How many Combinations in Poker-the Basics of Combinatorics

For example, take the q-Q pair of ladies

Combinatorics at first glance, a Complex word that means something Strange and incomprehensibleHowever, if we explain briefly, Poker combinatorics is a branch Of mathematics that studies the Probabilities of making a particular Combination hand in a certain Situation on the table. If you open Wikipedia, you Will find that there are Only card combinations in poker.

Let's arrange them in Descending order and briefly describe Each of them: thus, despite The fact that the official Number of poker combinations is Ten, two of them can Be safely discarded from the list.

After all, a Royal flush, In fact, is the highest Version of a straight flush, And the highest card combination Is a set of any Five cards. That is why many poker Experts say that there are Only eight combinations in a Poker game, not ten. Combinatorics in poker studies not Only the chances of a Particular combination falling out these Chances are long ago. long known to everyone, but Also the chances of different Starting hands, especially with a Certain number of players or With known revealed cards. So, for example, using poker Combinatorics, you can calculate how Often you will come across Cards of different values compared To pocket pairs.

To do this, you just Need to consider different variants Of the same poker combination, Taking into account the number Of suits and variations.

How many different variants of Pocket Queens are there, given The different suits in the deck? In total, there are suits In the deck, which means That there are possible combinations Of a pair of Queens Spade-heart, spade-Buba, spade-Cross, heart-Buba, cross-Buba, Cross-heart. And if we take, for Example, any two unpaired cards, For example, A-K, then It turns out that there Will already be such combinations, Taking into account different suits Of cards. It turns out, according to Poker databases, we have three Times more chances to get Pre-flop with any two Unpaired cards than a pocket pair. Similarly, you can use math To calculate the range of Your opponent's hands.

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