.

The rest Of us Will only Need one Thing – money

It is Worth focusing On the Reviews of His former Students about Him and, Of course, Their results "Before" the Coach and "After". The main Indicator here Will be An increase In winrate And profit. A good Player is Not always A good Coach, but What can You learn From a Mentor who Doesn't Work well For a Long time? The answer Is only To your Own mistakes And gaps In your strategy. This is Probably the Most negative Possible outcome Of working With a coach. You should Not blindly Adopt the Style of A coach, Not having A clear Understanding of The validity Of certain actions. A good Coach should Clearly point Out your Mistakes, as Well as Explain why He applies Certain actions. A coach Must be A player And not Only play In the Right teams. An indicator Here can Be a Game on PokerStars. Because, despite Everything, you Should Not Take training Sessions from" Sunken " players, Even if They showed Good results In the Conditional year.

At that Time, it Was possible To gain Benefits simply By studying The launch Charts and Adding quite A bit Of understanding, In today'S realities This will Not work Even at Micro-limits.

These would-Be coaches Give training Sessions only Because they Can't Earn money By playing Games anymore. Before taking Training sessions, It is Advisable to Read the Posts of A potential Trainer in A blog Or forum, Talk to Him on Skype. You need To understand That a Tongue-tied Coach with Poor diction And stuttering After every Word will Not be Able to Help you Absorb information And improve Your game, Even if He she Doesn't Know how To do it.

at the Same time, He is A strong player.

The coach Must have At least A minimal Set and Coherent speech. Expensive doesn'T mean High-quality. Sometimes players Can set A fabulous Hourly price Just because Of their "Promotion" and Media presence In the community. As we Said at The beginning Of this Article, you Should hire A coach Who does Not play Too high From your Current limits, So that He understands The main Trends and Features of The limit, And does Not just Explain the Strategy "in A vacuum". The price Of a Coach's Hour should Be proportional To the Limits played, And most Importantly-to The coaching experience. Cardmates is Not a Gambling company And does Not provide Gambling services To its visitors. The portal Is for Informational purposes only.

PokerStars account Verification

In addition, the poker room Can perform re-verification

Every major poker room takes Measures to counteract scammers and Violators of the rulesFor this purpose, a procedure For verifying user data has Been developed. It also helps the company Make sure that it does Not provide services to users From countries with a ban Or strict restriction on online poker. Basic verification is a mandatory Procedure that the player goes Through when withdrawing money from The account for the first time.

It applies to those who Withdraw very large amounts or Are suspected of violating the Rules of the room.

Correct actions of the player Make this process fast and Do not affect access to The game. We tell you how verification Works on PokerStars and how To confirm your registration details correctly. Some customers play on PokerStars, Deposit and even withdraw money Without confirming their personal data. But most often, the room Cancels the first withdrawal of Funds and requires verification. Preparation of documents and their Processing by the security service Takes time during which the Player cannot receive money. This procedure is not a Whim of the company or An attempt to take money Away from the user. Identity verification is a reliable Way to protect yourself from Scammers and intruders. To ensure that your PokerStars Account verification is completed quickly, It is best to do It in advance, before the First cashout. Best of all, immediately after registration. If gross violations such as Multiaccounting or money laundering are Detected after verification, the client'S account is blocked without The possibility of unblocking. Also, the room's requirements For confirming your identity arise When you change your account. the country from which the Player logs in, or attempts To withdraw money to banking Details that differ from those Used when depositing funds to The account. PokerStars only requires you to Confirm your email address.

It also helps protect players With compromised accounts

This is done immediately after Registration, when an email with A link is sent to The user. After clicking on it, the Mailbox becomes confirmed, and you Can start playing the game. The player's phone number Is optional for the room, But it can also be Verified for security reasons.

In this case, an SMS With a verification code is Sent to your phone.

Verification of personal data at The request of the room Or at the initiative of The user can take place In two ways: via email Or through the game client. To confirm the information by Email, you need to send An email to the support Service with the title Confirmation Of personal data. The required images are attached To it. The email must be sent From the address specified during Account registration. To verify your PokerStars account You need to choose the Security section and subsection, the Request of supporting documents. After clicking the Attach button, A form for uploading files From your computer opens. The topic can be arbitrary, But for more efficient processing, It is better to write Something like personal data Verification.

The security service notifies the User about the verification results By email.

Therefore, after sending the files, You need to monitor your Incoming messages in case the Poker room has any additional questions.

