WSOP Online Launch marred By DDoS Attack on GGPoker Poker Club

They were rescheduled for the Following Sunday

Yesterday, the global part of The first ever online World Series was launched on the GGPoker networkPlayers were already preparing to Compete for gold bracelets and Thousands of dollars in prize Money when the distribution of Cards in the room stopped In the middle of Sunday. Two bracelet events were postponed, And some regular tournaments were canceled. Representatives of GGPoker named The Reason for the failure as Insufficient server capacity and DDoS attacks. On July, at approximately - Moscow Time, all ggpoker storefronts began To fail.

Thus, $, was raised GGPoker will Double this amount

The players began to experience Problems with the download of The client, with registration in Cash games and tournaments.

Distribution at the tables stopped, And some users went to Sitout due to a discount. In addition to the regular Sunday tournaments, the first WSOP Online bracelet tournaments were launched On this day on the GGPoker network.

At the time of the Server problems, there were tens Of thousands of players on The network, including tournament participants.

after a couple of tens Of minutes of interruptions, the Game at all tables was Stopped indefinitely.

While the network engineers were Trying to get the servers Working properly, GGPoker managers tried To solve the problem with Tournament downtime by extending the Late registration period. This led to a client-Server Protocol mismatch, which in Turn led some players to Be unable to log in To the GGPoker client. After some time, the game On the sites of the Network was still resumed, but There were new challenges ahead For GGPoker.

In the early hours of Monday, July, a massive DDoS Attack hit one of GGPoker'S servers.

Tellingly, it was with this Server that technical work was Carried out before the start Of WSOP Online, which was Supposed to provide better performance And withstand increased load, but Due to an error on The ground, DDoS protection was Not installed on the server. Representatives of the GGPoker network Have already stated that all The servers of the network Were re-checked, and a Second-level protection system was Installed on each of them. In addition, on July, the Network is scheduled to conduct Extensive technical work to prevent The recurrence of such incidents In the future. The aforementioned bracelet tournaments and Were never launched after a General pause.

Players continue to compete for Prizes with the same stacks That they had when the Game was stopped.

Each of the, remaining Openers At the time of the Break will receive T$ in cash.

as compensation.

Tournament with a buy-in Of $, was a charity event, With $ from each buy-in Planned to be used to Fight COVID. You can check the current Status of GGPoker servers and Read reports on recent errors On a special page on The site.

GGPokerok verification: How to Complete identity Verification

This is not the end Of account verification in GGPokerok

In GGPokerok verification is a Mandatory procedure, without which it Is impossible to play poker For real money, as well As withdraw fundsWe will tell you how To complete personal identification as Quickly and easily as possible. Most users who want to Play poker, casino games, or Sports betting are intimidated by Their identity. As a rule, the procedure Requires providing scans of documents, And also involves a video Conversation with a company representative. The need to share passport Photos is alarming and raises A lot of questions about Data security. At GGPokerok, verification is an Absolutely safe procedure that is Necessary not only to confirm The age of majority, but Also to conduct transparent transactions, As well as install additional Protection on gaming funds. After passing the identity verification Procedure, the company provides access To all services, including account Replenishment, playing poker for real Money and withdrawing funds won. In case of attempts to Hijack the account the room Will prevent any attempt to Steal funds to third-party Payment details by intruders. In GGPokerok, verification takes place In two stages: account activation And identity identification. Let's start with the First one. To put the created game Profile in order, first of All, you will need to Confirm your phone number and Email address. To do this, go to Your account and enter the Current contact information and click On the "Confirm" button after Editing the information. An SMS message will be Sent to the specified phone Number with a code that You will need to enter In the field that appears In your merchant profile. As for the confirmation of E-mail, to activate it, Just click on the link In the email received from The company. After confirming your contact details, You must enter your personal Information in your profile. The poker room asks to Complete such lines as: Please Note all information must match The passport, otherwise, if verification Of documents by the company'S managers may cause difficulties, Which may delay GGPokerok verification. After the issue with the Account is resolved, you can Safely proceed with verification in GGPokerok. A proof of identity document Is considered: To make an Identification request, a company player Will need to take a Photo or scan of the First page of their passport And save the image in Their personal account in the "SettingsMy information"section. After uploading the image, it Will take some time before Verification is approved by the Company's managers in GGPokerok. You can monitor the status Of document verification yourself in Your merchant profile. Approved profiles will be marked " Verified "the mark will be Placed next to the uploaded content. As you can see, in GGPokerok, verification takes just a Couple of minutes. In case you haven't Already seen this for yourself, Now is the perfect time To create an account in The poker room. We recommend that you specify The bonus code in GGPokerok Code bbet when registering to Get a no Deposit bonus, Two bonus points for adding Money to your gaming account To choose from, and a Month of mini-quests with Tournament tickets as a gift.

Calculating pot odds in poker: instructions, examples, and a table

As you can see, the concepts are different

The ability to calculate pot odds in poker should be a must for every player who plans to seriously engage in this discipline and earn a living from itProbability theory makes it possible to calculate in advance whether a particular bet will bring profit at a distance or turn out to be unprofitable. During the game, you will have to take part in hundreds of thousands of hands, and this mathematical tool will allow you to achieve positive dynamics in changing the bankroll. In the poker poker room, these calculations are simplified by using software to collect statistics, but you should still be able to calculate the numbers in your head. The first indicator is calculated based on probability theory.The second is purely mathematical. Calculations are fairly simple. Your opponent places a $ bet and creates a total pot of $. In this case, when calling, you will get the pot odds of, that is. after that, you should translate this ratio into a percentage expression in order to clearly understand what specific chances you need to get out with this call in plus. This means that you must win at least every fourth hand when equalizing chips in order for this strategy to be profitable for you.

Next is the most difficult part.You need to evaluate and understand whether your opponent's hand range is wide enough to give you that.

Let's look at the example of a cash game. You got a big and preflop and are sitting in the big blind position.

For example, the Bank has $ in it

The player on UTG discards cards, MP, BU and SB come in as well, and CO makes a bet of $.

