Personal account And cash Register at PokerStars, account

PokerStars is the most popular Poker room in the world

Millions of players from all Over the World enjoy their Favorite online poker gameIn order to play PokerStars Comfortably and without any restrictions On functions, you need to Set up your personal account.

In this article, we will Look at all its sections And tell you what each Of them is intended for.

In order to access your Personal account at PokerStars, you Need to log in with Your username and password: Step.

In the window that appeared You have on the page, Enter your username and password. Click on the green arrow, And then you will be Logged in. To check that your password Characters are entered correctly, check The box next to "Show Password". A personal account on PokerStars Is created to manage all Player data. To access your merchant profile Settings, click on the "Account" Button on the home page After logging in. The PokerStars cash register tab Is used to add funds To your account. you can also view the Total balance for real money And conditional chips. Select the amount you want To Deposit to your gaming account.

not only in the CIS, But also all over the world

Standard amounts that are available To each player: the player Can also Deposit an arbitrary Amount to the account. The minimum amount that a User can Deposit is $.

After selecting the amount, click "Next" green arrow. A menu will appear on The screen with the choice Of payment method for your Deposit. PokerStars offers players to Deposit Money to their account using The following international payment systems: You can also make a Deposit using your Bank payment Cards of international standard: Please Note, if Your banking card In national currency, when the Funds are credited will be An automatic conversion: on the Gaming account will be credited With foreign currency and card Amount in local currency equivalent, At the current exchange rate Of the Central Bank. To save the selected payment Method check the box next To “Save payment information and Select it for making quick deposits”. On the right side, in The main "cash register" section, Pay attention to the small "Balance" tab.  It has two sub-points: Initially, PokerStars gives each player Absolutely free of charge conditional Chips, with which you can Immediately enter the game. At this point, you can See which chips are in The game, and which are Just on the account. The situation is similar with The "Money" section. You can see how much Money You have in your Account, and what amount is Currently in circulation, i.e. The cashier not only can You recharge your account and Monitor the balance. Each player can perform the Following operations: To use all Of the above functions, click On the button located in The upper-right corner a Circle with three horizontal lines inside. This tab is necessary for The introduction of personal data Of users. It contains the following short Paragraphs: As you might guess, In in the phone section, Enter Your current mobile number. First, you need to select "Country Code", then enter the Remaining digits of the number And click "Apply". The system will notify You Of successful data saving with The message "Changes saved". In the "Address" section, you Need to enter the address Of your permanent place of residence. Enter the following information: Please Note that entering a valid Address is a prerequisite, otherwise You will not be able To use many of the PokerStars features, such as withdrawing money.

The email address You provided When registering for PokerStars.

If it changes after some Time, you can change your Email address in the system Right here. To change your PokerStars login Password, use the special "Password" tab. To do this, you will Need to first enter a Valid password, and then a New one times. In the "Settings" section on PokerStars, you can improve the Security of your account, as Well as set up your work. systems based on your personal preferences. It contains the following subsections: In the “Stars PIN” tab, Players can increase the security Of their PokerStars account. By clicking "Get Stars PIN" And then "Use Stars PIN", You will receive a special -Digit code that you will Always need to enter when Logging in to PokerStars. A message with the code Will be sent to Your Email address. In the "Language" section, the User can select the language In which they would like To receive informational messages from PokerStars to their email address. All players have the option To choose up to different languages.

The "Time zone" section is Used to ensure that the Time on the server coincides With Your time zone.

The item "Privacy" is used To select the method of Displaying the balance. If the check mark is Active in this item i.E, it turns green, it Means That your account balance Will be displayed in the Lobby header. If you want to hide This data from prying eyes, Just leave the box inactive. The "Informational messages" column is Used to select the subject Of informational messages that will Be sent To your email address. The "multi-Currency" section is Used to manage the currency In the game itself. For example, each user can Enable a special function that Will convert different currencies in The game to place a Bet without user confirmation. The second feature available to All players, except Casino players – is the automatic transfer Of money after exiting the Game to the main currency account.

The last item is the "Star-code".

It is designed to register Participants in a variety of Sweepstakes and promotions from PokerStars.

If you have this code, Then you need to enter It here.

Using the features of this Section, each player can get The entire game history. Upon a player's request, PokerStars can provide a full Report on the games played For the entire period, or For a specific selected time. You can use the following Options: different report formats: this Tab will be useful for Poker gamblers who don't Know the Golden mean when To stop playing and continue A little later. PokerStars can act as a Controller for games played, as Well as for money spent. Please note that the game Access ban feature can only Be used once, and this Decision cannot be reversed. The "Instant bonuses" tab is Designed to control and manage All your bonuses. Here the player can find Out all the detailed information About bonuses, namely: the "Sports" Section is used to set Up betting limits on sports Games, as well as to Get the history of all transactions. Using the special "Help" tab, Players can contact the PokerStars Support service and ask any Question they are interested in. We've covered every section Of your PokerStars merchant profile In detail, as well as All its features.

Therefore, when setting up your Account, you should not have Any questions and suggestions.

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