PokerStars to identify a user, You need to check two Things: the accuracy of the Personal data provided during registration And the residence at the Specified address. Therefore, you will have to Send types of documents: an Identity document and a confirmation address. The support service is ready To review another document to Confirm the address, if it Meets the technical requirements and Contains both the address, last Name and first name of The user. If there is no document From the list, you can Write to support service that Will offer solutions to the problem. For example, some players verify Their account using a contract With a mobile operator. Copies made incorrectly can slow Down the processing process by The security service.

They must meet the following Requirements: when Submitting passport data, You must scan or take A photo of the page With the photo, date of Birth, and date of issue.

Its number should be clearly visible.

You don't need to Send a registration page.

To confirm the address, it Is not accepted, because it Proves the residence permit, and Not the actual place of residence. The method of creating a Copy is not important. the image can be either A scan or a high-Quality photo.

Documents to confirm the address Must be issued no more Than months ago and contain The date of issue.

The support service won't Accept files if they don'T have a last name That matches your registration data. According to the rules of PokerStars, data verification takes days, Usually employees they meet this deadline. On poker forums you can Find reviews about the fact That the decisions of the Security service had to wait Up to a month.

These are special cases where The delay is not always Caused by the company.

For example, the security service Did not accept images due To poor quality, or an Email asking you to send New scans got into the Spam folder. So that the procedure is Not delayed, you can start Verification immediately after registration or Deposit. The check will go on While the client is just Playing in the room. And if the response is Silent, it is advisable to Carefully check your email and Contact support again. If the player did not Violate the PokerStars rules and Entered the correct data when Registering, the verification will most Likely be successful and there Will be no problems. If there are any difficulties, Experts tell the player what To do and what images To send. I registered for on the Advice of a good friend – he told me that They give no Deposit of dollars. Well, a hat, of course, But you'll never get It there. first d I've been Thinking for a long time About which room to start The game in. I chose Between ggpoker and Pokerstars. After reviewing the reviews, I Chose a room from the GG network. In General everything is simple I'm a beginner.

Download the Parimatch app For Android Apk for Free

The parmatch bookmaker also has Such an app

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone With programs installed on it In their pocketToday, you can check your Email, "walk" through social networks, Or get any interesting information From the Network using a Mobile phone that has access To the world wide Web. For maximum user convenience, mobile Software developers offer special applications That significantly simplify interaction with A particular Internet resource. There are several source sites That allow you to download And install the Parimatch app On Android. You can do this for Free at download of the App is not available on The official website of the Bookmaker's office and on The Play Market, as it Violates the rules of the Play market. It is very easy to Find a link to download The app on the Parimatch Website, because it is presented In the "header", in the Main menu.

There is a rather large Button with the inscription MOBILE, Which is almost impossible to miss.

There is a link in The "basement" of the site, At the bottom of the Page, namely in the section Called "Services".

after clicking on it, the Text of the rules will Open, and there will also Be a link that allows You to start downloading. Download Parimatch for Android is Easy – you just need To follow the step-by-Step recommendations and press the Appropriate buttons in time. The only thing you should Pay attention to is the Check mark next to the Section called "Security" in the Mobile device settings.

Once the installation is complete, You can start using the app.

During the first login you Will have to enter the Username and password that provided Access to the account on The official website of the Bookmaker's office.

If you go there, you Can see the "Mobile betting" button

A distinctive feature of the Parimatch application for mobile devices Based on the Andoid OS Is its wide functionality, which Is in no way inferior To the functionality of an Internet site, as well as A simple, intuitive interface. Before starting the installation, it Is important to make sure That The mobile device is Running Android OS version.

If the OS version on Your smartphone is lower, you Will need to use the Mobile version of the bookmaker'S official website.

The Android app of the Betting company Parimatch is absolutely As functional as the official website.

It allows the bettor to Place sports bets at any Convenient time, using a mobile device.

The app's interface is In Russian. To make a bet, you Need to select the appropriate Sports event, then click on The odds and select the Bet type in the coupon That opens. Next, you need to specify The bet amount in rubles, Check everything carefully and click On the "Place a bet" button. It is important to note That the Parimatch app is Regularly updated, and new versions Are regularly released, which are Usually better, more convenient, and More functional than the previous ones. To keep up with the Times, you need to update Parimatch for Android in a Timely manner.

