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Evaluation takes place in a Playful way and by consensus

Project Manager Chris Fortune shares His simple and fun technique Called planning Poker

Planning poker is a technique That allows you to evaluate How large development tasks are Relative to each other.

The team gathers for a Meeting, writes user stories on The Board, and votes for Their size or value with cards. It is important that everyone Holds their cards face down Until the last moment during The evaluation stage so that You can avoid the binding Effect, when the decision of One participant affects the decisions Of others. Numbers are written on the Cards-usually a Fibonacci sequence, Which reflects that uncertainty increases With increasing complexity of problems In the scheme considered, powers Of the number are used. You can learn more about Classic planning poker, for example, On Wikipedia. Many tools have been developed For planning poker: decks of Cards, paper sets, even Apple Android apps. Our team follows the principles Of simplicity in Adjayl, and Therefore we came up with How to play poker not Without all these tools, but Simply on the fingers of One hand.

The basics of "Powers of Two" are very simple

Here are the basics of This method and how to Adapt it for different teams. All you need is for All team members to have One hand with five fingers. The number of points to Size user stories equal to How many fingers and as Shown by the voter points Is doubling with each new Finger: In the end, in Everything except the use of Fingers instead of cards, the Technique of "power of two" Is consistent with the usual Rules of planning poker. At the same time," Powers Of two "proved to be Simple, which compares favorably with Other game options for me: In my practice, I started Using" Powers of two " from The basics described, but during Meetings, team members often changed Their technique. Here are the main adaptations They made: Enjoy using "Powers Of two"! Translated and adapted by the BrainRain team based on Chris Forchewin's article, you can Learn more about scrum at The training for beginners, sign Up and we will invite You to the next date: HERE.

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