How do I delete My Poker Stars account? Two accounts In Poker

Set a deadline and confirm The selection

Sometimes, for one reason or Another, players decide to delete Their PokerStars account, but they Don't know how to Do it

This memo will help you Block your account, either temporarily Or permanently.

But do not rush to Delete your account on a Permanent basis, because the largest Poker room offers an excellent Opportunity to restrict access join The time trial game. If, after a big win Or a series of big Losses, you feel like you Are going to tilt and Need to take a break From poker, use the self-Exclusion feature provided by the PokerStars poker client. Temporarily delete means, in fact, To block your account for A certain period of time For up to days. If you decide to use This service, in the Pokerstars Poker client, select the menu " Tools "and then" Responsible game " – "Deny yourself access to The game". Don't forget to check The box about the self-Exclusion agreement. Please note that you will No longer be able to Play on PokerStars for the Specified period. Some players unknowingly or accidentally Set up two PokerStars accounts. This is absolutely impossible to Do, because multiaccounting is prohibited By the rules of the room. If you have inadvertently registered Two accounts, you should politely Contact PokerStars technical support and Explain to them then ask Them to delete one of Their accounts. Be concise and hope for The best, because they still Have the right to block Both of your accounts. However, often, if a check Shows that you did not Try to cheat the poker Room, the situation is resolved In the user's favor. If you are experiencing problems With gambling addiction or for Some other reason the self-Exclusion feature is not suitable For you, you can permanently Delete your PokerStars account by Contacting the technical support of The room. Briefly explain your reasons for Doing this, and your account Will be permanently deleted within A few hours or days. Therefore, it is better not To resort to this method Unless absolutely necessary. If you have temporarily deleted Your PokerStars account, you cannot Access It before the lock Out period expires, so the Only way to do this Is to wait until the Specified date and access will Be fully restored. If you have resorted to Emergency measures and requested technical Support if you permanently delete Your PokerStars account, then you Should understand that it is Not possible to restore access To this account. If you change your mind And decide to return to The game, you should contact Technical support with a request To register a new account.

Although you can delete your PokerStars account, it is best Not to resort to extreme Measures unnecessarily.

We welcome you, the poker player

PokerStars is currently the largest Poker room and offers its Customers excellent conditions, in particular, When you make your first Deposit, you will receive a Bonus of up to$. It happens that one player Creates several accounts on Poker Stars. The reasons may be different: Ignorance of the rules of The poker room, poor memory, A desire to deceive the Room, protest against restrictions, and Much more. However, sooner or later there Comes a time when malicious Multiaccounters start to fear blocking Their accounts. But this is how they Usually punish those who he Has several Poker Stars accounts. But you can rest easy. We know how to delete Your Poker Stars account. As we have already mentioned, Registration of two or more Accounts on Poker Stars and In other rooms is a Malicious violation of the rules. And if you have committed Such a misdemeanor, then you Have two options: Some players Successfully use the first option For many years. However, if you choose this Method, be prepared that one Day your account will be Blocked along with the money In your account. The second method is to Delete one or more accounts And assign only one account To you. This option is legal and Is not subject to any Sanctions imposed by Poker Stars. We'll take a closer Look at how to do This below. If you still decide to Take the path of correction And keep only one account On poker Stars, then here'S what you will have To go through: thus, having Two accounts is not a Reason for sleepless nights due To the fear of blocking accounts. The simple procedure described above Will make your poker career Much safer. We wish you good luck In a fair game!.

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