So this game was invented somewhere in the s

We met with Ernest Fedorov, President of the mafia intellectual game Federation, to tell our readers about a game that is somewhat similar but has its own differences with poker history of the mafia game in Wikipedia, one of the stories about how the mafia appeared is widely spreadThere is a certain gentleman Davydov, a Muscovite who now lives in the United States and allegedly created the game in. But, as we know Wikipedia is such a thing, who wrote it, is the source of this information.

I don't really believe in this story, because, personally, I already played this game in.

I was a high school graduate at the time, not yet enrolled in the Institute, and my friends invited me to a picnic in the woods, to evening bonfires, to some kind of pioneer camp.

There were eight-nine-tenth graders who were playing a game with a very interesting and unusual name mafia. When playing this game, there was a lot of noise, shouting, and a lot of fun.

A lot of things were unclear, but it was very interesting.So, someone obviously invented it before.

In my opinion, these were students of the Moscow University faculty of psychology, and there was supposedly a competition between two Dorm rooms, where students, in order not to be bored, came up with a way to diversify their leisure time and came up with the game mafia. This is the information that reached me back when I was playing for the first time. In Soviet times, there was no Internet, and it was not possible to quickly exchange information. Just as gradually it rolled across the country. People left for other countries (emigrated), and so it went on to spread, but it was invented by Soviet psychology students.There is another story, I read that it was played by Mormons back in the th century, who conquered the expanses of America from East to West, and sitting around the campfire they played this game-mafia. There are other theories, but no one knows the truth Mafia yard and classic in, the mafia from entertainment, urban, as we now call it, and which I played back in, became a classic. Then there were standards and rules of the mafia, and at the same time, I created the first Mafia club in Kiev. Now the entire mafia intellectual game Federation (FIIM), which I created in, plays by these rules. The rules have changed small changes and this is natural as everything develops, but the Foundation, the Foundation of the game, remained the same.Players are divided into two teams: red and black. This is done by selecting cards with their eyes closed, where players do not know each other's roles, but only their role. And there is also a host who moderates the game. There are strictly ten people at the table, including seven civilians-red and three Mafiosi-black players.

The leader among the red players is the Sheriff, who knows a little more than everyone else.

Accordingly, it reached Lviv, where I lived, in

And black players have their own leader, who has a little more authority - this is don.The whole game is based on intrigue, who will win whom, take out from the game table. Each player has exactly one minute to make a speech. Then the word moves on to the next one. The mafia "shoots" a peaceful player at night, and civilians have the right to vote during the day for "killing" a player, not knowing whether he is a peaceful or a mafia. Thus, the whole game is divided into two phases-day and night.It seems that the rules are very simple simple, but there are so many variations and tactics that today, having been involved in the mafia for about years, and having spent more than thousand games, I am still surprised by all the new tactics that arise. Because how many people have so many different thoughts and ideas on how to play in a given situation.

Accordingly, all these thoughts complement each other, and something is added to each new game.Thanks to this, the game is constantly evolving as the mafia returns from an emotional to an intellectual game:Mafia is once again becoming a more intelligent game.

Let's remember the story. At first, people of a special category were attracted to this game: they were raised in a certain environment and could not afford anything extra. They were people of a certain life status.

The game was different, not because the rules were different, but because the people were different.

And then the game Mafia became a mass phenomenon, where a lot of diverse people got into the system. And then there was a need to intervene to improve the culture games, and educating players.We can only educate them by influencing their behavior. We can only influence the rules, fouls, punishments. "Mafia" has acquired a large number of innovations and rules, and it is precisely in order to introduce players to a good intellectual game. And the main changes in the rules were aimed at bringing the game to a more intellectual and cultural action, sport, and activity.About the mafia intellectual game Federation (FIIM)The mafia is developing not only in terms of strategies and tactics, but also covers an increasing number of countries and cities. Currently, the Federation includes countries and more than clubs. As part of FIIM, a world tour of the game mafia is taking place. It is called MWT (Mafia World Tour), where there is a strict rating system for awarding points to the player's rating, depending on what place they have taken in tournaments. We started with tournaments in. And this year, tournaments are already being held in different countries of the world.

That is, every Saturday and Sunday (tournaments two-day trips).Often - tournaments are held in different cities of the world, and sometimes there are more of them at the same time.

Professional mafia players compete for the main title-Master of the Game.

How to become a mafia Master:The top ten players with the best rating at the end of the season, when all tournaments are over, gather for three days to participate in the main tournament of the Year - Mafia World Tour Grossmeisters(Magisterate). They play games in a row, for three days, - games a day. Based on the results of these games, a new Master of the Mafia Game is determined. At the same time, all players who participated in the tournament receive the title of Grandmaster of the game. Upcoming tournaments:In lawn tennis, there are Grand slam tournaments, and we have the Big Sheriff's star tournaments - iconic tournaments with a large number of participants that take place in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia, there are only four of them. One has already passed, this is the Aktau Open Cup, the Next one will be held in Moscow, this is Golden Gangster, then the Slobozhanshchina Cup in Kharkiv, and there will also be the Siberian and Ural Cup in Omsk. The world team championship will also be held, where participants from countries will play, five people in each team - it will be a five-star tournament in Minsk. The tournament will be held in this format for the first time. By analogy with football, for FIIM it is like the world Cup in football, which gathers the best players. Top five players from Ukraine, five from Georgia, five from Armenia, five from Russia, five from Germany, etc. They will fight for the honor of their flag, the honor of their country.There will also be an individual world championship in St. Petersburg in early December. Here are the main, biggest and most interesting tournaments that will be held before the New year. And of course, all our Mafiosi are waiting for the next master's degree To be held in Minsk in January next year.What the mafia and poker are like first: poker and mafia First: poker and mafia are similar in that you need to control yourself. The so-called poker face is also very important in the mafia, because you can read your emotions on your face, and understand what you have your role, whether you're worried or not. Therefore, in the mafia, you need to own a poker face, and play for any color, Sheriff and Don equally, so that you are not read by other players.Second, in poker, you need to remember the deck of cards well, count and build tactics depending on which cards came out and which ones remained in the deck. The situation is similar in the mafia. Only you do not remember the cards, but the moves in the game and who voted how, on what circle it happened, you need to remember the arguments, who played with whom and why. And to do this, you need to have a good memory and constantly train it.What are the differences in poker, you do not need to say, except for standard phrases. In the mafia, you need to be able to clearly Express your thoughts, put them into phrases, be convincing, so that the "city" (most players) would follow you. Important speaking skills, powers of observation and reaction at the ballot box. Because sometimes everything is decided by fractions of a second to achieve victory in the game.Corporate events in the style of " Mafia»Mafia is not only a game, but also a great option for a corporate event for a company. Corporate events in the style of a mafia game are often ordered by banks, it companies, law firms, marketers, TV personalities, and many others. Accordingly, I am the organizer of a mafia event as a leisure activity, which I came up with back in, and I have already held more than corporate events. Both small ones for - people, and large ones, from one hundred and up to four hundred participants. Parties usually last up to five hours.

They are always very fun and fervent, people like our Game.

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