How to Write to PokerStars support. What is The PS

A response from support is Usually received within hours

If you write to support In Russian, they should respond Within - hoursIf you want them to Respond faster, then you'll Have to write in English. If the question is related To problems with depositing a Deposit, then it is better To write to the email Address-PokerStars support Email address. If You do not speak English, to write the letter You need in Russian using The Google translator to write Not worth it.

All emails are still distributed According to the player's Country of residence, and messages From Russian speakers are sent Automatically to the PokerStars Russian mailbox.

Only if you send an Email on holidays or weekends, The response time may increase.

In addition, you can ask A question about Starz support On the Russian-language forum Of the site here in This topic - link.

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