Poker face - What is it? How to Learn to Hold your Face

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Some borrowed foreign words and Terms are so common that We are used to considering Them part of the Russian languageA great example is the Concept of poker face what Is it and how to Determine if you are doing It to the full? This phrase has English roots And is largely based on British culture. By this term is so Successful that it easily fits Not only into the Russian Language, but is already considered A kind of international concept. If you translate the expression Poker face literally, you will Get a rather clumsy design Poker face. What is it all about? If everything is clear with The face, then poker is A card game in which The probability of winning or Losing largely depends on the Ability not to reveal to Your partners what cards you Really have. Experienced gamblers control their own Facial expressions to such an Extent that it is impossible To guess at what point They have seized the initiative And are playing in their favor. The logical interpretation of poker Face is a straight face, When emotions are absolutely not readable. However, this does not mean That you need to pretend indifference. On the contrary, the ideal Poker face is calm and Neutral politeness without ostentatious coldness. Serenity creates the feeling of A blank white sheet, and Even a very perceptive person Is unlikely to guess what Emotions are really there. Poker as a universally known Card game has a long History and is considered an Entertainment of aristocrats. Of course, now you don'T need to show your Pedigree to participate in the Party, and connoisseurs have many Opportunities to have fun. The popularity of poker is Growing at a deafening rate, And international Championships are already Being held, bringing together those Who want to take part And just fans. The popularity of the game Has influenced the promotion of The expression poker face, which Is now used wherever you Need to show restraint. One of the signs of Popularity was the poker face Meme, which illustrates a typical Facial expression without pronounced facial expressions. It is often included in Short mini-comics with four Frames, and can serve as An analog of emojis. The high level of memetic Content made this image one Of the most popular on The Web. The ability to keep a Straight face is now in Demand in many professions, especially If you have to work With people. The human factor has to Be taken into account when It comes to the customer Orientation of the business, not Every employee can keep a Polite smile if the guest Of the institution, to put It mildly, is not quite right. In the days of so-Called wild capitalism, when a Businessman could afford almost anything, No one was surprised by Excessive emotions.

Among businessmen, too, there was A kind of revolution

Poker face what is it For business? First of all, this is A way to preserve your Reputation, as well as a Good way to insure yourself Against emotional actions. In business negotiations, when concluding Deals, or when resolving conflicts, A truly business person will Never mimic their true attitude To the situation. Business is becoming more and More like poker, and poker Face allows you to hide The true state of Affairs From competitors, so as not To give them an advantage. If your facial expressions immediately Give out all your feelings To the other person, this Is only good for a Very trusting relationship. In practice, you have to Constantly monitor yourself. Sometimes a client, boss, or Senior relative is profoundly wrong, And you can't always Afford to make a grimace Of displeasure. Poker face what is it, Hypocrisy or self-control? The ability to hold your Face refers, rather, to positive Character traits. This talent can be developed, Honed by training. Control over the situation is Primarily achieved by the ability To manage your own facial expressions. To do this, you do Not need to suppress your Emotions psychologists unanimously say that This is harmful. But you reserve the right To experience emotions in a Way that does not harm Your business, under the guise Of poker face.

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