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And there are only different Ways that you can try

You may encounter the message Connection Error" when trying to Access the gaming siteThus, the site is trying To inform you that the Data transfer required to establish A connection has been interrupted. More precisely, the connection between The browser and the game Server was closed, which is Also indicated by the name Of the error.

The server that processes the Request always initiates a split connection.

In addition to the error Message, there are usually also Several very different messages that Highlight the real problem. They do not disclose any Details about why the connection Was interrupted. This means that there is No basic solution for fixing The error.

However, you can solve this problem

We've compiled some of The most promising Troubleshooting techniques For the site. first check your Internet connection Before going deeper into system Configuration to find the source Of the error and fix it. For example, you can do This with the symbol networks In the notification area. There you can see not Only the network you are Currently connected to, but also The connection status. Use the icon in the Notification box to go to The network and sharing settings center. This way, you will get More detailed information about the Installed connections. If your Internet connection is Correct, you should find "Internet Access" here see Screenshot. Otherwise, you must make sure That all cables in your Network device are connected correctly. In this case, you can Also try restarting the router By temporarily turning off the Device's power for seconds Or more. If you are connected to The Internet via WLAN and Have the option to switch To a cable connection, you Should use this option. This is due to the Fact that spontaneous disconnections are Not uncommon during wireless transmission. Especially if you usually have To deal with fluctuations in Signal strength. Connection problems that lead to Such errors also occur they May be related to problems In configuring the TCP IP system. Return the TCP IP settings To their original state. All you need is administrator Rights and the Netshell command-Line tool netsh.If you want to use The line with admin rights, First enter the "start" menu, And also type " cmd " in The search box. Then right-click on the Cmd application presented as the Search result and select "Run As administrator": before you Restart the system, in order For the changes to work, We recommend resetting the Winsock Interface also Windows Sockets. All connections of programs that Access the Internet Protocol pass Through them.

Winsock also creates entries for All established and failed connections In the so-called Winsock directory.

As with resetting the Protocol, You can use a command-Line program. The required command looks like This: Proxy and VPN connections Offer you the ability to Remain anonymous during your time On the Internet. Both are actively involved in The data transfer process, so They can also cause difficulties. And, for example, cause an Error when visiting the poker site. If you use one of The two methods, you should Deactivate it at least for Testing purposes. Or, in the case of A VPN, don't use it. To deactivate the proxy server, You need the "Internet Settings" menu. Which can be accessed via The control panel: in the Image, the "Internet Options" button Is displayed by default. If you have activated the Category view, you must first Select "Network and Internet". Then select "Connections". In the window at the Top, you will find a List of configured VPNs and Dial-up connections.

If you have established a VPN connection, you can also Simply delete it here using The "Delete" button.»: The proxy settings configuration Works via the "LAN settings" Option, which is used to Configure the proxy settings.

you can find it at The bottom of the window. In the "Proxy server" item, Uncheck "Use proxy server for Local network" to disable the Configured proxy. If you have extensions with Proxy or VPN features installed, You should also disable or Remove them.

If none of the suggested Methods solved the problem, then Contact the support service of The site.

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