Lead-poker Vocabulary

But another key to winning Poker is initiative

In order to have a Lead, you need to have An initiative in French

You have the initiative when You have made the most Aggressive play on previous levels.

If the button opens, little Blind bet and the button Calls bet, little blind will Have the initiative. Basically, a player who has The initiative will bet on A flop this is called His cbet on a different frequency. The player who has the Initiative, theoretically, it has the Strongest preflop hand otherwise it Would have been picked up By the opponent. If you've ever received Lessons to improve your poker Skills, you've been told About the importance of playing A position. This is obviously important, as You will earn more money Playing in position than playing Out of position. When you have a lead Or initiative, you can represent Hands and you will be Greatly honored. Combined with position, initiative is An essential part of winning poker.

For example, you open your Hand at and your opponent Calls at.

So you've got a tenner. Fifteen goes A-K-Q.

Your opponent checks, you place A bet, and he puts The best hand, just because You have a lead and The flop may have hit Your range very well.

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