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Poker, the game that is played all over the world

The first mention of the game similar to Poker, they date back toIn that early Poker game, three cards were dealt, and the game was called Primero in Spain and Italy, and La Prime in France. The game included the announcement of bets, and the combinations evaluated were: identical cards, pairs, and cards of the same suit, called a flush.

In, Poker was played with a -card deck

In, bluffing, which had already appeared, combined with betting and dealing not three but five cards, and the games became known as brag in England, Pochen in Germany, and poque in France. In these predecessors of Poker, bluffing, or declaring a high bet when there are bad cards in hand to get other players out of the pot, was an important element. It is likely that the French name pok is a cast from German, and the name poker comes from French. In the brag, Pohen, and Pok games, there was only one round of betting announcements.

All players were shown the cards they had in their hands in order to discover the winner immediately after the game was played.

end of this round. The seniority of hands was determined by the following sequence: identical (high) full house (full house identical and a pair of others) identical two pairs one pair and no pair (high card the highest ranked card is taken into account). The game of Poker was introduced to America by French colonists who first settled the territory of Louisiana, then settled up the Missouri river and across the country. Poker in its modern form was first mentioned in in the memoirs of the English actor Joe Cowell, who traveled to America.

At one time, Poker was the national card game of the United States.

It is still the most widely played card game in the United States. The return of Poker from the United States to Europe began after the US Ambassador to great Britain, Colonel Jacob Schenck, in.

presented this game at the court of Queen Victoria.

In fact, Schenck drew up a code of rules for the Queen, who expressed her interest in this game. However, in those years, the game did not spread throughout Europe. It was only spread there during world war I by soldiers of the American expeditionary force. Horoshie-Igri When copying any information from the site, a direct link to the source is required.

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