Download Poker Stars for Android for Free, latest Version of Poker Stars For

You must log in register The first time you log in

Hundreds of tables, games, a Huge number of detailed options And small opportunities that the App can offer

Play with real players on Conditional or real money! Immediately after installing the app, You can log in to The poker room without additional downloads.

The interface is installed in Russian, because at least some Users, even new ones, will Be able to cope with The presented functions. We immediately notice that the Game is easily accessible only By virtual means. Your account will display the Balance with the option to Add an account. The main screen of the App is configured using the Following function.

This is the "Menu" buttonĀ», When you switch, in which You can choose the lobby Choose at least some poker Games, the cash register check Your balance and deposits, options And tools customize the user Interface and detailed settings, buttons For choosing a virtual game Or real money.

To play for real currency, Go to the "Money" tab

Key to go to the Table for further selection of The corresponding tables.

Quick access to some games Opens a menu with a List of easy-to-use Tables: zoom, sit-down, spin, Tournaments, etc.

the Quality and restrictions for Any game are set by Default, but the Creator of The table can change them At will.

Click on the pencil icon In the circle to go To the detailed parameters.

There is a quick insert Button and an active balance line. You can download the free Version of Poker Stars for Free below!.

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