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On the web, you can Find many sites that specialize In training novice playersHowever, not all of them Provide a complete list of Services and allow you to Complete training under the guidance Of experienced instructors who are Professional poker players themselves. If you need a reliable Online poker school that meets The highest standards, we recommend That you pay attention to The following poker portals, which Can be deservedly called the Best of their kind: the PokerStrategy Poker site is the World's largest training resource For players.

It is equally useful for Beginners and experienced players

Its difference is that it Offers not only basic and Advanced courses, but also lessons And services for professionals. Not a secret, that a Poker player needs to constantly Improve their strategy, so even Those players who have achieved High results in the real Game can find useful information And help from suitable instructors On PokerStrategy. This poker school offers the Following features to its users: Paid PokerStrategy services are available Not only for money, but Also for special points that The player receives to the Account at the poker school. They are awarded for playing In one or more poker Rooms offered by the portal, Provided that the user registers From this poker site. The disadvantage of the Poker Strategy school is that its Website and forum PokerSchool are Blocked by providers in the Russian Federation at the request Of Roskomnadzor.

The PokerStarter portal is a Completely free online poker school Designed exclusively for poker players Playing in the largest poker Room, PokerStars.

To use it you don'T have to register with PokerStars as a student of The School. If you already play in This poker room, you just Need to link your account To your PokerStarter profile. Players who have signed up For PokerStarter and linked their PokerStars account to their profile Can take advantage of the Following features: The free PokerStarter Poker school is recommended for Those who are planning or Already playing at PokerStars. Of course, it is mostly Designed for beginners, but experienced Poker players can also find Interesting opportunities here – a Chance to win a large Jackpot, participate in the ranking Of an advanced poker League. This school is Russian-speaking And created by professional players From the Russian Federation. This is one of the Largest poker portals in the Russian language, where more than, Users have already been trained. After registering at the Academy, You will be able to Use the following services: The Poker Academy is a poker School that allows beginners to Learn the rules and strategy, And experienced poker players to Improve their level of play. You can read more about The site in this review. These sites are the best Schools for playing poker. They provide an alternative, and You can decide for Yourself Whether to pay for training Or take advantage of free opportunities.

Some players register on all The three sites to take A look at the proposed Strategy from different perspectives and To have the opportunity to Participate in a larger number Of shares.

Good day Igor when registering On PokerStars, they give you Various no Deposit bonuses, I Once tried them.

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