Pokerdom verification - How do I

This process is called verification

To withdraw funds to Pokerdom, You need to confirm your Personal dataPassing verification is a must, Without it to get money Will not work.

As a rule, the need To confirm your identity, including By entering your passport data, Comes as a surprise only For beginners.

When they hit the jackpot For the first time and Put the amount on withdrawal, They are surprised that you Need to declassify your data To get a win.

Experienced players know that verification Is necessary, so they usually Confirm their account as soon As they register. Poker tournaments have long turned Into an industry with a Turnover of more than one Hundred thousand dollars every day. Large money always attracts dishonest People, and poker is no exception. To block access to poker Rooms for scammers and carders Who launder money, verification has Been introduced.

Fair play is the basic Rule of Pokerdom

The player, by providing personal Data, thereby confirms their honesty.

In addition, proof of identity On the Poker house website Guarantees a single account. By entering personal data, the Player registers their participation in The game from this account. The system will not allow You to create a second Or multiple accounts with the Same data. Files can get easier if You change your camera settings Or process them in Photoshop.

The site administration also recommends That you take and attach A selfie that perfectly shows The face of the new Account owner and his photo On the document.

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