Poker combinations With pictures By seniority

You have an A- in Your hand, and your opponent Has a

To make a hand in Texas hold'em, you always Use the best five cards Giving the strongest combination out Of the seven available to You on the riverThese are two personal cards Of the player, as well As five General cards laid Out on the table. At the same time, you Can use either both of Your cards, or only one, Or you can use none At all, limiting yourself to The General cards of the table.

However, in this case, you Will not win against your Opponent, because the same cards Are available to him, and His combination will be at Least as good.

Once again, we emphasize that A combination always involves five Cards, even if you have, For example, only one pair. In this case, the other Three best cards will play The role of kickers kicker, They are needed in order To determine the winner by Additional indicators, if two players Have collected the same combination. Here's an example. Thus, both players have a Pair of sevens using one Of their own and one On the table. Next, we look at what Their three remaining best cards are. You have it A-Q-T, your opponent has it Q-T. The Queen and the ten Are the same, but you Have an ACE that is Older than the nine, the Pot is yours! In total, there are ten Different combinations in Texas hold'Em, the strength of which Is determined by how often You can collect them according To the probability theory below For each combination, the percentage Of probability is indicated if You see all five cards. Accordingly, the rarer the combination, The stronger it is.

All combinations are listed below In descending order.

This is the strongest card Combination in Texas hold'em.

It consists of five cards Of the same suit, running Consecutively from ten to ACE.

the following cards are drawn On the table: Q-T

Accordingly, there are only four Variants of this combination, one For each suit. The probability of collecting. Five consecutive cards of the Same suit. The youngest straight flush from ACE to five ACE plays The role of one, the Oldest from nine to king.

The probability of collecting.

A Royal flush is also Essentially a straight flush, but It is still allocated in A separate combination, since it Is invincible. Four cards of the same Rank, the probability of collecting. The youngest square will be Four deuces, the oldest four aces. If the square is completely On the table, the winner Is determined by the kicker. Three cards of one rank And two of another. The probability of collecting.

At the same time, if Several players have collected a Full house at once, the One with the higher rank Of triplets wins.

Junior full house three deuces And two threes, senior full House three aces and two kings. Any five cards of the Same suit. The probability of collecting. If several players have collected A flush, the one with The higher card wins.

For example, you have A-K crosses in your hands, And your opponent has J-Q crosses.

On the table were crosses And two cards of a Different suit. You win because your flush Comes from an ACE, then Like the opponent's only From the lady. Junior straight - from ACE to Five in this case, the ACE plays the role of One, and such a straight Itself has a special name Wheel, senior from ten to ACE. Accordingly, if the straight is Collected by several players, the Winner is the one who Starts from the higher card. If several players have collected Two pairs each, the one With the highest pair wins. In this case, the ratio Of the ranks of the Second-oldest pairs does not matter. For example, if you have Two pairs A-A and, And the opponent has K-K and Q-Q, you win. If the highest pairs of Players are equal, the second Pairs of cards are compared. If both pairs are equal, The player with the higher Kicker wins. If a couple will gather A few players to win The the highest pair older. If the pairs are the Same, the winner is determined By the kicker. If the players failed to Collect any of the above Combinations, the winner is determined By the seniority of the cards. The probability of collecting. Many novice players are addicted To trying their best by All means, collect a stronger, More beautiful combination. And here we need to Pay attention to an important Point: You should remember that The goal of playing poker Is to win the pot, Not to make a strong Combination! You will often be able To win pots without opening Your cards by putting pressure On your opponent in one Of the trading rounds. In this case, you may Have a ready-made hand, An incomplete hand semi-bluff, Or an empty hand altogether Pure bluff. However, your aggressive actions may Cause your opponent to fold A stronger hand. You can learn more about When and under what conditions Semi-bluffing and bluffing will Be effective in our course.

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