Dictionary of English poker Terms

The scheme is as follows: Bet Raise -Bet Cap

In our lessons, you often See the words raise, reset, And bet

Each game action has English-Language names, which can be Found in.

Let's look at the Main poker terms, their various Translations into Russian, as well As slang that can be Found in chat rooms.

The last possible bet increase In the current round of Trading in limit poker, you Can make no more than Bet increases.

Extra purchase of a certain Number of chips in some MTT tournaments, this can be Done once during a designated break.

Mandatory bet for all participants Of the hand valid in The late stages of tournaments And in some types of poker.

Usually, players keep their bankroll At the same level or Gradually increase it by moving To new limits. Additional purchase of a certain Number of chips in some MTT tournaments, which can be Done in the initial stage Of the tournament after a Player loses all their chips. Players have passed all the Streets and bidding circles and Still remained in the draw, After which they open their Pocket cards, compare the collected Combinations and find out the Winner of the hand. Combinations of two pairs formed As follows: one starting card Forms a pair with the Highest face value on the Board, the second starting hand Forms a pair with the Second highest face value on The Board. A specific card that appeared On the river, which was The only one that could Close the combination of one Of the players and make It a winning one. Not a very strong starting Hand small pair or connectors, Which does not give the Player a high chance of Winning, but under certain circumstances Can form a very strong Combination and give the player A chance to win a Very large pot. A player who does not Have a strong combination and Does not place a bet On this street is given The opportunity to stay in The draw and see the Community card that opens on The next street.

The money allocated by the Player for playing poker

A card that does not Participate in a combination, but Can determine the winner if Several players have collected the Same combination. A kicker is the highest-Rated card that did not Participate in the creation of A scoring combination. The kicker holder takes the pot. If there are five cards In a combination, the kicker Is not counted and the Pot is divided equally. Tournament term. This is the name of The period in a tournament When there is one more Player left in it than Those who will eventually get Into the money zone.

That is, the first person Who will be eliminated from The tournament in a situation Of money will not receive Anything, the rest will already Have they guarantee themselves certain Prize payments.

Several preflop players have very Strong starting hands for example, One KK, another QQ or Several post-flop players have Very strong ready-made combinations For example, one full house, Another square.

Prolonged deviation in the negative Direction from the average mathematical expectation.

The player plays correctly, makes Moves with a good expectation According to the mathematics of Poker, but still loses at A certain playing distance. A player who either doesn'T know how to play Poker, is a beginner, or Sees poker as a random game. The main source of income For regular players. The opponent raises preflop, makes A conbet on the flop, But does not bet on The turn after the return Calls, thus showing the weakness Of their hand. This situation is called a float.

We bet safely on the Flop and take the pot For ourselves.

A situation where two remaining Opponents have the same starting Hands, but one of them Still has a chance to win.

In other words, this the Player can no longer lose In the worst case, there Will be a division, but He can still win. A model based on mathematical Analysis that allows you to Determine the optimal game strategy At the later stages of tournaments. A virtual pool of players Who survive the bubble and Reach the stage of the Tournament when they have already Secured a part of the Total prize pool.

Game analytical conclusions about the Style of play of one Or another opponent.

Conclusions are based on various Aspects: signals Tells, betting Patterns Betting Patterns, the history of Hands played, player behavior in Certain situations, statistics collected by Poker programs, and any other Available information. You need reeds to adjust Your own tactics and strategy Of the game, adjusting it To the specifics of specific Opponents, as well as more Accurately determine the possible ranges Of hands of your opponents. An aggressive game move directed Against an opponent who is Trying to steal the pot Or blinds by bluffing or Semi-bluffing. The ratio of deposited buy-Ins and received prize money In tournaments or the ratio Of investment in the game And actual profit in cash. In fact, this ratio shows The correctness of the player'S strategy and the level Of his skill. A table that lists the Various starting hand options and Provides compact recommendations on how To play these hands from A particular position when performing Certain actions of your opponents. An aggressive game move where A player bluffs or semi-Bluffs to steal instantly take The pot or blinds of Their opponents. Rather than using the strength Of the starting hand, it Uses a position that is Easy to steal at the table. 'nh – nice hand, Nice cards.'USSS, it seems like 'the Best hand' has always been, I can't read about Cute cards Even if I Have bad Ukrainian, translation: probably The Largest poker operator announced In its official blog about The introduction of a new Seat Me feature designed to Protect ordinary players from professionals. European Music Festival the poker Tour EPT will be the Largest offline event of its Kind ever held in Prague.

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