Seniority of Cards in Poker

However, this concept has several meanings

In poker terminology, the phrase "Highest card" in poker is Quite often usedIn the event that the Player was unable to collect Either one hand, then he Has the "highest card" in His hands. The cards that make up The combination should not follow Each other and belong to Different suits. Seniority is determined by comparing Each card in the hand In turn. First, the highest card is Used for comparison. If its value is higher Than the same in the Opponent's hand, then the Player is considered the winner. The first player has A♥K♦, And the second player Has a♦J♥. After the river on the Board are: ♣♠T♣♦♥. No one was able to Put their hand together. This means that the winner Will be determined by the Highest of them. The combination of each player Will be the five highest cards. The first player to collect A♥K♦♣♠T♣, and the second K♦J♥♣♠T♣. The comparison is based on The oldest of them.

First of all, there is A limit for the lowest Poker hand

Since the ACE in the First player's combination is Older than the king in The second player's combination, It means that the first Player will win.

But there are situations when The highest cards of poker Players are the same in Such a comparison. If such a situation occurs, The winner will be determined By the card that is Next in the list. For example, that the first Player is holding Q♦T♠ and The second player is holding J♦T♥. On the table at the Same time lie A♣♠♦♥♣. In the example, the ACE Is the highest card for Both players. Therefore, when comparing combinations of A And♣Q♦T♠♣♠ and A♣J♦T♥♣♠ into Account will be taken next In dignity. In this example, the winner Is player No, because the Queen is older than the Jack. In the second case, the Concept of the highest card In poker is used as A synonym for the word "Kicker". A kicker is a card That is included in the Finished hand. The main task of the Kicker is to determine the Winning hand in controversial moments When several poker players in The hand received the same combination. Let's say that the First player has a♦♠ and The second player has K♦♥. ♦♦♦T♣♦appears on the table. Both players collected a flush.

Player: A♦♦♦♦♦, player: K♦♦♦♦♦.

But the first player will Win, because his kicker is An ACE that is older Than the king. Sometimes the kicker may not Be part of the combination. It happens in such combinations As four of a kind, Set, two pairs and a pair. Player: K♥J♠ Player: Q♥♦. On the Board: ♦♣♠♥♣.

The combination of both poker Players is a square – Four cards of the same rank.

But a poker hand is Made up of five pieces, So the highest card is Added to the square. So, the victory goes to The first player, because the King is younger than the ACE. After we have explained what The highest card in poker Is, it would be good To clarify how they are Ranked in the poker deck. Which one is older than The other? The seniority of cards in Poker is most often the Same as in most other games. That is, the traditional order Is preserved.

But there are some exceptions.

So, for example, the weakest Combination in the straight A♥♣♦♠♣ The ACE will play units And will play the role Of a unit in the Combination, that is, the lowest card. There are also known lowball Types of poker, in which The strength of the cards Is reversed and those that Are usually considered lower and Will make up the strongest combinations. Detailed reviews of the best Poker rooms, Analytics from professional Players and the latest news - All this can be found On the pages of our Resource.

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