Poker chips

The weight of each plak Is grams

Plaki chips are rectangular in Shape with a large face valueThey have a universal design, Which means that they can Complement almost any poker set. A series of cheap.-gram non-nominal poker chips Made of two-color plastic. The series got its name Dice because of the dice, A stylized image of which Is used in the design Of chips. Due to the low price, Dice sets are particularly popular With souvenir dealers. A series of high-quality Hard-wearing poker chips, which Includes both standard chips mm, Grams and chips with increased Dimensions and weight mm, grams.

A spectacular series of -gram Premium chips

Stars is one of two Series on the market that Fully meets the requirements of The Russian sports poker Federation. Chips from a series similar To Stars New, but from A different manufacturer. The main difference from the Original: as part of this Series, there are no expensive Super-heavy chips with a Diameter of mm, all chips Are standard mm. At the same time, the Plastic is very good, and The quality of the chips Is excellent. The design of the chips Is strict and solid.

For casting a plastic base, Three different types of plastic Are used colors, not two, As is more often the case.

The nightman chips are suitable For a serious poker game. Sets of these chips are Often chosen as a gift To a respected person. An interesting series of poker Chips that attract attention with A spectacular holographic sticker design. And while these chips are Inexpensive, they, unlike other entry-Level chips, weigh a decent.

grams, and also have a Protective lamination layer.

Chips from the NUTS series Are among the most decent Among the cheapest. The weight of each chip is.

Plastic of bright colors is Used for casting.

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