How to Register for Pokerok on The official Website and Pass verification

You will be redirected to The page for creating a profile

Pass you can register for PokerOk in just a few Minutes, and then you can Enjoy playing for real money Or chips at the room tablesThe room has many advantages: Generous bonuses, a variety of Ways to Deposit and withdraw Money, convenient software and fast support. In this article, we will Show you how to create An invoice and pass verification. And also-we will answer Frequent questions of players in The poker room. To create a profile, you Need to go to the GG PokerOk website. There are two versions of The page: in English and In Russian. You can change the language In the upper-right corner Choose a convenient one. And then follow the instructions: Next, click the "Register" button-You will find it next To the menu for choosing A language. All you need to do Is confirm that you have Read the terms and conditions And agree to them. Here is the full answer To the question of how To register for Pokerok on The official website. Immediately after that, you can Download the client and start The game. After signing up for PokerOk, You need to pass verification This is the only way To make a withdrawal. And also the maximum deposits In the room will be increased. Verification will also help protect Your profile from fraudsters: all Withdrawals in the room are checked. If there is a suspicious Transaction, the Pokerok administration will Ask you to send additional Documents for verification. Also, minors will not be Able to play in the Room with verification. For more information about who And in what cases your Personal data may be transferred, See the" privacy Policy " of The room. Go to the lobby room. To do this, download the Client to your phone or Computer, and then enter your Email address and password when Logging in, Go to Yandex. This menu is located on The right in the lobby A large icon and the Inscription "cash register" will be Immediately visible go To the "My information" menu. It will require data that You haven't entered yet When registering poker Games.

And also that you are Years old

For example, you will be Asked to enter your full Name, address, zip code, and Current phone number.

Attach copies of your personal documents. To complete to fill out The application form, you need To attach a copy of Your passport or driver's license. The scan must be complete: Good quality, no cut edges. Otherwise, you will have to Go through the procedure again. During this time, the information Will be checked. If everything is in order You will be able to Withdraw money in the room. And immediately after registering PokerOK, No one stops you from Making a Deposit and playing For real money. Please note that after registering PokerStars, you can get initial Bonuses then immediately after verification, You can withdraw money. The GGpokerOk poker room has Several bonuses for beginners we Will tell you more about Each of them. And you will definitely want To register for PokerOk in. Poker players who make the First Deposit will be able To double it. This accrual will take place In stages: you need to Wager a rake to get $ Each to your gaming account. The entire amount is wagered For months. after that, you will not Be able to receive additional Money for participating in this promotion. Also in the room, each New player can complete missions And get a reward of Up to $. But it won't be easy. After registering for pokerok, you Will be offered one task Per day for the first Days of The game. After a month, it will Be calculated how many missions You have completed and based On this, payments will be made. You can get all the Rewards the main thing is To complete the tasks.

In the first days, there Will be simple missions: for Example, play hands at certain Tables or play in a tournament.

But then the difficulty will Increase: you will need to Spend more time at the Room tables and invest more Money in the game. The answers to some other Questions are not so easy To find. We have selected the most Frequent questions from users about The Poker room and answered them.

If you can't access The official forum page, it Means that online money games Are prohibited in your country.

This is the situation, for Example, in Russia. So you will have to Additionally bypass the block if You want to start playing For real money. There is also other options For bypassing the block are Not as difficult as it May seem at first glance.

You can register for PokerOk And start playing for money Or chips without any problems With the law.

In the country, it is Forbidden to organize gambling, but There are no bans for Playing online.

Therefore, you can earn money Without fear - you just need To create a profile and Download applications.

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