Fool to Undress latest Version torrent

You can play with either One or five opponents at once

Thanks to the game project Fool for undressing, you will Be able to test the Power of your intelligence in The most classic card gameHere you will face beautiful, Sexy rivals and many of Them play just fine. Do you want to play Against them? Then we recommend you Fool On undress torrent download on Our video game site. It is worth noting that Each of the girls has Their own style of play. The game also supports the Transfer fool mode and the Replacement of any opponent after The hand, sorting the gamer'S and opponent's cards, Choosing the game speed and The attacker's priority when throwing.

All users are issued cards each

The game project archive includes Additional features: competitors.

The game uses a deck Of cards.

And from the deck, a "Trump card" is randomly taken Out - this is a suit That can beat other suits, Regardless of the hierarchy. By the way, they are Distributed alternately clockwise.The first of them is Given the right to go To the user who has The lowest trump card in seniority. The gamer "steps" on another Player, who will have the Opportunity to walk next. The gamer lays out cards, Forcing the opponent to fight Back with a card of The same suit, but of Greater seniority, or use trumps. In the event that there Is neither, the opponent is Forced to pick up the cards.

At the same time, the Attacker, as well as all Others, have the right to "Put" cards of the same Seniority that have appeared on The table.

The strip fool continues until The last player who has Cards left in their hands. He makes a fool of Himself, and the girl undresses. Transferable fool mode is supported Ability to sort cards select The reaction speed of opponents Set the priority of the Attacking player when throwing up The possibility of the first Attack up to five cards A pack of competitors is Already installed in the game.

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