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Chinese poker is an interesting variety of ordinary poker

In the last time this game is gaining more and more popularityThe rules of the game are quite simple, so even beginners in the world of intelligent card games quickly master it and after a short time after several games they get excited and can hardly tear themselves away from the action. So far, all the subtleties and nuances of this exciting game have not been studied, but this is exactly the beauty of it. The beginning of Chinese poker is the distribution of five cards. The task of each participant in the game is to earn the maximum possible number of points, which are awarded in accordance with the collected combinations. In Chinese poker, you should collect the same classic combinations as in Texas hold'em, Omaha and other varieties of this popular game, which has fans in almost all countries of the world. After five cards are dealt, the players in the first position place them at their own discretion in three boxes. Further these actions are also performed by other participants. The main feature of this card game is that the cards in the boxes are distributed in the open. The lower and middle boxes, which are called Back and Middle, have five cards each, and the upper one has three. It is called the Front. The order of the cards doesn't matter. It is important that once a map is placed in a certain row, it cannot be moved to another one. The player on the button is dealt five closed starter cards.

The remaining eight cards are laid out one at a time after the first five have already been laid out.

As soon as the hand is completed, the button is passed to the players in a clockwise direction.

Players at the table can be from two to four people

Chinese Pineapple poker differs from classic poker in that after the first five cards are dealt, the remaining cards are dealt not one at a time, but three at a time. The strategy of the game consists in the need to make combinations, starting from the weakest and ending with the strongest. If a player violates this rule, his hand will become dead, which means that this will result in a complete loss in the hand. The rules of Chinese poker are really simple, but this does not make the game any less exciting in comparison with other types of poker. Each type of poker has its own special interest, which is why Chinese poker games are loved by fans of intellectual entertainment, who have already succeeded in many ways in Texas hold'em or other varieties. Open Chinese poker will allow all fans of the game to look at it in a new way. The seniority of combinations should grow from top to bottom. The top one should always be the youngest, and the bottom one should always be the oldest. Only equality between combinations is allowed. After all combinations are stacked, points are counted. One of the interesting features of Chinese poker is the lack of bluffing. Since everything happens openly, each player has the opportunity to assess their position against the background of their opponents. A distinctive feature of Chinese poker is that there are no trading rounds. The prize is kushi, i.e. points that are awarded for combinations, the strongest of which are also rewarded with bonuses. The accrual of Royalties, i.e.

bonuses and the cost of one point are negotiated by Chinese poker players additionally.

It all depends on them. The choice of the accrual system is also determined by the game participants. The Western version is most often used. If a contestant wins two of the three rows, they are awarded one point. You can get six points at once if you win all three combinations. This situation in Chinese poker is called Stingy. If the conditions of Chinese poker are not met, the hand is considered dead and the player does not receive any points. As a punishment, he also has to pay all other participants in the game six points, and also if they have bonuses, and pay them. Subject to the availability of dead hands of all the players, their points remain intact. If both poker players have bonuses, they all go to the winner. If there are combinations of the same strength, bonuses are reset to zero.

The system of awarding bonuses for certain combinations in some rows also has its own rules.

Players can make changes at their own discretion if they wish. Chinese poker seems to be difficult from the point of view of scoring, but you get used to it quickly and do not have any difficulties. No wonder this game is becoming more and more popular every day.

You can play poker online, and then points will be calculated automatically.

At the PokerHouse Academy, you can learn for free and quickly learn what Chinese poker is all about. No boring theory. Only compressed important material and analysis of practice.

After just a few lessons, you will be able to play the Chinese version of the game and improve your own skills.

If you are tired of the classic rules, use the opportunity to diversify your leisure time with Chinese poker.

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