Calculating the pre-flop pot odds is quite simple. But often you will encounter more difficult situations. Your hand remains the same - a matching and, for example, diamonds. You called preflop, and the Jack of diamonds and deuce and eight of clubs came out on the flop. You made a receipt.The pre-flop aggressor made another bet - this time$. Moving on to calculations: to make it easier to calculate the odds in poker, you can use cheat sheets. Below we will present a simple table that allows you to quickly calculate the required percentage of equity. In other words, the larger the bet size, the higher the equity you need in order to make a profit at the distance. We made these calculations using the example of cash games, but poker will have a similar situation in tournaments and in fast SNAP poker. Counting the pot odds in poker allows you to quickly and efficiently evaluate the benefits of your own decisions if you make the last move. If your equity is higher than the pot's odds, the call will be profitable at a distance.

If not, then feel free to discard your cards and proceed to the next hand.

If your decision is not final, the situation is complicated, as the probability of your victory may change due to the actions of other players. Calculating odds is only one tool out of many, and to win the maximum number of pots, you need to take into account all possible outcomes of the hand, be able to analyze opponents and understand their style of play.

How to learn how to read cards well in poker

This behavior will only reduce your chances of winning

Reading your opponents cards in poker is a skill that only real professionals can learnAfter all, poker is essentially a game with incomplete information, so we can never know for sure what cards our opponents have. At the same time, according to their actions and other additional factors, we we can guess what cards they play against us. This skill is called reading the opponent's cards in professional slang. In this article, we will try to tell you how to read your opponents cards correctly, and what you should pay attention to in General in the hands. But first of all, I would like to say that gaming experience plays a huge role in this art.the more experience You have, the easier it will be for You to determine the range of hands of Your opponents. Conversely, with little experience in the game, no tutorial will teach You how to read your opponents cards correctly. By the way, many modern online players neglect this science, considering that in online poker there is no point in thinking about the actions of their opponents. Really, why think about how long your opponent has been calling us when there are programs like Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker ? However, please note that these programs may simply not work, and you may one day have a chance to play not online, but on This is why we have divided this article into two large sections, the first of which will tell you how to read your opponents in live offline poker tournaments, and the second will explain what you should pay attention to when playing in online poker rooms. If you play offline, then you have a wide field to analyze your opponents and read their cards. We have listed a few key points that you should pay attention to in order to understand what cards Your opponent is currently playing with: When playing over the Internet, You have much less information to read your opponents cards. You don't see your opponents, you don't know who they are in real life, how much money they have, or why they are playing poker now for fun or to earn money. All you know is the game nickname of the opponent, which can tell You little about his style of play. Of course, a little information can be obtained through various programs and poker managers, However, you still need to be able to determine the type of your opponents in order to beat them.

So try to at least keep an eye on how often your opponents enter the game.

If you are just starting to play online, we recommend that you start with small tables, such as -max, where you will have much fewer people playing against You than on a long table. Accordingly, it will be easier for You to form an opinion about each of your opponents separately. In addition, in online poker, there is no point in trying to impress your opponents or show your best side. You don't know your opponents, you'll never see them in real life, and you have no idea what they look like. Therefore, even if your opponent has won two hands with medium-strength cards, there is no need to punish them and try to beat them at all costs. Pay attention to how often a particular opponent shows aggression in the hand, what bets he's used to making. Most online players are used to a certain range of their hands and a certain range of bets that they like to make. Accordingly, if your opponent has always made a -bet on good cards, and then for some reason decided to re-raise You five times, this may indicate a potential bluff on their part. At the same time, additional signals that should not be ignored will also help you read hands when playing online.

Mafia poker-Play a free flash game online

Plunge Into the world of poker, go to the casino, play poker and try to beat all the opponents to win a big jackpot

But know that these are not simple rivals, but the heads of mafia clans from all over the world.Game control: Mouse !: Game topics: Gambling: Card games: Poker: Texas hold'em: Office games: WebGL: Immerse yourself in the world of poker, go to the casino, play poker and try to beat all the opponents to win a big jackpot.

But know that these are not simple rivals, but the heads of mafia clans from all over the world.

Poker: basics, rules of the game, combination of cards, layout rules and features of poker strategy

In addition, this game is for an interesting company

Poker is one of the most popular games in the world popular card games

Poker has gained its popularity not only due to the fact that a game with relatively simple rules requires both creativity and logic, but also due to the fact that it sometimes brings a good income.

A large number of online platforms allow you to take part in various tournaments and earn money. It can be argued that the popularity of poker is only growing. After all, this game is not only a way to earn money, but also entertainment. The game involves two cards in hand and five community cards used by all players to collect a successful combination.

We'll talk about the combinations later, but for now, let's take a look at the basics of playing poker that are necessary for novice players.

It's not that hard to understand the rules.

Be patient and practice playing in online applications on chips, using our tips. The card game will open up new opportunities for earning money and having fun home away from home. We will tell you about the basics of poker: how to start playing, what are the best combinations of cards, tell you about the names of actions in the game, and also give a couple of tips for beginners. The process begins with a small bet, which will be fought for by all participants sitting at the table. It increases the activity of players. After that, the people sitting at the dealer Deposit blinds (blind blind) into the General pot - these are mandatory bets that are made blindly, without having any cards in their hands. An interesting point: the first person who makes a bet pays half, and the next-the minimum contribution. Cards are dealt after the preflop. Two cards are dealt in a circle, which will be the trading circle. All participants receive a flop, which is three cards on the table, and the trade begins. The button places the fourth card - this is called the turn. Players place their bets. The last round of trading and betting ends after the fifth card is placed on the table. It's called a river.

The player's task is to make up the best score at the table combinations.

A combination is five cards out of seven (two on hand and five on the table).

An interesting type of poker is Texas hold'em

We will talk about which combinations are considered successful very soon.

But before you start playing, you should know that there are several types of Texas hold'em: limited, no limit, and pot limit.

The first one has limits on bets, and the second one implies the presence of the maximum bet by the player's stack. A game with a pot limit cannot exceed the pot size with its bets. After getting acquainted with the basics of poker, anyone can try their hand at the tournament, and there is a high probability that they will become the winner. The main difference between Texas hold'em and other types of poker is the blinds. This betting duty passes each hand from one participant to another in a circle. This is due to the constant change of dealer. The basics of poker for beginners should also remind future players that if you do not like your cards after the hand, they seem unattractive and unpromising to you, you can always get out of the game. This is your desire to play with the cards that have fallen out or not.

