How and How much To deal Cards in Poker and Who is The

To play, you need to Prepare several new decks

The rules of poker disciplines Regulate the order of shuffling And dealing

Compliance with them is necessary To ensure fair play, equal Conditions for participants, and prevent Disputes from arising.

Are you planning to organize A home game session? We recommend that you learn How to deal poker cards correctly. Please read the instructions carefully And familiarize yourself with the Rules of your opponents. Even if a short session Is planned, it is recommended To have a spare deck In case of jamming or breakage. Before the first use, the Deck is laid out on The table as follows, so That participants can check the Completeness of the complete set.

First, the integrity of the Shirt is checked, then the Front side.

The ranks should be sorted By suit and in order From ACE to King, which Makes checking easier. Most types of poker disciplines Use a -card deck – Four suits, ranging from Deuce To ACE. The -card system is used In Texas, Turkish poker.

Jokers are not used.

During the game, the map May crumple or break. The deck must be completely replaced. You can't replace only One card, even if it Has the same shirt.This may be due to The degree of wear and tear. The shuffle is called a shuffle. There are special shuffling techniques Used by trained croupiers, but In a home game, you Can use any shuffle method That provides a random, thorough shuffle. The main condition is that Participants and the giver should Not see the front side. After shuffling, the dealer offers One of the following cards: Participants should trim the deck To the person sitting to The left of the Button. A special attribute is used-pruning. The player needs to insert A pruner, dividing the deck Into two parts. None of the pieces should Be smaller than of the stack.

The dealer moves the upper Part under the lower part Along with the undercut part That covers the front side Of the lower card.

Many offline poker rooms use Automatic shuffle machines – special Devices for shuffling.

No jams, scuffs, or different Shirts are allowed

For a home game, you Can purchase a shuffle machine With a manual mechanism.

The average cost is$. The machine provides random, thorough Mixing, increases the service life Of the deck.

The role of the dealer Is performed alternately by participants, If they do not use The services of a croupier Who is not participating in The game.

The dealer is the one Who deals the cards in poker. Before the first con, it Is selected by drawing lots. The commitment is then passed Clockwise each new con. The dealer is marked with A "button" chip-it allows You not to break the Order of delivery. Each giveaway in poker starts With the burning of a Card – one of the Top cards is removed to Hang up in a closed Area from the players. The dealer does the same Before each exchange and Board Placement on each street.

Incineration is necessary to increase Safety it counteracts cheating techniques.

The first pocket card starting Card is issued to the Participant sitting closest to the Dealer on the left. Next, the dealer lays out One starter to each player In a clockwise direction. After finishing the round on Itself, the button continues the Hand from left to right Until it has the required Number of starters depending on The type of poker discipline. Competitors should not see each Other's pockets. The dealer's hand with The deck should lie on The table, and the dealt Cards should not come off The surface of the table, Bend, turn over, or throw.

Until the dealer finishes the Hand, poker players are not Allowed to view the received starters.

The exchange is made in The same way as the Transfer of starters-starting with The first player sitting on The left and then in A circle. But the participants alternately, they Get the right amount at Once – how much they Put up for the exchange.

Burning is performed once before The exchange.

When opening the Board, the Croupier makes a burn at Each stage-Flop, Turn, River.

The amount of fines for Various violations is discussed by The participants before the session starts. If there were no such Agreements, the players are not Entitled to demand compensation from Each other. Usually, fines are not paid In favor of specific competitors, But are invested in the Bank.

Thanks to this, a new Hand is made with an Already high starting pot, and The penalty taker gets the Opportunity to win back losses.

In a home game, friends Can always agree to resolve Any controversial issues. At international competitions, you must Strictly follow the rules. We recommend that you download The full poker rules applicable To sports events. In sports poker offline series, Monetary penalties are not provided – warnings are issued. Gross, repeated violations result in disqualification. Frequently mistaken the croupier can Be replaced by a more Qualified croupier at the request Of the players. Inexperienced players often argue about The seniority of combinations. When organizing a game at Home, prepare in advance a Table of poker layouts distributed By seniority with examples in Pictures and names. Here you will find a List of combinations and detailed Rules of composition and seniority.

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