Poker Video Of Course!

he has been playing poker since

You will learn how to Play competently at all stages Of the tournament

You will learn how to Analyze your own and other People's game using Holdem Manager, which means that you Will learn how to correctly Bluff and open bluffs.

The course from the poker Academy is the latest for This month of. Due to the fact that Each training session has a Theme, training is very easy And interesting, you will definitely Have no time to be bored. Your game will change depending On the stage of the Tournament, stack size and opponents. You will learn how to Build your game by paying Attention to every detail, which In the end will help You win as many tournaments As possible. You will understand additional software: You will understand how to Work with Holdem Manager, set Up your own HUD and Use it to learn how To read opponents.

Starting with SnG tournaments for $, Leonid has increased to the $ Limit for the year.

He currently plays multi-table Tournaments with an average buy-In of $. In reviews of Leonid, students Often note that any information, Even the most complex, is Provided by the coach in An accessible and easy way.

Watch Leonid's training stream "All-in restila "in MTT", Where he talks about how To protect yourself from the Theft of blinds, to see For yourself.

In training, I like the Accessibility of the material presented. The coach answers all questions In the classroom, does not Avoid anyone, and makes rather Difficult material more accessible by Explaining and showing examples.

For me, hold'em Manager Was a new program with A bunch of incomprehensible numbers, But with the help of A trainer, I began to Master it faster.

I started to think faster And make quick decisions, which Allowed me to try playing On more tables. I'm not talking about Tables although that's probably Not the limit either.

But in my case, I Played a maximum of tables, And when when I opened The third one, I just Didn't know what to Do: Right now, I'm Comfortable playing tables, and when I open another one, I Don't get lost.

free hold'em Manager help With its installation correct HUD For MTT with the necessary Stats.! at the time, I remember How tormented his installation and Nights sorted out, set up The HUD, and then with The numbers that it outputs - Group training is a very Convenient format if you do Not have time to review The record theoretical classes fundamentals, Strategy, mathematics of poker practical Classes, live sessions, coach students, As well as the analysis Of the played hands of The students and discussion on The exercises once a coach Points out your mistakes and Begin to rebuild their game In the right mood.

In General, I've been Playing poker for years, I Knew a lot of things, Of course, but after the Course I realized that I Was a complete fish, I Played more on the feel And luck, although luck in Poker is.

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