However, you should definitely exit the hand if you don't support the minimum bet.

The first person to place a bet indicates its minimum, if you do not want or cannot support it, you must discard your cards and exit the hand.

Cards are discarded in the draw. Any player can raise the bet, but by doing so, they are obligated to raise others as well. If one of the players cannot support the bidder, the bidder must leave the game. The player who has placed an all-in cannot leave the game, and they can't leave early either.

You must sit at the scrap table, waiting for the end of the game and hoping for a successful jackpot.

Combinations in Texas holding are different, let's take a look at them in descending order starting from the strongest. Remember the rules of the game and avoid the mistakes of beginners, and then you will definitely succeed.

We hope you'll find the basics of playing poker for beginners useful.

Have a good game.

Accurate calculation of poker odds

This is easy enough if you understand the concepts

the odds of winning in poker theory are one of the most important indicators for all professionalsDue to the fact that the player will be able and know how to calculate the odds in poker, he will have a great advantage in winning over other opponents. The ability to correctly calculate the odds in poker is the difference between beginners and professionals. In this article, we will learn the terminology of poker odds, how to calculate them and use the information obtained directly in the game process.

It is used to best understand a given topic

Thanks to the knowledge gained today, you can improve the quality of the game and get closer to regular winnings.

Before you start deep learning studying this concept, it is necessary to find out its terminology. Pot odds in poker are information that poker players take into account when deciding whether to call a bet on an opponent who has a draw hand.

In addition, you must also take into account the ratio between the chance of winning and the pot-equit.

Thus, when a flush or straight draw is played, you need to know how to determine whether a certain stack is worth answering or not, taking into account only bet and pot. It is not uncommon in Texas hold'em when a player has two pocket cards of the same suit and two cards of the same suit are on the Board, then a flash draw is formed. It is this combination that we will take as an example for further explanation of today's concept. There are only two ways to calculate pot equity in Texas hold'em-ratio and percentage calculation. Thanks to these two methods, you can ensure an excellent result, which is why the choice between they don't play a special role - only at the request and preference of the poker player. Often, players choose the ratio method because it is more accurate, while beginners choose the percentage method because it is easier and more understandable for them.

The ratio method is described on any forum, and it is found in every poker theory book.

Here is a good example.

There are only a few players left at the table - you and your opponent. The pot is worth $, and the opponent makes a bet of $, what to do in this situation? First of all, you need to calculate the odds for the number of possible combinations on the turn. This can be done thanks to the ratio between useful and useless cards in the deck. Five cards are already known - on the General table and in the player's hands. There are still cards left that we don't know. In this deck there are cards of the required suit, thanks to which you can complete the flash and there are unnecessary ones left. From this, we can make a ratio of to (if in a reduction of to). After that, you need to compare the result obtained with the probability of pot equity. As we have already found out, a flush on the turn can be formed in the case of to, in other words, out of five draws, only in one case it will turn out to form the necessary combination, the rest will be losers.

After that, you need to calculate the probability of winning, but taking into account not the cards themselves, but the pot and bet.

When the opponent makes a bet of $, then adding another $ to it, the pot amount will already be $. Based on this, $ will need to be wagered in order to be able to take the entire Bank. Making the ratio, we get that the probability of winning the whole pot is (reducing). To sum up, the probability increases by, and the total pot win increases by. Therefore, you should decide whether to call as a response to the opponent's stack, since the probability of winning the pot is much greater than the opportunity to get the necessary amount. a combination - you can get more at a distance than you can lose a certain amount. You should also remember that you can only call on an opponent's bet when the pot equity is greater than the chance to increase the strength of your hand.  If you are sure that you will be able to quickly and correctly calculate the chances of closing the required combination, without using additional applications, you can use a special ready-made table. Thanks to it, in printed form, the player will be able to quickly calculate the required indicator, regardless of whether he can calculate it in his head or not. The second method is the percentage ratio. As already mentioned, beginners consider this method of calculation to be the easiest, but in practice it is very rarely used. To show the effect of the percentage method, we will give an example not with a flash draw, but on a straight draw. The pot is $, the opponent adds another $ to it, and the total pot size is $. The question becomes, is it necessary to make a call on the completed stack? To answer this question, you need to make a percentage calculation. First, we calculate the chances of improving your hand. For this you need to find out how likely it is possible to form a street on the next street, this will help calculating the number of outs.

Here you need to bring the straight completely, for a full combination you need a five or ten.

The deck contains cards from each face value, which makes a total of combinations. In order to correctly calculate exponentially the chance of strengthening a certain combination, you need to multiply the sum of all outs twice and add. This results in the following formula.

Tips for drawing AK, JJ, AJ, and small pocket pairs

Especially if there is a flash draw on the flop

Each player has their own favorite hands, which are played without much trouble, and those that do not hesitate to passBut in poker, there is always room for difficult hands and complex hands. Let's take a look at a few of the most popular ones let's try to determine how best to play these hands. And at the top of our chart should be: Big Slick - the best unready hand. It is not so difficult to play it if you decide to either go all-in preflop every time, or just throw it in a pass to avoid problems. Naturally, none of these long-range options are optimal, as you simply throw away all the equity in a strong hand if you don't play it post-flop. So, we decided to play this hand, but how to do it, and what to pay attention to during the drawing of this hand?How to play A-K if they don't make it to the flop the First thing you should know when playing ACE-King is that a suited combination is better than a mismatched one, so it will be harder to get rid of it. A mismatched ACE-King is easy to roll on this flop, but a mismatched One is not.

the same -bet from any position.

-bet and all-in depends on many factors.

However, in position b, it is better to simply call your Acks to beat your opponent postflop. Another point is when to play preflop all-in with a given hand. In offline mode, putting up with AK is a good game, and sometimes the only correct one (it depends on the structure). But this applies to tournaments.

In cash games and offline, you can find the best ways to draw a given hand.