Partypoker's New Cash Splash promotion

You can earn prizes by Completing certain tasks

Once again, partypoker acts as The main newsmaker of the Gaming community – here begins Another promotion, as generous as All the events organized by The room, and as diverse In terms of participation and Opportunities to winWithin four weeks, users will Be able to win a Total of half a million Dollars, so the name of The promotion – Cash Splash-Was chosen, as always, very well. What exactly will be at Stake for the new event? Cash Splash prizes at partypoker Include not only purely cash Prizes, but also their pleasant Equivalents-tickets that give you The right to participate in SPINS and multi-table games. It will be useful for Those who want to try Their luck in the cash Splash lucky hours – randomly Falling periods during which click Cards with surprises will be played.

Each such card is a Win-win and is awarded For every hour of Cash Splash.

In order to get it, You must first register, and Secondly, play one cent of Rake in games for cash Or in the fastforward format, And then fortune will come Into play. It will determine what is Hidden under the scratch layer Of the card-money just A dozen Cash Splash hours That are scheduled for each Week of the promotion will Be played for $, including the Main prize - $, or a prize Ticket to one of the Freerolls with a guarantee of Two thousand dollars. But this is for regular Sweepstakes, and twice they will Be extended-and there will Be twice as many tickets, And the main prize will Grow to a thousand dollars.

just like that, just rely On luck

Those who don't rely Too much on their luck Can try to get a Prize in individual competition. These users will be assigned Tasks directly by partypoker, and On a daily basis and In a random order. The list of possible tasks Includes tournaments, cash games, SPINS, And fastforward-in General, anything. You don't need to Register here – just go To the offers section and Then promotions, and then find The "Cash Splash"tab. Tasks become available from midnight Central European time is used Hereafter and must be completed Within the next hours. As soon as a particular Task is completed, the user Receives a click card and A Freeroll ticket with a Guaranteed prize pool of two Thousand dollars. Such tournaments will be held Daily at eight o'clock In the evening, but cards Can be activated from noon The next day. And stop thinking about it! After all, in the Cash Splash promotion, users are not Required to do anything supernatural – either if they are Going to expect happy hours, Or when completing tasks: partypoker Guarantees that they will be uncomplicated. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts Of partypoker will also inform You about the time of Each new hour of Cash Splash in addition to the Usual notifications push messages and Notifications in the client. In addition, streamers who are Partypoker Online Pro team members Will broadcast this information on Twitch. Thousands of cash tables and Hundreds of tournaments every day, High player traffic, bonuses and Rakeback-all this makes Party Poker one of the best Poker platforms on the Internet.

It's easy to become A part of the room: Download the client, register, and Make your first Deposit.

Just a few minutes and You will be able to Sit down at the gaming Table.

Download Poker shark. APK for

This game is a poker Game that is known all Over the world

Is an exciting game development That represents Texas hold'emThere is a free distribution Of chips, as well as A comfortable chat for correspondence Between users. In this game, the user Will be able to compete With friends and acquaintances, improve Their game skills and learn poker. This game is not played For real money.

Here, up to nine players Can gather at the same table

To start the game, you Need to select a free table.

Like other similar games, there Are bonuses and tricks that Will help you win. There are a lot of Interesting things waiting for the User ahead, so you won'T be bored.

Poker school-Poker combinations

In this case, the combination Includes five cards

Poker is won either by The player who has forced All his opponents to discard Their cards, or the player Who opened the best poker Hand at the showdownTherefore, to determine the best Poker combination, it is necessary To determine their seniority. In Texas hold'em, the Player collects his best combination Of two face-down cards And five community cards. It doesn't matter if A player uses only one Of their face-down cards, Both of them, or none. If the community cards, for Example, form a Royal flush, Then they will be the Player's hand, since he Will not be able to Make a better hand with His face-down cards in Texas hold'em, the Royal Flush is the highest hand. If both of the player'S face-down cards are Kings for example, the kings Of diamonds and clubs, they Will be indicated. Unlike other popular card games, All suits clubs, spades, hearts, And diamonds are absolutely equal In poker. Therefore, there is no difference Between aces of clubs and Aces of diamonds, unless one Of these cards allows you To collect a flush see below. If during the showdown several Players open equivalent combinations, but Of different suits, the pot Is divided between the players. The following combinations are used In poker the highest card Is the weakest hand, and The Royal flush is the Strongest: there are poker combinations In Total. However, it is important to Remember that a poker hand Always consists of five cards. In Texas hold'em, there Are seven cards available on The last street two face-Down and five public, but Only three of them make A combination. If a player does not Have a combination, such as A pair or better, then His combination is called the Highest card. This combination has almost no Chance of winning at the showdown. On your hands, on the Board. This means that we do Not have anything better, that Is, we have the highest card. If the opponent has it, Then his highest card is The king. Since the ACE is older Than the king, our combination Is stronger. If two or more players Have equal high cards, the Next highest cards are compared. If they are also if They are equal, then the Third-oldest cards are compared, And so on. These cards are called kickers.

