How to learn how to read cards well in poker

This behavior will only reduce your chances of winning

Reading your opponents cards in poker is a skill that only real professionals can learnAfter all, poker is essentially a game with incomplete information, so we can never know for sure what cards our opponents have. At the same time, according to their actions and other additional factors, we we can guess what cards they play against us. This skill is called reading the opponent's cards in professional slang. In this article, we will try to tell you how to read your opponents cards correctly, and what you should pay attention to in General in the hands. But first of all, I would like to say that gaming experience plays a huge role in this art.the more experience You have, the easier it will be for You to determine the range of hands of Your opponents. Conversely, with little experience in the game, no tutorial will teach You how to read your opponents cards correctly. By the way, many modern online players neglect this science, considering that in online poker there is no point in thinking about the actions of their opponents. Really, why think about how long your opponent has been calling us when there are programs like Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker ? However, please note that these programs may simply not work, and you may one day have a chance to play not online, but on This is why we have divided this article into two large sections, the first of which will tell you how to read your opponents in live offline poker tournaments, and the second will explain what you should pay attention to when playing in online poker rooms. If you play offline, then you have a wide field to analyze your opponents and read their cards. We have listed a few key points that you should pay attention to in order to understand what cards Your opponent is currently playing with: When playing over the Internet, You have much less information to read your opponents cards. You don't see your opponents, you don't know who they are in real life, how much money they have, or why they are playing poker now for fun or to earn money. All you know is the game nickname of the opponent, which can tell You little about his style of play. Of course, a little information can be obtained through various programs and poker managers, However, you still need to be able to determine the type of your opponents in order to beat them.

So try to at least keep an eye on how often your opponents enter the game.

If you are just starting to play online, we recommend that you start with small tables, such as -max, where you will have much fewer people playing against You than on a long table. Accordingly, it will be easier for You to form an opinion about each of your opponents separately. In addition, in online poker, there is no point in trying to impress your opponents or show your best side. You don't know your opponents, you'll never see them in real life, and you have no idea what they look like. Therefore, even if your opponent has won two hands with medium-strength cards, there is no need to punish them and try to beat them at all costs. Pay attention to how often a particular opponent shows aggression in the hand, what bets he's used to making. Most online players are used to a certain range of their hands and a certain range of bets that they like to make. Accordingly, if your opponent has always made a -bet on good cards, and then for some reason decided to re-raise You five times, this may indicate a potential bluff on their part. At the same time, additional signals that should not be ignored will also help you read hands when playing online.

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