After the flop? Nothing complicated if you have a match. But more often than not, you'll just have overlaps and nothing else. Perhaps even a backdoor flush draw. The real problem is that you don't know which hand you're playing against. The opponent may have a higher pair, a set, or weaker overcards. So you have to play very carefully post-flop so that you don't lose your head in the betting war with just draws and overcards. Bottom line: play AK's aggressively preflop most of the time, especially in online tournaments, but don't be afraid throw out this hand even if you have a top pair with a top kicker. Keep track of the Bank size so that you don't get tied to it. Do not fall in love with the beauty of Anna Kournikova. Next up we have "hooks" - JJ-the worst ready-made pocket large pair for the draw. A lot of what we'll talk about later applies to QQ as well, but usually the ladies play better. The main problem is that in preflop wars, you will often face a hand like Ah or another larger pocket pair - so you will either be far behind or a small favorite. Of course, you still need to play this hand, and the main goal is not to go bankrupt. On most flops with at least one overcard, your jacks will not be completely sure how much they stand against their opponent. So you'll have to play carefully. Most often, you should raise this hand preflop - it's a good hand, after all-but then you'll have to pot-control it post-flop. To do this, you need to you should lean towards the check-call line.

Using a bet or raise in each case is not the best strategy for JJ! Some hands are not suitable for drawing just because they are bad hands.

An open raise should be played preflop with ACS

But there are also those who have received this title only because "it could have been a good hand, but I overdid it, so I spent a lot of chips and money!" ACE-Jack is a very strong hand (even looks beautiful), and it is very easy to replay.Learning how to place -bet and -bet AJ correctly is not a strong enough hand to go all-in preflop often enough. And it's hard to imagine what kind of combination you'd like to get postflop with it. Top pair top kicker (TPTK)? It's possible, but it's not the best situation. An ACE flop can cause quite a bit of trouble for other stronger and sometimes weaker Aces. And in this case, what to do with the TPTK? AJ is a hand to win small pots with, as well as a hand for the late stages of the tournament and playing on short tables. With it, you can get great access to the entire stack, by making a preflop, which many players do very often. Any pair is one of those starting hands that you would love to get from the dealer. However, in poker, size matters, so the smaller your pair, the more often it will play against you. Now we mean all pairs from to. Of course, everyone is ready to set against the opponent, but we also need to understand that most of the time we will not get into the set. So here's a top tip on how to play these hands - cheap and fast! You must have heard about the math of this hand (you will get your set once for flops). So immediately pay attention to the Bank's chances. If you can't afford to play a ready-made pair, send your cards to pass. If you can't get a proper hand payment, there's no point in playing it at all. A stack - to-bet ratio of: is ideal in these situations. In conclusion, I would like to say that in poker there are no perfect solutions that are prescribed for for each specific distribution. There is nothing in poker that is absolutely true. The hands we discussed above can either make you a lot of money if you play them correctly.Also read on Topflop: Kicker Problem, we entered the hand with a dominant hand.

What you need to know about Chinese poker

Now let's look at How to play Chinese pineapple poker

Poker has a number of varieties, and Chinese poker is one of the most unusual and interestingFew European rooms offer to play this game or its private version called "Pineapple". But Asian online rooms give you the opportunity to play online (including for free) in Pineapple, and the number of games in this section significantly exceeds the statistics of similar sections in many major competitors. In General, China poker is quite popular and in demand so why not get to know it better. It is interesting that Chinese poker was invented not in the middle Kingdom, but in Scandinavia. And at that time, it was called Russian poker temporarily, since soon a game with a similar name appeared in the casino. The peak of popularity occurred in the nineties, because then the variety was included in the official list of games of the World poker series.

Chinese poker has rules not too difficult, but the element of luck, which is important for winning the game, repels many pros from playing: they do not want to give in to Amateurs just because of the whim of fortune.

However, referring to the topic of our article, let's pay attention to Pineapple-a variation of Chinese poker, the name of which comes from a variety of hold'em, where instead of three pocket cards, there are only two in the game. If initially there was only a closed version, in the future there was an open Chinese poker, which gained great popularity due to the increase in the duration of the game process. The number of players at the table is three people, which is the optimal number of participants for this type of poker. On the Board in front of each poker player are separate fields-each is divided into three rows and consists of thirteen boxes. Let's look at these lines and their features: each box can have only one card, and the cells are filled in as the game progresses. The game scenario it starts after making the initial contributions that are included in the Bank. Now let's look at the scenario in detail: Important: the usual hold'em trades between streets in Pineapple are absent. You only need to think of them as stages for filling the remaining boxes with new cards. It is logical that the rules of Chinese poker should take into account the factors that make it possible to distinguish the winner among the players at the table. In other words, just randomly placing cards in the boxes is not enough you need a strategy for playing Chinese poker, knowledge of combinations and the ability to put them correctly. The goal that every player at the table should pursue is to collect as powerful a combination as possible on each line.

The stronger the combination of cards the more points the poker player gets, and the player who collects the maximum number of points becomes the winner.

By the way, the combinations in Pineapple are the same as in classic types of poker: to successfully play Chinese pineapple poker, the game strategy must be based on mathematical calculation, and not on the element of luck. From the start, you need to evaluate the received cards and suggest which combinations can be built on their basis in the future.

The opponents continue to play by the usual rules

And here it is necessary to specify a very important point: combinations must be built in such a way that the strongest is at the bottom, the middle is the average strength, and the weakest of the three is at the top. If the hand is unsuccessful or the poker player made mistakes during the game, this rule can easily be violated, which will lead to the so-called "dead hand".»: it will definitely lose to the hands of opponents who were able to fulfill the conditions for laying out combinations. Yes, it can be very difficult to make up the rows as required by the rules of the Chinese Pineapple poker game, especially closer to the final, when there are not so many free boxes left for the cards that fall out. But an experienced and calculating player should predict possible combinations based on the starting cards at the very beginning, and leave certain boxes empty in the hope of getting the right content for them. By the way, the laid out cards-your own and your opponents - are visible to everyone, so you can analyze the composition of the unused deck during the game and count outs. When playing Chinese Pineapple poker, points can be counted according to two systems: Russian or American. Also, the features of counting depend on the number of players at the table: Whatever the counting system, no matter how many players are at the table, the winner in the game Chinese Pineapple is the one who scored more points. When playing Chinese poker, score points according to this table: For dessert, we suggest you tell us about an interesting additional rule in pineapple Fantasy.

Previously, it was optional and applied by common consent of the players, but now it has become a mandatory part of the game.