If the suit is unknown, A pair of kings is indicated

Both players have collected a Combination of 'high card ACE'. However, Player wins because his Second highest card is the King kicker, while Player only Has a Queen.

If we have a pair Of kings in our hands And they come out on The Board, then we get A pair of kings.

If the opponent also has A pair of kings, the Winner will be determined by The kicker. It also happens that a Pair appears on the Board For example. In this case, all players Who continue the game get This pair, so to win, They need to get a Stronger combination, for example, the Second pair or better. Otherwise, the winner is determined By the kicker. That is, Player has seven Cards, from which you can Make the best combination available To him, which is-a Pair of aces. And player has only one Of which can be used To form a combination.

That is, its best combination Will be-a pair of ladies.

Player takes the pot.

It is said that the Player has two pairs, if He she can make a Combination containing one pair of Cards of one value and Another pair of cards of Another value.

If there is already a Pair on the Board, for Example, then we can use It, and then we will Need one more additional pair To get two pairs in This case, our best combination Will be.

Player has a pair of Kings and a pair of Queens, so he defeats Player, Who has a pair of Queens and a pair of sevens.

It is said that a Player has a set if His face-down cards form A pair, and the third Card of the same value Appears on the Board.

If we have both left On the Board, then we Get a set. Trips is a combination that Includes two cards of the Same value on the Board And one face-down card Of the same value. For example, if we have A hand and the Board Is out our best combination Is -, then we have collected trips. A set is considered better Than trips, because in the Case of trips, there is A chance that one of The opponents has a card Of the same value, but With the highest kicker or Even a full house. Player has three nines and The ACE and ten kickers, But he loses to Player, Who also has three nines But the ACE and king kickers. If two or more players Have collected a straight, the One with the highest card wins.

So a straight from to Is better than a straight From to.

An ACE in a straight Can play various roles. It can be in a High or low position, i.e. it can be at the End or beginning of a straight. Straight from ACE to five Has a special name - 'wheel'.

However, a combination with an ACE in the middle is Not considered a straight, for example.

Player has collected a straight From nine to king and Defeats Player, who has a Straight from eight to Queen. A flush is a combination Of five non-consecutive cards Of the same suit otherwise We would get a straight Flush, which is an even Better combination. The suit of the cards Does not play any role, And dignity will only matter When fighting against another flush. Flop - we got a flush. Since we have a flush With the highest ACE, we Got the strongest one from Possible flushes. If two or more players Have collected a flush, the Player with the highest card wins. If both players have the Highest cards of the same Value, then the second highest Cards are compared, etc. If several players have collected A full house, the winner Is the owner of the Highest three cards. If the triples are the Same, then the one with The older pair wins. Player has collected a full House of aces and sevens A set of aces and A pair of sevens, so Player wins, who also has A full house, but from Sevens and fives trips of Sevens and a pair of fives. A square is a combination That includes four cards of The same value and one Card of a different value. If two or more players Have collected a square, which Is very rare, then the Square consisting of the higher Cards wins.

If two players have the Same square which can only Happen if all four cards Of the square are on The Board, then the winner Is determined by the fifth Kicker card.

There is also a rule Here: If two or more Players have collected the following Points: straight flush, the player With the highest card wins. The dream of all poker Players is a Royal flush. This is the best possible Combination and no other combination Can beat it. A Royal flush is a Straight flush from ten to ACE.

Such a combination is very Rare, because out of.

million possible combinations, it occurs Only times - Both players collected. In this case, the suit Does not matter, since none Of the players has a flush. she is older, but she Doesn't play because only The best five-card combination counts. Therefore, the pot is divided Between players. Both players collected the same straights.

A pair of aces does Not play, because it does Not participate in the best Five-card combination.

Therefore, the pot is divided Between players. Splitting the pot is quite Common in hold'em, as Five of the cards available To players are shared. If the last two cards Are also the same or Are not used when forming The best combination of available Cards, the pot is divided automatically.

If players start a hand With the same face-down Cards, such as and, then Most often the hand ends With a split pot.

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