Dictionary of Poker terms And concepts In Russian

bets, plays with a large Range and bluffs a lot

Poker, like any other discipline That has a theory, is Built around terms that simultaneously Complicate the process of mastering It for beginners and make It more comfortable for professionals To communicate, write books, articles, And record video lessonsIn one article it is Impossible to fit all of The poker terms that you Will encounter in the learning Process, as well as it'S impossible to remember all Of them at once, but You can find a list Of poker terms that will Greatly facilitate the process of Getting to know poker in More detail here. In poker terminology, you can Find three types of symbols: Directly, symbols created for this Game, combinations of words of English words used in these Terms, and slang phrases that Are understandable only to members Of this community. We will not separate them. The origin of the phrase Does not affect its meaning, But knowing it will help You in any case. For easier navigation, we'll Arrange the elements alphabetically. To quickly find a specific Term, use the hot keys "Ctrl F" and enter the Query of interest in Russian Or English. ABC poker – the base That any novice player needs To start at micro-limits. This includes knowledge of combinations, The principle of placing bets, Determining the winner, and other nuances.

Aggressive style – a tactic In which a player takes Active actions.

An autoresponder is a type Of player who often calls Just to look at the Next card. Badugi badugi – a type Of poker in which in Three rounds you need to Collect the weakest combination of Four cards the strongest combination In this form. Button – a special chip Indicating the dealer at the Poker table, which indicates the Order of the move the Player in this position. No-limit – a type Of poker in which the Maximum bet is limited only By the stack. An important term in poker, As it is the most Common type of limit game. Free card – the ability To see the turn or River card without making a Bet, thanks to a pre-raise. Blind – a mandatory bet That is placed at the Beginning of the hand.

There are small and big blinds.

This term from the terminology Of poker exists in almost All varieties of Bluff bluff – not only a poker Term, but in this case A trick, in which a Player makes bets without having A strong combination in the Hope of getting it further Or luring chips out of opponents. Value – the amount of Money that the player can Earn if they win.

Winrate – the ratio of Winning in the long run.

Often indirectly indicates the success Of the player. Blind stealing is a technique In which a player in Late position raises to take The blinds of the players Following him. VPIP is an important statistical Concept in poker that denotes The amount of money deposited In the pot, that is, The ratio of inputs to The game. Showdown – the final stage Of the hand, where players Reveal cards to compare combinations. RNG is a poker term That also applies to programming. A random number generator that Controls the process of dealing Cards in online poker. This term of poker is Very often criticized in Russian In specialized media. A two-sided open straight Is an unfinished combination that Can turn into a straight If you add one card From one of the sides. Dealer – a person who Deals cards in real poker Croupier a formal online position That determines the order of A move. Draw poker is a type Of poker in which players Exchange their cards instead of streets. Variance is a not very Common notation in poker that Indicates that statistical data deviate From the average value. Live card – a name From Stud and Chinese poker. Indicates a card that is Not yet on the table And may be in the deck.

Kicker-often ignored as a Term in poker, but it Is the weakest hand and Is also used to determine The winner in combinations of Fewer than five cards.

Contbet, continued bet – a Bet on the second round Of trading after an increase In the previous bet, confirming Aggression Cash game – a Poker format in which the Game is played at the Tables without changing levels and With the ability to buy chips.

The basis of strategy in Terms and concepts of poker

LAG loose-aggressive – a Loose-aggressive player who plays A large number of hands aggressively.

Limit – the size of The blinds or the maximum Bet, indicating how much the Game is being played for.

Loose is a poker term That you don't want To refer to. Draw a large number of hands. Mathematical expectation is an important Expression in poker theory that Indicates the average amount of Income or expense from a bet. Dead hand – a combination That has no chance of Winning violation of the rules Of arrangement of combinations in Chinese poker, the Regular game Ring game is also called A cash game.

Play at the table without Increasing levels and with the Ability to buy chips.

Expected value EV is an Important poker term for professional players. The expected profit from one Omaha action is the second Highest in the world. the most popular type of Poker in the world. It differs from hold'em By having four pocket cards And using cards from the Hand and from the Board To make a combination.

Side pot – an additional Pot that is formed when Several players go all-in.

Poker tracker pokertacker – software That tracks your statistics in The poker room and provides An analysis based on it. Pot - limit is a type Of poker game in which The maximum bet is limited By the established Bank. Implied odds – the ratio Of the amount of money That can be won by Placing a bet to this bet. Five-card draw poker -card Draw – a type of Poker in which players receive Five cards and change them. Regular is a poker term That many people aspire to. A professional poker player who Most often earns a living In this way is a Rake-a Commission charged by The casino or poker room From each hand or buy-In in the game. The main way to earn Money for the establishment. Satellite is an important poker Term for beginners. The tournament, which played out Tickets for the larger events. Slow play-a technique in Which careful actions are made With a strong combination in Order to entice more chips. Tilt is another poker term To remember. A player's condition that Causes them to play irrationally.

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