So, Fantasy is, in fact, a bonus that is received by a player who has collected a pair of Queens or a stronger combination in the lowest row. If this condition is met, the poker player receives face-down cards in the next hand at once and uses them as in the previous hand. By the way, when the finished hand is already assembled, the th card must be discarded. Fantasy gives you a good advantage. Moreover, the bonus can be re-secured. To do this, you will have to build at least one of the combinations, no lower than: Now you fully understand How to play Chinese Pineapple poker, but do not rush to sit down at the cash tables right away: you may want to start by practicing playing for virtual money. And remember: knowing how to play Chinese poker correctly, and being able to analyze the situation and make correct calculations, you are quite capable of achieving success, and luck is an important, but not a priority factor.

Download the Game Fool To undress For Android In Russian [for free]

In the third stage, Emmanuel Remembers everything

Fool to undress is a Well-known card game for Android that entertains the user With a piquant plot, graphics And rivalry with cute girlsThe game has three levels-Simpleton, Amateur and professional. A representative of the first Level, Marfa, does not calculate Moves and does not remember cards.

The sound of the game App is also easily removed

On the second level, Natasha Records all the trumps left And seen.

By the end of the Game session, it knows all The user's cards. You can set the texture Of the table and background By clicking on the corresponding buttons. A level change to a Higher level occurs when the Opponent completely loses all games.

Features of playing Heads-up tables

Heads-up is a one-on-one poker game

Facing one opponent is typical for both tournament poker and cash gamesMany novice poker players believe that playing against one opponent is much easier than playing at a long table, but this opinion is fundamentally wrong. In fact, poker heads up refers to the highest aerobatics in this game and requires flexible tactics, unpredictable behavior, thorough knowledge of poker psychology and skill adapt to the style of play of each opponent that you meet at the tables for two participants. When participating in a heads-up hand, you should take into account the specifics of this format, since it is radically different from tables with multiple opponents. Everything changes here, from the range of hands played to the most complex strategic approaches. You should not expect that in the format of a heads-up game, you can develop an optimal strategy that will work in each hand. This is an impossible task, because the key factor in the game against one opponent will always be the same one. The same techniques are not suitable for an aggressive maniac and a tight NIT, so in each hand you will have to adapt to the opponent's game. The small and big blinds alternate, which means that the player will place the minimum bet and the double bet in turn. It follows that, in any case, the player loses every game. the giveaway will lose part of its stack.

There are only two positions in heads-up poker: the button and the big blind.

Both opponents are required to place mandatory blind bets

From the point of view of the distribution process itself, the first one is more profitable.

The button can leave the game preflop With the least losses, moreover, on further streets, the player in this position decides second, he has more space for action. Features of the opponent. In the course of playing each hand, the opponents will remain the same. This makes it possible to study the opponent's playing style and draw conclusions about their tendency to bluff. For a successful heads-up game, you just need to be able to read your opponent's hand, know what pocket cards they are calling a raise with. At the same time, it is much more difficult to determine the range of hands played in a one-on-one game, since it is quite wide. Unpredictability is the basis of tactics in the heads-up game. An experienced opponent will very quickly be able to draw conclusions about what to expect from the opponent, so the player's tactics should be flexible. you should frequently change the range of hands, style of behavior, and size of bets.

In a one - on-one game, it is important to take into account the average pot score of all hands played.

As a rule, the size of the pot does not change very much, so in the event of a predominance of wins, the game will eventually turn out to be positive. You should make the most of promising hands, trying to force your opponent to invest in the pot, and get out of the game on time, keeping spending to a minimum. The style of the game. The tight style of play is completely unsuitable for heads-up hands, as it will lead to the loss of part or all of the stack at a distance. When playing one - on-one, you should practice an aggressive style, play a wide range of starting hands. Careful play will very quickly become predictable for the opponent, who will readily respond to each player's raise.

This psychological technique fully justifies itself in a one-on-one game.

However, you should not focus entirely on this trick, as the opponent will also not be able to do it. ignore the opportunity to bluff. It is very important to be able to read the opponent and correctly identify attempts to cheat. The heads-up format is very dynamic. The player will always have very little time to assess the situation and make a decision. At long tables, participants have more time to analyze their own position and study their opponents. One of the variants of the tournament game is the Shutout format. Registration for such events ends before the start of the competition, and the tournament itself is divided into rounds, in each of which participants play heads-up through and through. In each subsequent round, new pairs are formed, and this continues until there is only one final table with a pair of players. Experienced and strong poker players take part in tournaments of this format, so to win, you need to have a deep knowledge of the strategy of playing against one opponent. In regular tournaments, the final stage also ends with a one-on-one table.

This is quite a fascinating sight, especially in tournaments of global significance, such as the WSOP.

It is worth noting that professionals who find themselves in the heads-up of the Main Event often win with very dubious hands, which again indicates in favor of aggressiveness and thorough bluffing. Everyone knows the "Brunson Hand", consisting of a ten and a two. With these pocket cards, the poker legend won the WSOP Main Event twice. The heads-up format is available in every poker room, but you should not rush to sit down at the tables with one opponent, because winning will not be as easy as those who are new to poker assume. Playing one - on-one requires experience, deep knowledge of strategy and psychology, and the ability to adapt to each game situation.

What is holdem? Is it Worth learning?

Everyone wants constant drive and tension

Many people ask our team What is Six Plus Holdem And is it worth learning? Is there a game available On Pokermaster, Pokercircle, and others? I will try to answer These questionsIn General, play according to The rules of hold'em, Except that the straight is Older than the flush and There are cards in the Deck are rolled, not cards. This game has gained popularity Amid some awareness that traditional Hold'em is becoming obsolete. I am personally convinced that It will disappear completely in - years. And the reason is simple. The world needs action! You have stopped watching classic Monotonously developing films even look At how cinema is developing Now and years ago, the Era of romance and sensuality Has passed, the second Titanic Will no longer be.

But everything is already on Its way

No one wants to play Hold'em anymore, where is The norm on a long Table, otherwise it is difficult To play.Sit up all night so That two draws don't Grow together and get an Unpaid set?!?Please dismiss me. Nowadays, businessmen who come to Have fun choose something else!Casinos in General halls, of Course, will not quickly accept This feature. it will probably be a Few more years before there Are tables that will have A sign above them in Addition to Omaha and Texas. The game in our time Is determined by businessmen.You can already play in At least several Chinese games Available on our website.

