Description of Poker combinations

Each poker hand has a Specific type

Knowing all the combinations in Poker and understanding what you Have and what combinations you Beat! is a basic skill in All types of pokerIn Texas hold'em, all Poker combinations consist of five cards. Within each type, combinations are Sorted according to the value Of the cards.

At the same time, each Type beats all types below, Regardless of the value of The cards.

So if you have you Have and two pairs, you Win against the player who Has only a pair of Kings in his hands.

For example, a pair of Kings beats a pair of twos

Here are the types of Poker combinations from the weakest To the strongest. The high card is the Worst thing you can get - No pairs, no straight, no flush. The seniority of this type Of hand is determined by The value of the highest Card, so if your highest Card is an ACE: you Beat a hand where the Highest card is a king With Three cards of the Same value, for example, a Set of jacks: Straight, all Your cards go in sequence. Do not forget that the ACE can play the role Of both the high and Low straight card. The seniority of a straight Is determined by the highest Card in the sequence, so A straight from seven: beats A straight from five: Flush-These are all cards of The same suit. For example, a king flush: A Full house is a Three and a pair.

The seniority of a full House is primarily determined by The value of the three, So and: beats a full House of KK:.

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