Pokergame-programs For collecting Statistics

Hold'em Manager includes many Useful features

Hold'em Manager is the Most powerful tool for analyzing Statistics and building HUD heads-Up display for poker playersHold'em Manager or Omaha Manager import your real-time Hand history during the game On all Texas hold'em Or Omaha tables, cash and Tournaments and store them in A database. This allows you to monitor Your progress and bankroll, look For errors in the game, And analyze your hand history After the session. after HM imports the hand History, you will have access To hundreds of statistics related To both your own style Of play and that of Your opponents. You can analyze the hands Played with them. Heads-up Display or HUD - Is one of the most Recognizable and useful features of Hold'em Manager. Using imported hands, HM will Display table statistics on your Opponents based on selected indicators In real time, allowing you To determine trends in their game. Filters help you work with The database and determine the Appropriate ranges of hands played, For example: only hands where You were raised on the Turn or hands where you Played -bet preflop. This allows you to create Thematic reports on the game And analyze your mistakes in Almost any situation. The hand Replayer replays all Hands from the base in Graphical form, from blind posting To the river.

During playback, you can also Use statistics and notes, which Allows you to carefully analyze The session and easily overcome Difficult moments.

Applications for Hold'em Manager And Omaha Manager Table Ninja Is designed to improve multi-Tabling, set automated bets, configure Hotkeys, etc. Table Scanner works with HM And scans the lobby of Poker clients, which allows you To immediately find players of Certain types. NoteCaddy automatically captures trends in Your opponents play with more Than customizable note recording templates. Leak Buster makes it easier Learning and analyzing your own Game with your own database: The program will help you Find mistakes that cost you money. SitNGo Wizard is an essential Tool for SnG players, easily Calculating the benefits of playing Against certain ranges of opponents. Tilt Breaker is designed for Players who are experiencing psychological Problems: through this program, you Can set a number of Useful restrictions for yourself. Holdem Manager is the most Popular poker program among players. Using this program helps players Significantly increase their level of Play and gain a noticeable Advantage over their opponents. This is a very well-Equipped, stable, full-fledged program That is constantly updated and Supplemented with new features. The program imports hand history Text files from most poker Rooms and stores them in A PostgreSQL database.

Using this database, the program Can analyze any situation or Scenario, thanks to its numerous Functions and tools.

The Holdem Manager HM program Does not play poker for You, it only provides fertile Ground for reflection: there are Often hands where decisions about Discarding cards or continuing the Game are borderline. This is where the statistics Collection program will be invaluable. If you've played with This person before, you can View the range of hands They play with and find Out how strong their cards are. the Main part of the Program is the Heads-Up Display HUD, which allows you To display statistics directly on The tables. You can set up your HUD to display whatever information You need from the hundreds Of available stats, so you Can see right through your opponents. In order not to overload Yourself with unnecessary information, you Can set up the Pop-Up HUD, which will display All the information on the Player when you hover the Mouse cursor over him, and In the HUD itself you Can register only the most Basic stats, such as VPIP, Percentage of raises, percentage of -Bets, number of hands, etc. and thereby save a lot Of space on the screen. To analyze results and statistics, Holdem Manager has an analytical Menu, which is divided into Cash games and Tournaments. The Cash games tab, in Turn, is divided into six Subgroups: Reports, Preflop Cards, Hands, Sessions, Graphs, and vs Players. Each of these subgroups shows Different information based on the database. The larger the database, the More accurate the information. Reports-this tab allows you To run a variety of reports. You can set up filters Based on a specific date Or any other possible scenario. For example, you can set Up a filter so that You can see a report Of the result of your -Bet pot game, where you Got a set from the Flop on a particular week Last year. You can easily get this Information just like any other.

Statistics are the main advantage Of Hold'em Manager

Preflop cards – in this Tab, you can view your Opponents pocket cards and filter Them by various parameters. For example, you can see Which cards your opponent is Playing -bet to the flop. Hands-this tab allows you To analyze any hand you Have played, filter the hands You have played by certain Parameters, and view the replay Of any hand through the Replayer. Sessions-this tab allows you To review your game by session. You can set a certain Period of time last week, Day, hour, etc. - the "All-in EV" Chart shows how correctly a Player goes all-in. It can be used to Determine whether you really have A downstreak or just don'T know how to play. If your All-in EV Chart is very different from The real win chart, then You have a downstreak or Upstreak, depending on which way These numbers deviate. the "Rakeback" chart shows the Amount of rakeback or winnings, Taking into account rakeback, depending On the settings. Vs Players-this tab allows You to see the statistics Of your game against a Specific opponent.

All tournament information is stored In the tournament menu.

This tab is divided into Four subgroups: Results, Player, Preflop Cards, Hands. With the Preflop Cards and Hands tabs, everything is clear, The same statistics are displayed Here as in the cash Game menu, with the only Difference that they are responsible Exclusively for tournaments, and the Unit of measurement is chips Instead of dollars. Results-there are many different Filters in this tab, players Can see player statistics by ROI, ITM, $ per hour, amount Of winnings, average buy-in, etc. There are a lot of Different filters and stats, so This is a great find For tournament players.

Players-in this tab, you Can view a list of All the players you've Ever played with and sort Them by various parameters, such As selecting all players with VPIP.

Holdem manager also has add-Ons such as Omaha Manager For collecting and analyzing information In Omaha, Table Scanner for Finding the sweetest tables, and Leak Buster for analyzing and Finding weaknesses in your game. There is a Holdem Manager For small limits for $, which Can later be upgraded to Holdem Manager Professional, which initially Costs $. However, you can use it For free. The developer provides a trial Version that can be used Within days. You can download the trial Version of Holdem Manager for Free on the website the Developer promises that if you Buy hold'em Manager once, You will not have to Pay for it when the Next version is released. All updates will be provided To you for free.

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