Pokerfishs is a poker app For IOS or Android that Lets you play an expensive Cash game on a daily basis.

Poker Online Cheats APK Download for Android

Download Poker Online cheats APK For free on Android.

Poker Online cheats is an Android app that is available On our storeYou can download all versions, Including any version of Poker Online cheats. Poker Online cheats is an Application that has more than A thousand installations. If you are going to Install Poker Online cheats on Various Android devices, you need Your device to have. Android OS version or higher. Android Top provides all versions Of Poker Online cheats and You can download it directly To your phone or any Android device to do this, You have to scroll the Screen below, where you can See many links to download The app. Of course, you could use Poker Online cheats on your Computer for this you should Use emulators. All apps and games on Our site are intended only For for personal use. Also don't forget to Share this app with your Friends, it helps to support All Android community and developer To create more leaving app:, And of course to play Apps or games more fun And useful with your friends.

How do I delete My Poker Stars account? Two accounts In Poker

Set a deadline and confirm The selection

Sometimes, for one reason or Another, players decide to delete Their PokerStars account, but they Don't know how to Do it

This memo will help you Block your account, either temporarily Or permanently.

But do not rush to Delete your account on a Permanent basis, because the largest Poker room offers an excellent Opportunity to restrict access join The time trial game. If, after a big win Or a series of big Losses, you feel like you Are going to tilt and Need to take a break From poker, use the self-Exclusion feature provided by the PokerStars poker client. Temporarily delete means, in fact, To block your account for A certain period of time For up to days. If you decide to use This service, in the Pokerstars Poker client, select the menu " Tools "and then" Responsible game " – "Deny yourself access to The game". Don't forget to check The box about the self-Exclusion agreement. Please note that you will No longer be able to Play on PokerStars for the Specified period. Some players unknowingly or accidentally Set up two PokerStars accounts. This is absolutely impossible to Do, because multiaccounting is prohibited By the rules of the room. If you have inadvertently registered Two accounts, you should politely Contact PokerStars technical support and Explain to them then ask Them to delete one of Their accounts. Be concise and hope for The best, because they still Have the right to block Both of your accounts. However, often, if a check Shows that you did not Try to cheat the poker Room, the situation is resolved In the user's favor. If you are experiencing problems With gambling addiction or for Some other reason the self-Exclusion feature is not suitable For you, you can permanently Delete your PokerStars account by Contacting the technical support of The room. Briefly explain your reasons for Doing this, and your account Will be permanently deleted within A few hours or days. Therefore, it is better not To resort to this method Unless absolutely necessary. If you have temporarily deleted Your PokerStars account, you cannot Access It before the lock Out period expires, so the Only way to do this Is to wait until the Specified date and access will Be fully restored. If you have resorted to Emergency measures and requested technical Support if you permanently delete Your PokerStars account, then you Should understand that it is Not possible to restore access To this account. If you change your mind And decide to return to The game, you should contact Technical support with a request To register a new account.

Although you can delete your PokerStars account, it is best Not to resort to extreme Measures unnecessarily.

We welcome you, the poker player

PokerStars is currently the largest Poker room and offers its Customers excellent conditions, in particular, When you make your first Deposit, you will receive a Bonus of up to$. It happens that one player Creates several accounts on Poker Stars. The reasons may be different: Ignorance of the rules of The poker room, poor memory, A desire to deceive the Room, protest against restrictions, and Much more. However, sooner or later there Comes a time when malicious Multiaccounters start to fear blocking Their accounts. But this is how they Usually punish those who he Has several Poker Stars accounts. But you can rest easy. We know how to delete Your Poker Stars account. As we have already mentioned, Registration of two or more Accounts on Poker Stars and In other rooms is a Malicious violation of the rules. And if you have committed Such a misdemeanor, then you Have two options: Some players Successfully use the first option For many years. However, if you choose this Method, be prepared that one Day your account will be Blocked along with the money In your account. The second method is to Delete one or more accounts And assign only one account To you. This option is legal and Is not subject to any Sanctions imposed by Poker Stars. We'll take a closer Look at how to do This below. If you still decide to Take the path of correction And keep only one account On poker Stars, then here'S what you will have To go through: thus, having Two accounts is not a Reason for sleepless nights due To the fear of blocking accounts. The simple procedure described above Will make your poker career Much safer. We wish you good luck In a fair game!.

Fool to undress. APK for Android for Free

The gameplay and game graphics Are top notch

- this is an exciting Card game, playing which you Will get unreal pleasure from The gameplay every timeNaturally, if you win! You know, not all gamers Are used to playing cards For some benefit, to get Money, or respect, many do It just to relieve stress. But in this game you Will be able to have Fun with sexy girls, playing With them on the strip. In any case, you will Need to try-do not Lose your grip, and go To the end.

Pokerdom verification - How do I

This process is called verification

To withdraw funds to Pokerdom, You need to confirm your Personal dataPassing verification is a must, Without it to get money Will not work.

As a rule, the need To confirm your identity, including By entering your passport data, Comes as a surprise only For beginners.

When they hit the jackpot For the first time and Put the amount on withdrawal, They are surprised that you Need to declassify your data To get a win.

Experienced players know that verification Is necessary, so they usually Confirm their account as soon As they register. Poker tournaments have long turned Into an industry with a Turnover of more than one Hundred thousand dollars every day. Large money always attracts dishonest People, and poker is no exception. To block access to poker Rooms for scammers and carders Who launder money, verification has Been introduced.

Fair play is the basic Rule of Pokerdom

The player, by providing personal Data, thereby confirms their honesty.

In addition, proof of identity On the Poker house website Guarantees a single account. By entering personal data, the Player registers their participation in The game from this account. The system will not allow You to create a second Or multiple accounts with the Same data. Files can get easier if You change your camera settings Or process them in Photoshop.

The site administration also recommends That you take and attach A selfie that perfectly shows The face of the new Account owner and his photo On the document.

Texas Holdem Poker - the Best poker On Android

The game involves the observance Of these rules of poker

Texas Holdem Poker - one of The most popular poker games Developed for players of different levelsRegardless of your knowledge in The field of this famous Game, you can always find Worthy opponents. The game offers tables of Different sizes, small, medium and Large, and depending on the Size of the bankroll, each Player chooses their own skill level. Availability and reliability are the Fundamental criteria for choosing this Particular poker game.

