Order and sequence of poker moves, positions at the table

They are considered personal and are called a pocket hand

In poker, the turn of moves also plays a very important role, which can sometimes be used to predict cardsThe order of moves in poker is strictly defined and spelled out in the rules. In this article, we will talk about both it and the main poker positions - these concepts are basic, and any poker player who wants to play plus should know about them, at the beginning of the hand, players are dealt cards each. Later on the table more can be laid out in stages, this time openly, so that they can be seen by all participants.

The goal of the opponents in each hand is to find the best combination of cards (you can use both your own and common cards, but a maximum of) and reach the showdown, comparing it with the weaker hands of other players, or force your opponents to discard their hand before that point.

In each of the four circles, trading is conducted, for more information, see the corresponding section.

The hand goes like this: first, two players sitting to the dealer's left place automatic bets called the small and big blinds.

Pre-flop pocket cards are dealt to everyone and initial trades are held. community cards are laid out, and the flop starts - the second round of trading. On the third, which is called the turn, the fourth card opens.

River - the final round, and the fifth round is added to it.

If all but one of the opponents have dropped their hands on one of the streets, the pot automatically takes the only remaining one. In cases of, when two or more players have reached the end, a showdown or showdown occurs. Money goes to the contestant with the strongest hand. If there is a tie, after each hand, the button moves one position clockwise, moving to the next player. When trading, the right turn also goes strictly clockwise. You can't change your choice - when it is announced, the opponent gets the floor.

In total, the draw is divided into streets

In other rounds, the small blind starts trading. The money placed in each round is collected in one common pot in the center of the table, and the round itself ends when each of the players has placed a bet or discarded their cards. If the opponent increases a player's bet, that player gets the right to take another action. During the hand, you can only use the money that is in the stack and represented by chips on the table. You can only add money to your stack between draws. If the player has less money left in the stack than the opponent's bet, then the answer to this bet is an all-in move. The participant can't you can claim to win more chips per round from one opponent than they have themselves, so a side pot can be formed on the following streets, which will be played without their participation. Each player has several options during the bidding process. Skipping a move in poker is called a fold - if a player thinks that he can't make a strong enough combination, he discards his cards, losing the chips already invested in the pot. At the beginning of the first round, you can only bet or fold, and in subsequent rounds, you can also increase your opponent's bet by raising, or rearrange his raise by re-raising. If a participant bets the same amount of money as the previous one, they make a call. Sometimes it is possible to make a check - do not Deposit additional funds to the Bank. It opens only when no one has previously raised their bets in the current round. You won't be able to check pre - flop because automatic bets have already been placed-the big and small blinds. Due to the fact that there is a strict sequence of moves in poker, the most profitable place is considered to be the button. In most rounds, the player is the last to make a decision, which means that by analyzing the actions of opponents, they can draw conclusions about the strength of their hands. Positions before the button (katoff and hijack) they are also quite convenient, and the most unsuccessful are the blinds and the first places after them in a clockwise direction. In recent years, the poker industry has experienced an unprecedented boom.

With the spread of the Internet around the world, the thirst for easy money online, like a gold rush, captured the minds.

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