GGPokerok verification: How to Complete identity Verification

This is not the end Of account verification in GGPokerok

In GGPokerok verification is a Mandatory procedure, without which it Is impossible to play poker For real money, as well As withdraw fundsWe will tell you how To complete personal identification as Quickly and easily as possible. Most users who want to Play poker, casino games, or Sports betting are intimidated by Their identity. As a rule, the procedure Requires providing scans of documents, And also involves a video Conversation with a company representative. The need to share passport Photos is alarming and raises A lot of questions about Data security. At GGPokerok, verification is an Absolutely safe procedure that is Necessary not only to confirm The age of majority, but Also to conduct transparent transactions, As well as install additional Protection on gaming funds. After passing the identity verification Procedure, the company provides access To all services, including account Replenishment, playing poker for real Money and withdrawing funds won. In case of attempts to Hijack the account the room Will prevent any attempt to Steal funds to third-party Payment details by intruders. In GGPokerok, verification takes place In two stages: account activation And identity identification. Let's start with the First one. To put the created game Profile in order, first of All, you will need to Confirm your phone number and Email address. To do this, go to Your account and enter the Current contact information and click On the "Confirm" button after Editing the information. An SMS message will be Sent to the specified phone Number with a code that You will need to enter In the field that appears In your merchant profile. As for the confirmation of E-mail, to activate it, Just click on the link In the email received from The company. After confirming your contact details, You must enter your personal Information in your profile. The poker room asks to Complete such lines as: Please Note all information must match The passport, otherwise, if verification Of documents by the company'S managers may cause difficulties, Which may delay GGPokerok verification. After the issue with the Account is resolved, you can Safely proceed with verification in GGPokerok. A proof of identity document Is considered: To make an Identification request, a company player Will need to take a Photo or scan of the First page of their passport And save the image in Their personal account in the "SettingsMy information"section. After uploading the image, it Will take some time before Verification is approved by the Company's managers in GGPokerok. You can monitor the status Of document verification yourself in Your merchant profile. Approved profiles will be marked " Verified "the mark will be Placed next to the uploaded content. As you can see, in GGPokerok, verification takes just a Couple of minutes. In case you haven't Already seen this for yourself, Now is the perfect time To create an account in The poker room. We recommend that you specify The bonus code in GGPokerok Code bbet when registering to Get a no Deposit bonus, Two bonus points for adding Money to your gaming account To choose from, and a Month of mini-quests with Tournament tickets as a gift.

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