For example, through the social Network Facebook, each player can Enter into scheduled fights with Their friends.

It is also impossible not To emphasize the multiplatform nature Of the game – while You are playing Texas Holdem Poker on your Android device, Your opponents can easily compete With you while sitting at Home by computer. Well-designed graphics give the Atmosphere of a decent tournament, Which allows you to feel Like a player of the Most famous casinos. Accumulate experience and bonuses that Will allow you to climb The table. Become a poker champion and Then you will be able To find real opponents with Whom you can fully compete For the position of leader. A clear game, but only For a real game, where You can look into the Eyes of the opponent. But it is still risky To play for money in The club, since you can Not go home later. I don't like online Poker, so I prefer these Video poker games.

Poker rules

Detailed reviews of the best Poker rooms, Analytics from professional Players and the latest news - All this can be found On the pages of our resourceCurrently, you can play poker Not only at home with Your friends or in a casino. After the rapid development of The Internet of poker, it Became possible to play poker online.

Now players can find their Own opponents from anywhere When Novice players take their first Steps while learning poker, they Will be able to everyone Understands that knowing only the Sequence of rounds in the Hand and the combination of Cards is absolutely not enough.Therefore, they start with a General preflop poker instruction that Is as formalized as possible.

You can't find a Single preflop table with recommendations online. It is recommended to play AQ and all pocket pairs At micro-limits.

Generally a raise must Not Forget that poker is primarily A card game.

For this reason, it is Possible to make accurate calculations In it. Although there is such a Thing as poker math, it Is still largely composed of Poker spreading more and more Around the world every day.

If recently it was possible To play it only in Poker clubs and casinos, now This game is even available In bookmakers.

But how did this happen In the first place? In order to achieve serious Results in a poker game, It is not enough to Know the sequence of rounds In the hand and understand The card combinations. Despite the fact that in The rules of poker basic Combinations can be learned During Trading rounds, and poker players Can take turns performing one Of four actions: fold, call A bet, skip a move If there is no need To equalize, and raise the bet. But when performing these actions According to statistics,  then, Of all the poker players, Only about - percent can consistently Earn on poker, while all The others either simply spend All their bankrolls or, with The best hands, If you Have been playing poker for A long time, then most Likely you know that there Are certain rounds of trading Where poker players place their Bets or equalize the bets Of their opponents. Of course, the classic Tight Style of poker is not Very popular with new or Non-experienced players, which is Why most poker players are Unhappy when they fight against Opponents with a tight.

However, as practice shows, Detailed Reviews of the best poker Rooms, Analytics from professional players And the latest news - all This can be found on The pages of our resource.

The rules Of poker The cards Are dealt, Betting, trade

Let's take a closer Look at this process

As already mentioned, the game Of poker is divided into Several rounds of trading, in Each of which additional cards Are dealt and players make Trading decisions, place bets and Make moves determined by the rulesEach round of trading usually Begins with the distribution of cards.

In different types of poker, The distribution of cards may Differ significantly in the number Of cards dealt, as well As in the way these Cards are used in the Subsequent game.

Cards can be shared or Pocket-sized, and can be Dealt either open or closed.

Depending on the type of Game, as well as the Stage of the draw, several Types of bets can be applied.

In games like limit poker Players are only allowed to Place bets of a pre-Determined size, and increases are Also strictly fixed. In games like pot-limit Poker, bets are not so Strictly limited: the maximum bet Amount is equal to the Current pot size.

Some poker games have restrictions On the size of bets

In no-limit poker, the Size of bets is not Limited, but the number of Chips that a player can Take at the table stack Is limited. The showdown stage. If there are or more Players left in the game, Then they open their cards And the participant whose combination Turned out to be stronger Than the opponents combinations takes The pot. If the most powerful combination Is collected by several players, The pot is divided equally Between them. Usually, at this stage, the Poker establishment where the game Takes place takes part of The chips as payment for Its services rake. Combinations of cards that players Collect during the game and Show each other if the Game has reached the showdown stage. Poker combinations vary in strength And allow you to determine The winner at the showdown stage.

In relation to types of Poker sets of card combinations May differ from each other.

What poker Deposit bonuses Can you Get in The best Poker rooms?

Let's start with the First group

Many resources offer users various Bonuses at the beginning of Their poker career for the First DepositHowever, not everyone can boast Of generous gifts that are Truly valuable to players. In this article, we decided To share with you the Top rooms where you can Find the most interesting free bonuses. All promotions can be divided Into two groups: those in Which you will receive prizes Instantly, and those in which Rewards gradually appear on your account. So, in which poker rooms Can you expect to receive Instant gifts from the administration? The speed of receiving the Prize also matters: if the User immediately sees the gift On the account, then their Mood will rise and their Trust in the room will increase. Let's start with an Instant bonus for adding funds To your gaming account for. in order to earn more For a regular transaction, the User will need to enter A valid promo code when Making a transfer. So, when making a Deposit, Enter PLUS in the "Bonus Code" column. Be careful: you will be Able to count on additional Cash only if the Deposit Amount is more than $. This is a good reward For an action that each Player will have to perform In any case.

Also, don't forget that These types of promotions are Available only once: if you Try to cheat, your account Will be frozen, and all Funds on it will simply disappear.

Poker Stars offers to receive A reward that requires making The first transaction in the Amount of at least $. It will be transferred to You gradually, over a period Of six days.

In the first three days, As well as on the Fifth day, you will receive Tickets worth $.

This way, you will have As many as invitations to The series with a prize Pool of $. This way you can get Acquainted with the tournament component Of the poker room, as Well as with regular games For real money. This can be a great Start for you to start Playing Poker Stars.

However, the prize itself will Be cost even more - $

Party Poker is also not Far behind its competitors in The market. The room offers quite pleasant And generous rewards for the First money transfer. All the user needs to Do is make a transaction Worth more than $. When making a transfer do Not need to specify the Promotion code, gift amount will Be transferred automatically. These simple actions can give You great rewards: $ extra for Playing at poker tables, as Well as tickets for the Same amount for various tournaments With huge bankrolls. Register in any of the Listed resources, to start playing With a large initial capital. Everything is simple – register, Add funds and start winning. Now let's move on To a different kind of Promotion: bonuses that can be Earned gradually.

