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Hold'em Manager has a -Day trial with no limit limits

Whether you are a poker Enthusiast or a professional, Holdem Manager is designed and developed By and for poker players With the simple goal of Helping you improve your results With more informed decisionsThe HM hand database is Constantly updated during the game, And along with it, key Statistics on your opponents are Updated at each of the Tables you play. All this information is displayed Using the heads-up display HUD. You can choose one of Several pre-configured Huds, or Create your own from the Available stats of Holdem Manager. After the session, you can Study your results or conduct A test. further analyze your opponents performance By selecting one of the Pre-created reports or creating Your own. The ability to customize HM Reports for giveaways and situations Is an industry standard, with Simple wording and amazing power.

Heads Up Display.

You can choose a pre-Configured HUD or create your Own Situational Views. The key situations that you Usually analyze are presented as Sets of several mini-views Within a single panel. Use the visually simple BUT Incredibly powerful hm handheld player To view your sessions, mark Your hands, or add notes With information about your opponent'S game features. The Live Play dashboard brings Together several key feedback areas That make it easy to Track your sessions. Powerful manual filters. Industry leading the manual filtering Tool allows you to quickly And easily find hands of interest. HM apps extend the capabilities Of HM with a few Additional tools. Post-game analysis. Powerful tools and filters make It easy to view all Aspects of your results. Visual feedback from your opponent. The graphical HUD overlay gives You an idea of the Players you're playing with.

Supported sites and languages.

HM supports more than major Poker sites and popular languages. Holdem Manager Small Stakes works On limits up to NL No limit hold'em, up to.

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limited hold'em and tournaments With buy-ins up to And including $. Graphic HUD is a new Visual HUD that is introduced With Holdem Manager.You can enable it in The context menu of the Taskbar icon by selecting the Use graphic HUD option.The graphical HUD consists of Two main parts:The circular part Of the HUD shows main Characteristics: VPIP, PFR and aggression, As well as the player'S name and the blue Line indicates the number of hands. In addition to the circle, There is another element called The stat line. Here you can see the Values of statistics expressed as A percentage. There are several different characteristics Available, and you can switch Between them using the buttons On the page at the bottom. To make a note about A player, hover over the HUD circle and click the Pen icon. This opens the note editor, Where you can save the note. You can right-click anywhere On the HUD to open A menu that lets you Enable and disable HUD elements, As well as open the Player's note editor. The new HUD Only mode Allows you to close Holdem Manager while playing, but your Hands will still be imported Into your database, allowing you To use a full-featured HUD with Holdem Manager closed. your computer May be outdated And this mode can increase Overall performance on older computers. When Holdem Manager is in HUD only mode, the HM Icon appears it will be Displayed in the system tray Of your computer.

This allows the HM to Use minimal PC resources, while Still providing a fully functional HUD.

This function allows you to Graphically represent the most common Game situations. This makes it easier to Understand information compared to a Standard report, and you'll Need to use fewer filters To get the data you need.What situations are currently available: Holdem Manager supports more than Major poker networks, including popular Languages, which makes Holdem Manager A universal choice for poker players.

Holdem Manager versions are available For the following languages:Chinese, English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian and Japanese.

Here you can buy Holdem From other payment systems, try Holdem Manager for free and Get a discount on your Next purchase. a lot of weak ones Players from Econverter and mining For our players besplatnogo cache Agricultue reload bonuses players from Srtri kind jackpotcapital and mining Besplatnoy on your first Deposit Of $.

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