RealPoker PokerStars Is a Chinese

Basic limits in No limit Hold'em are from NL$ To NL

We present to your attention RealPoker PokerStars - a Chinese application For playing online pokerDon't be confused by The alternative name of this Room, this room has nothing To do with stars. For those players who have Already played in similar apps, It will not be difficult To adapt.  The software allows players To play from iOS, Android, And PC. Network: Nezavisimaya Strana: Sitelicense: No.Deposit and withdrawal methods: through an agent.Withdrawal terms: Amounts up to$ K are withdrawn instantly online, Up to$ K- hours, over$ K - up to hours.Sleep limits: .$ to $. $ NL hold'em.Software quality assessment:  out of Desktop, IOS. AndroidWhen there is a game Available:  hours.Creating accounts: through an agent.Link: Android, IOS the REAL POKER App is perfect for Low-and medium-limit players.  During peak hours in Beijing, They play here until - active tables. There are quite a lot Of recreational players from Asian Countries at the REALPOKER gaming tables. Usually at the tables you Can meet - weak players. At the moment, only Full Ring tables for people are Opened here, as well as Shorter tables for -max. Only the Chinese version is Available in this app.

the Game currency in the Club is the Chinese yen CNY

However, for experienced players who Have already played in such Applications, it will not be Difficult to adapt. However, if you still have Any difficulties in working with The client, you can contact us. At the moment, RealPoker does Not support programs for collecting statistics. We provide our players with Assistance in setting up the App to play from your Personal computer. Currently, the Asian poker platform RealPoker offers quite soft compositions From those available today. Most of the traffic it Consists of Chinese, Malaysian, and Filipino fans. If you have any questions Or need any help dealing With poker rooms, don't Hesitate to write to us.

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