Common myths about the Chinese in poker

China's population for is just short of

With the growth of Asian poker rooms and affiliate offers, various myths related to players from this hemisphere also began to appearWell, since Asia is all one way or another been associated primarily with China, on they will be discussed. Perhaps the most popular myth, because in the minds of many players, a typical Chinese person appears to them as a person who: for$ you need to work a day.

This means that there can't be fish there, because they are ready to bite anyone for this buck.

To understand what nonsense this is, I'll just give you the following statistics, which anyone can Google in a couple of clicks: the Average salary in China for the first half of is $, in urban areas and $ in rural areas. Of course, these are average figures (and we perfectly understand how they are obtained) and of course there are also extremely poor segments of the population with incomes of at best $, but many people forget another important fact. billion, Carl! If you kill million Chinese every day for a year, then in a year they will still be more than a billion. As elsewhere, in the capital of China, things are much better with jobs and salaries than in the rest of the world.

in other cities of the country.

In reality, the Chinese are very adventurous

Just keep in mind that the population of Beijing is times larger than in the same non-rubber and according to off.

data is about million people. This is for a moment, roughly equal to the population of the whole of fucking Australia, whose fish is known to a lot of poker players, the degree of its ludomania. Yes, Beijing alone can already provide chips to all Asian poker rooms combined. Yes, even if there were only of well-off citizens in the whole country, it would still be million potential fish, which is times more than the population of any Finland! This is no longer such a popular opinion, but it was also found in the vast expanses of forums and comments, saying that they are hardworking and will not waste money. Their gambling goes back to the history of ancient China and is very much interwoven into the culture and mentality. Their belief in various mysticism goes along with their belief in luck, so the Chinese fish is not averse to playing tricks, especially if he decides that he needs to today there was some sign or some sign will coincide. As for training, some of the players will definitely be regs, but they are very much hindered by the fact that the Chinese do not like to admit their mistakes. Neither in front of anyone, nor in front of himself, so for many the learning process is slowed down and at best REGO is a fish that can and will have tight stats, but in the end is able to create some hellish shit. Therefore, if you find yourself at a table with several Chinese players, then you should be more careful, because you can easily become a victim of teamplay. Send funny pictures, jokes and memes on the subject of poker and win real cash prizes.

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