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The online gambling market does Not stand still every year There are new poker rooms That invite users to their tablesOf course, gaining the trust Of poker players is not So easy, especially since there Are rooms that have been Operating for many years and, Due to the honesty and Quality of their services, do Not let their players go To other poker sites. Are there any new poker Rooms in and do they Deserve Your attention? We will respond to such An interesting question in this Review! In the global economy, the Asian market has recently become Very prominent, and the reason For this is the rapidly Developing China. This country has already entered All spheres of the global Economy, including the online gambling market. Chinese poker rooms appear one After another, although not all Of them are suitable for Players who live outside the Middle Kingdom. This poker room would certainly Attract the attention of Russian-Speaking players if it provided Them with an interface in Russian and the ability to Add funds to their account. However, it is aimed at A limited market and it Is difficult for players from Other countries to become its user. In addition, the poker room Has created complicated ways to Deposit money to your account. you can't make a Deposit directly, but you need To use the services of Intermediaries-agents through which winnings Are also withdrawn.

The game can only be Played from a mobile device

As payment methods, you can Use the foreign exchange payment system. Getting access to games can Be compared to passing face Control in an elite gambling establishment. The room is interesting because It is designed for those Who play at high rates And there are no random Players here. In addition, users can create Their own tables by specifying Their own game parameters. PokerMaster rake is only credited To winners and is deducted When funds are withdrawn. This room is suitable for Those who are used to Taking at least $ at the Table, but the lack of The ability to play from A computer repels most of These poker players.

Another new Asian room, but Unlike the previous one, it Has the possibility of direct Cashback, however, using European payment systems.

It also allows Russian-speaking Users to register, but also Does not provide a Russian-Language interface, but it is Not popular with players, largely Due to the fact that It is part of the GG Network, which is famous For blocking users for no reason. The room is aimed at Amateurs who play for fun, So it becomes uninteresting for Users who want to receive And withdraw winnings. As a consequence of the Poker room's policy, users Cannot use third-party software And support poker programs. Opening them on a PC At the same time as A poker client is subject To immediate blocking. Active play is only in Hold'em and Omaha, and Tournaments are rather weak and Without significant guarantees. The software leaves much to Be desired! Every experienced poker player knows LotosPoker, as It is one Of the oldest poker rooms. It worked for a long Time and was even focused On Russian-speaking players, until It suddenly went bankrupt. The bankruptcy was preceded by A severe decline in the Once popular room, the owners Did not upgrade it and Were reluctant to withdraw their winnings. This year, the famous poker Site was revived and entered The new poker rooms of As a completely updated room Brand was bought by the GG Network. Traditional owners we focused the Poker room on Russian-speaking Players, but a large Asian Network began to put sticks In their wheels, and players From the former Soviet Union Immediately complained about the updated Poker room. It is worth noting that The room administration apologizes in Every possible way on the Largest poker forums and tries To resolve the problems of Those players who are unreasonably Blocked by the Chinese network. On many issues, a positive Decision is made and poker Players at least get the Money they win. However, in General, the situation Remains unfavorable for Russian-speaking Players, as in this room They are banned for bamhunting And ratholing. These rules allow you to Block the account of almost Any player, as they can Be applied to almost any user.

For those who don't Know what it is, we Will explain: as you can See, the new poker rooms Of are not of interest yet.

Currently, you can make an Opinion about them based on Player reviews, which, of course, Are also subjective. However, we do not risk The reputation of our site And cannot recommend them until We receive positive comments from Our regular users who will Say kind words about them. So if you're looking For a place to play, Check out our top poker Rooms and choose a time-Tested poker site.

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