Yes, and long-term receipt Is a definite plus.

That doesn't mean you'Ll have to wait months For a miserable $. This means that you can A lot of times to Receive a reward subject to The fulfillment of certain actions. Each of the poker rooms We discussed in the previous Section has such offers for players. They are all very similar To each other: when making The first Deposit, users can Double the entire amount.

But what will need to Be done for this? In addition, you will receive Tickets to tournaments: of them Are not so large, others Promise you good prizes, and Ticket in which an invite To a world-class tournament Is drawn.

The online poker bonus in This room can also attract you. It is not too different From the previous versions, but It has its own characteristics. In the case of Party Poker, the maximum payment amount Should be no more than $. Other conditions remain similar: we Place bets on real cash At the tables, earn points, And get additional money to The account. These are the bonus programs Offered by some of the Best rooms on the Internet. By the way, many players Start playing in rooms precisely Because of good initial rewards. Many of them earn fortunes, Although in the beginning they Only had poker bonuses on Their account. Maybe you will be lucky And you will be able To achieve success in one Of these rooms!.

Gg PokerOK Poker room Review: bonuses, Rakeback, and freerolls. Review from

The mobile app is thrown Out with a normal wi-Fi connection

Rigged garbage dump holding at A certain level of trouble With bits, when you get To the top of the Rake race, the trouble bits Become more frequent, and when You get to the next Rake level, it's the sameI also noticed that sometimes When setting allins, the distribution Loads more than usual, in This case in this case, Expect a bedbit with the Highest probability, in my opinion, Only won once in this scenario.

In addition, we have overturned The no Deposit bonus and The first Deposit bonus.

Download ccleaner and clear the cache

I played nl and a Little nl PLO Omaha K Hands, the last straw was The worst series - $ on EV For a week and the Bay of almost all the Profit to the fish with The year mod. This is ridiculous. Not to mention the huge Rake, which eats up almost All the profit. Shit, this app has blocked All the bonuses no reason, We don't give a Fuck write to indicate why We should not and findings Will block! Bonuses are a hat, you Can't figure out any Shit, and don't understand How it works, the support Service can forget about your messages. Only lose money can be Withdrawn with difficulty, but at Any time they can block And they don't give A fuck about you! GG poker has Proven itself Dishonest in many ways.He guaranteed everyone a BONUS But after registration everyone is Denied who plays at micro Limits with the wording additional Account a player in multiplayer games.You write to them and Specify what it is,explain That there is no answer,You can start making money From $. a withdraw only dolRNG is SET up in SUCH a WAY that you will only Use it to rake thresh Solid domination and bat beatsPERIPISKS WITH-GG You still haven'T explained what an additional Player account means in multiplayer games? I Advised my friends to Your room and you sent Them the same wording for Refusing the bonus, so it Was just your advertising move?. GGPokerOK Support:ANSWER: the security service Does not provide Details of The refusal to issue a No Deposit bonus to players.In A WORD, slots are Generally a separate topic, how Many bonuses I didn't Catch everywhere is stupidly zero, The first time I meet Such a casino in a Month depnul $ and leaked. The streak top pair moves Debris that straights flushes in Short all gives me a horse.

It takes a long time To load from the computer And under EROR FAILED PATH.

support service she said specify The characteristics of the computer Well sent. Well, I downloaded it and Cleaned it.

Still eror failed path.

In short, it's a Shame to tears. The freerolls were removed. Crazy rake on the cash Game tables. Fish are a dime a dozen. You can't win anything. But the graphics of course And the design of the bomb. Squeeze and stradle are also good. But the RNG is surprising.

The opponent places a long-Term bet and buys the card.

As if he knows what He will buy in short Extreme and action fuck who Is gambling do not download You will lose everything to The ass. I read that tables only, But I saw both and Playing regulars who to believe. Several times I entered freerolls With a pack and the First and fourth and eighth Takes a very long time. Tournaments are very long and There are very few prize places.In short sooner or later You will drain your bankroll Believe Me what I can Say:The app crashes constantly, withdrawing Funds for about a month And sometimes longer,GGPoker. A real room, but alas, You can't get there !.

Poker Forum: Topic: hold'Em equity

There is, however, one significant detail

For regular hold'emSimply because no one has Ordered their hands by strength As they do in regular Hold'em. We can't take on Such a mission, so the Spectra must be set in The form of a set Of starting hands according to The usual rules via a Text string. It should be clear that You can't just take An order of hands for Regular hold'em and discard Cards below sixes from there.

After all, the strength of Combinations is different.

It is clear that hold'Em pairs have more potential, Because if you catch a Set, you will beat any straight. For the same reason, mismatched Connectors lose their validity. This option is available for Cs. If necessary, we can also Do it for this one. All the math is written. A few days of work. We'll try to do It next week. I'll report here on The forum.

You can't set your Opponent's spectra as percentages

And driving in the spectrum Of OPA too after all, Implemented in s? Maybe move it here, too? If all this is implemented I will buy it right Away For the case of A Straight set, you need To build your own spectra. The most correct way would Be to use files with Hand ordering. An example of such a File for regular hold'em There is also a link To the blog with a Description of how these files Were created. I put one of these Files for the max desktop In the cloud.

In this file, all cells Of a known matrix are Ordered by strength.

The most correct way is To make such a file For hold'em for the Player himself. Here, the main Problem is Not to add the spectra By percentage, but to make Sure that these spectra are plausible.

For ordinary hold'em, these Spectra were built If we Build these spectra ourselves, how Close will they be to reality? We don't play ourselves, And even if we did, These spectra would still be subjective.

It seems to me that It is not difficult to Write out strategies in the File in order of strength. And we will read this File explicitly. The problem is clear. as I understand it, the Hand strength is the same For a classic and for A Straight Set. Even if this is not Entirely true. This is still better than Manually driving in the spectrum. Leave open the possibility for The user to edit this table. as I understand it, roughly Speaking, txt and positions there. for the end user, we Have that if he is Lazy, then he uses what Is there, driving in he Will get his result, but If he believes that the Hand strength is not set Correctly, he can always edit It at his discretion without The software developer's tebonkan. in the future, if suddenly Someone makes serious calculations, then This file can always be Replaced and then everything will Be according to the worst.

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