How do Starzs work On Android

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It seems to me that At least for the Android Version can forget the vaunted Starzovsky software after today's Update on my tablet yesterday, Starz just flew compared to Other rooms, and now such Braking and freezing that I Can only log in with Great difficulty, but I still Haven't managed to open Any tab with the type Of games yet This is Some kind of quiet horror, If you put stacks in BB, then even buggy on This, you have time to See both in $ and in BB

Brakes are rare, I used To fly.

I didn't even find Out how to remove the Russian language.! it also updated and requested The language at the first launch.

in addition, only in it Do my chests open normally, In the desktop version of Starzov since yesterday, they stopped Opening completely and not only For me. I drove two zoom tables - I didn't notice any Brakes, and my smart phone Is very mediocre. switching languages is also available Once I managed to enter Both the password and pin Code, select the CIS tab-There were pictures at the Top for different types of Spins, while I was trying To see the picture in The CIS, it hung up Again So I didn't See the usual lobby view With lines for different CIS countries. I have about meters free On the internal memory, maybe If you clear more, then Something will change? Is there any difference? well, the application is quite Voracious, and in principle MB Of free internal memory is An indicator that the disk Is thoroughly clogged, Then I Will clear it gradually, because So far there is little That is not really needed There, but there is little Hope that it will plow. Before that, for almost years, With all updates, Starzy worked Very clearly with about the Same amount of free space, There were rarely brakes when I launched other applications at The same time and opened Many links in the browser. I don't know how To put it exactly, but It seems to me that After the last update, more Flashiness and graphics were added, Which is why it slows Down Later I will try Again with the second large tablet. If it doesn't work, You will have to restore Windows on a beech tree And play with it.The mobile app was Updated today. Apparently, this is the same Update, because I haven't Logged in for a long time. The code arrives, but the Page where to enter it Doesn't open, and it Returns some kind of error. I guess that this may Be due to blocking by Providers, but I don't Want to log in via VPN, and I've already Been accused of playing with Some unfamiliar pepper from the Same computer.

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