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RoadRush, Red, naturally the same As our opponents allow us

If you play without stat No software, you can't Work outside the tablesWith what hands in what Positions, at least on the flop? If you think that the Default is worked out and Everything is normal Z, then You are very wrong. I have tons of hours Of work to get back In shape and two months To get even a little Closer to working out a Really high-quality default on The preflop. That's about - hours of Off-the-table work. And we we don't Play push fold, we also Have postflop. That is why I have A virtually unlimited bankroll up To nl mmm and an Ultra tight one for nl. I'm playing nl now. Mistakes are cheap. The main profit from poker Comes not during the game, But when working outside the Tables, when you sit down To play, you collect the Cream from your work from Those who sat down for Half a day and a Little less from those who Worked less than you. The support situation is over.

It was a little confusing.

Obv_NoMercy unfortunately remained frozen, but Allowed to play with another Akka. The blog will still be Temporarily closed, because I'm Not ready for the attention That's piling up.

At the moment, it's A bit of a hindrance.

At the same time, there Will be more free time To work outside the tables And the game itself, which I wish you as well. Perhaps I will roll about Once a month large posts With reports and thoughts on The game. But I plan to fully Resume blogging closer to the New year with nl. We need to take a Break from this turmoil for A while. I plan to unsubscribe in Topics up to nl and Share them there thoughts on The giveaways. Stay there, good luck, good mood. Sincerely yours bot.

So you're bluffing the Wrong lines postflop into the Wrong range.

Look above, there are a Lot of hands with Z Where people are trying to Beat out the fuck knows What with the fuck knows what. If you ask them after The distribution why did you Do it? what did you knock out? what did you portray? They'll say fuck you And start a new zoom table. First impressions of the limit.

You say you're losing A ton of value

Very weak, very passive players, Or Vice versa precos in The direction of unjustified aggression On the preflop, but complete Impotence further. The game is on the Level, I'm a raiser, I'm tsbechu, I didn'T give up, well, OK Is yours. If you check it out, There's nothing, I'll Pay it all the way Or put it in blank cards. I went over the limit For this, and the fool Could have put it in, But we need to get Of the river folds for This bet. I don't think that He will get these for A stake in this structure, Given that we have in Our hand and he has To fold nines and tens They are very afraid of Overbets here, probably the trend For the limit is ovrbet Impenetrable NATs. The range of under and Overbets here is clear, no One cares at all. A normal regular here will Not check the open flop And execute the turn, but We are dealing with an Inadequate one, however, which pisses To put the flop without Equity, but will willingly execute On the runouts. This type of player is Very welcome on the regular Tables, well, at least earlier And they get a ton Of profit from the regs. They are even more valuable Than phone or aromatici. These clients not only give You gifts themselves, but also Throw out equity. Gold, not people. random FD hands that choose To play delayed turn aggression On the paired flop, knowing That they don't have A pH on the flop.

This is just a gross Technical error on the part Of the OPA, who decided To bluff instead of bluffcutch, Not thinking at all that He would get a stake From the stronger hands, and The bluffs would either fall Or be pushed.

In the year and a Half that I've been Away from poker, a lot Of things have changed. Appeared the TRP program, the Calculations pre-flop and post-Flop strategies. The days of romance, when We shipped a check-call On the third pair of cards. And, to be honest, I Was very drawn out and Welcomes the TRP strategy, naturally Loading up additional profit with Completely inadequate actions of opponents. The optimal game is great Because we don't need To fuck around and come Up with something in every hands. We just play the optimal Range, with optimal - sizing levels. I'm not a young Person and I'm more Interested in poker now from A technical point of view. I purchased all the packs Simple postflop for max randomizer.

Most of all, I liked The renji using a.

BB raise from all positions BB sat vs BB. Postflop single raise pot uses Only two sizes of and. In tribet pots, depending on The size of your stacks. Singing trip zoom. We don't pay attention To stats, we play our Own ranges. After each Bank of bb Stung sitout next BB and Analysis in simple. If you prefer a four-Color deck and want to Disable animation of avatars, these Features will be available in Your profile settings.

If you if you sign Up for poker rooms via GipsyTeam, you will receive rake Statistics, bonus points for in-Store purchases, exclusive promotions, and Extended support.

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