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Texas hold'em is the most popular type of poker

The rules here are simple, the rounds are played quickly, if you are careful and cool-headed, then you will be lucky! First, you need to choose who you will play for as a Texas cowboy or a beautiful lady, buy a super-fashionable hat and study the beginner's guideBefore you put money on the card, thoroughly study all the poker combinations and techniques! When dealt, each player receives two cards. These are his pocket cards, which will form a combination (or hand) with five community cards, and the dealer will put them on the table in the next rounds of the game.

So your combination is a pair of nines

At the first stage, when everyone has already received pocket cards, but there are no community cards on the table yet, players place initial bets or refuse to play if their cards are not very good. You can raise the bet (Raise button) if you already have a successful combination.

Other players either accept it (Call) or return their cards to the dealer (fold) and do not participate in the game.

After that, the dealer puts three community cards on the table, and you see if they do not make up any combination with your pocket cards. For example, you have a nine and a Queen in your hands, and in the community cards six, nine, Jack. Her rank is not bad, at least a couple of smaller cards (triples, fives) you will definitely beat. But, on the other hand, you can not say that the victory is in your pocket. Now, if you had a three or four of a kind, then of course, but with a pair it is better not to risk large sums. Of course, you can make a mysterious face and raise the bet by a hundred at once, so that your partners will think that you have an exceptionally good combination. This is called a bluff. If you are convincing, the neighbors will refuse to continue playing, and all bets will go to you.

In the end, those who don't take risks don't win.

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