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There is, however, one significant detail

For regular hold'emSimply because no one has Ordered their hands by strength As they do in regular Hold'em. We can't take on Such a mission, so the Spectra must be set in The form of a set Of starting hands according to The usual rules via a Text string. It should be clear that You can't just take An order of hands for Regular hold'em and discard Cards below sixes from there.

After all, the strength of Combinations is different.

It is clear that hold'Em pairs have more potential, Because if you catch a Set, you will beat any straight. For the same reason, mismatched Connectors lose their validity. This option is available for Cs. If necessary, we can also Do it for this one. All the math is written. A few days of work. We'll try to do It next week. I'll report here on The forum.

You can't set your Opponent's spectra as percentages

And driving in the spectrum Of OPA too after all, Implemented in s? Maybe move it here, too? If all this is implemented I will buy it right Away For the case of A Straight set, you need To build your own spectra. The most correct way would Be to use files with Hand ordering. An example of such a File for regular hold'em There is also a link To the blog with a Description of how these files Were created. I put one of these Files for the max desktop In the cloud.

In this file, all cells Of a known matrix are Ordered by strength.

The most correct way is To make such a file For hold'em for the Player himself. Here, the main Problem is Not to add the spectra By percentage, but to make Sure that these spectra are plausible.

For ordinary hold'em, these Spectra were built If we Build these spectra ourselves, how Close will they be to reality? We don't play ourselves, And even if we did, These spectra would still be subjective.

It seems to me that It is not difficult to Write out strategies in the File in order of strength. And we will read this File explicitly. The problem is clear. as I understand it, the Hand strength is the same For a classic and for A Straight Set. Even if this is not Entirely true. This is still better than Manually driving in the spectrum. Leave open the possibility for The user to edit this table. as I understand it, roughly Speaking, txt and positions there. for the end user, we Have that if he is Lazy, then he uses what Is there, driving in he Will get his result, but If he believes that the Hand strength is not set Correctly, he can always edit It at his discretion without The software developer's tebonkan. in the future, if suddenly Someone makes serious calculations, then This file can always be Replaced and then everything will Be according to the worst.

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