Mafia Poker Mafia Poker

Who will take power over the mafia? Who will be the boss of all bosses? Now the cards will decide, instead of mafia wars and violence, who will get the title of cappo di tutti capi ! Play classic Texas Hold em Poker with cool guys if you're not afraid! Choose their number and come on! But don't worry, the gangsters won't kill you!Goal:Are the classic rules of the game of Texas Hold em PokerIn short: the main goal is to get all the tokens of all the players at the table. The round is won by whoever has the highest -card combination, which consists of cards from their hand and cards on the table.

A player enters the next betting round only when their bet is the same size as the other players bet.Other properties:At the beginning of the game, you can choose the number of opponents.

During the game, you can get rewards for completing various tasks. You can view your achievements and other statistics in the profile section.

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